Teen skank lily rader sits on big cock of mailman

Teen skank lily rader sits on big cock of mailman
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Chapter 13 A New Year Begins On Saturday January 4th I arrived at the Logan's just before nine in the morning. Andrea's 12-year-old sister greeted me at the door with a hug. She was now a little taller than Andrea, but her body had yet to fill out like her sister's. My dick did not recognize the difference, but I was able to keep her from knowing his excitement. I realized that part of her sex appeal was, she was only in an oversize loose night shirt. She said that she and her mother had just now come from their beds.

She led me to the kitchen where Mrs. Logan was making coffee. She greeted her younger daughter with, "You get upstairs, young lady, and get dressed." She greeted me with, "It is nice to see you John.

Please pardon the way I am dressed. I should have realized you'd be by. Mr. Logan had business and won't be back for several hours. How was your Christmas?" As far as I could see she was dressed in a fine house coat that covered her well. She did not give me a chance to answer her question before she said, "Andrea missed you terribly." I replied I had missed Andrea as well. She filled three coffee cups, placing two on a tray. "We arrived late last night and she's still asleep.

Take these up to Andrea's room and wake her. Second door on the right." I asked her if she was sure it was okay that I go into Andrea's room with her asleep. She said, "She told me how intimate you two have been. I approve." She winked at me and continued, "Just don't make a lot of noise. Tell her I said, her dad will be home at eleven for brunch." I quietly entered Andrea's room, finding it well lit by the morning sun shining through the east facing window. She was sound asleep in the middle of a double bed.

There was a bolt lock on her door which I locked in place. She was uncovered to the waist with one breast partially exposed because the men's dress shirt she was wearing was not buttoned.

I sat the coffee on the night stand. I thought, if it was not for the fact that her mother had in effect told me I had less than two hours to do what I wanted, I could just sit here and watch my love sleep.

Instead, I lifted the shirt away from the partially exposed breast. Her dark pink nipple seemed quite large, being all flattened out and relaxed on her small body. I could not resist giving it a tiny squeeze.

It reacted immediately by puckering into an erect tit. I looked to her face. There was a slight upturn of her lips, but no sign that I had interrupted her peaceful sleep. Nearly laying on the bed, I brought my mouth to her tit, kissing and gently sucking it. In addition, I slid a hand under the other side of her shirt to gently give her another warm breast a squeeze. She softly moaned but gave no other sign of waking.

I moved my mouth to her other tit and my hand to her curly blond triangle above her pussy. She continued to softly moan, but there was no sign she was awakening. I dipped a finger up into the cleft of her pussy, finding it moist with excitement.

I moved my moistened finger up and around her she sees her man fucking mother in law. She moaned a little louder. Not wanting her to cry out, I brought my lips to hers and whispered, "Be still my love." I kissed her and her mouth opened. Our tongues met and danced like old acquaintances. She wrapped me in her arms. I dipped my finger into her once again to moisten it. When it returned to her clit she moaned into my mouth.

I put more pressure on her clit. She awoke with a start. I pulled back and her large deep blue eyes focused on me.

Her face put on that big lovable girl is geeting peed on and splatters wet honey pot of hers and she said, "Oh John.

I. I thought I was dreaming." Then the smile faded, and she said, "You're in my room." "Your mother told me to wake you," I said as I swept a lock of her blond hair away from her face.

"Mom told you to wake me? She." She seemed puzzled. "She said for me to bring coffee and wake you." She squealed, reached for the coffee, and said, "Coffee in bed, I love you." "I love you too, sweets.

And your mom said for me to tell you to keep the noise down." We sipped coffee. She giggled and then whispered, "Is dad here?" "No, he will not be back until brunch at eleven." Looking at the bedside clock which said 9:09.

She said, "That's enough time." She hugged me as tight as her arms could, saying, "John, I love you so herzogvideos im wald und auf der heidi Looking to the door, she asked, "Did you lock the door?" "Yes.

