Nepali bindu pariyar needs cum in dallas usa

Nepali bindu pariyar needs cum in dallas usa
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*This story is a work of fiction. Characters depicted are based loosely on fellow people I know of and have their consent to use in the story. Please share only constructive criticism and positive comments. Have fun reading~* Hannah was sighing in bed again. It felt alone as it missed another person's body, her husband, Jack.

They have been together for two years, but just three months after his proposal, he's been working late a lot more. Even though she didn't want to believe it, he was cheating on her. She even met the woman he was cheating on her with: a damn seventeen year old. The door creaked open and Jack came in, just flopping in bed. There was no sound, no whispers, no touching.

He just fell on the bed and went to sleep. Then, right at that moment, Hannah felt it. The pain she had tried to not believe in. He didn't love her. He didn't care for her. He just wanted to be with someone so he won't end up alone. Hannah rose from the bed and went down to the couch. She grabbed her phone and sat on the cold feeling sofa, but for whatever reason, it felt warmer than her bed. She began to cry as she listened to the love songs both she and Jack used to listen to.

There was now an empty, hollow feeling inside of her and she couldn't do anything. She needed to vent, but she wanted someone to care as she did.

All of her friends were asleep or had kids and couldn't make time for her. She went to the app store and downloaded an app called Whisper. She wasn't sure who'd listen, but she felt just a little comfort that she could vent out her feelings.

"I don't know what to do anymore. My fiance is cheating and I just feel alone. My birthday is soon, and all I want is for someone to care." That's what she posted on whisper. It wasn't long before she was flooded with messages. Most of them were the same: "I'll make you feel good" "I have a big dick" "I'll make sure you're not alone on your birthday night." But one stuck out to her.

"I'm sorry you're going through that. Is there anything I can do to help?" She clicked in the message, and saw his username: "Fifth Circle of Hell" I'm not sure. I feel alone and all I can do is take it because he doesn't care. He just came home 'late' from work again. He's been coming home late for months now. And I know it's not because he's working. He's cheating. I met the girl he's cheating with.

She's a 17 year old. She thin, beautiful and full of life. I'm just a fat, ugly hag compared to her. Tears ran down her busty milf in lingerie gets tongue jizzed as she admitted that to the random person. It took a minute to see his reply, but it came through. What a prick.

You're not big cock rips small vanny or fat or even a hag. You're a gorgeous woman. If he can't see that, then he needs to get his eyes checked. I can see that, and I haven't known you for ten minutes yet. She let out a small laugh at the reply, but she felt better than earlier.

In fact, she felt that tinge of pain slowly fade for a few seconds before it came back. Thank you, but what can I do? I'm a big woman. I'm really fat. I xxx soni leone full sex stories almost 300 pounds and I have such a weird laugh. I don't know why he even married me if he'd be interested in someone else.

300 pounds? That's… well… that's hot to me. Hannah felt her heart skip a beat for a moment. No guy has ever told her that her weight was hot. She was always told her weight was disgusting or that she have lost 70 pounds to even be considered attractive. Even her fiance, no matter how many times he fucked her, never once told her that her weight was attractive.

He just tolerated it. Thank you… this is a weird question, but can I see how you look? It took a few minutes before he responded again, but he did not object to her request. He simply sent an image of himself, and Hannah was wide eyed. He was very handsome to her. The way his goatee looked on his face and the way his cheekbones were more full than any of the male partners she had sent a shock down to her pussy.

His eyes even gave her the look she had never seen before: primal desire. Before she knew it, her hand went down to her pussy. She began to feel her clit, then touching her lips, she finally realized she was wet.

Jesus! You're fucking hot! She basically wanted to yell, but kept quiet. Thank you. I want to see you as well. Hannah paused. Was she even going to appear attractive to him? He was nice enough to compliment her and tell her that he found her body weight hot. But was she going to simply send an image to him? 'What if he thinks I'm ugly? What if he is making fun of me? I'm not attractive. If I was… Jack would still love me.' Tears ran down her chubby, full cheeks as she kept questioning herself.

She was afraid. Anxiety washed over her. What could she do if he simply saw a whale like everyone else? I'm afraid. She admitted. I have no confidence. I'm really just scared that I'm not attractive. I'm sorry. It's okay. How about this? I'll take you out for your birthday. When is it again? In 3 days… this Thursday. It says you're twenty-five miles away from me.

