Glamorous hosewife was doing the chores when the neighbor came with his loaded piston into her ass

Glamorous hosewife was doing the chores when the neighbor came with his loaded piston into her ass
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Jasmine is special, I love her so much. I remember the first time we made love, it was on my eighteenth birthday. I got up early and biked over to her house, we'd arranged for her to stay home while her parents went to church. That was the day we could have sex without worrying about the law. I got to her house, and she kissed me on the cheek. I said "I'm eighteen now, I'm like legal now." She replied, "Oh, yeah." Then she was quiet, I was worried that she was going to change her mind again, but without saying a word, she took my hand and lead me up the stairs to her room.

I'd been in her room many times, her folks considered me safe. Her dad was one of my Physics teachers and not only had I been one of her dad's star students, I helped her out with her work. If they knew what I was really after I'm sure I wouldn't have been welcome. In her room we held hands and kissed, a very chaste kiss, like we used to.

She said, "I have an idea I think you'll like." She sat down on the bed, and reached for my zip. She unzipped me and reached inside. I was liking her idea already. She struggled getting me free of my shorts, I'd been hard since the ride over anticipating this, I was even harder now she was actually touching my dick.

She leaned forward and gave me a tentative lick, wow! did I like that. She grew in confidence and licked some more, then she popped her mouth over bi fellows for one beauty hardcore big butt head.

I can't really say what happened after that, I was in heaven. All too soon, I was like "Nnngh!" and I came in her mouth. My knees buckled, I managed to fall onto the bed, and not on top of Jasmine. I was still trying to recover some sense when Jasmine hugged me. The feeling of her jugs pressing into my side was interesting and brought me back some.

"I'm guessing you enjoyed that." "No Duh! That was totally amazing." "I have some other ideas, I think you'll like. How would you like to see me naked?" I was shocked, that wasn't something I expected pure innocent Jasmine to ask. I didn't say anything, my mouth opened and nothing came out. "Well, I think you would." She got up off the bed and undid a button on her top, it was the usual sort of white ruffly blouse.

It was now the center of my attention. Her hand reached for the next button, I was salivating in anticipation, so I was kinda disappointed when she said "Maybe not." She let the button go.

However, her hands went to the hem of her skirt. "What do you think of the skirt?" Well, it was a skirt, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to think.

Then she pulled up the hem to reveal, everything. She wasn't wearing any panties. I'm not sure if shock or desire was the stronger emotion at this point. I was shocked that Jasmine, pure innocent Jasmine would go without panties, I really desired to see more. The hem of the skirt fell back down covering her.

"So you like the skirt." She said, matter of factly, "I thought you might, I've seen you looking at the cheerleaders or your tennis partners in their short skirts. I thought I'd try one too." Now she mentioned it, the skirt was a lot shorter than she normally wore.

I did like seeing my tennis partners in short skirts, they show off the legs nicely, but I never get to see anything as they're always wearing modest panties under them. On Jasmine, with no panties, the effect was electrifying. I nodded in agreement.

She reached for another button on her blouse and undid it. She reached inside and pulled out one of her boobs. "See, I'm not wearing a bra either." Then put the boob away. She fiddled with another button, "Do you want to see more." I nodded. "You're going to have to earn it." She sat on the bed, "Why don't you kneel there." She pointed to the floor at her feet. I wasn't sure where this was going, but I was in no mood to argue with her at that moment, I knelt.

She pulled her feet up onto the bed, so her legs were spread widely, and lay back. "I want you to lick me out." I'd often wondered what it was like to go down on a girl, it was something I'd done a lot in my head while beating off. Here was a real live girl in front of me. The landscape looked familiar from my Dad's anatomy book. The signs were promising, there was lots of lubrication, wet, her labia were full and open and her clitoris was poking out distended.

I went for the clit, that was supposed to be what did it for girls. I was in heaven. However, that didn't last long. "No, No!" A hand was on my head pushing me away. I didn't know what was going on, Jasmine had rolled over and was curled up in a ball.

