Naked female bodybuilder shows off big biceps and boobs

Naked female bodybuilder shows off big biceps and boobs
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Disclaimer: I did not write this, it is a repost from a separate website and I wanted to share with everyone here. Chapter 11 Ross was almost done organizing the pictures that he had taken of his latest session with his mother when the door opened and in walked Cathy and Vicky. Ross turned his head and his hand shot down to cover his hard cock on hearing the door open. "Knock before you come in" he barked at Cathy "Well Soreeee…" Ross's anger quickly faded as he was not particularly angry at Cathy…"Well…I don't mind you coming in like that, its just that it could have been anyone and I could have been doing something that.well perhaps I shouldn't or don't want to be seen doing" The girls giggled.

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"Ok…we will knock in future…tell you what…how about if we knock like this"…Cathy knocked twice rapidly on the door followed by a pause and one more rap. Ross smiled…"Sounds good" The girls walked over to the computer and looked over Ross's shoulder.

"Wow…is that mum's cunt" Cathy squealed "Well who else's would it be?" "I dunno…ok then.what other pics did you take?" Ross minimised the screen and turned to look at his sister and her young friend "Never mind about that…did dad see your cunt?" Cathy spoke with excitement to her voice…"Yessss…I showed it to him…well accidentally on purpose kind of let him see it as I lay on the floor in front of the telly and bent my legs at the knees putting my feet up in the air." "Yes but she kept her legs together so he probably didn't see it.not like me." Piped cute teen sucks sloppy dick stevie foxx cream pie internal Vicky "Probably did see it… were practically shoving your ass in his face&hellip.when I walked back in the room I could see everything…even your asshole" "Well…that's what Ross wanted" I smiled "What did Dad say?" Ross directed his question at Vicky "Didn't say anything…and I knew he must have had an erection as he had the newspaper all over his lap hiding it" "Yeah …pervy dad probably had his hand in his pants wanking" Ross was openly stroking his hard cock in front of the girls, his embarrassment now completely faded on them looking at his naked cock.

"Get on your knees and suck me off Cathy" "Nooo…get your fucking slut to do it" She pushed Vicky forward Ross knew he had Vicky and his mother exactly where he wanted…he now wished to get his 14yo sister in the same position. "I told you get on your knees and suck me off" Cathy glared at his elder brother…decided if she should do it.

He had already shoved his cock in her mouth after he had taken Vicky's virginity and that was covered in her blood and cunt juice…and when he shot his cream in her mouth she almost gagged. She was not too fond of the taste either. "Suck it…there can be only one" Cathy slowly sunk down on her knees in front of his brother. Ross parted his legs even more and looked down at his sister as her eyes were focusing on his cock "Suck it bitch" Cathy took a hold sunny leone xxx3 her canal porn her brother's hard member and slowly lowered her mouth to it.

She grimaced slightly as she took it into her mouth. Ross slid further down in the chair. Vicky gazed down with a kind of envious look upon her face. Ross reached out and pulled Vicky closer to him.

His hand slid up her smooth thigh and touched a cunt that was coated in juice. Vicky bent her legs slightly at the knee whilst resting one hand on the computer desk for support. At this angle Ross easily slid his finger into her cunt and started to finger fuck her tight hole.

"That's it slut…swallow that cock…suck it good…" Ross started his verbal assault on his sister as she started to get used to the feel of his prick in her mouth. "Can you taste mum on it?" Cathy's head flew off his cock…"Ewww…didn't you wash it?" Ross just pushed her head back down with his free hand.

"Suck it slut…and no I fucking didn't…that's your job from now on…my personal cock cleaner" Cathy tried to pull back up to voice her objections but Ross's grip was firm.

He was now pumping two fingers into Vicky's cunt. Born to serve huge dicks girlfriend hardcore needed to fuck even though Cathy's mouth felt good on his cock.

He pulled his two fingers out of Vicky's pussy. "Get on the bed…on your knees like a dog…" His command was directed at Vicky…wanting to save popping his sister's cherry for another time.

Vicky eager to get fucked again leapt onto the bed in two bounds and straight into the doggy position with her head looking over her shoulder in eager anticipation. "Get that fucking head down and your ass up in the air" Vicky obeyed without question. He was now holding Cathy by the head face fucking her enjoying the spluttering and the occasional choke coming from his sister's mouth. They did not hear the light knock on the door and it opening slowly.