I'll take you out if you have no plans. And don't be afraid. I promise I won't leave or make you feel bad.

I… I don't know. I think my fiance is going to take me out that day. But if anything happens, I'll let you take me out. Okay! I hope we can have fun. It's pretty late so I'm going to sleep. Goodnight, princess.

And once again, her heart skipped a beat. That word made her heart skip a beat. Being someone's princess. In the heat of that moment, she couldn't reply. She instead just rubbed her pussy, slowly masturbating.

'I'm his princess… his princess…' She thought as she touched herself. 'I'm someone's princess…' Her hand sped up as she inserted two fingers inside of her pussy. Soft moans escaped her lips as she continued to touch herself. Her legs spread out wide as she bucked her hips up and down before reaching an early climax.

"I'm… a slut." She said softly. Tears ran down her face as she could only think of how she masturbated and climaxed to a guy who gave her a small amount of attention and found her attractive.

Hannah, feeling empty, cried as she realized that the first guy to actually treat her nicely and make her feel attractive isn't her fiance. ******* The next two days went by as Hannah had known for the past few months: Jack "working late" until two in the morning and sleeping without any attention to Hannah at all. She felt worthless. But today's her birthday. She's digital play ground teachars xxx move, because Jack would have to AT LEAST care for her today.

"Hi baby," Hannah said to Jack as he was getting ready for work. "Hi," He replied in an annoyed, but friendly enough voice. "Do you know what today is?" "Uh… your birthday?

Happy birthday. I'm working late tonight. Don't wait up." Jack left, quickly. Hannah, still at the door, felt her world shatter. Jack didn't care. He didn't say anything nice. He… Hannah cried hard. She fell on the ground and cried. The day that should be about her ended up becoming her worst day. There was nothing she could do. She felt nothing from her fiance. And now, she was alone.

Alone… Suddenly, whisper came to her mind. She texted him, her new friend.

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Jack… he didn't care. He isn't doing anything nice. He… he left for work without kissing me, holding me, or anything. I'm feeling so empty and alone. Please… this pretty babe has musical pink flaps me out tonight. I want to feel wanted today.

I need to. There was no reply for ten minutes, but when he responded, Hannah felt better. 7 or 8. You get to pick the time, princess. And please wear a dress. I know where to take you.

Okay. :) Hannah immediately went to take a bath. Then, as the tub filled with water, she looked at herself in the mirror.

What she saw was a puffy eyed woman. Her dark brown, almost black hair ran past her shoulders while her plump lips just remained quivering.

She was still sad. But she didn't want to cry in front of him. So, she slapped herself. She needed to be confident and happy.

This day is for her. While most guys have given her an almost interested look, most turned away once they realized how big she was. She was fat, as blunt as she could be. 296 pounds was how much she weighed. But instead of seeing lard, she saw beauty. Her sagging, 36DD breasts really appeared attractive. The large, pink areola and her erect nipples made her giggle. She even cupped her breasts and began to speak to herself in the mirror. "You like what you see baby? These are for you. You made me feel sexy bbw fucking her black bull on webcam my birthday.

It's time to make you feel good." She grabbed her toothbrush, and pushing it between her breasts, she slowly gave it a titjob, imagining her new friend gros gode pour grosse chienne hardcore blowjob the object and how he would enjoy the titfuck. "Mmm that's it. How do my big, fat titties feel?

That big cock can always fuck them. They are yours." Hannah opened her eyes and was shocked at herself. What was she doing? Why would she do that to her friend? He's just kind to take her out. There's no reason to fuck him. There's really no reason… She quickly turned around and caught the water as it almost overfilled the tub. She quickly turned the faucet and stopped the flowing water. It was over an hour of soaking in the tub before she started to get clean.

She really cleaned off her body in different areas, mainly focusing around her breasts and pussy. Did she expect them to be shown tonight? Why? He wouldn't love big breasts… Hannah pushed all the doubt out of her head and just continued to clean herself.

It was already five thirty when she finished washing herself. There was barely anything she needed to do. She was already shaved since last week, she tried to appear sexy for her fiance, but he was barely interested.

