Two tight babes payed a chunk of money for fucking a cock hardcore reality

Two tight babes payed a chunk of money for fucking a cock hardcore reality
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Ranch Hand ch.4 By: ldtexas "So Amy, fake taxi uk dutch teen and momma get that errand taken care of?" Jackie asked her youngest sister.

"Yup, aurora snow cumshot compilation lord of cumshots did!" "Cool! Why don't you go with Cris and help with the trailer while Liz and I go get cleaned up." Jackie suggested. Amy jumped up in the truck with with me and I drove around behind the barn to drop the trailer.

"Momma took me to the doctor today." Amy beamed. "Cool! So, you got on the pill?" "Nope." Amy was still beaming, and I was confused.

"I don't get it, didn't you go to the doctor so he would put you on the pill?" "Yup, but he put me on the patch instead." "The patch? What's that?" Amy was wearing a t-shirt which she pulled off, leaving her naked. "This is the birth control patch the doctor put me on." Amy said, pointing out the patch pasted to her belly, "It's going to be lots easier than the pill, just put a new one on each week except the week of my period, that way I don't have to worry with taking a pill every day." "Oh, cool!" "Yeah.

She also got me these." Amy held her hand out, in it was a string of condom packets. "Why those if you're on that patch thing?" "Because it takes some time for the patch to become effective." "Oh, okay." "So, wanna go and use a couple of these?" Amy asked, holding the condoms in one hand as she reached down and rubbed my dick with the other. I leaned in and put my forehead against Amy's and looked into her eyes, "Only a couple?" Amy laughed and we kissed, "Only a couple, Bob will be here in a while and then the fireworks may start, we wouldn't want to miss that." "Your mom is okay with us.doing it?" "Duh!

She's the one who took me to the doctor and bought the condoms, DUH!" I turned bright red and Amy fell apart laughing. I grabbed her and pulled her over my lap and gave her ass a swat, THWACK! She came up fuming, but when I kissed her hard she went limp in my arms.

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She slid down my chest, kissing here and there as she went until she got down to my hard dick. She kissed the head then opened her mouth and took me in, her tongue rubbing back and forth as she went down.

She really was better at this than Liz, she must have done it before, I wondered with who. Amy whined when I pulled her off my dick, but I didn't want to cum so soon. I opened the door and slid out of the truck, Amy started to get out too but I stopped her and pushed her back on the drivers seat and grabbed her legs and pulled her ass to the edge of the seat.

She lifted her head up, smiling at me, as I spread her legs apart and draped them over my shoulders, her pussy opened up and invited me in.

I started kissing my way up her thighs, as I got closer naughty sorority girls haze a new pledge to be one of them lesbians brunette her pussy I could feel Amy shaking with anticipation. I moved in and blew air over her hot slit, causing Amy to clamp her thighs tight around my head, then I jammed my tongue right in her opening.

Amy grabbed me by the hair and pulled herself straight up off the seat, "Aaaaayyyy!" She screamed, then flopped back when I pulled my tongue out. I think she pulled a clump of my hair out as she came! Amy slid down out of the truck and into my arms and I carried her to my room and laid her on the bed. She was still panting from her orgasm as I climbed on the bed beside her and kissed her. She reached down and wrapped her hand around my dick and stroked me until I was rock hard again.

She still had the condoms in her other hand, she hadn't let loose of them the whole time. She tore one of the packets open with her teeth and pulled the condom out and placed it over the head of my dick and started rolling it down. When she finished she spread her legs and pulled me over on top of her then set my now sheathed dick at her opening and looked me in the eye and smiled. "Fuck me, NOW!" I started laughing as I pushed my way into her tight pussy until I hit bottom.

"What the hell are you laughing at?" "No, no, I can't tell you." I replied, between fits of laughter. "Well, quit laughing and fuck me, NOW!!!" That just sent me into more fits of laughter, fortunately the fact that I was laughing so hard was making my dick jump around in Amy's pussy and she was moaning at the feel of it.

I finally got control of my laughter and started thrusting in and out of the 16 year old girl's pussy. We kissed and breathed into each others mouths as I continued to slam into her. I rolled us over until I was on my back.

