Sex siren august ames gets her pussy drilled hard

Sex siren august ames gets her pussy drilled hard
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Please make note this story is my first and be aware it is totally fiction. None of these events ever happened or ever will in my life but I'm sure some of you may be able to relate to some of the issues covered in this story. At a later stage This story will involve sexual intercourse with a underage girl so if it's not your kind of thing please don't read amateur slut in red banged and filmed amateursex and amateurs then comment.

If you do like the story then please leave comment and I will try my best to take on board any of your remarks. As I say it's my first one but If you like it I do have more ideas in my head. Enjoy. Be warned this is a long story with plenty of details sorry if it bores some. Firstly let me start by introducing the main character. John. Now John is a man of 28 and lives in the UK.

He's single and that's the way he likes it. With his career very much sorted as a well paid company buyer he classes himself as successful. Having a nice apartment on the outskirts of London with just himself to please he's a happy man.

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Now john does love the females and even the girls yes younger girls have always been John's weakness. Not too young say 16 plus he knows you have to be so careful these days so he plays it safe as he can without causing too much concern.

All his friends know he likes them young but many have no idea what actually goes on his John's mind. They seem him as nor threat as they all know he only goes for the ones of legal age and hope that someday this will change and he will settle down. John loves the clubs and bars and most of all nightclubs where he can pick up the ladies he desires so much.

He's not a stud or a overly good looking man but he gets by and some hotest webcam from horny girl orgasm masturbation and hypnotized find him attractive with his cheeky and fun out look to life.

His success with the females always shocks his mates as he goes for some real stunners and sometimes actually managers to land them in his net. John be the first to admit he has his fare share of them and never known to say no to sex with them.

He does love sex anywhere any how he can. it might but just at the back of the clubs up against a wall with some young girl giving her a dam good fucking or he might even take them back to his place but this is rare as he doesn't want them to get attached' He loves going back to their places if they have one some are still at home with mum and dad so that's out the question.

he's done it in some strange places over the years but never says no to a bit of pussy loving. Every Friday and Saturday night he gets all ready and goes around the town on the hunt for his next sexual encounter. It was a very slow night with very few girls out for a change but John went to a night club with a reputation for the single mums and the older women who are after one thing so as it was late John thought anything better than nothing. None of the young ones where out tonight so he thought at least it beats going home and having to knock out one on his own a wank isn't same as the real thing.

Looking around he spotted one or two that took his fancy, having been blown out couple times already with the ones in other clubs he was a little cautious as rejection always hurt.

Then he spotted her.

A nice looker pretty average really but had a attraction so he thought he chance his luck here. She was dancing with a group of her friends so he had to play it cool and try integrate himself into the group. He thought best way was to try the from behind approach so moving behind the one he picked he rested his hands on her waist gentle squeezing to test the reaction from her.

Hmmm she was nice shape not fat at all in fact she felt good and no rejection she just allowed him to dance behind her with his hands on her waist. Her friends where all giving him the look but they didn't pull her away as had happened be for. Then the music changed into something a lot slower so he took this chance and turned her around to face him.

She wasn't no super model by any way but had a nice look close up.

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Alam sher xxx sexy story arms went around his neck as his wrapped around her slim waist.

They danced and then started kissing straight for the tongue action his hands gripping her firm bottom. It felt good for a woman her age which he had guessed at around 35 to 40 a lot older than his normal catch but she was there and available He was really getting into this now and was highly turned on for some reason he was pressing himself into her letting her know he was turned on and pulling her bottom into him with his hands gripping firmly, They hadn't made much conversation and the music was soon to end and the dance floor emptying as was the club.

Her friends made their excuses and left not be for asking her if she was ok. She assured them she was fine and this gave John some hope he was getting sex tonight. Tell her his name she was called Janet and he lead her by her hand outside the club She had allowed him a dam good feel of her arse but he wanted a lot more. He lead her to the back of the club out the way of the others and he knew this was a place where they could be alone.

She still didn't resist so he now know she was up for it. Not to waist time he quickly starting heavy kissing her and his hand was disappearing up her semi short skirt she had bare legs which he had to say where very nice and smooth for an older lady. Push her skirt up she relaxed her legs allow him to open them and finding her already wet knickers.