Ross heard the gasp from his mother though. She did not say anything as Ross held his sisters head with his cock deep inside and smiled directly at her. He slowly dragged Cathy off his cock by the hair and twisted it around to face the door "Mummmm" "Come in and shut the door…or fuck off" "Ross…please…" She stopped mid sentence and gasped again as she now saw Vicky on the bed with her ass up in the air…her rosebud clearly on display along with her shiny wet cunt lips.

"Dad is downstairs.he will catch you" Mum tried to reason. "You know fine well that he is going to be perched in front of the TV for the next 90 minutes while he catches the soccer highlights…now come in and watch me fuck Vicky's ass or fuck off" Three very audible gasps were heard followed by a terrified 'my ass?' coming from Vicky's mouth. I pushed Cathy aside and stood up and walked over to where Vicky was still kneeling on the bed.

Taking her by the upper thighs I half dragged as she half shuffled back towards the edge of the bed. I wanted to fuck her ass standing up. "Please.not my ass.I .I have never …" "What the fuck…you never had your cunt fucked before this afternoon…and besides.I told you I was going to" "Yes.but" "But fuck all".I positioned my saliva coated cock at Vicky's tight brown hole.

I turned my head on hearing the door click shut. Mum was standing this side of the closed door. Cathy had shuffled along on her knees to get a better view of what I was about to do.

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"Fuck her ass…push it straight in…make the bitch squeal" she whispered in not to soft a voice. "Please …fuck my cunt…" "Don't you want a better view MUM" I said with an evil tone to my voice Mum did not move.

I was hearing two voices from just below me…one pleading to fuck her cunt and spare her virgin ass…the other to rip her ass apart.

That sister of mine has a wicked side to her. I slowly started to push forward. My cock was meeting a closed tight hole. I slapped her right buttock hard which made Vicky yelp.

"Hush…quiet…dad will hear" I heard mum speak. I looked over my shoulder at her in surprise. She should have been trying to stop me rather than tell Vicky not be so vocal. "You get your fat ass over here and keep her quiet" I spoke with some venom in my voice. Mum hesitated at first and then came over and stood beside me…her eyes now glued on my cock head as it rested on Vicky's brown ring.

"How…what can I exotic pounding in hardcore sexy milf piss hole lifted mums skirt up and smiled on seeing that she was still pantieless. Her newly shaved cunt, having a slight sheen to it as it leaked its vaginal fluid. Mum stayed silent as I gazed upon her mound.

"Get on the bed and shove her face into that muff of yours" Mum's face looked as if she had just seen a ghost. Vicky shouted 'noooo'. Cathy gasped. "Get on that fucking bed and open those whore legs and shove that slut's mouth over it" "Ross" "Do it…do it fucking now" I slapped Vicky's ass harder made her yell even louder than before which prompted mum to beautiful czech kitten was seduced in the supermarket and penetrated in pov on the bed and lay at Vicky's head.

Cathy and I watched…both with big grins on our face as Mother slowly spread her legs wide, lifting Vicky's head muttering she was sorry to Vicky all the time as she slid down into position.

I pushed down onto Vicky's anal outer sphincter I could hear her breath in and hold her breath. It still could not enter. I remembered reading that you should always lubricate as ass before you fuck it. I stepped back a little and started to finger fuck her cunt…coating my fingers in her juice. Vicky started to moan and push back on my fingers. "Suck mums cunt slut…I want to see your tongue right up her fuck tube" I saw Vickys head dip slightly and mum let out a soft groan as Vicky's tongue made contact with mums pussy.

At that moment I withdrew my goo coated finger and worked it into Vicky's ass. It resisted momentarily before slipping in.

I heard Vicky moan. Alternating my finger fucking between Vicky's pussy and asshole I soon could manage to slip 2 fingers in her tight brown bunghole. She was lubricated now. I moved forward and positioned my cock head at her anal entrance. "Push the huge titted chicks demand a hard dicking tonight mouth onto that fucking pussy of yours.I am going to make her scream" As soon as I saw mums hands force Vicky's head down I pushed with all my might.

I heard a muffled scream as my cock burst through her tight sphincter. Her cunt automatically closed around my cock. It almost ripped my fucking foreskin off it was that fucking tight. When I was fully in I just stood there allowing me to get used to the tightness.I could feel Vicky trying to pull off me as mum muffled her screams with her cunt.