I sat on the bed next to her and put a hand on her shoulder, "What's the matter?" I was totally lost. She looked at me, her eyes were wet with tears, I still didn't know what was wrong.

"Nothing." Obviously not true, but I wasn't going to argue with her. "Look, it's your birthday, why don't we go to Bob's like we'd planned." We had planned to go to 'Bob's Big Boy' a local burger chain for lunch, I really wanted to know what was her deal, but again, I thought better of it.

"OK." "You go wait downstairs, I'll get changed." I did just that, when she emerged sometime later she looked like the normal Jasmine, the skirt was a more normal length, I'm pretty sure she was wearing a bra and I'd guess panties too. We went to Bob's and enjoyed lunch and stopped at Tower Records on the way home, my folks had given me a gift card for my birthday, we picked up a couple of albums and went back to jasmine's.

Her folks were home when we got there, they said happy birthday etc, and we said we'd go up to Jasmine's room to listen to the albums. Jasmine cued up one of them and we sat on the bed. After a long moment of uncomfortable silence she said, "I'm sorry Tony, I wanted it to be perfect for you." At least we were talking about the problem, "What did I do wrong?" I didn't notice the record taunting me, "You were just what I needed." "I don't know." She sighed, then got up off the bed and went to her desk.

She retrieved something from a draw, it was a white hardback book. "I wanted it to be perfect, I got this to help." Blushing, she showed me the cover, in simple type it just said 'The Joy of Sex'.

She opened it to a bookmark. Under a line drawing of a couple making love was 'missionary position' and 'mons pubis' in large type. The missionary position had three lines and mons pubis two paragraphs. On the other page was 'mouth music'. That entry covered the rest of the page, the next two pages and paragraph on the fourth. We read the entry for mouth music, it was rather flowery and not very informative. It did suggest the glans of the penis could be sensitive, Jasmine had started softly on me, and it worked well.

There was a whole bunch of stuff about doing it standing up, I filed that away for later reference. To help the man there was about one sentence, it just suggested kissing the labia until she was ready for something more. "Maybe that's the problem, I went for the clit before you were ready?" Jasmine thoughts some, "That could be it. It didn't feel like I was expecting, then I went kinda numb, it didn't work any more." We were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Jasmine hurried to hide the book under live fingering pussy with blonde babe camdotnet covers, then "Yeah?" The door opened and her mom popped her head in, we were trying to look innocent, I'm sure we looked totally guilty.

"Dad and Me are going to aunt June's, we shouldn't be back before eleven. I'm sure you kids can amuse yourselves while we're gone." "Sure mom." It was like they were telling us to get back at it and giving us the space.

Whatever, I was glad of it. She left and closed the door behind her, we looked at each other and giggled in a very guilty way. A little while later we heard the garage door open, then close. Jasmine's room was over the garage, so the noise was loud. It was a useful warning for then they got back. Jasmine spoke first, "That book's been giving me some ideas, and I'm pretty sure you'll like them." I was pretty sure I would as well.

non stop fucking of brazilian wet crack what?" "Why don't I keep that as a surprise?" I'd have agreed to anything if it'd got me off at that point, I was hard again of course.

"OK." "Why don't you take your clothes off." "OK." I stripped off as fast as I could manage it. I stood before her with a very obvious hard on. "Why don't you lie here." She pointed to the bed, she wanted me to lie with my head at the foot of the bed, so I did.

"Now I'm going to tie you down, you don't mind do you?" I wasn't sure what she meant, but I married german couple making lovelin loveget going to agree with anything. "No." She got a couple of silk scarves and tied my wrists one to each side of the bed, so I was splayed. Then she took some nylons and tied my ankles, with my legs well apart.

I was starting to wonder what I'd let myself in for, when she said, "I really think you're going to enjoy this, but we need to have a signal just in case you don't." She lost me there. "What?" "The book," nodding in the general direction of the 'Joy of Sex', "says we should have a signal so we can stop this if you don't like it anymore.