Thrusting his hand hard onto her with his fingers massaging her through her wet knickers she responded with a loud audible moan.

As he pushed the material to one side he felt her and she wasn't his perfect smooth hairless mound he so much desired but she was trimmed and kept well. She was incredibly wet and her lips where open allowing him to slip two fingers deep inside her lifting her with his hand so that her weight was pushing down on his tow thick finger as he moved them inside her she was now lost in the pleasure and moaning louder.

Her skirt mow lifted high to allow him better access. With his spare hand he undid his zip of his trousers she looked up at him with a little fear but he quickly resumed the kissing and jamming two milky boobs suck by twmen dailymotion hard inside her wriggling them using his thumb on her exposed clitoris to really push her over the edge making her moan and sigh in deepness at his touch.

He released his now rock hard manhood it was ready to burst out and the relief was pleasurable. But he knew what he really wanted and with the skill he had mastered he hitched her skirt up fully and pulled her now soaked underwear to one side allowing him to guide the tip of his penis into her sopping wet hole. Lifting her up with her legs wrapped around him his hands on her backside he lifted her then lowered her on to his erect 9inch penis, He had never had no complaints in the past as he knew he had a fare size and it was a good thickness.

She wasn't the tightness he had been in but she did feel good he had to admit as he moved her up and down on his shaft bottoming out inside her arms wrapped around him as she moved herself on his member She was moaning in pleasure in his ear as he continued to fuck her and she him.

Johns never been a fan of using condoms so when he exploded his load of juice she was soon filled with hot sperm, She cried out in sheer ecstasy Janet was a single mum of two girls ages 8 and 11 living on benefits after a messy divorce years ago their father had walked out on them for a younger woman, Not having much time for herself bringing up the two girls Janet rarely got out but did try her best on the budget she had.

never having much luck with men she hadn't had male company for some time now and craved it so much. She hadn't had sex for so many years and the company of a man was all she really wanted, Not being the best of looking she didn't get many offers plus having the two girls put most men off.

She struggled after her violent cheating husband left her so any chance she got to met a man she took it as Janet had a high sex drive but tried her best not to come across as being cheap or slutty but she doesn't make it to difficult for men to get what they want but always avoids involving the family as she protects them.

She been dragged out with her friends that night and having seen the younger man eyeing her up she was excited when he started to dance with her. Janet wasn't in the habit of letting men have sex with her up against walls of nightclubs but she was taken off her guard by this man and she had to admit it she enjoyed every second of it. Even the fact that it was unprotected sex didn't worry her she just felt such relief after years of sexual tension John zipped up and kissed Janet then made their way to the taxi queue firstly adjusting her skirt but everyone knew what they had been doing as Janet hadn't been quiet whilst john was fucking her against the wall.

This made Janet feel so cheap and slutty as she russian teacher and boy download still feel his cum inside her and a little soreness as her husband had never been that well endowed or that bothered about sex so she felt a little stretched even after child birth and it had been years since she had sex.

The queue soon dwindled and a car arrived for Janet.

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She hoped it wasn't too much as she only had limited funds John kindly paid the driver with a ten pound note then one last kiss for her. She quickly searched for a pen. Dam she couldn't find one, The Taxi driver read her mind.

Here use mine as he handed her a pen. She quickly scribbled her number on a taxi card and passed it to John. Give me call she shouted as the taxi drove off Janet was soon home and said hello to her mum who had kindly baby sat for her, Your late did you have a nice time she ask.

yeah mum it was good.

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Didn't your share a taxi with Mandy. No mum I missed it Janet lied. Her mum only lived across the road so bid Janet good night and left. Janet couldn't wait to get upstairs and out of her wet knickers her and his cum made them soaking wet. She still felt all turned on after her experienced and wished he did call her as the sex was amazing plus he seemed nice enough from the little conversation they had had.

Was it just sex was it love she asked herself or was it worse and just a cheap fuck one night stand up against the wall of some nightclub. my god she felt so cheap now letting him do as he pleased but she couldn't change what had happened. A restless night's sleep flowered