Colombian hottie gets spanked while her vag gets screwed

Colombian hottie gets spanked while her vag gets screwed
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Charles sat on the couch and slipped TES Skyrim into his Xbox, he switched on the tv and waited as the usual starting video and song played, he waited for the main menu and selected play game to start up the disc. Sue walked into the bathroom still naked and stood before the mirror, she looked over her breasts still covered in his cum, for the first time since her husband did she enjoy the feeling and look of cum on her body, she knew she had to wash it off, but admittedly she had no wish to, she lifted her hands up and placed her fingers into the semi transparent liquid and spread it over her bosom, she could feel a heat slowly build up inside her as she gripped her breasts with her palm and massaged her Sons cum into her skin, she continued to massage her skin as she slid her left hand down her waist collecting the seamen there and continuing the process, the feeling of her hand sliding over her skin as her sexual heat continued to grow was almost unbearable, with the added aroma of his cum finding it's way through her nostrils, she was intoxicated, she reached down to the large glob that had remained intact between her lips, the cum had been squashed and evened out between them, she slide her left hand down and lightly slid her middle finger between her flower trying to get as much cum as possible without accidentally penetrating herself, she gave out a moan as the heat of her lust opened her labia once again, allowing for more access, but still she remained wary of going to far, she could feel how sticky her lips had become because of it, as it did this she pulled her finger away and started sliding it once again round the outsides of her lips and once or mom and son sexy vi over her clit, she could feel that her body wanted to orgasm again, but she was still in control and slowly pulled her hands away from her body, she reached once again for the shower taps, but as she did she felt inexorable desire to keep his cum on her body, the phat ass white chick lubed and fucked was still intoxicating so she gave into her desire and turned away from the shower, she slid her right index finger over her breast and collected a small drop of cum and brought it to her lips, she opened her mouth and placed the droplet onto her tongue, like enjoying a rare wine she allowed her tongue to enjoy the taste of the drop for a few seconds before closing her lips and swallowing it, it was like sweet nectar.

She headed for the bathroom door and looked once more back at the shower, she shook her head. "I think I'll keep wearing it." She thought to herself as she departed from the room, she walked past the lounge room seeing Charles playing his game, she stood there on the other side of the entrance as she could feel cold pleasure seep through her breasts as her still hard nipples pressed up against the cold wall.

She couldn't believe that so much had happen in just the space of a few days, it had started with her being a simple single Mum who was endlessly horny, to a rape victim and now just moments ago she had felt the pleasure of orgasming to her sons finger, she cupped her left breast feeling his cum still on it and smiled, for the first time for a long time her lust and love was coming from the same person and it just happened to be her son.

She crept past the door way and head back to her room, she looked into her wardrobe, she had the urge to want to look sexy for Charles, she hadn't done this for anyone for quite some time, but a women never loses the ability, she found a tight pair blue cut off jeans that stoped just bellow her crutch, along with a u cut short red top that completely revealed her waist, she placed them on the bed and went to her underwear draw, she searched through her common bra's and panties to her more lacy and stylish ones, she pulled out a push up bra and matching g string, she place those on the bed along with her other clothes, she picked up the panties and slide the up her strong slender legs until they were snug against her pussy and the sting was nice a deep into her ass cheeks, she lifted up the straps so that they rested perfectly high on her hips, she grabbed her bra and slid it into place, it held her ample breasts tightly as she clasped it at the back, she looked to her hentai tentacle laying egg in pussy and tugged and pushed at her breasts creating the best looking cleavage, she reached for her jeans and once again glided them into place, she couldn't believe how tight they were, but with some effort she clasped them into place, she looked once more into the mirror and inspected how her ass and hips looked, she could believe how hot she looked in those jean with her straps sitting high above them, she turned and could see her cheeks were just escaping from under her jeans but it still looked hot.

She reached for her top and slid it over her head, once again it felt tight but once again with some effort she pulled it into place, she pushed and pulled at her bosom making sure her cleavage was just right, because of the u neckline you could see the lace on the top of the bra peaking out, but as she inspected herself it just made her feel even hotter, she honestly looked like one of those beachside bimbos, but she was a million times hotter, she fixed her hair up and put it in a pony tail, she then sat before her mirror and applied a little makeup, just to give a glamour impression without making it appear that she was actually wearing makeup, once done she gave her self one last inspection, she couldn't believe how amazing she looked, she was even making herself wet, she took in a breath once again smelling the distinct aroma of Charles cum on her skin, she looked and saw her nipples become rock hard as they pushed past her bra and top, she smiled and headed for the lounge room once again to see Charles's expression.

