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Eva angelina loves it in her horny ass bootylicious twerking
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George Evans and his wife Cindy were a happily married couple who loved each other. Everything was fine in their marriage, even after 15 years of being picking up an ebon legal age teenager diamond monrow hardcore and blowjob they enjoyed each other passionately.

Of course it could never be the same as it was when they were younger, but George was tall and proud man. Years of taking care of family and work has taken toll on the super sexy physique he had long ago, but he wasn't careless enough to allow him to become fat.

He had a noticeable gut, but he was working on that too. George worked 7 hours a day at local high school teaching physics to college bound seniors. His dream was always to become a professor and teach at the University, but the effort needed to be put into that wasn't worth the time and money he thought, besides, he enjoyed teaching at a high school level. Being 38, he never cheated on his wife. He did have fantasies and thoughts about other women, he looked at them, but he just didn't have the need to fulfill these dirty urges.

That would remain so, until the fateful day rebecca volpetti riding erik everhard on top January 14, which he would never forget. It was the time of finals and his students were dutifully awaiting for the results of the final exam they took ten days ago.

The classroom filled with silence as George returned the graded tests. Red ink of his pen looked like blood scribbled on innocently white paper by the devil himself. He didn't give much thought to how important the grades were to these seniors who would be going to college next year.

He couldn't give personal attention to everyone so he was used to dismissing whining students who often came begging him to change their grade in hope of having a better record to show on their college transcripts.

He sat in his office, it was 4:00 pm, his colleagues have hubby beside her while she rides her bull left for home, but he had still to finish writing up new homework assignment for next week.

He enjoyed daydreaming. As hee looked outside at the cloudy sky and the yellow leaves on the tree that reached his third floor window. This gavee him that warm feeling he had very rarely, the feeling of calmness, and yet growing passion behind the calm. Suddenly his dream was interrupted and he looked at the door. It was Sofia, one of his students from physics. She opened the door and looked inside holding a gray folder tightly in her young arms. "Mr.Evans, I am sorry to disturb you, may I come in?" As a rule George was very polite to his students and with a friendly gesture welcomed her into his office.

Sofia wore typical tight blue jeans everyone is wearing these days and a jean jacket. She was your tall brunette with hair brought together on top of her head. She looked astonishing. Nice boobs, perfect hourglass figure, and beautiful face without any acne.

George wasn't paying attention to this yet. "Hi Sofia, how are your classes? Everything going fine?" George inquired in a formal tone. "Well, Mr.Evans, it's kinda complicated, which is why I came here to talk with you. I am doing very well in all my other classes, except yours. I am getting an A in economics, A- in calculus, B in English, and only your class may be what could mess up my transcript for college.

You must understand I work very hard on physics, I spend a lot of time on it, but I just can't get anything less than a C, so that's why I wanted to talk with you about my test" "oh, what about it?" George said, remembering that Sofia did very poorly on it; She only got 64%, which was basically an F. He was already preparing to dismiss her with kind words of encouragement that he knew from experience usually worked in situations like these. "Well, I only got sixty four percent Mr.Evans, that's horrible, and I realize it is my fault that I didn't study enough, but I must do so much extracurricular stuff.

Is there anything we can do about this?" George looked at Sofia for a couple of seconds, smiled, and said: "I am really sorry Sofia, but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done.

Everyone in your class received the same test, so it's fair and square. Understand that I can't favor students, because it's unfair to the others. I am also sure it wont' affect your transcript that much. What are you so worried about?" George saw a sudden painful look of frustration on Sofia's face as she continued to argue: "but please, think about it, it's incredibly important!

After I send my first semester grades to colleges that may have already accepted me, they might turn me down! I can't allow that. It's like all my studying of four years in this stinking high school were in vain!" He could feel the girl's anxiety inside him, although he didn't show it, but he had an educational code which would be immoral to break.

He understood that it was laurie vargas fuck by nephew very bad situation for her, but he didn't know how he could help her.

George looked into Sofia's eyes and saw a tear form in the corner of her delicate eye. "I am sorry Sofia, there is nothing I can do, please don't hold this against me.

By the way, I have to go home already, it's getting late" As he packed his papers into his backpack Sofia stood near the door and cried louder. But his mind was with his wife Cindy. He started to imagine how he would get home and she would greet him with a hot kiss on the lips. They would go to their bedroom, where he would let go of his external self, and fuck her like a wild beast.

The tingly sensation started to accumulate in his pants, he knew it happened regularly, but he wasn't worried because he wore tight briefs and his bulge almost would not be visible. Then again he thought of Cindy, oh how he wished her body would be younger as it was 10 years ago, how he longed for juicy flesh he had in the past. Sofia really started to get on his nerves weeping in the corner. He wanted to go to his wife. When George headed towards the door and was about to leave, Sofia quickly moved in front of him blocking the door.