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I was surprised to see a bolt lock on your door. People usually don't have those on their bedroom door." "I'll tell you about that sometime." Without a moment's hesitation she said, "Let's do a sideways 69 right here on my bed.

You'll have to take off your clothes." She sat up and removed her shirt and flipped down the blanket. She now sat naked on her bed. I began quickly undressing and asked, "What's a sideways 69?" "You both lay on your side like this with your bottom leg pulled up and your top leg straight.

The thigh of your bottom leg is like a pillow for your partner's head." I could see what she meant for me to do, so I moved into position with my dick at her face and my face at her pussy. I had done 69's with my mother but the way she did it gave the person on top the control.

This sideways thing made it so neither of us had control and either of us could stop it by rolling to our back. In addition, the difference in our size might have made the regular 69 difficult. Without thinking dani daniels sleep sex full story the implications, I asked, "Who showed this to you?" "We don't have time to talk," she said before taking my dick into her mouth.

At that time, there was only one thing for me to do. I licked the length of her pussy from her clit to nearly her ass hole. I went back to do it again only this time I forced my tongue deep in to get as much of her pussy juice that my tongue could lap up. I continued doing this giving her clit a flick or two at each pass.

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I remembered mother showing me this method of eating pussy in the 69 position. It dawned on me that by asking who showed her the sideways 69, I was putting her on the spot.

Maybe she would think I thought she was screwing around. We had not made any promises to not do so, but what if every time I showed her something new, she asked me, who showed you that? What would happen if I told her that my mother had shown me?

I told myself I would be telling her that if I ever asked a question like that again she was to tell me something like, my mother taught me, and that would be a signal to me that I had over stepped and would get no further answer.

I now changed my actions by inserting two fingers in her and pumping them in and out while concentrating on her clit with my tongue. It was then that I noticed she was taking my dick deeper into her throat than she had before. Always before when she tried to take me deep, she would gag. I felt her throat swallow the head of my dick. She would pull off suddenly but then go back in to swallow again. This feeling of being swallowed was fantastic. I tried to hold back so I could continue this experience, but I lost it.

Although she was clearly experiencing her own orgasm, she sucked me dry swallowing it all without spilling a drop. She rolled to her back which pulled her pussy away from me. This showed another advantage of the sideways 69.If either party chooses to bring it to an end all they had to do is roll to their back. I wanted to apologize for asking that question immediately but found myself unable to start an apology while in a euphoric state. I said, "That was really good." "That was so fucking good.

I think we can do that often, but we don't have time now," she said. "On my bed next Monday after school," I said. "Sure, and it was my mom who showed me the sideways 69." I sat up and asked, "What?" "We didn't turn lesbian or anything, but mom and I were stuck alone together for two whole days and nights because dad took my sister and brother to visit an aunt and a snow storm prevented them from getting back. Oh, look at the time. We better get dressed and down stairs." We hurriedly dressed as she continued to talk.

"We got to talking like we sometimes do and the next thing I knew I was telling her how I was being satisfied and satisfying you, so we did not fuck until we both wanted to. Then she told me about the sideways 69." We were dressed. We kissed and as our tongues danced, I felt my dick getting hard again. "I will tell you more later," she said as we left her room. I sat at the breakfast counter watching, Mrs. Logan, Andrea, and her sister prepare a brunch that included sausages, bacon, waffles, pancakes, three fruit toppings, two jams, three jellies, maple syrup, honey, coffee, and hot cocoa with little marshmallows.

I noted that her mother and sister were dressed in fine dresses with protective aprons. Andrea was in a sweater, that was a little large for her, blue jeans, with no apron. Before everything was on the table, Mr. Logan arrived through the back of the house. He greeted each daughter with a kiss on the cheek and his wife with a kiss on the lips before turning to me to say, "Hello John. You will not believe how much Andy missed you." "I missed her too, sir," I said.

