Lily love goes lesbian with teen newbe mariana angel before getting cock

Lily love goes lesbian with teen newbe mariana angel before getting cock
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We were staying at one of those caravan holiday parks, for once we did not have the kids with us so we had a lot of time to ourselves. I couldn't get enough, wanting to be shagging all the time where ever we were, on the beach, cliff top, Chas even fingered me to a climax in the back of a taxi giving the driver a good eyeful of my shaven cunt.

By the middle of the week I had exhausted Chas and still craved more, and that night I wanted to go down to the club that was on site. Chas said he was to tired to go and so I asked if he minded if I went for a while, he said for me to go and that he might join me later. I tarted myself up, put on a low cut dress, and off I went saying don't wait up with a smile on my face, Chas called me a dirty slut as I went.

I just laughed. After a few hours Chas must of decided to come and look for me as I saw him walking down to the club. I was just coming out with four men after being chatted and touched up by them all evening. I was laughing and I could see that Chas could hear the men ape sex fairy tales sri lanka sinhala sex course remarks to me.

We all walked up one of the park roads towards the other end of the park. I saw that Chas was following and keeping out of sight but not to far away. I decided then to put on a good show for him. The men were all over me groping my ass and tits. One of the men pushed me against a toilet block wall a short way from the club and started to kiss me and run his hand up my stockings to my black thong then start to rub my cuntlips through the thin material.

Muslim ass mia khalifa tries a big black dick pulled my dress off and my thong aside and proceeded to finger my cunt, first one, then two, then all four fingers he had up my wet cunt frigging me whilst his mates watched and shouted that the slut loved it.

"Look at the slags big shaven cunt",one of them shouted. He soon made me cum then made me lick my cum from his fingers. One of the others then said to carry on to the party. The one who had wanked me off, said, "Hey guys, lets make the slag walk up there naked". "Yea, lets do it," they replied. "Come on slut, get them off," they shouted.

I laughed and said, "What here." "Yea, where you think we mean, get that fucking underware off, he shouted back at me.

I laughed and unclipped my bra and threw it to them. "And that fucking piece of string between your legs," another shouted. I hooked my fingers into the thin waistband and pulled them down and off, then tossed the small piece of material to them as well. They threw it and my bra along side some trash bins along side my dress.

I was now stood outside in the middle of a caravan park dressed only in my black stocking and high heels. "Thats more like it, thats how a whore like you belongs luv, stripped and ready for fucking at all times," he said as he began to maul my tits and cunt.

I laughed and agreed with him. "Fuck, if she was my misses, I'd keep her that way all the time. Be a right laugh when my mates came around," one of the other guys replied. "Yea, and a right good time you'd all have fucking her as well," they all laughed. "Well less chat guys, lets get on and do some fucking of the slut ourselves," the guy who had finger fucked me said.

"About fucking time, I'm dying for some cock," I said and laughed. They took me inside the gents toilet block and bent me over one of the sinks. One of the guys was soon reaming out first time xxx story 15ag cunt as I grunted and moaned. As the third guy was giving my cunt a good seeing to a couple of other guys walked in.

They couldn't believe what they were seeing. " Carry on taking a piss, guys, take no notice of us. Were just giving this slut a good shafting. Infact, if you want you can fuck the whore yourselves. Hell, piss on her if you want." One of the four guys said to them.

The forth guy had now shot his load in me and I was leaning against the sink. The two guys came over and lifted me on to the sink unit and pushed me down. "Spread your legs slut," one of them said.

I opened them wide and he shoved his cock into my wet hole. He fucked me hard and fast, mauling my tits as he did so untill he added his cum to the others.

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The other guy pulled me off and onto my knees on the floor and told me to suck his cock. I undid his zip and took his hard cock out and slipped it into my mouth. I sucked and licked as I gently massaged his ball and wanked his cock. He was groaning with pleasure and telling me what a good cocksucker I was as he fucked my mouth.

I was wondering what Chas must be thinking as I knew he would be watching his slut wife naked on her knees on the dirty floor of a caravan site toilet having her mouth fucked by a stranger with five more men who had just fucked her watching. He soon cum in my mouth and I sucked him dry. They both went their way, and we carried on up the roadway. As we walked off up the road, my ass and tits swayed as I walked and the men slapped my ass and mauled my tits.

I knew that Chas must be rubbing his hard cock as he watched me walking through the park with four men, my ass, cunt, and tits on show to anybody. "Fuck, you look a real dirty cunt walking along like that," one of the guys said. "Yea, I am a real filthy slut, but don't you love it," I said as I walked to him and thrust his hand between my legs. He laughed and pushed a few fingers up my juicy cunt, pulled them back out and wiped the cum from them on my tits. "C'mon then, there's a lot more cocks for you to fuck up there," he said and gave me a hard wack across my ass.

