Skinny latina slut stretching and gaping pussy hot bitch

Skinny latina slut stretching and gaping pussy hot bitch
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This is the third installment in a continuing saga. I recommend you go back and read "Linda Part I Beginnings," and "Linda Part II Becoming Sire's Bitch," or the context of the story may be lost to you. Linda had started out somewhat reluctantly accepting Sire, our Juvenile Golden Retriever as her lover and doggie Master, but had adapted to the situation quite well. As I said in Part I, the reason for my introducing her to this was because, though from all outward appearances Linda was a lady (and she is), even appearing somewhat frumpish most the time, at the core, she was pure slut.

Linda admitted to loving the sexual high. She had been married for 20 years to an uninteresting man sexually, and had carried on a succession of one-night stands and affairs that carried on right up until she met me.

She had admitted to various sexual fantasies, but would never allow me to set any of them up.

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I didn't particularly want to share her with other men and women sexually, but I figured if I kept her life interesting sexually and I participated, it was fantasy resolution rather than sharing, and I could avoid being hurt by her cheating on me if I was always present. I had had two wives who both cheated on me and I wanted to avoid that pain again, at all costs. Some mighty loose distinctions there, but they work for me.

Linda had however refused to let other men and women into our bedroom, saying she was a 'one man, woman' now. Yet, I still felt if I let our sex lives slacken off from the dizzying bunny-pace of the beginning, she would start to cheat. "Once you've tasted forbidden fruit," don't you know. One of her fantasies had been sex with a dog, so I skillfully led her there. I knew, once she experienced anything she had refused to in the beginning, the fisting her wrecked teen pussy till she squirts hard would be easy.

Each time I introduced her to something new, I was proven correct. I assumed it was because I always took her there gently, with her knowing she could back out at anytime. Even if she was there as my slave-sub and I her Master, she knew I would always respect the "safe" word.

I was there to protect her, and the plus was I protected me at sisters with glasses bbc threesome amazing cumshot ending same time I allowed and even insisted on her dalliances. She had become a willing dog-fucking slut and by her own accounts, she loved it.

There was still a problem though. Linda was absolutely insatiable, and though Sire fucked her hard daily, most days more than once and I fucked her four to five times a day as well she appeared to still not be getting enough.

This worried me until I thought up a solution. In her dog fantasies, and comments she had made regarding AVI's and MPG's I had downloaded from the Internet, Linda was fond of certain breeds. Her original fantasy had been with a German Shepherd. When I queried her about which of the Internet videos she liked, it was a Weimariner, and when I asked months later which breed she had in her fantasy it was a Doberman.

So I started to buy registered puppies, ostensibly for the same reason I had bought Sire, to establish a breeding colony of AKC breeds, and I guess that is true, but Linda was the one being bred. I also bought a Rottweiler, because they were my voyeur's fantasy animal for Linda and looked like an overgrown Doberman on steroids; and a Pomeranian. Linda had found a stray Pom female that was an old lady and had rescued her from traffic one day. She had a heart condition and died within a couple of years after Linda had rescued her, but not before Linda had grown very fond of her.

Linda moped about for a while after PJ's death (PJ was the name given the Pom female short for Puddle Jumper). I again had their dewclaws removed and awaited their sexual maturity.

Linda took each of their virginity on their 6-month birthday. The first was the Shepherd, a beautiful black, white and brown specimen that was named Duke after the dog in her fantasies. I had bought all the dogs as 8-week old puppies, a month apart to absorb the costs, so they were coming to maturity a month apart. The second was the Weimariner. His name was Kaiser from another fantasy and he would someday be a very large dog.

He was a silver-gray in color and very sleek and graceful looking. Even at 6 months old, when he mounted Linda he dwarfed her small frame. Then came the Doberman. He was a classic Doberman in appearance and had the look of death about him as most Doberman's do, so his registered name was Grim Reaper. We called him Reaper. After he was a little over a year old, he worked Linda over one night so thoroughly, she threatened, tongue-in-cheek of course, to name him Raper.

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Then the Rotty. His name was Jig from a country song. I loved that night as he pumped his soon-to-be extra large cock into Linda's little cunt, he growled a little with each thrust. He meant her no harm, of course. I guess it was his way of saying "Take that bitch," as he pounded her pussy into bitch meat. Then Little PJ (Linda insisted on naming the male after the departed female).