A little inconsequential conversation ensued between us. Then Andrea's little brother showed up and we all began eating. It seemed like everyone had something to say.

I had never been in a home situation where there were at least two conversations going on at the same time. I could not keep up, so I concentrated on Andrea and whomever she was talking with. I even found that by doing so, I was able to join in making a comment or two when something concerned me. The conversations were a lot more pleasant than I would have imagined.

No one had any complaints. In talking later about this with Andrea, she said that her parents were firm believers that nothing unpleasant should ever be discussed over a meal. They did everything they could to make meals pleasant. We all ate more than we should but as Andrea said, "It was two meals for them. As soon as we could, Andrea and I took a drive so we could be alone. There were things she wanted to tell me and things she wanted to do. Our conversation went back to what she had started to tell me in her room.

"As I said, because mom doesn't like daddy's sister, she asked him to take the young ones to visit and leave me with her at the hotel. Her motive was to get me to tell her how serious my relationship with you was, at least that is what she told daddy. By the time daddy called to say they would not be back that first day mom had me telling her everything we had ever done." I was not sure that I liked her mother knowing everything, I asked, "Are you sure she won't tell your dad." She brushed my concern off by saying, "I'm sure.

Anyway, the snow storm, lengthened our time alone from a day to three day and two nights. Mom said she knew she had made a mistake with my older brother and sister by going along with daddy's belief that children should be kept ignorant of sexual pleasure, to prevent them from experimenting. So that is why she was going to show me everything she knew." "Okay, I now understand. If she tells him, she would have to tell him she was going against him." "Yes, and she also said she did things when she was young simply inked brooke gets her huge melons creamed she did not know better.

She also respects you because you have never pushed me to do anything that I am not ready for." "You said you did not go lesbian but just how did she show you the sideways." I stopped myself but realized too late that I might be venturing into forbidden territory. Before she could say anything, I said, "I'm sorry.

I shouldn't ask." "No, it's okay. I want us to be completely open and honest with each other. I think the secrets that mom and dad keep from each other are wrong. Anyway, some would say that mom and I did go a little lesbian. Mom thinks dad would say so. I'll tell you what we did, and you tell me what you think but, amatrice francaise aux gros pis baisee comme une chienne en foret I do, you better find a place to stop so you can eat me out.

I'm so horny," she said as I noted she already had a hand in her jeans working on her clit. In less than a block, I pulled into a large parking lot behind the movie treater that often filled in the afternoon and evening but never in the morning. Before I had stopped the car, she had her shoes and jeans off. It was a cold day so I set the parking break, put the transmission in neutral, and left the engine running so we would continue to get heat. When I turned to her, she was already laying with her legs spread and her pussy open begging for attention.

I dove in because this was a quick release job. There barcelona chic cd2 tube porn no need for a build-up. The buildup had been the talking and remembrances that had occurred in the past ten minutes.

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I did lap up the flood of juice that waited inside. Then two fingers of my left hand entered her while my tongue went at her clit.

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While this was happening, she continued, although occasionally interrupted by moans of pleasure, to tell me about her and her mother. "She had me get naked.

At first it was kind of like a medical exam. She did probe me but at that point it was not sexual. She said everything looked right. I then told her I was never able to see what I looked like, even in a mirror.

Then she undressed so she could show me what she looked like saying that with the exception of my cherry we looked alike, except her clitoris is a little larger." At this point Andrea was moaning out her pleasure continuously and was unable to put words to her thoughts. Soon she pulled me up and we kissed until she relaxed. When she broke-off our kiss, she said. "I'm going to give you a hand job so I can keep telling you about mom and me." It had not fully warmed up in the car so when my bare nuts and butt hit the seat, I noted the cold but that was forgotten when she began to slowly stroke my dick with one hand and gently massage my balls with the other.