A new look of determination was in her red-from-tears eyes. She looked into George's eyes and said: "No, don't leave. I swear I can do anything for you to improve that grade. At least give me a B. I can do anything, any assignment, any job, whatever you ask. Don't ruin my future Mr.Evans." Her voice was strong and determined. George Evans remembered his wife again in her youth. He noticed how in some way Sofia resembled her.

His erection became harder. "Listen Sofia, I really have to go, please I already explained there is nothing I can do" Sofia continued to stand near the door for about 20 seconds as they both looked in each other's eyes. A new idea entered Sofia's mind and she looked at her teacher from top to bottom, pausing on his waistline" "Mr.Evans." Sofia continued in a fresh sexy voice "…when I said anything, I meant anything" She said almost growling as she grabbed his hand and quickly brought it to her breast.

George's knees started to tremble with fear and his body started to shake. He never expected his student to do this, when a sudden insight worked in his mind. He understood what she meant by "everything" To pass his physics class she was ready to have sex with him, her teacher, and she knew that then he would have to give her a better grade. Ambivalent surge of guilt versus passion raced through George's mind as Sofia continued to rub his hand against the silky material that covered her firm breast.

I can't cheat on my wife, George's loyal self told him. But you must!!! His lustful self screamed to him. Your wife will never find out! You cannot miss this opportunity!!!

His instincts fought a battle with his logic and he was afraid one of them might lose, and he desired the other would win. The sexual monster in him has been awakened by the touch of his student's passionate breasts.

"Mr.Evans, take me…&hellip.please" Sofia asked coldly "you must" Passion has triumphed over logic and George knew he was gonna go for it.

Nothing could stop him now as his dropped his backpack to the floor and quickly attached his lips to his student's. It felt so different from his wife. In a way he felt young again because he saw a young creature in front of him. It was a source of infinite power for him.

He felt her tongue with his, he felt her tongue, her teeth, her moisture in his mouth. It was delicious. "Take of your fucking clothes!" George growled at Sofia as he slid his kittens screw fellas anal with huge strap dildos and splatter load monstercock ejaculating under her sweater and felt her bra that held two of the sweetest melons in the world. They stood glued to each other as she threw down her denim jacket.

"Get on the desk sweetie" George ordered Sofia pointing to the empty desk that stood not far from the window through which he was daydreaming 30 minutes ago. Sofia laid on her back on the hard wooden desk as her teacher leaned over her and started to undress her savagely. He desired to suck her breasts, suck her vagina, and lick her all over. Her sweater was flying into the other corner of the room and hair now was free from the brooches she wore.

She had sexy hair George thought as he touched it and threw it to sides. You would never guess how long it was until you liberated it. As George took off his shirt to reveal his majestic hairy chest to his lover, Sofia felt the wetness form in her panties.

When she decided she would do this she thought it would be quick and not-passionate affair for her grade, but now she saw she was wrong. She knew she would enjoy being fucked by her sexy teacher as her pussy became itchier and itchier with wetness. Her face was red from shame. Now she could feel George's chest hair rub against her stomach as her fondled her two succulent boobs with his tongue. He unzipped the bra behind her back to reveal two pink nipples that were growing in size in front of his eyes.

This truly turned him on. As he sucked on them he wished sweet milk came from them into his mouth, but what was in front of him was enough. The smell from her armpits drove him nuts. It smells very differently on a woman, he just wanted to eat her whole. When he raised his eyes and looked at her as his mouth was sucking on her nipples, he saw her chin and he sensed her breathing heavily.

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Around her neck was dangling a silver chain with a little cross on it. "Oh Mr.Evans, oh my god, what are we doing?

This was such a crazy idea, I am sorry……oooh" mumbled Sofia through her moans. "Don't say anything Sofia, what matters now is us, it wasn't such a bad idea after all. Oh baby, you turn me on so good." He told her. George raised his upper body from his student's breasts. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his yellow khakis causing his pants to fall down to the floor. He quickly moved to the opposite side of the table on which young girl's body was laying so that her head was right under his cock and balls.

"You asked for it Sofia, now take it into your mouth! Suck me! Suck my balls!" Sofia suddenly refused "no Mr.Evans, we didn't agree to this……" "You want to pass this class?

Huh you little bitch? Then do what you're told." After these words Sofia readily took Georges nuts into her mouth pretty amateur teen babe megan sage banged in the car pulled his skin with her lip, then fitting all of his nutsack in her mouth she teased him with her tongue." Although she didn't want to do it at first, Sofia knew deep inside that she enjoyed this immensely.

She felt safe with this older man who was her teacher. She wanted to please him, she would do anything. "Oh my god, that's good Sofia" said George "now please suck my cock" He pulled his nuts out of her mouth and replaced it with his huge erect dick.

He moved it up and down her mouth so that his balls jumped on in front of her eyes. He wanted to shove it in deeper and to see how deep it would go. As he pushed his penis into Sofia's mouth, he felt his head touch her throat. This was heaven. When he did this, he never stopped playing with her long black hair. Her spit enveloped his cock in a coat of extreme pleasure.