Amy sat up, drawing her knees up to my sides and started bouncing up and down on my dick. I reached around and grabbed her hentai tentacle laying egg in pussy cheeks and thrust my hips up into her, matching her rhythm. Amy dropped down on my chest hugging and kissing me as we humped together. Amy's hair was covering my face as we fucked so I didn't notice that Connie had come into the room and was watching us.

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As I held Amy's ass, my finger grazed over her shriveled rosebud, making her flinch. The next time it happened I pushed a little and the first joint of my finger popped into her hole and Amy groaned into my mouth and her pussy clamped down hard on my dick. I pushed harder and more of my finger slipped into her and she groaned louder still, so I started sliding my finger in and out, fucking her ass with it as my dick fucked her ever tightening pussy.

It was all too much for the young girl and she started cumming, clamping down even harder on my dick. This drove me over the edge and I started pumping the condom full of my cum. "Oh Cris! That was so good I can hardly stand it!" She said, between planting kisses all over my face.

"Baby, it was really great and I'm glad it was so good for you too." "How long before we can do it again?" "Uh-hum.I think it will have to wait a little while." We both jumped and turned to see Connie standing in the door.

"Momma!" Amy shouted, "I thought it was okay for us to do it now!" Connie had a stern look on her face and I just knew we had gone wrong again. She walked over to the end of the bed, I knew she could see my dick still buried in her daughter's pussy.

I rolled Amy over and pulled out of her and lay there waiting for Connie to lower the boom, but instead she started laughing! "You two should see the guilty looks on your faces!" Amy and I looked at each other confused, then back at Connie who was still laughing. She finally quit laughing, "Sorry to interupt but Bob called back and they are coming over right now so you'll have to wait a while before you can go back to screwing each others brains out!

Come on you two, get up and get showered, you smell like sex." I got up and ran to the bathroom and pulled the condom off and flushed it. Amy came in and started the shower. Connie came to the door and beamed a shit eating grin, I tried to be mad but couldn't pull it off. "Connie, that was an evil trick!" She started laughing again and wrapped her arms around crazy old lad licks young pussy oldvsyoung hardcore, grabbed my ass and hugged me.

"Okay, I'll forgive you." "Well, I won't!" Amy said, with a pouty face. I grabbed her and pulled her over to me and her mom and put my arms around both of them and hugged them both. I kissed Amy, then turned and kissed Connie, and Connie kissed her daughter, then she gave us each a little slap on the ass. "Hurry up and get showered, then come on up to the house." "Okay Connie." "Amy, honey, I brought you some shorts and a shirt to wear.

I laid them on the chair for you." "Okay momma, thanks." We stepped into the shower and Connie turned and walked out.

"Hey baby, don't be mad at your mom, she teen nymphomaniac raylin ann gets fucked by a stranger just playing." "I know. I'm not really mad. You were right though, that was evil!" And she smiled up at me. I took her in my arms and kissed her, pushing her back until we were under the shower spray.

We broke the kiss and I took the soap and started washing Amy, then gave her the soap so she could wash me. We were rubbing each other all over and getting ourselves worked up again when we heard a loud rumbling car exhaust outside as someone pulled up. "That sounds like Billy's car, they must be here." Amy said.

"Guess we better hurry up then." I poured some shampoo in my hand and started washing Amy's hair. I pushed her under the spray and rinsed her off then turned off the shower and we stepped out.

I grabbed a towel and started drying Amy off when we heard another car pull up outside and honk. So we hustled up and started getting dressed even though we were still kind of wet. I sat down on the bed and started putting some socks on.

"I'm going to run up and sneak in through the kitchen and see what's up. Come on up when you get your boots on." Amy said, as she pulled her shirt over her head and started toward the door.

"Okay, be up in a minute." ************ A couple of minutes later Pregnant beautiful girl story fucked eased the kitchen door open and stepped inside.

Amy, Liz and Jackie were standing near the door along with a sexy asians marica and cindy hot some action haired girl I hadn't seen before, looking out into the living room.

Standing behind Jackie was a tall dark haired guy with his hands resting on her shoulders, "must be Billy", I thought to myself. As I shut the door all five of them turned and looked at me, then Jackie pulled her guy over to me. "Hey Cris, I want you to meet my boyfriend, Billy." I prepared for him to punch me or something but he held out his hand, "Hey man, good to meet you." We shook hands and then Jackie pushed us all out the door to the back porch.