I suggest three-two. You can just say it, or grunt it if you can't speak, like." Then she grunted in a pattern of three then two grunts. That kinda made old raja rani sex story full, and was oddly comforting.

I could stop this if I wanted to. But currently I didn't want it to stop, "OK, that makes sense." "I'll just go get ready." She picked up a bag and left the room. That I wasn't expecting, and it made me apprehensive, lying there naked tied up with a hard on. (And if you read the Joy of Sex, you'll see her leaving me like that is against the rules.) It didn't take long before she came back into the room.

She'd changed, she was wearing the same short skirt as earlier, but her blouse was different. It was almost, but not quite, entirely see-through.

I could see the swell of her boobs, with obviously no bra. I got harder when I saw that. "Do you like the outfit? I wanted to wear this earlier, but I chickened out." I was starting to think Jasmine wasn't as pure or innocent as I'd thought. I liked that. I liked the outfit, "I like it." She raised the hem of her skirt, no panties again. Then she stood over me, so I was looking straight up the skirt. "Do you like the scent?" I hadn't thought about it before, I breathed deeply and there was a scent, I don't know if like was the right word, but it turned me on.

"Yes." I spoke rather hoarsely, my throat was dry. She knelt down and loomed over me, she kissed me, kind of upside down ways. "I dabbed some of it behind my ears, the book suggested that as well. Did you notice that earlier." I hadn't, I'm not sure I skunk destroys with his huge black cock it now. There were too many new things to worry about it. "I dunno." This was turning out to be an interesting book, I was going to have to read it once I got free.

At that point the record player played the final chord of a song and was silent. Jasmine got up and flipped the record over. A synthesizer played a few notes before the sounded filled out, a manic drummer started playing, the synth faded out and a voice sung "I know tonight, … she comes." Jasmine burst out laughing, "Well, stepmom sharing hard cock with hot teen in the bedroom a good sign, you definitely are going to make me come sometime tonight.

Arn't you!" "Yes, definitely." The one thing I really wanted to do was to make things right for Jasmine. "There's plenty of time though, lets have a little practice." I wasn't sure what that meant, but I found out soon enough. "You never did get to see my boobs, would you like that?" She undid a button. Again rather hoarsely, "Yes, I would." "You're going to have to earn it again." She knelt on the bed, next to my head.

"You're going to lick me again, this time try to be more gentle." I nodded, and she straddled my head.

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She was again looking really ready for this, but I held back and gave a very gentle lick to the labia. "Oooh, do that harder." I licked harder. More oohs, she was enjoying this, I was enjoying this. From my position under her, I couldn't quite get the right angle but I kept at it. All too soon she lifted herself off me. She was very flushed, turned on, and her blouse was hanging open, so I could see her boobs.

She looked down at me, half focussing on me, deep in thought. "I've half a mind to jump back on top and crush my pussy into your face." She was panting. I wasn't sure where to look, her box, her jugs, her face.

She saw my indecision, "You like them?" She cupped her boobs which overflowed her small hands. I nodded enthusiastically. Still wanting to make things right for Jasmine, I said, "I liked that, but I could do a better job if I were kneeling like before, the angle wasn't right from down here." She looked at my face, thinking about jumping on again, my dick for whatever reason she hadn't told me yet, and the floor where I'd knelt before.

She was considering her next move and it was a difficult decision for her. Eventually, she made a decision. She fetched a pillow from the other end of the bed and put it under my head, "Comfy?" I nodded. She crawled down the bed and took up a position kneeling between my splayed legs, she made sure everything she had was on display, despite being mostly clothed still.

She reached forward towards my dick, then withdrew, "How do you do this?" I caught on to what she was asking, how I jacked off, she didn't want a disaster like I'd managed. But then she added, "How do you love thy neighbor?" Then giggled like a school girl. She was a schoolgirl, so she had an excuse. She was referring to discussions we'd had about sex, I'd been trying to persuade her that we should, obviously I succeeded finally.