He was so small he required a special approach. Now Linda had all the cock, albeit dog, she could handle. Sire being her first remained her favorite. PJ quickly grew into her number two, but she never neglected any of them.

Now as before when I got home from work each night, I would find Linda on her hands and knees in the bedroom, one or another of the dogs pounding away at her, her moans and lusty yells filling our country home. I guess it was a good thing we had a small farm in the country.

The neighbors would surely have become wise or alarmed to what was going on otherwise. Though zoo sex isn't illegal where we live, you still need to be discreet. At bedtime, Linda sexy czech amateur shows her pussy at casting recline on her back with little PJ between her legs.

She would fall asleep with his tongue licking her or he would climb between her spread thighs and fuck her, his little cock no larger than my index finger. She said his little knot felt more pleasurable than painful, and since he couldn't tie with her, once he finished unloading his cum in her he would crawl off, nestle in beside her and sleep the night away. If Linda felt like getting it from behind, she would lay on her belly and when he mounted, often as not he went into her ass.

Either way ass or pussy, she got fucked to sleep by little PJ almost every night. Now you readers might wonder how I felt about this.

I didn't mind, because as I said in Part I Linda and I usually fucked in the morning before I went to work, and I had no worries any more that she wasn't getting enough cock to keep her from straying. Besides Jig taught her how to deep-throat my cock. It all started when I came home one night to the usual sight of her being fucked. This night Kaiser was hammering away at her. But unlike other nights, this night Sire was doubling her.

Her mouth was wantonly sucking away on his big hard cock while Kaiser pounded away at her cunt. I thought, I got to try that again. Not since the day she had "trained" with Sire, had she sucked me while one of the dogs fucked her.

Porn casting video with a cutie fucking I thought why not. After dinner that night I asked her who was next in line for the pleasures of her body. She said Jig was.

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I told her I wanted her to suck me while Jig fucked her. She eagerly agreed. She left the room and returned moments later, nude, with Jig padding along behind her.

Once he had reached 'puberty' Jig had grown very rapidly and was a very large muscular specimen, even for a Rottweiler. As a consequence, his cock was the largest of all her lovers (though when fully grown, Kaiser would gain that distinction). Linda had stopped letting Jig tie with her after only a few sessions with him, as his knot would grow to grapefruit size and the pain was greater than the pleasure. Like I said earlier, Jig was a very aggressive lover and I guess he decided tonight he would mate with her as nature instinctively instructed him too.

For even as Linda, split fingered his cock to prevent him putting his already orange size knot into her, he slammed through her fingers at the same time he tightened his forelegs around her waist, his knot obscenely stretching her overstuffed cunt.

Linda had over half my cock in her mouth, the tip pressing at the edge of her throat, and as she lurched forward to move away from the invading cock meat knot, she took my cock all the way to the balls.

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Gawd it felt awesome, finally my entire 9" cock in her mouth and throat. Linda accepted two things in the next few moments. One that she really could deep-throat, for as she withdrew my cock and started back down on it again she pushed past her gag reflex and took me to the balls again.

She also accepted that she was tied with Jig, and even though she was sore the next day from the stretching his knot gave her, she never denied him a tie again. The soreness didn't stop her from fucking Sire the next day either, although she didn't let PJ have her at bedtime that night. After he had licked her off a time or two, she put him on the floor and went to sleep. She always deep-throated me from then on when blowing me and now was a world-class cocksucker.

After a while though, I decided things had settled down to such a routine, I needed to give Linda another high soon, or start worrying again. I guess it was my own insecurity, because Linda was getting fucked all she could handle now, and had showed no signs of cheating on me. Yet, I also knew, unless some unforeseen event occurred you never caught them cheating at first. It was only when they thought they had you fooled and got careless that they slipped up.

Since I was always trying dirty girls anissa kate riley reid anikka albrite aria salazar compilation and fingering keep Linda's insatiable appetite for sex quenched and she liked being submissive, I had modeled one of the spare bedrooms as a dungeon of sorts.

I had built several apparatus for restraint with the design more toward using the occupant sexually than for torture. The room had wall-to-wall 3" foam padding under a thick luxurious carpet and the devices were scattered about the room. There were also floor-to-ceiling mirrors and a mirror on the ceiling because Linda liked to watch herself being fucked.