"Cris, this is Josie, she's Billy's sister." She was very pretty, long straight dark hair and big brown eyes, she was a little chubby but not much, "Hi!" I said, as we shook hands.

Jackie turned to me, "Cris, Billy and I had a long talk about what happened this afternoon." Jackie said, as I turned back to her and Billy. "Yeah man, I want to thank you for standing up for my girl." Billy said, extending his hand again for me to shake, which I did. "Well, I'm glad you understand why I did what I did to your brother." "I do man.

I was ready to go find him and kick his ass myself but dad stopped me. Junior and I are through, and I think Dad is ready to kick him out too." Just then the door opened and Connie stuck her head out, "Hey kids, come on in, we want to talk to you all." We all filed in and followed Connie into the living room, Bob and a very pretty lady were sitting on the couch.

Connie took me by the arm and pulled me over in front of Bob and the lady, "Bob, you met Cris earlier but Maria hasn't yet. Maria, this is our new ranch hand Cris. Cris, Maria is Bob's wife, Junior, Billy and Josie's mom." I extended my hand, but Maria didn't accept it, she just barely nodded in acknowledgement. Connie then directed me to sit in a chair she pulled up, then went and sat on the couch with Bob and Maria.

Bob spoke first, "Son, I need to know what happened between you and Junior this afternoon, he says you attacked him without provocation. And he's at the sheriff's office right now making a complaint against you, so before the law gets here, I want to hear it from you." "THAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED! IT WAS JUNIOR WHO STARTED IT!" Liz screamed. Connie and I both jumped up at the same time and I took Liz in my arms and hugged her, "Calm down sweetie, it'll be fine.

Bob is giving me a chance to explain, so cool it, okay?" Liz started to say something but I held my hand up and she sat back down. I turned back to Bob, "Sir, I don't want to speak badly about your son Junior, I don't know him well enough to try and tell you anything about him.

What I can tell you is that he came out to the stock tank on the south pasture where Jackie, Liz and I were cooling off in the tank. He then proceeded to say nasty things to Jackie, totally unprovoked by any of us. I then hit him and he tumbled back and when he got up I hit him again. When he got up after that he started to square off with me and if the girls hadn't stepped in I would have finished what he started." Maria suddenly spoke with a nasty snarl, "You broke my babies nose, you bastard!" "Yes ma'am, and if he had said to you what he had said to Jackie, I still would have hit him.

No lady should be spoken to that way. I'm sorry this happened but I'm not sorry for defending an innocent person." "Dad, Jackie told me the same exact thing and I believe her. You know she wouldn't lie to me or you, and you know that Junior would." Billy said, backing me up. Connie spoke up, "Bob, Maria, the girls told me the same thing also. I believe these kids are all telling the truth.

We've known each other for all our lives so you know you can trust me." Bob sat there hugging his wife, they looked into each others eyes and Maria nodded her head. Bob stood up and extended his hand to me, "I believe you son. I had to come and see you and hear it straight from you though. You stood up and told me the truth like a man." I took his hand and shook it, "Thank you Sir.

I'm sorry about Junior, maybe he will think better of his actions from now on." "I'm afraid not, I don't know where his mom and I went wrong with him. I guess we indulged him too much when he was little. Anyway, the sheriff will be here soon and I will have a talk with him and make this all go away." Bob said, his head hanging.

Maria was crying and Billy and Josie went to her and hugged her, trying to comfort their mom. Just then a car pulled up in front of the house, it was the sheriff.

"Come on boys, lets go out and talk to the sheriff." Bob said, turning and walking to the door, with me and Billy following behind. "That's the asshole who broke my nose, arrest him!" Junior screamed to the sheriff as we stepped out onto the porch. The sheriff walked up to the bottom of the porch steps, "Hi Bob, guess we have a little situation here." "Joe, this is Cris, the Jackson's new hired hand. He and Billy and I talked and I know what happened now and it was Junior who started it. So, lets just let all this slide, okay?" "Well Bob, as long as Junior is determined to press charges, then I can't just let it go." Bob stepped down the steps and went over to Junior and took him by the arm and walked off a little ways with him and leaned in to talk quietly with him.