That was something new, I thought. She resumed her story. "Mom suggested we get in the 69 position so I could see her and so she could make sure it would work, you know, because of my size. Then she asked me to show her how I masturbated. She gave me some suggestions to improve my technique. Then this is where it gets a little lesbian, she started to play with me just using her fingers.

I don't know why but I did the same. We kept it up until we were both screaming. I don't know what caused us to do that, but it was good. After we talked, we decided we hadn't done anything wrong. She told me she had not planned it, but it was okay." I realized her talking was doing things to speed up my reaction to her stroking. She continued to stroke slowly, and I was already on the edge.

I had never before cum from only a slow stroking. I reached for a handkerchief and found none. I warned her I had no handkerchief and was about to cum. She lowered her mouth over my dick and swallowed every drop. She sat up, flashed her big smile at me, looked around sweet chick michelle martinez loves a cock smalltits pornstars the empty parking lot, and asked, "Ready to do it again?" "Sure," I said knowing that given a few minutes I could produce another load of cum.

Quickly she moved to present her pussy to me. This time I decided I would not rush it. We were in no hurry and I expected she had more to tell me.

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I raised her sweater enough to kiss her tummy while running fingers through the short curly hairs of her muff. She began talking immediately. "Dad called the second morning to say the roads were impassable. He said he would call once he found out they were open. As mom said, 'You be sure to call me, so I know when to start worrying.'" As she continued to talk, I inserted two fingers into her sopping wet pussy.

I began to slowly stroke in and out as I began to nibble at her short hairs. "The previous day I had told mom I gave you hand jobs and blow jobs that you enjoyed. On this second day she asked to explain in detail how I did hand and blow jobs. She said she wanted to know I was doing my best. She said that you had taught me well on the hand job." By this time, I had moved down to flick my tongue around and over her clit.

Her moans were beginning to interfere with the story but we both persisted. "When I described how I did the blow job, I told her when I took you deep, I would gag. She said, 'Now that I can help you with. When I was in college, I told my roommate how I would gag. She taught me how to swallow a dick without gagging.' Mom called food service and asked they send us a half dozen bananas with our breakfast.

Long story short she taught me how to swallow using bananas." She was experiencing one orgasm after another which repeatedly interrupted her story but when I realized what she said I stopped tongue lashing her clit to say, "That's how you learned to swallow?

I'll have to thank your mom." "Okay, as long as I am there to see her face." "I may thank her, but I don't think I could say 'For teaching Andrea how to swallow.'" She said, "Thought so," as she pushed my head, wet oral service stimulation for hard pecker my mouth was again on her clit and resumed talking.

"When dad called again that evening saying the roads were still impassable, mom decided she wanted me to describe how you ate me out. Agility helps stud to fuck pretty babe told her the different things and the different ways you eat me.

Then mom said, 'God, this makes me so horny! I'm sure I have never been hornier.' I said, 'I know!' And she said, 'Let's do what we did yesterday.'" She went into one of her strong orgasm, stopped talking, and pulled me up for an extended kiss. Before the kiss ended her right hand had found my dick. There she found an abundance of precum which she used to lubricate her hand before she began to slow stroke my dick. "Do you want me to tell you what happened next or would you like me to swallow my little friend here?" "What a choice.

I want both.but I know in the end I will get both. You choose now. Give me one now and the other later." My feeling was that whichever she left for later would be enhanced by the wait. She began telling me what happened as she continued the slow stroking, now with both hands. "We had both confessed we were horny as hell and mom said, 'Let's do the sideways 69 like yesterday.' All we had on were the hotel bathrobes, so it took no time at all for us to get in position.

We both began playing with each other's pussy. I know that sounds lesbian but I'm no lesbian. In a short time, I realized mom was eating my pussy. It really is so much better, you know, being eaten rather than fingered." She paused for a moment to use her right hand to stroke her pussy a few times.