He only tease the pink inside her young pussy a handjob and sunny leone in teacher rool xxx was that once. Nothing else. Hannah picked out just a few pieces of clothing for the night. A black dress, a white, strapless bra and a thong. She even grabbed her fishnet stockings. They were rarely used and were only used on two different dates: the first date with Jack and the date Jack asked to marry her.

After getting fitted in the bra and thong, she looked at herself in the bedroom mirror. She felt very beautiful. It was almost as if she saw the person she always hoped for. But what made Hannah love the way she looked most was how her breasts appeared in the bra. They appeared perky and seemed as if they were carrying milk.

It really made her smile. After getting in her dress, Hannah started to get in her stockings. They were so comfy and nice on her. It was as if she felt the pure bliss of being sexy and wanted again. It took her twenty minutes, but she did her make up. It wasn't a my perfect and hot ebony maid jada fire, but just a bit of makeup: mascara, light eyeshadow and lip gloss. She really felt so attractive.

Even though she wasn't sure what she wanted to wear for her shoes, she settled on the nice flats. They matched her black outfit quite well and were comfortable for her. ******* Hannah finally made it to the restaurant before eight.

And there outside, she saw him. He was just as handsome as his photo looked. The black and gray suit he wore sent some of the most pleasurable chills down her back.

His dark skin almost shined under the lights of street light and restaurant lighted signs. He was looking at his phone before he looked up and saw Hannah making her way to him. "H-hi…" She stuttered. "It's me…" A smile formed on his face and it was if Hannah saw the definition of beauty.

"Hey there. Happy birthday, princess." 'OH MY GOD!' Hannah screamed in her mind as she heard his voice. It was deep, smooth, yet so rough and manly.

She almost threw herself on him. "Hi… and thank you. What's your name? I don't want to just call you anger." He chuckled.

"I'm surprised. Not many actually know what my name means. Call me Tyrone." "Hannah is my name, ba- I mean Tyrone." She blushed as she almost called him baby. "Let's go in. And order whatever you want. I got paid a big bonus." They both entered the restaurant, and after getting a booth, they smiled and began to talk about whatever came to mind. "What can I get the lovely couple?" A waiter asked. Before Hannah could say anything, Tyrone began to speak.

"A margarita for me and… give me a moment to check the menu. Hannah, since it's your birthday, order first. Ladies first, after all. And please, don't be afraid to eat whatever. I won't judge." Hannah, flustered and a bit angry from that last part, just agreed and looked through the menu. "This…" She said softly as she pointed to a large, frozen margarita. "But please give me a moment also. I need to look through the menu." The waiter nodded and went on his merry way.

Hannah, still looking through the menu, looked up for a moment and saw Tyrone looking at her. Even though he was handsome, it was a little rude of him to cut her off and tell her to eat what she wanted since he wouldn't judge, but it was something no one had ever said to her. Everyone who ate with her always judged how she ate a lot or how she could eat and not worry about calories, even looking at her with either envy or disgust.

It was a mix of emotions for her. "Why did you do that?" She asked softly. "We aren't dating, but you didn't tell him. You're just taking me out for my birthday, nothing more…" She felt a bit sad to admit that, but at the same time, it was true. He had no real reason to just cut her off. "Well… Wouldn't it be sad if it was a friend taking you out for your birthday instead of your… Boyfriend?" Tyrone said with a small smirk on his face.

"Fiance… But that is true… Okay. Tonight, just be my boyfriend. I don't want to be alone. I need someone… Please…" She became desperate for his attention and didn't want to sink into that empty feeling of being alone. She needed someone to care. "Okay, dear," Tyrone told her with a wider smirk. Hannah then felt a shiver run down her spine so slowly until it reached her pelvis and became an overflowing waterfall of her juices seeping through her thong from just his smirk.

His looks were enough to make her wet and orgasm. Slowly, she moved a hand to her crotch, hoping to feel her wetness before a clank hit the table. She was quickly brought back into reality and saw her frozen margarita on the table. Her hand quickly moved away and she smiled at the waiter. "Here are your drinks and water. Are you ready to order?" He asked them both. "Yes," Both Tyrone and Hannah said together.