I had also installed an elaborate video setup that could take in the entire room from many different angles. It had set me back a small fortune, but was paying for itself rapidly by the activities we used the room for. I would put Linda in the stock or on the rack and fuck her for hours or let on of the dogs fuck her while I made her (yeah, right) suck me. Now these devices sound severe, but other than rendering the 'victim' securely tied, they were basically harmless.

Many were the nights when I carried Linda to bed, because she had been fucked so much her body was like jelly. I just loved watching her shake uncontrollably as the orgasms ripped through her body.

Always after an event such as this, she would make a point of thanking me for using her and 'making' her act so nasty. The woman was truly a dream super babe milf fucked by young guy true for a kinky cunt-hound like I me.

Linda hadn't had a lengthy fuck session with the dogs since the day she became Sire's Bitch, other than what she had initiated herself. Like I said earlier, I felt it was time to give Linda another high.

I checked the video equipment out in the 'dungeon' or 'playroom', as I fat cock in the ass for blonde teen to call it, and loaded fresh extended play tapes in the recording machines. I used professional-format equipment, so I could get tapes that had space for more than the poor quality EP format VHS that recorded 6 hours on home equipment.

After Linda finished cleaning up from the grilled New York Strip dinner I had prepared, I told her the Master would be coming by later to visit his 'Bitchdog'. That was her signal to prepare herself in the proper attire. She also knew the name 'Bitchdog' meant she was going to get bred by one of the dogs. She gave me a mischievous grin, the fog of lust already clouding her eyes and left to change to something skimpy. When she returned, she was wearing the green bustier with matching garterbelt and stockings.

Her pussy lips were already starting to fill and her nipples were erect from anticipation. When she turned sideways to me, I could see her juices were already starting to flow down the insides of her thighs. I led her to the playroom and had her remove the bustier. It was one of those late spring nights where no AC or heat was necessary and I knew she wouldn't get cold. I then had her get into the kneeling stock. This apparatus was two 2X6 White Pine boards mounted about 12 inches above a padded base.

The boards were hinged together on one end and had two 6"diameter holes flanking a center 16" diameter hole. All three holes were padded with foam rubber and covered with red crushed velvet. The neck fit into the center hole and the wrists in the outer holes and the top 2X6 was hinged down and a hasp with a slip clip was used to secure it. I never used locks, so if I needed for some reason to release the occupant quickly, I could.

About 3 feet back, eye hooks were placed about 18" apart, so the occupant amateur teen self and chubby cum tits first time stealing will only get you fucked have their knees secured in an open position, and 2 feet further back, another pair of eye hooks for securing the ankles.

Once secured in this apparatus, the occupant was quit helpless. Once I had secured Linda to the device, I kissed her gently on the lips and told her I would be right back. I then rounded up, Sire, Duke, Kaiser, Jig, Reaper and PJ and brought them into the room. They all went to Linda and checked her out. Sire had been fucking her for more than two years now and recognized her position and immediately went to licking her exposed pussy.

He was the alpha male in the group too, so he would have first crack (no pun intended) at anything going on. I then slid a small stool up to the front of the stock and put little PJ on the stool. I lifted his legs up to the top rail of the stock, so it appeared he had mounted Linda from the front.

I slide his sheath along the length of his cock until it started to harden and come out of its hiding place. I then guided PJ's cock into Linda's mouth. Sire's Licking had already put Linda's mind into a cloud of lust and she eagerly sucked in molly manson gives blowjob and laid savagely tiny cock.

Or was it her anticipation that had clouded her mind. Whatever, I digress, suffice it to say Linda was ready for most anything. She sucked PJ's little cock with a hunger like you couldn't imagine. PJ was soon humping her face as if he were between her legs, but his little cock was never able to make it to her throat. Sire mounted her after a few more minutes. He buried his cock to the knot into her cunt on the first stab.

Linda just grunted and began to use what little movement she had available to her to fuck him back, all the while determined to milk PJ's little balls with her eagerly sucking mouth.

I spoke to her once things were going along good. "I will be back in the morning. Enjoy yourself. If all goes well you can have boy's night on a regular basis." Linda's eyes told me she was lost to the lust in her body old man enjoy in facial cumshot homemade and nipples that she was also looking forward to the night's activities. I checked the video equipment to make certain it was all being captured OK and left the dungeon.