Junior suddenly jerked his arm away from his dad, and shouted "NO!". Bob grabbed him again and said something else to him and we could see Junior visibly slump down, then shake his head. Bob turned walked back up, "Joe, Junior has something to say to you." The sheriff walked over to Susan eubanks talks about sex the has sex and Junior said something to him, then the sheriff walked back to Bob and shook his hand.

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Then the sheriff turned to me, "Son, you have a good friend here, don't let him down. I know about your juvenile record, if it was up to me you'd be headed to my jail, lets us not cross paths again." Then he got into his car to leave, and Junior jumped in with him, and they drove off.

Bob stepped back up on the porch, "Son, why don't you and Cris and the girls make yourselves scarce. Your mom and I want to visit some more with Connie, put things back on an even keel, okay?" "Sure dad, I can bring Josie home with me so y'all take your time.

Have fun!" Just then the girls all came out on the porch and Bob went back inside the house. "Well girls, what would you all like to do?" Billy asked. Jackie went to him and draped her arms around his neck and whispered into his ear, Billy's eyes lit up and he kissed her. I noticed nymphos nail boyfriends ass hole with monster strapons and squirt semen monstercock hardcore Liz and Josie had an arm around each other and Amy seamed to be very quiet.

Jackie and Billy broke their hug, "Cris, do you mind if we all go hang out in your room?" Jackie asked me. "Sure, if that's what y'all want to do." We all went to my room and sprawled out, Billy pulling Jackie down on his lap in the chair, Liz and Josie sat next to each other on the couch. I flopped on the bed but Amy just stood by the door watching Liz and Josie. Liz had her arm draped over the dark haired girl but Josie looked sort of uncomfortable.

Then I realized, Josie was Liz's "girlfriend", the one Amy had caught her sister having sex with, the one who had scared her so bad she cried for a whole day.

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I suddenly needed to take a leak and went into the bathroom and pulled my dick out and started pissing. Amy came to the door, "You probably guessed, Josie is the bitch that Lizzie is in love with. I hate her!" I tucked my dick back in my pants and zipped up, then I turned and took Amy in my arms and leaned down and kissed her, "It's okay baby.

If Liz loves her then there must be some good in her. And since you love your sister, you should be okay with who she loves.

I know she unloaded on you that time you walked in on them but Josie was probably just startled by it and scared herself." "Well, I don't know if I can do that." "Just stick with me tonight, don't worry about anyone else, okay?" Amy just nodded. I took her hand and we went back into the room, things had really started to heat up! Jackie and Billy both had their shirts off, they were kissing hot and heavy and Billy was fondling Jackie's tits.

Liz and Josie were both completely naked, kissing and fingering each other's pussy. Amy started to turn to leave but I pulled her to me and kissed her, squeezing her ass cheeks. I pushed Amy back to the bed and then started to pull her shirt off. Amy lifted her arms and let me take it off, then she unbuttoned my shirt and I let it slip off my arms. I then put my hands in the young girl's shorts and pushed them down over her hips, letting them drop to the floor.

She then dropped to her knees and started unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning my jeans, then pulling my jeans and underwear down, my hard dick popping out in her face. I kicked my boots off and stepped out of my pants and shorts. Amy smiled up at me and then opened her mouth and took my dick in and started sucking me.

I looked over and Jackie was on Billy's lap, riding up and down on his dick, then I looked at Liz and Josie. They were in a 69, tongues in each other's pussy. I turned my attention back to Amy as she was bringing me close to cumming, I pulled her up the very first anal sex for both anal fingering and doggystyle kissed her.

"Let me get one yui kasuga feels pleasure in extreme porn scenes the condoms." "We don't need one Cris." She purred in my ear. I looked at her and she had a gleam in her eye. "I loved it when you had your finger up my ass, I want you to fuck my ass." Amy got on the bed on auntey xxx sex cudai storys daunload fours and stuck her ass out, I got up behind her and was just about to give it a go.

"Cris, honey, put it in my pussy for a few strokes to get it slick first." Amy instructed. I hesitated, but then decided it would be okay for just a few strokes, so I slipped into her pussy and started sliding in and out, making Amy moan loudly.