"So Charles what would you like for dinner?" She said standing in the door way leaning up against the archway. "Not sure Mum, what did you have in mind?" He said turning his head away from the tv to look at her, his eyes popped out of his head, his jaw hit the floor along with his controller that slipped from his fingers, he found himself completely stunned, she smiled as she responded. "I don't know, something light I think, wouldn't you agree?" Charles simply nodded his head all he could get out was an endless grown, she smirked as she began to head for the kitchen, Charles followed her every step.

"You've still got it girl." She thought to herself as she escaped his sight. Charles slowly turned back to the tv his mouth still a gasp and his eyes still wide open, he couldn't believe it, he'd seen her naked and yet with just the right choice of clothes she was even hotter.

"Charles someone's at the door!" His Mother called out, in all honesty he hadn't heard a thing, he got up from the couch still stunned and answered the door, it was his mate Adam, he stood there dressed like an average nerd, thick glasses, white shirt with various pens in the pocket and black trousers with shiny black shoes.

"Is something wrong Charles?" Adam asked him. "I um…&hellip. Um." Charles shook his head and smiled. "Um no everything's alright." He answered letting Adam in, they entered the lounge room and took a seat, Charles picked up his controller and continued playing once again. "So where you up to?" Adam asked curious. "I'm hunting down Kodlack's killers." He answered.

In the kitchen Sue's mood had changed substantially, she stood before the stove shaking in a cold sweat, fear ran streaks through her spine, she was finding it hard to breath, a male was in the house that was not her son, a male with a penis that could violate her over and over again, her legs gave way as she fell to her knees shaking, she held her self trying her best to calm busty mom teaches to fuck her daughter in the kitchen full video hd online, she looked down and began to question herself, why she had worn these clothes, they would surely turn Adam to rape, after all if she looked like a whore then that would just cause him to attack, she had to escape but there was only one way into the kitchen, and that way was blocked by Adam being there, tears began to slide over her cheeks, she wanted to scream but she was too scared, she fell hard to her side as she continued to shake even hard on the floor.

"Hey is something burning?" Adam asked Charles, Charles only shrugged and got up to check, as he entered the room he turned to shock as he found his Mother convulsing on the floor, her eyes were rolled back into her head like she was having a seizure.

"MUM!!!!" Charles screamed as he ran by her side, he pulled her into his arms and tried to shake her back to reality, Adam ran into the room to find out what was going on. "Charles what is it?" Adam asked begging for an answer. "Adam call an ambulance!!" Charles responded. Charles sat in the hospital waiting room, he had said goodbye to Adam when the ambulance had arrived and ridden in it with his Mother, now he was waiting for news as to what was going on, his face rested in his palms as fear and concern covered his face, he had been waiting for around 2 hours and he had heard nothing.

"Charles." He heard the familiar voice of Doctor Gulara, in response he stood up and looked at her dead in the eyes, he wanted answers not matter what they meant. "Is my Mum okay?" He asked, that was the only question that mattered. "You Mum is currently on anxiciety medication to help her relax, what happened Charles?" She asked concerned. "Everything was fine, my friend came over to have a game when he smelt something burning, I went to investigate and found Mum shaking and convulsing on the floor." Gulara rubbed her chin thinking for a moment.

"The presence of your mate could have triggered a relapse of your Mother's fear from the attack, she may have considered your mate as a threat and that resulted in what occurred, simply put your friend terrified her and that was what resulted in the attack." Once again guilt filled his body, he had been the instrument of another attack but this time it was an emotional attack.

"What have I done?" Tears once again poured down his face. "You had no way of knowing that this was to soon for her to experience another male in such a close proximity." She said placing a hand on his shoulder to comfort him. "How is she?" He asked finally trying to compose himself, Gulara frowned as she removed her hand from Charles. "She has gone back to the way she was when she came in here after the rape, she's traumatised and once again blaming you, but don't take it to heart, deep down inside she knows it isn't your fault." She said trying to help him as much as she could.

"Can I see her?" He asked standing up. "Okay but only a small visit, I'm afraid she will be staying here for the night for observation." He nodded his head and she escorted him to her room, once again she was curled up in a ball on the bed, there was no light except for a small lamp as it was before, he took one step into the room when he could hear his Mother whisper something, he stopped and listen carefully.

"It Charles fault." She whispered this over and over again, his heart fell hard to the floor as he was consumed by guilt once more, he couldn't take it and stepped back out of the room, he placed his back up against the wall and slid down to the floor, he was in shock and heartbreak, busty milf tori karsin rubs hole with special ball while taking shower was finding it hard to breath and his heart raced, he gripped his chest and faded into darkness.

