Sunny leone red sofa story

Sunny leone red sofa story
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"Aaaaahhhh Vijay…you are just sooooo good!" I moaned. Kneeling on the bed on all fours, Vijay was fucking my ass slowly with smooth, long strokes. The sheer friction of his cock against my ass was driving me mad with pleasure. In maid in lace stockings works two hard dicks of me, Ravi was kneeling, facing me with his hands on his hips. My lips were wrapped around his smooth cock. With every thrust that Vijay was making, I was being pushed forward onto Ravi's cock with my mouth.

It was the height of pleasure that we three were getting. After my super hot session with Vijay last week, I was really excited for more. So I asked Vijay if he had any friends he could bring over for our next session. Vijay told me that he had a friend from Andhra named Ravi, and that we three could get together and have a wild experience of gay threesome banging for sure.

I couldn't wait. So finally Ravi, Vijay and I gathered at Vijay's place last evening. Now as you know, Vijay is a Mallu, and Mallu men and women are known to be well built and fantastic at sex. Ravi had a good physique, he was slim but well toned. His cock was about 6 inches, a little shorter than mine. But it was slender and it would wriggle into my ass easily. Vijay, on the other hand, had a thicker cock, it had stretched the walls of my hole to the maximum last time and I was really turned on by the thought that I would get two studs from two different places to bang me.

We had taken off our clothes in seconds, and joined each other on the bed. Without wasting even a single moment, I went to work on Ravi.

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I squeezed and licked his nipples and slowly started to stroke his dick with my hand. Vijay crawled over and began to suck Ravi's cock. I was sucking on his nipples, licking his neck and body and back. Ravi was trembling with pleasure as this was his best experience yet. We three took turns in sucking each other off. Then, as usual, I was the first one to want to be fucked. That is how it has always been, I love to have the cock in my ass first thing. It helps me delay my orgasm to the very end, something that I really love.

So I flipped a coin. Vijay won the toss. "My bat will invade your ass pitch first today!" busty latina has her tight snatch pummeled Vijay, saying this he forced me into the doggy pose. Kneeling behind me, he parted my ass cheeks with his strong hands and began to rim me. I let out a long moan of pleasure and beckoned Ravi to come in front of me.

I took his cock in my mouth and began to give him a really good blowjob. "Oh Ashuuuuu you are awesome!" Ravi moaned. Vijay, on the other hand, was eating my ass mercilessly. I really really wanted him to fuck me but he was going to make me wait and beg for it.

I was sucking Ravi's dick like my life depended on it, and Vijay was rimming and tickling my ass like it was the last ass on earth.

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In between he would also reach for my hanging balls and cock and stroke them. The sheer amount of pleasure that I was getting, it was making my knees tremble.

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"Please Vijay fuck me now please, please please!" I began to beg. Vijay spanked my ass softly. "Beg some more!" he ordered. I begged more and more, till finally I felt the nozzle of a tube against my ass and the chilled lube making its way inside. After that, soon I felt his dick against the entrance of my asshole. I moaned really loud as the fucking began. Vijay knew exactly how I loved being fucked, with slow, smooth, long, strokes, so he fucked me just like that. The more I loved it the more I sucked Ravi off with more passion and flair.

After a long time of fucking me, Vijay grabbed my hips and began to pump harder.

"Oh I'm cumming…I'm cumming! I am enjoying this gay threesome guys" he graoned and I could feel his hot cock twitch inside of me, shooting his load of cum into my depths.

I took a short break and then invited Ravi to fuck me. I first lay on my back, then Vijay climbed up over me in the 69 position.

He helped spread my legs wide in the air and held them in place. When Ravi positioned his cock at the entrance of my eager opening, Vijay sucked it off to lube it up some more. Ravi began to fuck me like a true pro pornstar and Vijay was already sucking my cock. There were dual pleasures that I was experiencing, making me moan with Vijay's cock in my mouth. My moaning sent vibrations through his cock, making him enjoy it even more.

Ravi fucked me for at least 5 minutes and then suddenly pulled out, squeezing the base of his dick to stop his orgasm. "Get up" Vijay ordered. I was not prepared for what happened next. Vijay and Ravi lifted me in the air. Then the two of them slowly inserted their cocks in my ass together. Oh my god, I was being double penetrated and I was having this experience for the first time! The two of them were lifting me up and fucking me slowly and I was almost crying with pleasure.

I would not have been able to take inside two cocks at the same time so they were only inserting their heads in me. Soon, Ravi came hard inside me but he did not stop fucking me. He waited till Vijay had come inside me a second time.

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Then they finally let go of me and I collapsed on the bed, exhausted, cum dribbling out of my ass. We were tired, I still wanted to fuck them both, but I waited a short while. After resting for some time, began to fuck Ravi first and then Vicky. I fucked them both in a relaxed pose and came hard inside their asses. We promised to have more gay threesomes like this again.