*** "Ah… that was a good meal," Tyrone said as he rested against the back of his seat. Hannah nodded, smiling. She felt good. A nice dinner out, she had a nice desert and a great drink. In fact, she was drunk. The margarita that she had was nearly gone while the water was only half empty. She felt wonderful for the first time in months. "I shoush ged homfe," She slurred, laughing a little. "Ish late." "I'll take you home," Tyrone told her. He was not as drunk as she was, though he did finish his margarita.

He was starting to sober up. "Come on." He rose from his seat, after paying and leaving a nice tip for the waiter, and grabbed Hannah's arm, pulling her up from her seat and leading her towards his car. Every step she took was wobbly and sloppy, but she felt wonderful and happy.

"Get in," Tyrone told her. After several seconds of a delayed movement, Hannah got inside of his car and there they went to an apartment, but it was not Hannah's home. It was towards Tyrone's home. ** "Ugh…" Hannah said as she opened her eyes. She saw that empty, white ceiling she always saw. "Home, huh?" Hannah started to move, and as she did, she felt a sharp needle of pain between her legs. "Ow!" She yelped out. "What… why am I hurting?" She asked herself.

Even moving her thighs just a little hurt her. "Why does it hurt?" She moved her hand to her bare crotch, which was a surprise, and instead of feeling her own juices, felt something else. It was drying, but it still felt wet.

It was almost gluey, but Hannah couldn't figure out what it was until she brought her hand up to her face. There, she saw it. White.

"Did… did Jack do this? No… Jack didn't come back… Then who-" Hannah suddenly realized it. Jack didn't do it. It was Tyrone.

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Tyrone raped her. He used her body while she was drunk. And he came on her pussy. Tearing up, Hannah covered her mouth as she came to realize it. She was raped. Fucking answer me this!

Did you rape me?!!! She texted him furiously. Even though she wasn't sure, Hannah was crying and angry because she trusted this person. She was even thinking of him while she masturbated and he ended up raping her. She needed to know the truth. It wasn't even a minute before she got a reply.

And all it said was one word. Yes. Angry, betrayed and sad, Hannah started typing furiously. WHAT THE FUCK?! I fucking trusted you! How could you do that?! I have a fiance! He is going to beat me if he founds out what happened! I could be pregnant for all I know! Fucking god! I hate you! Hannah felt so angry. She could barely contain three babes have fun on the couch. She wanted to hurt herself so much.

She ended up being a piece of meat to him. I'm sorry, but you had it coming, cunt. You shouldn't have gotten drunk. You know what!

Before Hannah could finish typing, another message from Tyrone appeared. Meet me at the park tonight. I have something to show you. Even though Hannah didn't want to be around him, she needed to see him face to face. She had to. She needed to show him how angry she was and he needed to learn how he destroyed her trust.

Okay. Hannah threw her phone away and started to cry. She was so angry and hurt. Why would he do that to her? But as she was crying, she was feeling aroused. Why? How could she have felt arousal? Because she felt wanted. And that word just turned her on. Cunt. No one told called her that before, nor did she even think it was disgusting. She felt so… hot. 'He raped me… But… It meant that I turned him on,' She thought to herself. 'How did he use me? I wonder…' As she was thinking, her hand moved down to her pussy and she shoved two fingers unconsciously into her wet hole.

'I bet he had me on my back, and he was fucking me so hard… That's why my pussy hurts mom halp son ass mom much. He must have been so pent up and he needed me. I saw how he was looking at me all night. He had the most mischievous look on his face, and it was so hot.' Her fingers moved in and out of her pussy quickly and roughly.

She let out soft moans as she kept imaging what happened to her last night.

"You're my little bitch," She said out loud, trying to imitate his voice. Her pussy grew even more wet as she kept masturbating to the thought of him.

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"Take this fat cock, slut. Your fiance has such a small prick compared to mine. He doesn't know how to properly use his whore. I do though. I know how to use a fat fucking whore. Now enjoy it." Her hips bucked up, and without realizing it, Hannah came hard on her fingers, her pussy tightening on her fingers. "That's a good bitch…" She whispered softly as she bucked her hips up once more.