As I expected we meet more other men on the way, and after a few derogitive remarks about me, a good touching up, then all of the guys fucking me inside a building where they kept the trash bins, we all headed on up the road. At the end of the road and across some grass we came to a field where a lot of other caravans were.

There was one of the larger caravans which from the noise going on it was obvious there was a party in full swing. As we were approaching the caravan one of the men said,it would be a laugh and a surprise for the guys in there as I was stripped to just my stockings, had been already been gangfucked, and was such a fucking meathole anyway, to go on in, the other three agreed with this. I said I wasn't sure about that and was worried about my safety, to which they said they knew most of the men there and they would look after me, and besides didn't it turn me on to think of all them men looking at me naked and wanting to fuck me,and going to fuck me, to which I replied it did.

The man said once again that I wanted to really. So as I stood their in just my black stockings, suspenders and high heels about to enter a caravan full of people, I said I hoped they would all busty teacher yoga exercises while naked with girls what they saw. The guys assured me they would, and laughed. They grabbed hold of me and pulled me into the caravan shouting look what they had brought to liven up the party, I could hear the shouts off approval all round.

I was soon surrounded by men. Their hands were all over my naked body. Fingers were probing my ass and cunt, others were squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples. I was soon carried over to a bed where I was thrown onto it. "Spread your fucking legs whore," a guy shouted at me. I did so, opening my already fucked cunt to everybodies gaze. This was going to be one hell of a gangbang mom and sister fuch son me as the only female participant.

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Men were stripping off everywere. Some guy of about twenty was soon on top of me. I opened my legs, and gasped as he plunged his hard cock in one thrust to the hilt up my hot wet cunt. He ploughed away at me hard, his mouth went to my tits where he started to suck and bite my now large erect nipples. All his mates were cheering him on. "Yea, come on mate, plough her furrow, there's alot of guys here waiting to fuck the sluts brains out," somebody shouted.

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I gasped out that there was plenty of time for everybody to fuck me. I heard another shout out to ream the old whores cunt out. He carried on fucking me hard until he groaned out loud and shot a large amount of cum deep between my legs and another load over my belly. He was soon replaced by another ready to fuck me. "Fucking get my cock in your mouth and suck it bitch," some over weight guy shouted at me. I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock down my throat.

I gagged at first until I relaxed then sucked him hard as he held onto a handfull of my hair and thrust his hips back and forth fucking my mouth. Hands that were mauling my tits pulled on my nipples hard, stretching them. My screams were muffled by the cock in my mouth. Now all the men were stripped waiting their turn to use the slut whore.

Use me as their cum dump. Chas must of stayed outside for about fifteen minuets, thinking of what must of be happening in there with is wife, before he decided to come in his self.

I saw walk in through the open door into the crowed caravan. What he saw was a large crowd of naked or semi naked men. Nobody took any notice of him with what else was going on.

There must of been at least 25 or more men in there all shouting crude and obsene comments. I saw him push on through and what a site greeted him, his naked 40 year old wife on her back with a man ramming his cock hard up her shaven cunt and slapping her tits as he fucked her, another man fucking her mouth and cocks in both her hands. He could see I had cum all over my tits, belly, face, hair, everywhere.

He could hear the man fucking my face groan and saying he was going to fill my mouth with cum, then shooting most of it into my willing mouth and the rest over my face. He could hear me moaning, telling these men to fuck me harder, use me as some trashy whore, shove their cocks up my holes, fill my belly with cum, and men calling me a whore, slut, meathole, or a cumbucket. I noticed that there was a couple of men with mom freinds n me all the action from various angles, and getting closeups of all the action, I heard one of them say that the tart would be famous with all the copies that he was going sell, Yea, the fucking slag will be walking bandy for a week after this fucking, the other replied.

I thought of all the people who in the future would watch me naked on film having the ass fucked off me by a large gang of men. The man shagging me had been replaced by another, and the two men I had been wanking had shot there loads over me. After the man had shot his load up my cunt, another man turned me over and told me to stick my ass in the air.

I got up onto all fours. He told me he was going to give my slut ass a good thrashing for being such a whore, and wanting to be naked and fucked in front of and by all these men.

He slapped his hand hard against my ass and I cried out which made all the men cheer. As he spanked my ass he kept telling me what a cumslut I was, and hard fuck with french amateur couple putain et salope a fucking whore like me was any good for was for men to use for shagging and cumming on.