Beep Beep Beep, Charles could hear a strange noise next to his head, he slowly opened his eyes that were filled with mist, slowly as the mist cleared he could see he was looking up at a hospital ceiling, he looked to the origin of the noise to find himself connected to a heart monitor, he looked around and found himself in a hospital bed. "Your awake?" Said Doctor Gulara as she entered the room, Charles tried to sit up but Gulara quickly stopped him.

"What happened?" He said becoming relaxed again. "You suffered a minor heart attack." She said sitting by his side. "A heart attack, but I'm only seventeen." He was going back into a state of shock.

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"Keep calm Charles, we ran a few tests while you were out and because of the events of the last week and your Mother's relapse has caused a strain on your heart, this can happen to anyone who is experience a lot of stress no matter how old they are, so your going to have to take it easy&hellip. If your strong enough you can go home, but you must keep yourself calm, it is quite possible to relapse again, just take it easy." Gulara rose from the bed and looked back at him before leaving the room altogether.

He lay there thinking for a moment, first his Mother had gone through a life changing event and now he was experience a possible life threatening condition of his own. He stayed laying there in the bed for another hour before getting out and putting his clothes back on, he went to his Mother's room again finding her asleep, he walked up to her and bent down giving her a small kiss on the cheek, she shrugged in her sleep, he turned away once more and left the building.

He sat at home before the blank TV, he had put some Slender india rides on a big boner Glass on to help keep him in a calm state, the music washed over him like a wave of peace and serenity, keeping his shock and blood pressure in safe levels.

But while he looked calm on the outside, his mind was repeatable going over the event of the week, first he convinces his Mum that she should go out and have fun, next when she reveals to him that amazing dress that showed off her wondrous curves, he sat there dumbfounded and okayed it while he continued to stare at her, then amazing jamie has her tight asshole drilled facial and toys news came as he was enjoying the tv, his Mother had been raped, fear and guilt had swept over him like a mountain of stone, he had rushed to the hospital only to find her in a scared and shocked state, stating that it was his fault, he could feel his blood pressure rise as he remembered this.

He had finally got her home and she had apologised for blaming him, he discovered that his Mother had been failing to orgasm so he went and spoke to Doctor Gulara about it, he asked if he should help her by being physical with her, hesitantly she had said yes, then that night he had used sleeping pills that Gulara had given him to knock her out so he could have his way with her, allowing her to reach orgasm, he himself in turn and enjoyed his own climax, the next morning he found out that his Mother had jacked him off while he slept in a means to get herself off again, this had all come to head at the kitchen table and she had been angry with him, but after a few words and tears she had allowed him to help her reach climax again eventually leading him to penetrate her with his pinkie with him cumming on her afterwards.

Everything had been fine until Adam had turned up to play and now she lay back in that hospital blaming him for her assault, remembering all this did not help him as his tears poured down his cheeks, he lay down on the couch crying into a nearby pillow. He awoke and looked at the time, it was three in the morning, he had cried himself to sleep, he rose from the couch and stretched, somehow in the dreams that had run through his mind they had calmed him and brought him peace, he for the time being felt no guilt but still responsibility was deep in his heart, he had started to help his Mother, this just meant that he would have to start again.

He made his way up to the hospital and stood in his Mother's door way, like himself she had fallen asleep in her tears. "She looks so peaceful doesn't she?" He turned his head to see a red headed nurse standing behind him, she looked to be about 19, her hair was short to just about the middle of her neck, small b cup breasts fit a perfect frame, he could just make out a hint of red lace between one of her buttons.

"She does." He said looking back at his Mother. "It's late maybe you should go home and get some sleep?" She said placing her hand on his shoulder. "I've already slept." He said looking back once more, the nurse nodded and headed off back to her duties. For the remainder of the night Charles stood in that doorway watching over his Mother, not letting her out of his sight, it was around 8 when she woke, she looked up into the doorway seeing Charles standing there.

"Oh Charles." She leapt from the bed and into his arms, Charles held her as tight as he could.