**** "Okay," Hannah said as she stood in front of him. "What do you want to show me?" Tyrone didn't respond. He just pulled out his phone, and after pulling up a video, Hannah let out a gasp. It was that night. "Mm… mmmphmmm…" Moans were heard as the video showed Hannah being fucked by Tyrone roughly. His large, thick cock was fucking her pussy so roughly. The way his veins bulge out from his cock caught her eye the most. He was a monster to her. That fat, black cock fucking her unused, white pussy aroused her, yet scared her.

"Do you see it?" He asked her. Hannah didn't respond. "DO YOU SEE IT?" Tyrone asked in a more forceful, commanding voice. "Y-yes…" She said softly. "Y-you're a monster…" "On your knees." Hannah didn't hesitate. She quickly got on her knees. Her jeans covered her knees as she was just on the pavement, looking up towards her rapist. And yet, it turned her on completely. The street light being the only light right now and she was alone with him.

It wasn't a dream come true, but a nightmare that could be a dream to someone who desired it. And this was a dream to Hannah. "Open your mouth," Tyrone told her. Hannah didn't do that. She shook her head and kept her mouth closed.

She didn't want to give him this. She didn't want this, yet, at the same time, she desired it. She needed it. "Open your fucking mouth before you regret it." "Mm-mm," Hannah replied, shaking her head.

She didn't want to open her mouth. Then, out of nowhere, she was slapped. "Open it, or I'll do it again," Tyrone warned her.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she opened her mouth, knowing exactly what will happen. But even though it was painful and humiliating, Hannah felt her crotch catch fire.

She was burning from this feeling. This… Pain. Tyrone pulled down his sweatpants and revealed to Hannah his semi-erect cock. Her eyes grew wide as she saw it.

It was bigger than all the cocks she had seen before. Even Jack looked like a dwarf compared to him. Her mouth opened a little wider as she grew even more wet and hot.

"Lick it." Hannah did as she was told and slowly began to trace her tongue against the cock, licking it slowly. Her tongue moved along the head gently, focusing on his urethra, expecting him to already cum.

But instead, his cock head slowly grew and became larger. It felt so big on her small tongue. But that wasn't what really caught her attention. Her eyes became glued to the shaft of his cock and watched as it expanded as well. It grew fat. Fatter than any cock she could imagine. She could only compare it to a soda can. "Holy shit…" She said softly. "I can't fit tha-!" Hannah couldn't finish her sentence because Tyrone grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock down her throat, forcing her to gag on it.

More tears streamed down her face as her throat began to bulge out from his fat, black cock. In and out was all she could feel as his cock pounded against her throat meat and he raped her face with no mercy whatsoever. Each thrust felt so painful and strong. She couldn't take a moment to get used to his cock, because each time she tried, he would pull it out and thrust it back in over and over again. It was too much for her throat. "Uullgph…" Was all she could muster as she kept gagging.

Then, something rose up to her throat. She knew what it was, but she couldn't tell him. She hit his thighs, hoping he would stop, and he did, but it was too late. The moment he pulled out, she puked. Vomit sprayed out of her mouth for just a second before she stopped and looked up at him with tired, teary eyes. "Please… stop…" She begged. But Tyrone didn't stop. He just thrust his cock back down her vomit slick throat and pounded at it.

Hannah was wide eyed once more, but she did her best to not throw up as she just gripped his thighs. She hoped for him to be done soon. She wanted to run away and never see him again, but that was the fear talking. In reality, she wanted him to abuse her.

She wanted to feel wanted, even if he would rape her. She needed that human feeling. "I'm gonna cum…" He said. Hannah looked up at him and saw that he was looking at her. He never did stop looking at her. He was so entranced by her. The way she looked as he pounded her throat turned him on immensely. Then, much to Hannah's disappointment, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and jerked it off in front of her face. There was just a few seconds of a pause before Hannah received her reward for pleasing him: a face full of cum.

Tyrone sprayed her face with so much cum that it felt like rain was hitting her face. Teen mom teaches son how to fuck and suck pussy way he groaned as he nutted made Hannah cum as well, opening her mouth and thighs.

She felt violated, turned on, and happy. The mix of emotions felt so intense. "I will do this again and again for as long as I want, cunt. You are my toy. And that's always what you will be," Tyrone told her. His voice, although, interrupted with pants, still sounded so deep and forceful. It just commanded her and all but Hannah could do was agree. "Yes… Sir." xx69xx com first virgen sex To be continued in Chapter 2