One thing I tried was starting with how Jesus said, "Love thy neighbor as thyself. There is no greater commandment than this." Then I asked how loved her self and she blushed.

It was my turn to blush, but I guess it'd go better for me if I told her. "Grab it round the shaft, and move your hand up and down. Careful the glans is kinda sensitive, you can try touching that with lots of spit.

Gently." She extended her hand again and grasped my dick around the shaft she moved her hand gently, too gently this wasn't going to get me off in a hurry. It felt good though, I sighed gently and relaxed. I sighed some more and she kept at it. Yes, this was feeling really good, she kept at it. And she still kept at it. Over time, it's difficult to say how much time, I moaned, I squirmed, I tensed up. The pressure down in my dick was getting unbearable. This was great, but I wasn't going to come like this, I needed to come.

I struggled against my bonds, they held, I gasped for breath. The only thing which mattered was I had to come, but she wasn't getting me there. I'd have begged to come, but I didn't have the brain left to beg. I just thrashed around and moaned. Then something else came into play, her other hand rubbed over my glans (with plenty of spit).

I exploded, spams after spasm wracked my body, I felt my come splatter all over me, right up to my chin. Eventually I was still and totally spent, I relaxed, my mind empty.

The first thing that came to on my consciousness was a kiss. Then Jasmine's voice, "Wow! That was intense." She was telling me that was intense, I knew it was intense. I think I managed a grunt of agreement. I just lay there on a cloud of bliss, I felt Jasmine get off the bed and open the door. She soon came back, she was carrying a towel. "I think you're going to need this." She was right, but I was getting uncomfortable tied up like that.

"Could you untie me, I've had enough of this." She looked me over, thinking hard. "Hmm." She licked her lips. She was thinking about what to do with me while I was still tied up, she wasn't untying me.

I thought about using the 3-2 signal, but I was sure that would kill the mood. I pointed out the advantages, of untying me. "I faketaxi busty milf gets hot lips on cock lick you again, I promise to do a good job." She reluctantly agreed, "Oh, OK, I was thinking you might like me to torture you some more. I could use my mouth this time." That almost changed my mind, but I didn't think I had anything more in me, and I really did want to make up for my earlier failure.

She untied the scarves and the nylons, it's difficult to untie nylons after you've struggled against them, we found.

I massaged my wrists and ankles. Jasmine sat on the edge of the bed and pointed me to her feet. I knelt in front of her, she lay down like she had previously.

I leant forward and gave her a tentative lick. She liked that. I licked up her slit some more, definitely a good reaction, moans. I licked a little harder, still she was reacting well, I was relieved, I did't want a repeat of the earlier disaster. Still her clit was there looking like it wanted something, so I tried licking around the hood, avoiding direct contact with the clit itself.

Even better reactions, more moans, loud, she writhed around. I went back to licking the slit, there was a sigh, almost exasperated.

I alternated between the slit and the clit hood. The moans got louder and louder, the hips moved more and more. Her breathing was coming in ragged gasps. Her clit was looking like it really needed a lick. Young teeny cutie hard dominati xvideos com hesitantly tried that, ready to back off at any sign of trouble.

The reaction was good louder and more writing. She went rigid, she was coming. I went for the clit harder, she exploded her hips tried to throw me off, I held on and she screamed. I was glad her parents weren't home, I might have worried about the neighbors calling the cops though.

Then she was still and silent. I looked up at Jasmine, she was too still.

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"Jasmine?" No reaction. I climbed onto the bed and grabbed her wrist. She had a pulse, that was a good sign. My first aid training told me the next thing was to check for breathing.

I put my cheek next to her mouth and looked at her chest to see if she was breathing, I didn't even notice I was looking straight at her boobs. I felt breath on my cheek, I was relieved. "Oh wow, sex xredwap com download film hot was amazing." She was alright. "If I could move I'd kiss you." I hugged her, that was the right thing to do.

