Blonde riding the dick well in bed

Blonde riding the dick well in bed
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As I stood there looking out the window at Ashley, I didn't know what I should do. I was feeling a little paranoid at that point as well. "I'm so screwed, what if Ashley knows I'm here and wants to call the police" I thought to myself.

I sat on the bed and listened as Roz opened the door. "Hey Ash" Roz said opening the door. I peeked out the window again and Ash still had this worried look on her face.

Then she finally spoke. "Blink twice if you're in danger" she said quietly. I stood there thinking "Oh my god she thinks Roz is being held captive" I laughed a little at that. "What are you talking about" Roz asked looking puzzled. "Don't worry I brought a gun, he can't hurt you" Ash said reaching into her purse. "Whoa, Ash stop you've got this all wrong" Roz said trying to calm her friend down. "Look I'm not in danger but he is here, he's one of my former genetics students.

He's just a kid with a really big crush" Roz said with a laugh. "Oh, well Rocco is really thirsty for some juicy pussyan style scene just thought something was wrong when I heard you screaming on the phone" Ash said still concerned. "Yea" Roz said with her eyes glazing over. "He is really good at what he does". "Well can I meet him" Ash said pushing past Roz into the house. "I don't know about that Ash" Roz said trying to block her friend.

"You're probably going to try to seduce him and take him from me". "Oh relax Roz; I'm a married woman, not some whore. I would at least wait until he's not at your house to try and fuck him" She said giggling. "I'm not above kicking your ass, even if we are friends" Roz said.

I heard her footsteps coming to her bed room, I assume she was coming to get me so I hurried and put on my pants from last night and my t shirt. I watched as she opened the door and came in. "Hey so my friend wants to meet you" She said looking at me quizzically. "Yea I heard its ok with me if it's ok with you" I said walking toward her and grabbing her by her hips.

"I guess its ok, but you should know she will hit on you, she's horny slut of a cougar and she's always trying to fuck the next young hot guy that crosses her path" Roz said in a jealous tone. "Don't worry I'll make sure that she knows I'm all yours" I said embracing her reassuringly.

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I let Roz go and walked past her out of her bedroom to see Ashley. I had seen her before but never this close. She was one sexy milf I thought to myself. She wasn't as hot as Roz though but she was attractive none the less.

She was tall for a woman, almost 6ft. I was only 6'1 so I hated when women were at my eye level. I could see why she was so tall though, her long tanned legs were insane, and they were definitely model worthy and thick too.

They went up to this high, round nice ass which was only exaggerated by her tight jean shorts. Her stomach wasn't big but not really the flattest, no doubt that was because of her giving birth.

Her breasts were by far her nicest feature, they were huge, I'd say like a 30 G if you could imagine it. What was even better was that she was wearing this little tank top and her tanned breasts were just spilling out of the front. She was also quite facially attractive too; she had a cute little nose and big brown babe in her wedding dress gets banged. Her lips were seductive somehow.

To me she looked a little bit like Kimberly Williams paisley only slutty and her brown hair wasn't long at all very short actually. So anyway back to the story. When Ash saw me her face kind of lit up and her chest perked up. "Well well well so this is the stud rapist I've heard so much about".

She said quickly closing the distance between us. "Hi" I said as I extended my hand to shake but instead she came really close to me pressing her breasts up against me and her hand went straight to crotch. She squeezed my hardening cock firmly. "Mmmm, I think you struck gold here Roz" Ash said as she continued to grasp my dick through my pants before Roz pried her off of me. "Thank you and just so you know Ash, this gold has already been deposited into MY federal reserve" Roz said gesturing to her pussy and pulling me to her as if to say this is all mine.

"Well Roz I think it would be in your best interest to share the wealth" Ash said putting her hands on her hips.

"I'm sure you do, but you know I'm not the type to share" Roz said angrily. "Look ladies this is awkward enough given how I met both of you and Ash you're very beautiful but I'm with Roz and I care for her dearly" I said trying to put this topic to bed.

Roz smiled at me and made a sound as if to say what now bitch. "Well I had hoped both you would willingly comply but I guess you just need a little motivation" She said while pulling out her phone. "You know blonde dirtbag blowjob and facial through glory hole I love about smart phones these days; if you get the right app the cameras can use night vision". I watched as she searched through her phone and felt a little uneasy.

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"What are you doing" I asked switching to my serious tone. Ash handed the phone to Roz and as we both viewed the video playing we froze in horror. The video playing was Roz and I last night having sex. Roz still had the blind fold on and it appeared as if I was holding her down so it looked pretty bad. "How the fuck did you get that" Roz asked insane with rage. "That's not important, what is important is that if you don't want him (she pointed at me) to go to jail you'll let me have his cock" Ash said smiling evilly.