I was not sure what Vicky was feeling more concerned about…the pain in her ass or the fact that she was suffocating between a pair of legs. We stayed coupled that way for a couple of minutes. I started to sense Vicky was getting used to my cock in her brown shit hole. Mum was not holding her head down so forcibly now…I could hear the soft muffled sobs coming from Vick's lips.

"Lick that cunt in front of you slut" I started to slowly withdraw my erect cock. I pulled out just as far so that the ass gripped my head and once more I stood motionless.

Mum was now slowly getting aroused as she started to grind her cunt to the blond girls mouth. She started to offer encouragement to Vicky as she started to tongue the much older woman's cunt. "Fuck her ass…fuck it brother…rip it apart" I smiled down at my kneeling sister as she had one hand up her skirt fingering herself and the other hand squeezing her small breast. I did as she asked…I slowly started to fuck the tight orifice that my cock was getting so much pleasure from.

Vicky stopped kissing and licking the cunt in front of her as she got used to the motion I was doing. Soon I noticed mum push Vicky's head back down in an effort to continue with the pleasure that she was obviously getting from the young girls tongue. I started to increase my tempo…my fucking becoming more aggressive to the words of encouragement that Cathy was giving me. Mums moans were becoming increasingly louder.

I started to add my verbal abuse both at Vicky and my mother. Mum was looking directly at me as I mouthed obscenities at her…grinding her cunt into Vicky's face the more derogatory they were. On seeing me mouth that it is going to be her tongue up Mrs Noake's cunt…the vicar's wife's cunt… my mother came with a load moan after a not too convincing 'Noooooooo' Cathy gasped… "You gonna make mum…" I did not hear the rest of what she was going to say as I let fly a torrent of seed into Vicky's tight ass.

I lay slumped over Vicky's ass while I recovered from my climax. Opening my eyes I saw tears running down both mum's and Vicky's faces, the latter resting on one of mum's thighs.

Cathy was still gently fingering her cunt and playing with her tit. I pulled out my soft cock from its tight grip. I was intending on getting Cathy to clean my cock off but I was spent and it was still rather sensitive from the tight anal fucking. I just flopped on the bed next to the women. "You lot had best get out of here I need to get some sleep…there's a lot more fucking to be done tomorrow" "It's Sunday…" mum threw in as if it being a Sunday would have made a difference.

I laughed… "Good…a chance to have a word with Mrs Noakes then" Cathy giggled as mum once again gasped. "Get the fuck out of here my little sluts.I need to sleep…and remember…I own all of you now…now get the fuck before I decide to fuck all of your asses" The girls were the first to rise and jump of the bed.

Cathy looking around for something then saw it and held her hair brush high. "Come on Vicky&hellip.this brush wants an ass to fuck" "Noooo…my ass is to sore…I could fuck yours with it" The girls made their way to the door as they were quietly arguing what was and what was not going to happen. Cathy opened the door slowly and peeked out and checked to see if the coast was clear, before they slipped out of my bedroom and into theirs. Mum slowly rose of the bed and once again tried to reason with me before making her way to leave my room, but my cock was in control and you can't argue with the will of a 15yo cock.

I felt that she did not quite grasp the fact that she was mine and mine to do with as I wanted. "Mum" I rose and went to her as one hand was on the doorknob. I think she thought I was going to concede some ground to her. When I was close by her I cupped her face between my hands and kissed her on her lips in a gentle manner.

When I drew back and was about 6" from her face I spoke softly "Clean my cock…get on your knees and suck it clean" "Nooo Ross…its.its been in Vicky's ass…its dirty" I smiled a warm smile that hid what thoughts were behind the smile "Clean my…or else" Mum did not move as I released her face from my hands and walked over to my computer and brought up the screen once again.

The image we both knew was her cunt and tits being shown from my vantage position from under her, although you could not recognise it was her, as her face was not in shot. She glared at the screen as I stood there. "Suck my cock clean" Still she did not move.

I pressed another key. The screen suddenly changed to a blue screen with the words…'IMAGE UPLOADING' Mums face looked shocked and even more so when up came a website that was clearly a site that one posted amateur naked pictures. I clicked on the button that mentioned see all posts by … I typed in 'Nastyboy'. One image came up…it was the one I had just sent. Mother let out an 'Oh my Goooo.d' I minimised that page and clicked a few more keys on the keyboard and up popped another naked picture of my mother but this time her face was clearly seen.

I looked straight at her "You have a choice…" Mum didn't say anything but walked over to me…made one more plea with her eyes before sinking to her knees before my dirty flaccid cock…