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"It's okay Mum I'm here." He kissed her forehead and helped her back to the bed. They talked about what had happened and once more Sue asked for Charles's forgiveness for what she had said, which he gave it freely. "Charles I… I need you." Sue said whispering into his ear. "Mum are you sure?" He asked, she nodded her head and he rose from the bed, he closed and locked the door and turned back to look at his Mother, Sue rose from the bed and pulled the hospital gown over her head and let it fall to the floor, Charles was still amazing at how beautiful his Mother's body was, slowly he removed his shirt and jeans, Sue could see the undeniable bulge in his pants as he drooled over her, her breath was taken away once more as he slide them to the ground as well, his hard sex stood proud for her, she felt beautiful knowing that her son found her so enjoyable to look at, Sue slid back up on the bed as Charles approached, he climbed onto the bed and took hold of his Mother's knee's slowly yet with force he parted her legs and was greeted once more with the place of his beginning, again he felt the urge to want to return to the days long past when they were one.

Sue gripped her right breast with her right hand and slide her left hand down until her index and middle finger slide beside her pussy lips, she glided them up and down feeling the start of her pleasure. "Oh Charles I need you." She begged him, Charles brought his face down to her sex and gave it a small sniff, once again it was like smelling a beautiful flower, he brought his face closer as he extended his tongue and began to lick around her lips making sure not to penetrate her centre, Sue retreated her left hand and cupped her lonely left breast, she squeezed and pinched her breasts and nipples as Charles continued to lick around her nether lips, slowly they parted for him and he began to lick their insides, but he made sure to keep away from her channel lest he provoke it, slowly he moved away from her sex and started to make his way up her hard belly, he planted small kisses up and up until he made his way to her ample breasts, hot teen met on milfsexdating net loves the boner in her mouth pushed her hands away and instead cupped them with his own hands, first he kissed them feeling small bumps form on her skin as his breath gave them small chills as small amounts of salvia remain behind with each kiss, he extends his tongue and begins to lick around her left nipple, he teases it making it even more harder and distended, she quivers and stifles her moan with her left hand as she shoves it into her mouth, each touch, each lick she bites down to keep herself quiet.

He moves from one breast to the other, licking, biting and sucking like he had when he was but a baby, but it wasn't milk he was after this time, he felt his Mother stiffen as he felt something soft and moist against his cock, he quickly looked down to find his hard cock had just barely touched Sue's hole, she had stiffen from the quick feeling of pain, he began to kiss his way back down once more until he was back at that pour unfortunate tortured love organ, he once again began to lick around her labia and then played with her clit with his right thumb.

Slowly Charles lifted himself up once more and looked into his Mother's eyes as he brought his right pinkie into her view. "Are you ready Mum?" Charles asked, Sue didn't remove the hand from her Mother, but instead simply nodded. "Okay Mum hold on." He pushed his pinkie into his mouth getting it as wet as he could before returning his face to her pussy, as he started to lick her outsides once more he slowly brought his finger into approach, slowly it got closer and closer but she could feel fear starting to well up in her again as she started to feel the undeniable feeling of pain, just as his finger was but 2 centimetres away she could feel her pussy start to clinch as milf boobs xxx black male squatting in home gets our milf officers squatting on his face bit her hand hard trying to keep herself quiet and in control of her pain, this caused her muscles to clench hard making it impossible once more for her to be penetrated, but Charles wouldn't give up that easy, as his finger pressed into the soft flesh of her opening he tried to push it as deep as he could, he could barely get half a nail deep, he looked up to see his Mother crying as she tried to hold back the screams of pain.

"You can do it Mum, I know you can." He said trying to help comfort her with encouragement, she tried her best to relax her muscles but to no avail, Charles continued to push slowly making his way inside, it was even harder then the first time he had done this, he was going to make it no matter what.

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"Hold you breath Mum." Charles ordered, as he pulled his finger back, Sue covered her mouth with both hands waiting for the mass of pain that was about to plague her, without warning he plunged his finger in as deep as it would go, Sue gave out a loud muffled scream as her muscles felt like they were being torn around his finger, Charles didn't move his finger wanting instead for his Mother to get used of the intruder.

They sat there for a good ten minutes with Charles's finger unmoving in the shallow depths of his mother's vaginal canal, he had watched her expression, she was no longer screaming, instead she was crying endlessly, slowly once more he began to pulled his finger out to the half way mark, she gave out another small muffled scream, he thrust his finger back in at the same speed, despite her condition her pussy was indeed very wet so he didn't have to pull it out and suck on it to get it wet again.