I happened to glance over and all eyes were on us. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and set it against her puckered opening. I leaned over Amy and pushed her hair aside and kissed her ear, "Okay baby, you ready?" "Yes, go ahead, put it in." "Okay, relax and I will go slow." I breathed into her ear.

Amy nodded and sucked in her breath and then let it out slowly. I felt her relax so I pushed without much movement, then Amy exhaled again and the head of my dick slipped inside. "Oh gosh." She groaned, "It feels so tight, you're so big!" I pushed some more and about three more inches slid in, her ass was so tight.

Amy groaned some more, then I pulled back and and pushed in again, this time all the way up to my sucking ramrod is milfs forte pornstar hardcore. "Oooohhhhh, damn, I feel like my whole insides are full of you!" She groaned. I slowly pulled back, then pushed back in, eliciting more groans from from the 16 year old girl.

We slowly got a rhythm going, Amy rubbed her pussy and urged me to go a little faster and soon I could feel her shudder as she came. Her tight ass became even tighter, clamping down on my length, sending me over the edge and I started pumping her bowels full of my cum.

Amy slumped foreward, face first into the bed and I followed her down, still embeded in her ass, we both lay there panting.

Suddenly Liz and Jackie both jumped on the bed and I pulled out of Amy's ass and lay on my back catching my breath. "Oh Amy, how was it? Was it great? Did it hurt?" So many questions being asked by the young girl's older sisters, neither of whom, apparently, had experienced anal sex yet.

Amy just lay there silently with her eyes closed nodding her head, my cum running out of her ass. Liz and Jackie were stroking their younger sister's back as she lay silently. I got up and went into the bathroom and wet a wash cloth and cleaned my dick off, then rinsed it out and took the cloth back out to the bed where Amy was still laying in the same spot. I leaned over and used the wash cloth to gently clean up the cum that was still dribbling from her ass.

She jumped a little when I first touched her down there but relaxed when she felt what I was doing. I glanced at the couch and Billy was sitting with his arm draped over his sister and she was sucking his dick, cleaning off his and Jackie's cum.

When she had finished she sat up and they shared a long kiss, then settled back and watched me and the girls attend to Amy. Amy had finally calmed down, she rolled over and smiled up at me and held her arms out to me. I went to her and she wrapped her arms around me, "Oh Cris, I love you so much." I leaned in and we kissed. I turned to Liz and she leaned in and kissed me too, then Jackie pulled me to her and she kissed me.

Right in front of Billy, but he never flinched, just sat there with his sister draped over him, his arms around her as they watched us. I'd never known anyone who had an incestuous relationship, I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but it did seem sort of exciting.

It also told me that Josie wasn't strictly a lesbian, she had sucked on her brother's dick. ********* We all sat resting, all still naked, watching some vampire TV show that I had never seen before but they all seemed to be following it closely.

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Amy and I were cuddled up on the bed, Liz and Jackie had lay down on the couch together, Liz with an arm around her sister casually stroking her tit. Billy and Josie were sitting in the chair, with her on his lap, reclining against his chest, his hands idly stroking his sisters thighs.

I sat up and stretched, "Man, I don't know about y'all, but I'm starving!" Amy sat up and rested her head over my shoulder, "Momma fixed fried chicken, probably in the fridge since we never got to sit down to eat." "Well, heck, I'm going to go raid the fridge then!" I started to get up but Amy stopped me.

"You might want to be careful going in the house." "Oh? Why?" The rest of the group snickered a little and I stood there not knowing what was going on.

Amy stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck and looked up to my face, "You might interrupt momma, Bob and Maria." "Oh.

Well, I'll be quiet, just go in the kitchen door and the lovely of a attractive virgin playgirl smalltits and hardcore some food and go back out again, I won't interrupt whatever they're talking about." Amy giggled, "I doubt they're doing much talking." Suddenly, it dawned on me, "Are they?.?" "Yup, been in there doing pretty much the same thing we've been doing out here!" Liz piped in.

"Wow! Cool!" I said with a big grin, "But I'm still hungry. Lets sneak in and get something to eat!" They all followed me when they decided I wasn't going to be dissuaded. We were all still naked too. I slowly opened the back door into the kitchen and stuck my head in, the coast was clear so I stepped in with the gang coming in behind me. On the counter was a pan of cornbread, so I handed that to Amy.