I looked in after a while and she was OK, and I placed a panic button in her hand so if she needed to wake me she could. Though she took the handheld device in her hand and held on to it, I'm not sure she even heard me.

The device had a Velcro strap to attach it to her hand so she couldn't relax and drop it in her lust. Kaiser was dwarfing her frame with his huge gray body and she was orgasming almost constantly. And as usual she was screaming her lust. "OH FUCK ME YOU BIG DICKED SON-OF-A-BITCH. "FUCK ME HARD MOTHERFUCKER. "USE ME LIKE YOUR BITCH. "I'M JUST A NASTY SLUT SO FUCK ME LIKE A NASTY SLUT SHOULD BE FUCKED. "MAKE ME CUM YOU BASTARD." Kaiser for his part was doing his best to accommodate her desires.

And as far as asking him to make her cum, it appeared to me she was experiencing orgasms one right after the other. But as Linda had just said, she was a nasty the other side of kat and part of her schtick was to babble like this.

Looking around the room, I could tell Sire, Reaper and Jig had already fucked her and Duke unfortunately was waiting his turn, the smallest of the group other than PJ and obviously the omega male in the pack. His cock was hanging out of its sheath, a steady drip of pre-cum oozing from it as he danced around the room. It had been over two hours since the night had started and with Sire and Jig no doubt tying to Linda, now with Kaiser fucking her, the bad girl teen busted by her teacher were strong in the room and Duke had no choice by to wait his turn.

A dogfight would ensue should he try to go out-of-turn. I turned in and slept fitfully, half expecting mom and son sexy viodeo panic button to sound at any moment, probably signaling Linda had had all she could endure. In the wee hours I did manage to sleep more soundly and restfully and the morning sun streaming in the bedroom window awakened me, and I rose to the day. As I passed the 'playroom' I noted all the boys were curled in different locations sleeping.

I went to the kitchen and got a cup of coffee and set Linda's teapot to boil. I then returned to the playroom. When I had passed earlier, all the boys had been sleeping and Linda had appeared to be sleeping too. When I walked in, Sire and Jig raised their heads to look at me, and then promptly went back to sleep. What I had missed earlier though, was little PJ, between Linda's legs, licking the doggie cum oozing from her well-used cunt.

Each time his tongue would pass over her clit, still stiff from the night's eroticism, her body would convulse, in orgasm I guess. PJ couldn't reach her to mount her, but he was still gaining and giving pleasure. What a little trooper. I undid the slip clamp from the stock and opened it up. Linda made no move to rise. I panicked just for a moment thinking she might be dead, but then PJ's tongue slid across a sensitive spot and Linda moaned. I helped her to her feet, and steadied her to the Master bath.

Her legs were stiff and her knees like jelly from the position she had spent the last ten hours in. As we walked, she awakened more and spoke something other than a moan "It was an awesome night Master. I look forward to serving in this manner again if it is acceptable to my Master." Her eyes were still clouded with the lust of the night as she looked at me while speaking. "And so you shall my pet," I replied as I helped her out of her garter belt and stockings and into a tub of hot water.

Linda soaked in the tub until the water-cooled to the point it was no longer comfortable. I had brought her a cup of tea, and then worried of her falling asleep and slipping under the water to drown in her slumber. She was obviously exhausted, but the contented look on her face told me it was a pleasant exhaustion.

I helped her to dry herself and slip on a gown and into bed. I closed the heavy drapes making the room as dark as possible and left her to sleep. Linda slept most of the day and was somewhat sore when she arose during late afternoon. I spent the day editing the tape and could understand why she was sore. Each of the boys had mounted her 3 or more times, and little PJ had managed to double her one more time. Duke in his eagerness to get his first had also mounted Linda's head and she had eagerly taken his dripping cock to the knot, into her mouth and throat.

She had gotten ass fucked nearly as many times as she had been cunt fucked. Her cries of lust and almost constant state of orgasm for hours on end would make the viewer as exhausted as she was.

The tape once I finished editing it into a cohesive set of shots would make a nice addition to my growing archive of Linda's zoo activities. Again though, that is another story for another time. If you liked this story, or think me a total pervert, whatever, you can comment to [email protected]

Later Y'all.