He then took his belt off and with a crack of leather against bare flesh proceeded to whip my ass as he made me shout out to everyone that I was a cumslut and that they should all use me as they wanted, and to fuck my cunt, ass, mouth where and when they wanted to, use me like a dirty backstreet whore.

The man stopped spanking and whipping me, and then told me to pull my ass cheeks apart as he and alot of the others were now going to fuck my ass. I reached around and pulled them apart, and he shoved a couple of fingers in my cunt then wiped the cum on my ass hole then told me to lick his fingers clean which I did.

He pushed his cock head into my ass making me cry out, but I soon got used to it, and he was soon slamming his cock in and out to the hilt, pulling my head back by my hair and telling me what a stunning blonde bint gets pounded hard anally I was for enjoying having my ass fucked so hard.

I was rubbing my clit hard during this and was soon shouting out that I was cumming again. Guys had gone around getting more men to fuck me so there was now a large crowd. The other men in the line were shouting to hurry up as there were plenty more who wanted to fuck the sluts asshole raw. I saw Chas watching as all other men took their turn in gangbanging my ass, while they pinched and pulled on my swinging tits. Men shoved their assholes into my face and I greedily licked them as I was pounded at behind.

A bottle was put in my hand and I was told to use this in my cunt as I was being ass fucked. I did, thrusting it in and out of my cummy cunt.

"Fuck, all your any good for is fucking, I bet you husband just uses you for his piece of ass," he said to me as he fucked me. "Uhhh, Uhhh, Yes," I gasped. "He uses me as his cum bucket, for himself and his mates when they come round. He lets them strip me, fuck me, whip me, use me as their meathole," I cried out back to him.

Guys were trying to shove two cocks in my ass at once, sometimes two in my cunt, other times all three holes were filled at once. Several men took to jaking off over my face or tits. They slapped my tits, and my face several times whilst calling sunny leone getting fucked by twmen a cum drinking slut among other things.

One guy took hold of my hair and yanked my head up. "You really are a piece of shit whore," he shouted at me and slapped me across the face. "By the time you leave here, all of the guys on the camp will of fucked one or more of your holes, but I bet your used to being naked and having lots of guys fuck your holes down dirty alleyways " he carried on.

I shouted out between moans that I wanted all the guys to fuck me, and that I was always being fucked in big tits redhead massage kimberly fucks shaved. Still holding my head by my hair in one hand, he undid his jeans with the other hand and got his cock out. He pulled my hair hard and shouted at me, "Open your fucking mouth, cunt," I opened my mouth. "Now fucking drink this," he shouted as he began to piss in my mouth and over my face.

I swallowed his warm piss as it poured into me. He showered my face and hair, it ran down my cheeks and neck onto my tits and dripped off my chin. Everybody was mom and son cam inide sex xxx and laughing. All the while guys where still taking turns fucking my ass hole.

Word had by now got around the campsite about the nympho cumslut being gangfucked so more and more men and now several women were turning up to join in or watch. A couple of young guys around eighteen years of age took their turn with me. As one was pounding my ass and his mate deepthroating me he shouted at me that it was like fucking his bitch mother, and he was going to fuck me hard, hurt me.

He fucked my ass like an animal, slapping my ass and thighs hard as he did so, mauling and pulling hard on my dangling tits, twisting my nipples savagely.

Every lunge in he pushed my face deeper into his mates groin. "Fuck, I bet you would like to treat that cow of a mother of yours like that," his mate said and laughed.

"Yea, but this old slags the next best thing, fuck the cunts mouth harder mate," he answered and again pulled and twisted my nipples. I screamed out, but my cries were stiffled by the cock pumping into my mouth. I pulled back from the cock in my mouth and shouted at the young guy. "Come on then, fuck me like it was your mum, ream my ass hole, maul my tits, twist them, hurt me, slap me around then, come on, do it." I screamed.

"Oh, I fucking will slut," he shouted back. He slammed into my ass even harder, slapping my ass cheeks hard leaving red hand prints on them. He grabbed hold of a handfull of my hair and yanked my head back, his other hand squeezing my tits hard. He twisted my nipples and pulled them hard again. I screamed out again. "That's it, scream you fucking old cunt," he growled at me. His mate had grabbed hold of me by my shoulders and was pushing me violently on and off his mates cock.

"Fuck his cock, you piece of shit, come on, fuck it, you filty cunt," he shouted at me as he forced me on and off the cock in my ass. I was crying out loud at this onslaught as the young guys cock ripped into my asshole.

Everybody was cheering and hooting at my treatment. He then stopped, slapped me a couple of times across the face and roughly shoved his cock back down my throat. He fucked my mouth hard and fast. Ramming his cock in to his balls. I was gagging and spit was running from my mouth around his cock. All the guys there were laughing and cheering them on. I heard some guy say that when word got around about the slut, I would have guys around my caravan all the time fucking me.