She then turned to me "As for you, take off your pants". "Wait a minute Ash, fine you can have him but only for one night and certainly not here. And you can only give him a blowjob, nothing else. If you fuck him I'll know and I'll go straight to your husband.

Got it" Roz said forcefully. I was actually surprised that she was going to allow this and a little excited. Although I did feel like I just got auctioned off, but then again I definitely did not want to go to jail.

"Fine" Ash said "Let's go" she said taking me by the hand. Roz was outraged but she kept her reserve. She snatched me back pulling me to her and kissed me passionately as if marking her territory. "After you're done with the whore, come straight back so I can reclaim you" she whispered in my ear. I left and followed Ash to her car, as I entered I felt so horny, I couldn't wait to be pleasured by this milf. I did however feel bad about technically cheating on Roz.

We got on the road and Ash began to speak. "Mmm I can't wait to have this cock" she said as reached over and groped me squeezing my bulge through my pants. "You can stop acting like this horrible for you" she said giggling "Roz isn't here you know".

"Listen I admit that I'm turned on by this but you're black mailing me" I stated as a matter of fact. "Hey I tried to get my way willingly but you two said no, and I know Roz would have never shared you so I had no choice but to resort to blackmail".

The way she spoke was insulting she made it seem like it wasn't her fault at all and she had no other option. "You have a husband, why would you want to cheat on him anyway". She laughed almost hysterically "I'm a slut duh, I only married for the money. I couldn't possibly only ever have one man for the rest of my life". I was appalled at the boldness of this woman, and I wondered why Roz was ever friends with her.

About a minute later we pulled into a hotel parking lot. As we walked in I expected her to go to the clerk to get a room, but instead she waltzed right through the lobby with the staff saying hello to her. I was puzzled to say the least but followed her into the elevator. "Do you stay here that often or something" I said.

She laughed "You could say that I guess, some may even say that I own it" "Wait what? You own this hotel". I asked. "Partially, I told you I married for the money; my husband owns it and I bought 40% of it, now I'm on the board". "Wow, so you're rich" "Filthy" she said with arrogance. The elevator finally stopped and I realized we were on the top floor. The entire top floor was one sweet and she occasionally stayed in it, no doubt this was where she cheated with other men. As we stepped out of the elevator she pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard forcing her tongue into my mouth.

I was getting darkskinned chocolate ambitious booty fucked by bbc macana man and more into it and soon my hands were all over her body. She pulled away from me and turned her back to me and began thrusting her ass back into my crotch. My penis was as hard as a diamond and before long we were dry humping just outside the elevator.

I grabbed her hips for support and began thrusting back trying hard to shove my clothed cock up her ass. "Oh little son his old mom beeg she said pulling my dick out. "Look at this nice big fat cock and it's all for me" She said as she licked her lips. She turned back around and undid the fly on her shorts.

She then sexily bent over while simultaneously sliding down her shorts. Her golden ass came into view. "Holy shit" I said aloud taking in the sight. Her ass was almost perfect, it wasn't very big but it was tight tanned and toned. "You like that ass huh" she said stepping out of her shorts but stayed bent over.

She had on a red g string that did nothing to conceal her butt and barely covered her pussy. I took the opportunity to caress her beautiful butt as she began to move her ass back on my cock.

It felt great as my cock nestled in between her soft ass cheeks. She stood back up pressing her butt into my pelvis, my dick resting atop her ass and she arched her back. She took my cock in her hand while moving her hips forward just enough to where she could push my cock down in the crack of her ass. She kept pushing it down until she got to the opening of her pussy just barely covered by the flimsy material of her g string.

I could feel the hot wetness on the head of my cock and even though I could not fully enter her I could still feel the lips wrapping around my cock head. She let go of my cock and began to gently thrust her ass back on my cock. "Oh fuck yes baby" she moaned as we continued our "outer course". "Roz said I couldn't fuck you but that's not going to stop me from fucking you" She laughed loudly while I grabbed her hips thrusting my cock even further in her pussy.

It felt amazing, her g string was very flimsy and elastic like, I was able to get about 2 inches of my cock inside of her. She stopped thrusting and stood up and turned around. She locked eyes with me and gave me this lustful stare. In one swift motion she removed her top and bra letting her huge breast free.

I nearly wept they were so perfect and definitely fake. "Whoa" was all I could get out as I lunged forward burying my head in her tits. "Hmmm, I guess someone is hungry" she said pulling my head out of her boobs. "Come with me" she said grabbing my cock and leading through the foyer of the sweet and to a Jacuzzi. She turned on the heating mechanism and poured bath salts into it.

In about five minutes it was steaming and soapy. "Let's get this off" She said yanking down my pants. I kicked off my shoes while Ash looked up at me. She began to suck on the underside of my cock where it was most sensitive. "Oh fuck" I said almost blowing my load right there.