Every time he thrust into her pussy it felt like it was trying to break his finger, but slowly as he continued he could hear his Mother's screams of pain combine with that of pleasure, moment by moment he increased the speed of his thrusts until he was able to finger her at a decent pace, she pulled her pillow from behind her head and thrust it over her face to help stifle her screams and moans, again and again Charles slide his finger in and out of his Mother's pussy faster and faster until he could feel her get way more tighter then she had been, she was squeezing his finger trying to milk it like it was a cock, but the only juice that would be present in her pussy was the gush of pussy juice that flooded and aaliyah hadid fucking like frenemies part 2 past his finger and all over the bed, he quickly pulled his finger out and thrust his head into place trying to lap up as much juice as possible so she wouldn't stain the bed, she screamed at the top of her lungs into the pillow as pleasure washed over her over and over, eventually her gushing pussy stopped and she removed the pillow from her face which was all red and filled with pleasure, Charles pulled his face away from her pussy watching as her lips began to close once more, he looked up at his Mother who was still caught in the pleasure of her orgasm, he breasts rose and fell faster and faster with every breath, he lay by her side as she turned and looked at his juice covered face, she moves closer to him but felt something prod her, they looked down to find his more than hard cock pressing against her thigh, without a word she moved down the bed until her right hand gripped his cock and began to move her hand up and down his vein covered instrument.

Charles began to groan and moan feeling the force and pleasure that his Mother was putting into her tugs, ebony kandee with white boy large ladies amateur and down went her hand stroking him harder and harder until she moved down a little more and brought her face down to his pole, she opened her mouth slightly pushing his head through her lips, allowing his shaft to push her lips open until they were as wide and as tight as they needed to be for her to slide it in and out of her dripping lips, she moved her hand away instead placing in onto one of his thighs, bobbed her head up and busty wife monique alexander loves masseurs anal and cum pornstars big tits at a decent speed as she enjoyed the taste of pre cum that had been dripping from his head, Charles was having a hard time from screaming in his own pleasure as he felt his head hitting the back of his Mother's throat with each thrust, he knew he wouldn't last for long, he'd been hard for too long and he could already feel his cum forcing it's way up into his cavity.

"Oh god Mum I'm gonna&hellip.!" He said loudly and unfinished as he felt his hot creamy cum spurt deep into his Mother's mouth and down her throat, he could feel Sue suck on his cock like some kind of vacuum cleaner in an attempt to drain every last drop from his balls, Sue could feel his cock shudder as she drained it dry, slowly and gently she pulled her head up and off of his cock, she looked at Charles with several streams of cum still in her mouth, Charles watched as she opened her mouth for him to see and then with a small gulp swallowed his seed so it could be with the rest in her belly.

Sue repositioned herself by his side looking once more into his eyes. "Mum that was amazing." Sue gave a large smile. "Thank you honey, you didn't do bad yourself." She remarked, they lay there embracing one another until they fell asleep.

"Sue&hellip. Charles are you in there?" Charles heard the voice of Doctor Gulara, he realised the door was still locked and they were both still naked from their oral fling, Charles jumped out of bed and quickly put his clothes back on just as the door was unlocked.

Gulara looked at him and then at Sue who was lying there naked, Gulara looked back at Charles with shock and curiosity. "What the hell is going on in here?" Gulara demanded an answer. "Nothing, I figured Mum should go without interruptions so I locked the door." Gulara was not buying it.

"Charles I don't care what happens in your house but here, you keep it in your pants&hellip. Understand?!" Charles nodded his head in acceptance, Gulara took a deep breath to calm herself. "So how is she?" She asked making her way to Sue's side.

"After some assistance, she has come back to a normal state of mind." Gulara looked at Charles noticing his choice of words, she moved around to Sue's chart and looked it over. "Charles?' Sue asked as she looked to the end of the bed sitting up, as her eyes cleared with assistance from the back of her hand, she realised it was Doctor Gulara standing at the end of the bed, it took her but a moment to realise she was lying naked before the Doctor, she quickly grabbed the nearby sheet and covered herself with it.

"Um Doctor Gulara…… I can explain." Sue said trying to find the words to help her understand. "Sue I don't need to know." Gulara said not looking up from the board, she flipped through a few more pages before finally looking up at Sue and then at Charles and back again at Sue. "If you think your strong enough and relaxed enough you can leave when your ready." Gulara returned the board to the bed and left without looking at them again.

"You hear that Mum, we can go home if you'd like." Charles was a little excited and his voice wasn't hiding it. "Let me get dressed and we'll go." Sue was a little concerned at the way that Gulara had acted, she felt like she had been caught fucking her boyfriend by her Mother, it was an uneasy feeling. They collected her clothes and dressed her once more, they made their way to the front desk and signed her out again, Sue held onto Charles's arm tight in an attempt to keep her safe from any of the men that passed by.

They made their way outside and hailed a taxi to take them home, they hopped inside and departed from the hospital once more, no matter what, Sue's couldn't lose the feeling that something was dutch hooker doggystyled and jizzed in mouth.