"Hey, perhaps we ought to show her hubby the pics and video of his whoring misses, You recon we ought to, slag," another guy shouted into my face. "Yes, show him, he'll enjoy it. Probably keep me naked ready for fucking from now on," I answered him back. "Show them to all his mates and the neighbours, let them see what a piece of shit whore his wife is, let them see how much use this big cunt of yours gets, how you love to be ass fucked and suck cock, then they can come round and give your ass and cunt a good reaming as well," he carried on.

"Oh god yes, they can all come round anytime and fuck the shit out of me, piss over me, then use me as their cumdump," I shouted back at him between gasps. They both cum, shooting their cum deep into my mouth and cunt. The one guy wiped his cock over my face and the other one who had treated my ass hole to his savage fucking ordered me to suck his cock clean.

I licked and sucked until no trace of the sticky mess was left. He then slapped me across the face and tits, then shouted to the crowd who was next to fuck the old shit whore. I shouted out at them that I still wanted more cock, I wanted to be there all night getting fucked senseless.

Your going to be, some one said as I lay there, face down, groaning, as another cock was rammed into my abused ass. I let out another cry as his groin made slapping noises on my ass cheeks as he savagely reamed my shit hole.

They were soon stiffled as one guy shoved his ass hole into my face and told me to lick it. I greedily licked his ass, pushing my tongue up his hole as far as I could. This wasn't the last time I was to lick ass that night.

I looked at Chas, and smiled seeing he had joined in the queue waiting his turn. To finish off, I was dragged outside by my hair, thrown in the dirt and pissed over. I lost count of the times I had my mouth, cunt, and ass shagged that night, and by the end of it I was covered with cum and piss and my belly was full of it, and I had love bites all over my tits, thighs, cunt, and ass. My cunt and asshole were sore and gapping.

After everybody had finished, they all walked off to their caravans laughing and joking about the filthy cunt they had just gangfucked and abused, leaving me lying alone in a pool of piss.

Whats more I could not remember where they had thrown my dress and underwear, so I had to stagger back to our caravan in the early morning, naked and covered with cum and piss. Chas found it later on that day. To make me more humilliated, one of the men with a felt pen had wrote on my back that this slut had been well and truly gangfucked, gangbang fuck slut on my stomach, whore and slag above each tit, and these holes for public use just above my shaven cunt with an arrow pointing down.

I must say I must of looked like it, naked, stockings all laddered, just like what it said a real slut whore. Mind you, all the people who saw me just made filthy comments to me because all the men had already stuck their cocks in my holes and the women had been there watching. Well I was worn out for a couple of days so stayed in the caravan alot. Like the guy said, it had got around I was the park slut who took on any cocks, so a lot of guys and some women came round to have a fuck during the rest of the week and got one.

Chas told me to leave the writing on me and at various times flash what it said to to guys around the area. Which usually ended up with me being fucked.

He also cut the bottom off the dress making it quite short, and also slit up both sides so it was just held together with a couple of large safty pins each side so it gaped open all the way up. I wasn't allowed any underware so you could plainly see I was compleatly naked underneath. The only concession I had was that I was allowed to wear only plain black or fishnet hot amateur milf homemade suck and fuck with cum underneath sometimes.

I had to wear this whenever we went out. So as you can guess, I spent most of what was left of that week on my back naked, legs apart, or on my hands and knees, ass in the air with my tits hanging down, being serviced in all sorts of places around the caravan park. In other caravans, toilets, on the beach, behind the shower blocks, amonst the trash. You name it, I was fucked and pissed on there. They even had me fuck a few dogs during the week.

My first time ever. On the last night of the holiday we went down the club, All night I was flashing my ass, cunt and tits as I had no underware on. I still had the writing on my body for everybody to read, and at the end of the night I let Chas and a procession of men and women, take me outside, strip me to just my black fishnet stockings, fuck me senseless, and wank and piss over me behind the club house amonst the garbage cans. They all told me it was the right place for me as I was a filty, well used piece of trash.

Well that was our holiday. During that week like they had said, all of the men on the campsite must of fucked, wanked or pissed over me, I must of had well over a hundred cocks use my holes during that time, and alot of them have got copies of the videos to remember it by.

Chas did show the video to his mates and some of the neighbours of me being gangfucked and even of me naked being fucked by the dogs, so I get plenty of cock off them all now.

I have now said that I love being gangbanged and I want it to happen a lot more often. I can't wait for the next time, shortly I hope!