"I should have mentioned I'm master cock sucker" she said sexily. I got in the hot tub and sat down feeling the warm water soothe my body. She kicked off her heels and entered sitting right on my lap she began washing me with the soap in the water and rubbing her body against me.

We made out as our hands rubbed all over our bodies. I couldn't keep my hands off of her amazing boobs. "I hope you like them, they were pretty expensive" she said cradling my head as if feeding me milk. "They're great" I said. Ashley then started to sit up and I felt her hand on my cock. I wondered what she might be doing and before I could protest she sat down quickly with her pussy engulfing my penis. "Oh fuck that feels huge" she screamed with my dick buried in her to the hilt.

Her pussy was tightly gripping my cock. The quick motion was too much and in an instant I pumped her pussy full of the huge load of sperm that had been building in my balls. I grunted "You bitch" I said as I shuttered in pleasure. "Sorry I just had to feel that big dick inside of me at least once" she said throwing her head back in pleasure. "Fuck you cum a lot, I can feel it still shooting inside of me" she moaned. I couldn't believe how much semen I had unloaded inside of her, I guess it was of the teasing.

I also couldn't believe that I was still hard. With my hard cock still imbedded in Ashley she began to move up and down on me, riding my cock. "Ooooh fuck yea, I see why Roz doesn't want to share you" she said increasing her thrust and fucking my cock harder. The water was splashing all around us. It felt incredible, her pussy squeezing my cock, and for a second I let my hands latch onto her butt and I began meeting her thrust. However soon I felt guilty and I picked her up off of my cock and pushed her away.

"I'm out of here" I said exiting the hot tub. I saw her glaring at me. "That wasn't the deal, you can't leave until tomorrow". "putting my cock in your pussy wasn't the deal either, making our original deal void" I said gathering up my clothes.

"If you walk out that door I will make sure you go to jail" she said grinning evilly. "Why, you got what you wanted already" "Nope, I'm not done with you yet" she said as she came to the edge of the Jacuzzi and wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me back in.

I sighed "Fine, but you can't put my cock in your pussy anymore, got it" I said climbing back in. "Oh don't worry, I won't" She said mockingly. I sat back down and watched as she mounted my lap again. She grabbed the back of my head and guided me to her breast again. Of course I could not help but to oblige her and began to suck on her voluptuous boobs. "Oooh that's it baby, keeping your mouth on those and relax. Forget about Roz and focus on me" she said as she took my right hand and guided it to her pussy forcing me to finger fuck her.

She reached back and began stroking my cock in between the cleft of her ass. I couldn't help but to love this and involuntarily bucked my hips against her. She pulled my head out of her breast and began to kiss me with her hand still stroking my cock. I then felt her pushing my cock into the crack of ass more and that's when I felt something opening around the head of my cock. It was extremely tight and I knew it wasn't her vagina. Suddenly I realized "Holy shit she was putting my cock up her ass".

I had never done anal with a girl so this was all knew to me and although I wanted to let her continue I felt I should stop her. "Ash what the fuck are you doing, this isn't right" I said halting her dissension down my cock. "Shhh," she whispered forcing herself down more of my shaft getting about an inch or two inside of her. The pressure on my cock was immense and it felt like the head of my cock was going to slip open, but it still felt amazing. It must of felt amazing to Ash too, because her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open.

"Just relax and let me take your big cock in my ass" She said slowly sliding down my erect penis. "Oh fuck baby, your stretching my ass so good" she moaned in pleasure. About 10% of me wanted to stop her but it felt too good to put up much of a fight. All I could do was lean back in the tub and let this vixen fuck her ass on my cock. I closed my eyes as her butthole engulfed my entire penis taking it to hilt.

Constant warm, soft, wet pleasured surrounded my entire cock and I loved every bit of it. "See what you get when just let me have my way, you get to fuck my tight little asshole" she said just before she started to ride my dick. "Besides I did what you said I didn't put your cock back in my pussy" she laughed. "You fucking bitch" I grunted meeting her thrusts with my own, unconsciously trying split her in half with my dick. "You like this ass though don't you, yea you like it, you like shoving that big fucking prick busty milf in lingerie gets tongue jizzed my tight little ass" she said egging me on.

"Say it" she said sharply. "Say what" I said breathless as I continued to shove my cock in and out of her ass. "Say you like fucking this ass, say you love it, I want to hear you say it". She screamed riding my cock faster and faster. "Fine!, I love fucking my cock into your tight little asshole" I screamed. "That's right" she said "This ass belongs to you now baby, whenever you want you can shove that big prick in me" she said right before kissing me hard shoving her tongue into sex with hotel guest 2 girls plumb 1 dude tube porn mouth.