I just felt happy. I'd made things right with her. Pleasing Jasmine was just the most important thing to me just then. That made me think, I spoke up, "You know, I think I love you." Yeah, that sounded just right, I loved her. Before that day I did like her, I liked being with her, but now I just couldn't imagine myself without her. "You don't have to say that, you're definitely going to get some more, whether you say you love me or not." She didn't think I was serious.

"No, I'm sure, I love you." "Oh." She sat up and looked at me, she wasn't sure what to make of me. I slid off the bed and knelt on one knee. I held her hand, "Jasmine, I'm sure I love you.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?" That was easiest most natural thing I'd ever said to anyone.

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She was startled. "Err, can I think about that?" Well, it was sudden, but whatever she wanted was fine with me.

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"Sure, take all the time you want. I'll be here." I got up onto the bed again, "Or xxx sax school girls porn com sex stories I took her into my arms and kissed her.

Then just lay there hugging her. Jasmine spoke first, "Mmm, I feel so safe here. … It's your birthday, is there anything else you want?" "I just want to make you happy." "You have." "And I kinda liked that idea where we do it standing up with you upside down." I'm a big dude, Jasmine's a smallish girl, I'm sure I could have done what the book described. "Maybe later. I don't think I could come again just yet." That's when the last song on the album ended and the record player clicked off.

I got up and cued up the other LP I'd bought, then went back to the bed. The first song was so plaintive, "You're so far away from me." I held Jasmine close, I never wanted to be away from her again. We kissed and hugged all through the album and its changing moods.

I felt her boobs, man that felt good. They fit perfectly into my hands. I'd never seen real boobs before that day and now I was feeling them. Jasmine appreciated being felt, she liked it even more when I kissed and licked sucked on them. She moaned so loud when I did that, I thought she might come again. No one did come though, before we had to get up and clean ourselves up some. We'd arranged to go meet my buds at Farrell's, a local ice cream parlor. When we showed up all smiles and holding hands they knew something was up.

They ribbed us for it, but it was all in good fun. It was a fun way to spend a birthday, not as much fun as we'd had earlier, but fun in its own way. When we'd finished at Farrell's I suggested we go see a movie, but Jasmine said a lot of team fuck on dance floor striptease hardcore wanted to talk, so we went back to her place. And we just talked, with all our clothes on. I was happy whether we had sex or not, I just needed to be with her.

She eventually said she loved me, and had for a while, but had been too afraid to tell me. She'd thought it might scare me off. Then I came out with my declaration, coming on so strong, she damn near panicked.

After talking some she got her head straight so she could say it. Then she said yes to my proposal. Though we both agreed to keep it quiet for a while, it was kinda sudden. Around eleven I had to go, I had to sleep, there was school the next day. I did't want to go, but I had to. I put her to bed and kissed her chastely good night. We saw each other at school the next day of course. We were more inseparable than we'd been previously.

After a month, we did tell our folks about the engagement. None of them were surprised. The next thing was college. I'd always wanted to go to Stanford, and they'd accepted me, but it was too expensive for my folks. My backup was Berkeley, they also took me. They'll take anyone with a brain.

That was also Jasmine's backup, she had been planning on UCLA. So we both went to Berkeley. We both had to deal with room mates during our freshman year year, that was a pain. We decided to get married during the summer break after that freshman year, then we got ourselves an apartment in Berkeley. After graduating we both got jobs down in the Valley and set up house there. We're both so happy, life couldn't be better. I still remember my eighteenth birthday.

We tried several things from the book, including the upside down sixty-nine, that was interesting. There was kissing with tongues (it took us a while to work out what it was saying there) and the carpet of flowers.

What Jasmine had done to me was "slow masterbation", the book coupled that with "bondage". Jasmine liked the bondage a lot, so she often tied me up. I was happy that she got off on it, and she got me off whenever she did, after torturing me some. Pussy, mouth, hand it was all good, the slow torture just made it better. She did jump on my face and crush her pussy on my face, that got her off like nothing else.

That makes me happy. Yes, Jasmine is a special girl and I love her so much. — PS: If this were an entry in CAW 23, the truth would be the book. I'm not admitting to anything else.

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