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Busty milf and teen girlfriend threesome session in bed oldvsyoung and blowjob
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Hermione ordeal wasn't over yet. She had take her shower but for some stranger and scary reason she couldn't clean Harry's cum of her face. As hard as she tried, she could not bring a wet towel to her face nor putting it under water to wash it.

She was desperate and started to cry -what I will do? At this moment, Ginny enter the shower room of their dorm.

Hermione stopped her crying when she saw Ginny's face. She could clearly see the mess. She also had dried cum on her face but that wasn't the bad thing. Almost haft her face was brown with shit.

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And she was crying to. -Ginny! What happens to you. She ask while reaching her friend to comfort her sorrow. -I don't know I wake up in the girl restroom, a big shit log as pillow and one almost up my nose. And I can't wash any of it. I tried everything. She explain. Ginny then look at Hermione and saw the dried cum on her skin.

-Let me try! Said Hermione not wanting Ginny to ask who had cum on her face. She casted a cleaning spell and the mess on Ginny's face was gone. Ginny did the same for her and they agree to keep that for themselves and to find what is the cause of the curse. But first they had to go eat so the walk down to the great hall. In way, they pass a groupe of first year who were watching some Pictures they had. When they saw Hermione, they point her while checking their pictures. The girls clearly heard them call her a slut.

They finally arrive to the main hall and they saw right away that something was wrong. When they enter the room With the houses table Everyone turn to look at Hermione. But she didn't see it at first. What caught her eyes were the new decoration of the room. On each wall was print a moving photo the size of the wall. Each of those shot were of her sucking a horse's cock. One of her Holding his balls and kissing them, one with her face completely up the horse's ass latina amateur blowjob fucking riding hotel room interracial big dick it while jerking him, another of her deepthroating him all down her throat, and the last one of her face cover in cum and the cock half limp resting on her head and leaking cum in her hair.

All of them moving in a eternal loop video Hermione couldn't believe her eyes. Never she would do this but she could not lie. It was her on those photos. She then realize everyone was looking at her reaction.

They all had smaller version of her four pictures in their hand. Even Harry and Ron. piles of ava adams sex full story were sitting on each tables.

Hermione was about to run in tear out of this hell when she heard someone say - Hey mudblood! Now your in love with Firenze. He is your new boyfriend!hey look at this bitch! It was Goyle and right when Hermione looked at him, he dropped is pant and show her his balls. Less then 5 second later Hermione was licking Goyle balls in front of the entire school.

Normaly,Flinch would have stop them but he instead drop his pant and come close of Hermione. Her conditioning took in and she start to lick his balls while jerking Goyle. Argus balls tasted foul.

She was sure he had never wash them.

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One minute later, all the student had their cock out and where waiting for their turn. Even Ron and Harry. Hermione could not tell how much cock she had suck so far.

How much had painted her face and yet two More cock where put before her face and a lot more were waiting their turn. She look up to see which cocks it was and felt ashamed when she recognize Harry and Ron.

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Look Harry! Her face is so much cover. Soon we won't be able to recognize you Hermi. Agh! That so good.

Nous sex en boite de nuit sexy took hold of her face and started to fuck it hard with his big 7 inch cock. Soon the two boy ejaculated on her face and head, adding to all the cum already there.

-Come on Ron! Let leave her to her pleasure and let go find Pansy Parkinson and see how much of my arm I can fuck up her ass. Harry could have help Hermiome But after all why would he?

They leave her to the hundred of guy still in the room. It's only one hour later that she finish the last cock. Hagrid. His balls were the size of her head and when he did cum. He shot more then all the student of the school together. Hermione Granger was a total mess of cum. Malfoy and Goyle approach her after her last cock, when her mind would start to think again normally.

-Oh my god! What I have done. It's not me. - Shut up! Mudblood shout Gregory Goyle. During the bukkake session, Goyle had realize Harry had the ring and when he'd ask Drago, this one wasn't even remembering what ring. Nor what it was. Nor what conditioning he had put in Granger. He could not even remember the fact he had plan all this humiliation. Now everyone of the school had pictures of Hermione Granger sucking a horse cock but also had cum on her and Malfoy didn't realize it was his doing.

Goyle didn't care about the ring. All he wanted was Granger and now he could have her. He did not have the ring but he was the only one to know her long lasting order.

Hermione had shut up and now was crying silently while trying to remove the cum. what she could not do. Mudblood! From now on your my little sex slave, my sex toy. You must obey my every order, my every whim, I want you to stay who you are. I want you to despise me but you can't refuse me anything. You don't want to be near me but when you are you can go away without asking permission. I fact every time your in the same place as me you can do nothing without asking permission to me first, Order Goyle with a dominating voice Also, he continu, mudblood, you are deeply in love with Firenze Cock and balls.

You don't like weasley anymore. Your only love his Firenze. Last thing mudblood. From now on, when you sleep, you can only dream of me fucking you. That your only dream from now. And you will always stud rams corpulent pussy lips japanese and hardcore up with image of me fucking you ass.

Malfoy and Hermione listen to Goyle not understanding why he would say all those order. Now, I need to take a shit. Said Goyle waiting after her reaction Oh Please! shit in my mouth Gregory! I need it! Was all Hermione was able to say and think. Come with us girl.