Outdoor blowjob mms of desi girls with lover indian porn videos tube porn

Outdoor blowjob mms of desi girls with lover indian porn videos tube porn
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The Visitors 2 If you haven't read The Visitors please read that one first. My balls still hurt from the fucking Ashley & Amber gave me earlier that day. The girls wanted to fuck more that night (Oh how remember when I was in my early twenties).

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I or I should say we decided to order Chinese food & have it delivered. The girls knew a good Chinese food restaurant that delivered so they called an ordered the food. We watched the video of day 1, they climbing over the fence & playing in the pool naked. Then we watched day 2; once again over the fence they went, off with the bikinis.

Then they swam for a while & out of the pool, laid naked in the sun & started fucking each other. Then the scene of them fucking me, they both laughed at the way they had tied me up & the vibrator up my ass. We all were amazed about how much seamen I had filled their pusses with during the time they had me tied up, not once did any of us think about birth control (Oh well much to late now).

The doorbell rang i came inside my s pussy it was time to eat, the girls answered the door naked (like we agreed earlier). To my surprise a very cute Chinese girl delivered the food (I thought it would be a young man).

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Ashley & Amber knew the girl they called her by her name Kim. Kim was in her early twenties also, a little smaller then Ashley & Amber blood only best xnxx downlod just as cute with a great body from what I could tell. Kim brought the food in & put it on the table.

The girls talked amongst themselves for a few minutes. Then Kim called the restaurant & told them her car broke down. That it would be an hour before she returned. After Kim made her call & put the food on the table, Ashley started kissing Kim while Amber walked behind her. Amber hands were all over Kim's body, rubbing her ass, pulling her top up & playing with her tits.

Ashley was kissing Kim & working down her neck and then Ashley started sucking Kim's tits. Amber pulled Kim's pants & panties off and then she stuck a finger in Kim's pussy.

As Amber was finger-fucking Kim. Ashley pulled Kim's top & bra off, now all three of them were naked (what a sight, even though my balls still hurt I started to get hard).

All three of the girls went into the living room, laid on the floor. Amber started finger-fucking Kim once why should i cook when i fuck great but this time much faster & using three fingers.

Ashley continued working on Kim's nipples (Kim's nipples got extremely hard & large). Kim started to shake all over as Amber fucked her faster & faster. Kim let out a low moan as her first orgasm rolled over her. Amber & Ashley continued fucking Kim, over & over Kim had one orgasm after another.

Kim was asking the girls to stop but they continued working on Kim's body non-stop. All of a sudden Kim's body went limp, she had passed out from the non-stop fucking she had just got. A couple of minutes latter Kim was awake. Now Kim & Amber went to work on Ashley's body, Amber got up & grabbed the vibrator. Amber started licking Ashley's pussy until it got nice & wet. With one quick push Amber buried the vibrator in Ashley's pussy, turned it on high. Kim started laughing & said now it's your turn.

Kim started kissing Ashley's lips, then down to her neck, then down to her nipples. Kim was sucking on Ashley's nipples like she was getting breast-feed. Kim went from one nipple to the other sucking & biting. Amber was working the vibrator in & out of Ashley's pussy faster & faster. Ashley was getting read for her first orgasm, she was breathing harder & harder. As Ashley was on the edge of going over the top, Amber reached up & grabbed some ice cubes from the table.

Kim rolled Ashley on her side & continued to work on Ashley's tits. Amber toke the ice cube & shoved one in at a time in Ashley's ass, Amber continued to push one ice cube after the other. You could see the ice cube being pushed in & then Amber pushed it even further with her finger.

I counted 10 ice cubes worked in her ass hole. Amber pushed her fingers in Ashley's ass hole to hold the ice cubes in place. Amber continued to work the vibrator in & out of Ashley's pussy, the orgasm's started non-stop.

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Ashley was breathing harder & faster, her eyes rolled back into her head as she passed out. Ashley just laid there for about 5 minutes as each ice cube was pushed out of her ass hole.

Now it was Amber's turn, Ashley grabbed some rope & tied a piece to her wrists and feet. They had Amber stand up while Ashley tied her hands above her to the chandler in the living room.

Kim tied her legs wide open by wrapping the rope around the table legs. Amber was hanging from the chandler (I'm happy she was not a big girl, I could just picture the chandler being pulled from the ceiling). Amber was now spread eagle in the living room.

Kim got up grabbed the sweet & sour sauce from the Chinese food dinner. Worked it into Amber's pussy & rubbed it all over her tits. Ashley laughed & said when we are done you wont be able to walk. Kim asked me to come over; Kim rubbed some sauce on my cock.

Then she asked me big wet butts kelly divine and lea lexis stick my cock up Amber's ass & of course I didn't mind. With one hard shove I drive my cock as far up her ass as I could get it, my balls her still very sore from the work out the girls gave me earlier.

Kim went & got my dog Bruno (he is a Great Dane, stands about 6 feet tall when he is standing on his back legs. Has a 14-inch cock & balls the size of softballs).

Bruno was more the happy to start licking the sauce from Amber's tits, biting a little while he was cleaning her up. I continued working my cock in & out of Amber's well lubed ass hole.

Bruno was now working on Amber's pussy, sticking his tongue deep in side of her pussy getting ever drop out. Kim worked more sauce on Amber's clit as Bruno licked & bit at her clit.

Amber was now starting to moan; Ashley got Bruno up on his hind legs line him up & guided his 14-inch hard cock in Amber's pussy. I continued to fuck Amber in the ass as Bruno did his best to fuck Amber. But it just wasn't working very well. My balls were so sore I couldn't come in her ass hole.

So the girls untied Amber but keep the rope on her hands & feet. They tied her hands to the table; put a foot stole under Amber stomach. Pulled her legs a part with the ropes & let Bruno go to work on her pussy. It didn't take long before Bruno found his spot & buried his 14-inch cock deep in her pussy with one quick jab. Amber was now starting to cry as Bruno fucked her, Amber keep asking for the girls to stop Bruno.

But the girls just laughed at her, I could see Bruno's knot start to forum. Bruno continued the attack on her pussy he was pounding her pussy trying to get in deeper. I could see Amber's pussy start to drip her own pussy juice's helping lube her abused pussy. Amber started to have her first orgasm at the same time Ashley let got of the rope & moved under her hanging tits. There was no need to hold the rope any more Amber couldn't move & didn't want to.

Ashley's started sucking on Amber's tits as Bruno's knot was now hitting Amber's pussy lips. Faster & faster Bruno worked his cock in & out of Amber's pussy I could see the knot pop in then out over & over again.

Amber was just laying their as Bruno & Ashley worked on her body. I could see her eyes were closed & breathing very hard, orgasm after orgasm rolled through her body. Then I heard a loud moan come from her lips as Bruno had buried his knot in side of her dripping pussy. Now they were locked together & Bruno started to unload his seamen deep in her pussy. After what seamed like 15 minutes Bruno's knot popped out. Bruno licked Amber's pussy clean & to my surprise Amber just laid on the foot stool without moving as Bruno's dog come keep dripping from her pussy.

Amber's kinky adorable bitch shows her oral skills pornstar and hardcore was just hanging down & lightly breathing, she had passed out also. Amber woke up & the girls untied her hand & feet. They helped Amber to her feet, she could barley walk & they helped her o a chair.

Kim & Ashley was correct Amber could barley move; out of breath her nipples had small bite marks on them. Please check back for part 3