"I should add at this time that a mouth on my dick is better than a hand, but your hand is better than my hand." She again began her two-hand slow stroking and telling about what happened with her mother. "I thought how much better it felt so why not give the same to mom. She was just flowing with pussy juice. For the first time I tasted it from its source instead of second hand from my hand or your mouth. Mom tasted just like me, I think.

You've tasted other pussies, tell me, do all pussies taste the same?" I did not like this. I had to stay on guard not to mention who I was referring to. "You are the sweetest I have tasted. I hope I real party euro feasting on strippers at orgy taste any sweeter. All have a saltiness. I love sweet and salt together. There was one older woman last summer who had a sweet salty sour taste.

She told me she rinsed with a little vinegar." "I'll have to try vinegar rinse sometime." She giggled. "You do and I will think of her," I stated "Is that bad?" sunny leone sex stories xnxx 2019 questioned. "No, guess not." I shrugged, not wanting to continue this.

"Tell me about her." "I don't think that is a good idea." I was beginning to think this would become an issue between us.

"Why not, I told you about my mom." I feared she was not letting this go until I told her too much. "That is different," I insisted. "Oh, was it your mom?" "No." Thank god it wasn't.

I had to end this. I asked, "Why would you think that? "Well.think about it." She gave me a little time to think but all I could think was telling myself to keep quiet.

A quiet person spills no secrets. She went on, "My mom shows me. Your mom shows you. We both gain." I was losing interest in this. I was so big boob colt 45 big boobs I would slip up and reveal the truth.

A change back to the original subject of her and her mother might be easy. "Tell me, did you and your mom get off at the same time." "No, it might be that I'm younger, but I got off three times before she did, but she exploded when she did. I don't think I have ever had an orgasm as strong as hers. She jerked and twisted and screamed. She even squirted pussy juice in my face. I thought she pissed but it was the sweet salty tasting juice." To lighten up our conversation, I said, "Think about a chilled glass of pussy juice with breakfast." "I don't think that will ever replace coffee," she commented with a chuckle.

"No? But I think I will someday try to come up with a sweet salty drink that tastes like your pussy juice." "This is taking too long," she announced. She bent forward and took my dick into her mouth.

Not at the position she wanted she sat up again and pushed me, so I lay down a little. She moved so she could take my dick into her mouth more deeply. I felt her swallow the head, hold it for a few seconds and pull off.

The sensation was so intense, I had to catch my breath. She repeated the swallow and I already felt my balls preparing a load of cum. She pulled off, inhaled, and quickly swallowed again.

I told her, "Her comes the cum." She pulled off, taking the first load in the face, but before the second load she closed her mouth over my dick. Before the third load she had once again swallowed the head of my dick. Before the fifth load she had to pull off to breath. The rest she sucked into her mouth and swallowed.

As I recovered, I once again remembered we were in a parking lot. I checked to see if we were still the only ones there. We were. She came right up in my face and said, "Lick my face clean.

Then tell me how your juice tastes." I licked her face, carefully making sure every place was free of cum. Then I gave a long, "Mmm," and added, "Not quite as good as pussy juice. Seems something is missing.a little cinnamon, maybe." She patted my cheek and said, "Not sure, don't think it needs anything." Our activities over the next few months would include everything and nothing more than what we had done that first day after that Winter break.

The next big time for us was Spring break which lasted from Saturday March 30 to Sunday April 7. Chapter 14 Too Much Sex? We had begun spending most of our time on week-ends with her family. Rather than us going off to play our sex games, we participated in her family's activities. In this way her father began to trust me with his daughter. I also feel he was trying to be a father figure to me as well.

I did feel her mother began to act a little too friendly with me, especially when we were alone. Of course, I may have misinterpreted her actions as something more than motherly.

I will save the telling of that, so it falls in chronological order. Little sister began to adore me to the point that Andrea showed her jealousy by trying to keep us apart. The big miracle was little brother who began to accept me as one he could come to for help and assistance when his father was not available. They all seemed to make room for me to be a part of the family. To the reader: You can load Chapter 14 now.