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George all forgot about his wife. Sofia's hand went under her jeans and to her wet vagina. She had to pleasure herself, she could not resist.

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George saw her hand and took out his throbbing cock out of Sofia's mouth. "So, let's get to business, my student, huh?" He told Sofia as he went back to the side of the table where Sofia's legs were.

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He quickly pulled her jeans off her to reveal her white panties. He could see the tempting black pubic hair triangle through them. "These must go too baby" George said as he pulled her panties off to reveal her vagina to him in full view. He felt his spit overflow his mouth, he was so turned on.

"are you gonna lick it?" Sofia asked "Am I? Sofia? I am gonna suck you like you've never been sucked before" he replied as he moved his lips to her dripping pussy. He inserted his tongue in motion as deep old butler serve sex to his spoiled lady boss he could.

"AAAAhhh, this feels so……&hellip.oh god&hellip. so good" she screamed. George was glad everyone left school already. He wouldn't want anyone to catch him fucking his student. "Aahahaha, you like it daisy summers nasty little whore up pornstars hardcore little bitch, don't you?" he said.

He could taste her vagina's juices and was intoxicated. He even licked the surface of her anus and stuck his finger inside. He liked it, because apparently it was painful to Sofia but made her scream each time. This was the point of "now", he had to get more and more, so he continued to lick all around her pussy with his wet tongue, and helping with his fingers to pull her skin to the side to open her hole.

He couldn't wait to shove his rod inside this young hole and he would give her any grade she wanted. Sofia was moaning with pleasure and occasionally giggled like a little girl.

She was touching her own breasts as her legs touched his back when he sucked her cunt. "Now honey, prepare to get what you asked for. You want it don't you, oh gorgeous gf endures pounding hardcore big butt you do, you nasty girl. If I knew you would be so sexy I would have fucked your ass long ago" said George in a low trembling voice as he took his cock in his hand and teased her pussy by touching her swollen lips with it's red head.

He angrily moved it up and down her wet slit, beating its surface with his hot cock. "Please&hellip.mr.Evans, don't tease me anymore.

I can't hold it, please fuck me now please…I want it inside of me&hellip." "anything you want Sofie…" said George when he grabbed her feet in his hands and in one thrust thrust his cock into this high school senior.

He was looking into her eyes as he was ramming her tight young pussy. He knew Sofia gave him much more pleasure than his old wife, and he could not do anything about it.

He didn't want anything but to continue moving inside Sofia's pussy forever. He enjoyed the feeling of wetness around his cock as it moved deeper and deeper inside her. When his balls touched her ass he started to pump her rhythmically and loving hear her moan.

Sofia enjoyed it too, it was beyond her control. Apparently her physics teacher, a married man, was very experienced in brining pleasure to women, and she loved it. She wanted to help him by moving her ass in rhythm with movements of his cock. Sloshing sounds of cock in her vagina filled the room as George went faster and faster "Oh yeah bitch oh yeah, you're so good, I am in heaven……" George screamed.

He then looked and saw that as he humped this sweet young girl he could see he stomach and breast undulate in his motion. It was like waves on the sea, her boobs went up and down up and down. A shock surged through Sofia's body as she arched her back in pleasure of pure orgasm and gave long loud moan. Her teacher continued to fuck her, now moving her legs to the right side so that her pussy was at 90 angle to his cock.

He knew he was about to shoot a load of cum inside his student, who only wanted a better grade. He didn't use a condom; he didn't have one.

He could pull out and smear his cum all over her stomach or face, but George wanted to ejaculate his semen inside her. He knew she could become pregnant, but he enjoyed the risk, and he wanted to take it. His mind was irrational now and all he cared about was pleasure. "Oh, OH, I am gonna cum now, I am gonna cum inside you…&hellip." moaned George as his penis exploded with a stream of hot sperm inside Sofia's wet vagina.

Sofia felt it distinctily, she could feel liquid warmth fill her up as the man's penis pulsated inside her, feeling that made her feel all warm and safe inside. George put his hand into Sofia's pussy full of his cum and when he took it out his cum was on his fingers.

"Try some of this Sofia." he told her as he brought her hand to her lips. Sofia licked all of it from his hand. George fell on her with his relaxed body and they lay on the table naked for about 1 minute. George looked at his watch, it was 4:55 pm. What would his wife think? What would she ask? What will he tell her? Then he looked at Sofia putting her clothes on and thought that he would easily make something up for his wife.

He would tell her he was busy with grading papers or got stuck in traffic. "Sofia, I just want to thank you for this, you're truly amazing woman." "Mr.Evans, I never thought I would tell you this, but I must admit that you made me feel like a real woman. I didn't tell you this, but I have never been fucked by a real dick Before I just played with my mom's dildo." "Sofia, one more thing.

Do not worry about your grade, I will make sure you get an A from me as long as it's just between us." A sudden joy filled Sofia's happy face.

She embraced George once again and said thanks. Then she left.