Whore sucks a good dick 117 tube porn

Whore sucks a good dick 117 tube porn
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I leaned down and kissed Bella. She had done so good. And I was proud that she had swallowed my cock whole while her friend Amber couldn't. I could tell Amber wanted to try again but I made kissing Bella last longer so she wouldn't be able too. But Bella had more planned for the three of us this drunken night. She broke the kiss and climbed up on the edge of my bed.

Pulled my head to hers and whispered in my ear, "Joe, I want you to go down on me and Amber." "If that is what you want babe," this little thirteen year old owned me body and soul ever since the first time when she let me take her virginity. If ever I doubted belonging to her one look into her hazel eyes would remind me.

I proceeded to kiss my way down her body. Slowing at her soft a-cup breasts. Taking a moment to kiss each one and lick each small nipple.

I continued down Bella's body below her belly button. Amber watched, I could see her out the corner of my eye. She was enviously, touching her own breasts. I laid a hand on her head and pulled her under me. She immediately started swallowing my stiff staff. "Easy, lick me and suck the tip too," instructed Amber.

As I reached Bella's sweet treat. I licked her from the bottom to the top over her soft bare slit. "Mhmm," she moaned. "Yeah." Amber was practicing her blowing on my staff. Sucking then licking. After a few minutes she started using her hands to stroke my stick while she sucked.

girlsoutwest busty lesbians at the car park yeah, just like that," I encouraged.

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"Lick me, please" Bella begged, she wanted attention too. I blonde teen playing dildo watch more of her at ulacamcom how she really liked it.

I turned a full lip lick into a flick at her clit. As it swelled I kissed it gently then sucked it in my mouth. "Mhmm," she moaned some more.

I decided to try something else. I rubbed my fingers around her opening and kept up the kissing and sucking on her love button. I stopped for a second, distracted by Bella's friend, Amber that had my red top in her mouth.

She was getting me close. "Don't stop, I'm close" Bella called out. I resumed my little trick on her kiss, suck and lick as I slipped two fingers in and out of her wet tunnel. Her moaning increased and I felt my balls rising with each stroke of Amber's small teen hands.

Bella began shaking, "Ahhhh y-Esss!" She wailed as she came. I stood up and put my hand on Amber's head to keep her there she stroked and sucked faster. She knew I was watching just her. Her eyes looked up at me then back down at my huge beast in her little mouth. "I'm going to cum," I warned. So took my tip out of her mouth but kept stroking, "huh?" Too late, "agh." I sent a stream of my spunk at her face.

She was looking up at me, then shocked by my first rope blasting her little teeny face. She jerked back up against the bed and looked back at my cock in her hand as my second rope blasted her thirteen year old b-cup breasts. "Wow!" She said, amazed. My balls rocked one more time with a smaller shot that landed right on her big round left nipple.

My seed was hanging down her face, threatening to fall onto her breasts too. I grabbed her hand to stop her stroking, I couldn't take it. It was too slutty mature amateur fucked by the cameraman. Bella tapped Amber on the shoulder and indicated for her to climb on the bed too.

Amber stood up facing the bed and Bella wrapped her legs around Amber and began licking my jiz off Amber's face breasts. The two girls fell back onto the bed kissing each other. Amber on top, she had a nice ass for a little girl. I bent down to stare at both their tiny slits. My dick was rock hard watching them make out with their legs twisted around each other. I stood between their legs and began taking turns rubbing my purple head against both slots.

Their wet holes called to me. I slipped it into Bella's first. Her hole opened readily for me.

She was so wet my cock plowed right in until I hit her cervix. "Mhmm," Bella moaned, "don't forget Amber too." I pulled out of Bella and slipped my cock with Bella's lubricant into Amber's virgin hole. Slowly until I reached that little wall. She didn't make any sound just paused in kissing Bella to focus on me. Her head twisted looking back at my face. I pulled back from her hymen and thrust in harder. Popping her cherry! "Ooo" Bella kissed Amber's breasts as I continued to pump her friend.

I pulled all the way out and lined my naughty leggy nurse nikki plays with clit pump, with Amber's maiden blood, at Bella's waiting cavern. Pushing my dick in she moaned in delight as I fucked her hard and fast. I pulled out again to give Amber more. Her blood no longer on my cock. I took turns between them both several times.

Bella continued to tease and suck on her friend's nipples. I was pounding Bella's heavenly hole. "I'm going to cum again," I announced. "No, cum on Amber," Bella begged. I pulled out quickly and thrust into Amber again just as my volcano erupted. I thrust in until I hit her cervix as my steam coated her insides. I pulled out when my orgasm had passed.

I stepped back and sat in my study chair to look. The two wet slits were almost touching. I noticed my seed slowly dripping from Amber's hole down to Bella's. "No wait, stay there" I begged as my cream dropped from one soaking slit to glaze the other one.

The girls stayed embracimg eachother in a long kiss. "That's so hot, my cum is dripping out of Amber onto Bella." Bella shoved Amber off her, "what? Let me see." She pulled her friend's legs open and looked at Amber's creampie.

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"Stupid ass, I told you to cum on her pussy not IN her," she shouted at me. Her hazel eyes were fire, "clean that out now!" She was yelling at her friend. Amber scared, grabbed at the blankets on my bed and wiped her creamy hole. She scrambled out of bed and dressed quickly. "Get out!" Bella yelled at her before Amber was even done.

Amber was out the window before I could react. Those hazel augers turned to me when Amber was gone. She glared at me, then slowly melted. She collapsed onto my bed crying. "It's my fault," she wailed. "I should have let you cum in me!" I laid in the bed with her cradling her. I didn't understand what she was saying. "I brought her to you and planned to seduce you with her." She continued, "I wanted you to fuck her too, I wanted her to know how good you were." I pulled her hair out of her face.

"It's ok, I'm not mad," I said. "Idiot, I know teen escort unhappy with huge facial dumped on her don't care. I just realized I want your cum for myself! Your cum is mine. If you are going to get anyone pregnant it better be me damn it!" She turned and looked at me, her hazel eyes were fierce.

"I don't want to share you with Amber or my sister anymore," she whispered with tears running down her face. "Ok," is all I could say. It was enough.

She turned and hugged me. After holding each other for a long time she said, "don't hurt my sister when you do it. Don't tell her it's because of me" "I won't. I'm yours and have been since the first time."