Brazil first tme gay sex

Brazil first tme gay sex
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This is a true story. I'm Adam a 21 year old male living near Toronto. When I was younger I met a guy Named Steve online and we continue too meet from time to time and I let him do whatever he wants to me.

One day we started chatting about fantasies. Steve's fantasies consisted of role play and wearing masks and stuff. Mine are different; mine are bring handcuffed, dominated, humiliated, being called names (like: sissy, slut, whore, bitch, slave, his property, ect) and being smacked on the ass while I'm getting fucked from behind.

So we agreed to help fulfill eachother said fantasies.

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We arranged to meet a few days after that so we can start fulfilling those. At aprox 9pm Steve drove down and picked me up. We engaged in small talk until we got to our spot, which was an enclosed picnic area. While in the car Steve reached into the back seat an pulled out a bag. In the bag was a mask and lube. He pulled out the mask and told me to put it on.

It was a very realistic looking mask with hair, eyeholes, nose holes and a mouth hole. Steve helped me put the masks on because I've never tried one on before, the mask has a neck that covers the shoulders so no one can tell it's a mask when wearing it and we went up to our spot.

When we got inside, it's dark but there's enough light to see, I walk over to the picnic twistys katsuni starring at near wild heaven and stand at the end facing the centre of the table. Steve comes up behind me and grabs me forcefully and says "hey bitch, u shouldn't be alone out here!".

I go along with it and say "Please don't hurt me, I'll do anything you want". He says "anything?!" I say "yes of course just don't hurt me".

Steve then spins me around and kisses me violently for a few minutes while grabbing my ass. Steve then says "get on your knees bitch". I do as I'm told.

Steve unzips his pants and pulls out his 6 inch uncut cock. "Suck it bitch" he says. I grab his meaty cock and lick the tip a couple times before filling my mouth full of his cock. I start to jerk my head back and forth while he moans. A few minutes pass and he says "do you want to be fucked in the ass!" I say "no sir, please don't". He says with a sinister voice "too late, come here". Steve pulls me up off my knees and pushes me onto the table so I'm laying on my back.

He grabs my pants a forcefully pulls them down revealing the light grey panties I'm wearing. He says "you are a faggot aren't you" and pulls those down as well. While holding me down with one hand he grabs ahold of my hard cock and starts to jerk it. Moments later he says "I'm about to fuck you so hard and I WILL be filling your tight ass with my cum, you whore" I say nothing. He stops jerking me and he grabs the lube out of his picket and begins to lube himself up.

He tossed the bottle on my chest and tell me "if you don't want it to hurt as much, you had better put one of this on your hole before I change my mind".

I quickly squires a glob in my hands and my friends hot mom syren de mer it around my asshole before he grabs my legs and pulls me closer to him. He throws both of my legs on his shoulders as his cock pokes around in search of my sweet spot.

"Are you ready for this, you slut?!" He says. I say "no please, I didn't do anything. Please let me go". Steve puts one hand on my throat and says "don't say another word unless I give you permission bitch, now shut up and take my cock". He finds my hole and with one quick thrust the head of his cock pops inside me, while I let out a small gasp. Steve applies some pressure to my throat and begins to move back and forth, sliding his cock deeper inside me with each thrust until he is fully inside me.

I can feel his is very deep (felt deeper than usual). "You like that bitch?" He says. I say nothing. He smacks me and says "answer me slut". I say "no, it hurts please I just want to go home". Steve starts to slowly fuck me. I can feel every inch slide in and out of me as he gradually increases his speed over the next few minutes. Steve is now fucking me very hard and very fast For about 5 minutes. His balls begin to smack off my ass with every thrust. He moves both hands to my thighs and starts to pull me into each thrust, which felty amazing.

"Do you want me to fill you with my warm cum slut?" I say "no please don't". Steve smacks me again and says "I DIDN'T GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO SPEAK!" He stops instantly. He grabs me, stand me up, turns me around, bends me super pretty blonde horny student screaming p high def the picnic table and positions himself behind me.

He grabs my hips and starts to search for my hole again. He finds it quickly this time and instantly starts to fuck me at the same pace as before. He smacks or grabs my ass every few seconds while telling me I'm his whore from now on.

All I can do is moan Louder and louder. He fucks me for 10 minutes straight until my asshole is numb with pleasure, and my ass where he has been smashing is numb. Steve says he going to cum soon, as he says that I start to cum all over the floor, getting some of my own cum on my legs.

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As I cum Steve screams "YES, THATS IT BITCH!. IM CUMMING" He felt my asshole muscles contract while I came. He pulls me into the last few thrusts that were unloading his cum deep inside me.

While keeping his cock inside me he leans over and says "I had better see you back here same time every week so I can fill you with my cum again and again. Your now my new slave, Got that bitch?" I nod. He says "good girl". Then pulls his cock out of me as I feel his some cum drains from my ass running down to my balls and some down my leg.

I quickly put my panties back on hoping I could keep as much of his xxx sex sony story hb story inside me as possible. We pack up and he takes me home. "See you next week bitch" Steve says to me before he drives off. Needless to say, we met again for the next weeks.