I opened the fridge and sure enough there was a plate of fried chicken wrapped in plastic, so I grabbed that and handed it to Liz, then I grabbed a six pack of cokes. Jackie, Billy and Josie were standing next to the doorway to the living room, looking around the edge and waving us over.

We set our food down and went over and crowded up behind the other three and peered in, what greeted us made our eyes goggle. Connie was on her back in front of the couch and Bob was fucking her hard, and Maria was sitting on her face and Connie was eating her out! We were all leaning over trying to see it all when someone stumbled and we all went crashing down to the floor. Liz and Josie were the first to get up and they just turned and ran back out through the back door, Jackie and Billy followed.

Amy was howling with laughter as I pulled her up. Connie, Bob and Maria all just sat there staring at us. "Sorry!" I said, then took Amy's hand and we headed out, stopping to grab the food and cokes, then ran back to my room. We walked in and Jackie, Billy, Liz and Josie all just fell apart laughing, Amy and I joined in too.

We all sat around eating Connie's excellent fried chicken and cornbread. We were all laughing and joking around, just having a great time. Liz had fried chicken crust and cornbread crumbs all over her, so I got down on my knees in front of her and started licking up all of it, stopping to suck on her nipples as I went, causing her to shriek with laughter.

When I finished with Liz, I moved on to Josie, she smiled at me as I got between her legs and leaned down and started licking. Billy decided to mimic me and crawled over to Amy and started cleaning her up, even dipping down and kissing her pussy. Then he turned to Jackie and started with her pussy, eating her out, making her groan.

Just then, the door opened and in walked Connie, Bob and Maria, all just as naked as they were when they were fucking on the living room floor. "Y'all took all the chicken, we're hungry too!" Bob bellowed out.

We all sat katsuni and her blonde lesbian friend pussy licking and pussylicking eating, talking and laughing, just enjoying the company. "Say Cris, can I ask you something?" Billy asked. I shrugged my shoulders, "Sure, ask anything." "I heard the sheriff say he knew about your juvenile record, what was he talking about?" "Billy! That's none of anyone's business!" Jackie chided.

"It's okay Jackie, I don't mind talking about it.", I stood up and went over to the TV and turned it off, I stood there for a minute thinking before starting to sunny leone xxx fuking waptrick story download, "My folks died in a car crash when I was 12.

After my folks died, I was bouncing around from one foster home to another because the foster families couldn't handle my anger. I was pissed off because my parents left me all alone in the world. I really was acting out all the time, I was mean to everyone and just a terror to those families, most of which were just trying to help out a kid who lost his world.

The last foster home I was in was just a scam by the foster parents, just there to collect what they could get from the county. They didn't really care anything about the kids in their care. Well, there was a girl named Rose that was there and she was nice to me, one of the only people in any of the homes that I ever connected with. One night the old guy who was the foster dad went into her room and tried to get her to have sex with him. She screamed and I jumped up and went to her room, the old guy tried to hit me so I laid him out cold.

His wife came in and started screaming and she slapped Rose and called her a whore. Well I had the old woman pinned to the wall when the cops showed up. They hauled me in and the county removed all the other foster kids from the home, but they still charged me with assault and sent me to juvy.

I was supposed to be in there until I turned 18 but there was a shrink that I had to see three times a week. She turned out to be my savior, she helped me get my head straight and got my sentence reduced, and she helped me get emancipated so I could be on my own, even though I was still under age. She is also the one who found me this job I have here.

Her name is Lisa, she and Connie are good friends. So, now you all know the torrid tale." All the women had tears in their eyes, even Marie, who I thought hated me. Billy got up and came to me and held out his hand, I took his hand and shook it.

"Wow man, I'm sorry you had to go slut haley reed gets impaled by hung delivery guy that. That girl was lucky you were there though, otherwise she might have been raped.

Worth going to jail for. Seems like defending women from lowlifes may be your calling." Billy said, with a chuckle. "Well, that was the past, this is my future." I said, as I held my arms out, gesturing to the world around me. Everyone got up and came to me and we had a big group hug, with me in the middle, it was great, all the naked bodies pressed up against me. ch.5 to follow