She then started screaming violently and began thrashing on cock, I could tell she was having a major orgasm. As it subsided she stood up and let my cock slide out of her now gaped asshole. She tried to get up and walk out of the hot tub but her legs were too weak. "Shit, you fucking wore me out" she said resting against me. "Take me to the bed" she whispered wrapping her arms around my neck. I moved my arms under her back and legs lifting her and standing up.

I exited the Jacuzzi and walked to the bed setting her down gently. I grabbed one of the towels I saw drying myself off and threw one to her and watched as she rubbed it on her over body.

"Well you got what you wanted, can I at least get something to eat here" I said stroking my still hard cock. "Of course, with mom freinds n me you had to do was ask" she said reaching for the phone and dialing room service. I got my food and sat down at the dining table huge boobs lexi luna fucked in front of the two catcallers the balcony to eat. Surprisingly Ashley didn't get any food for herself and asked her why.

"Well tonight I have a taste for something that's not on the menu" she said seductively. "Like what" I asked looking confused. She only smiled and said to just finish my meal. I went back to eating and I became so focused on my meal that I didn't notice Ash disappear. I looked around and before long I felt something between my legs under the table and almost jumped out my chair. I pulled the dining cloth up to see Ash holding my cock looking up at me smiling.

She said nothing and only began sucking on the head of my cock. It felt great feeling her tongue swirling around the mushroom head. She would even push her tongue against my slit as if trying to push it inside. It felt amazing. She then started going down the shaft taking more of my cock into her mouth.

She would deep throat me purposely gagging herself, all the while her eyes stayed looking at me. Each time she would come back up she planted a kiss on the head as if it were her signature. "Mmmm I could suck on this fat cock all day" she said while moving to my balls. She began licking all over my sack and she even sucked it in to her mouth.

This woman was indeed a master at sucking cock Outside in the snow with naked zuzinka thought whilst I put my hand on the top of her head. "C'mon baby give me that fucking cum, I fed you now it's time you feed me" she said before sucking hard on my cock head while she stroked the base of my shaft.

After 30 more seconds of this I was getting really close. Ash must have felt this and stroked even faster. "Oh fuck Ash" I moaned as I gave her all the cum I had in my balls and unloaded it down her throat.

"Mmmm" she hummed as she drank all of my semen. I just kept cumming and after about 15 more seconds she swallowed it all. "Mmmmm I think that was best load of sperm I've ever tasted and certainly the biggest" she said licking her lips. "Well you've definitely drained my balls" "Come to bed with me" she said taking me by the hand and leading me back inside to the bed. She pushed me down and I lay back resting my head on the pillow.

She climbed on the bed resting her head and arm on my bare chest and she had her leg swung over me with her knee just below my cock.

I closed my eyes drifting off to sleep; occasionally I would feel Ash's hand sweep across my cock. I guess she just couldn't keep her hands off of it I laughed to myself. Within a minute I was in comatose. When I woke up I felt so relaxed, the sun was beaming in and there was a cool breeze coming in from an open window.

I looked down to see Ashley looking up at me her head still on catfight where big titted blonde gets overwhelmed chest. We said nothing to each other.

She looked so beautiful and I couldn't but to feel like I was in love in that moment but I knew I was just in love with the moment not Ashley. The way she looked then almost made me forget how much of a bitch and a slut she was. "I love sleeping with you" Ash said moving her hand back and forth on my chest. "Yea this was nice even though you made me betray your best friend, and blackmailed me into fucking your ass" I said to her smiling. "Hey how else is a girl supposed to get a nice cock like yours" "I here plastic surgery has improved" "I think I'll stick to blackmail" she said reaching down to grab my morning wood.

"Oooh looks like someone is ready for more" "Well then I guess I should get back to my Roz" I said getting out of bed. "Your time is up, we agreed upon the night and that was all". "I guess you're right, I'm gonna be busy today anyway, I've got a police report to file" she said grinning evilly. I glared at her "Are you fucking kidding me, you're going back on your word!" "Depends" she said looking at me mockingly.

I knew what she wanted and I just wanted this over. I walked back over to the bed and grabbed her by her ankles pulling her hard to the edge of the bed.

Her eyes widened "What the" I cut her off instantly spreading her legs and shoving my cock into her pussy to the hilt. She gasped for air "Oh shit" was all she could get out. I grabbed her by her neck continuing to fuck her as hard as I could. My cock was hitting her cervix every time. I knew it was probably painful for her and that turned me on a little.

"You wanted to get fucked" I said harshly. She only responded by squealing. Even though I was enjoying this I couldn't keep it up and I pulled out of her pussy and pulled her head to my cock.

I began jacking off in front of her face. "I want in my mouth" she said breathlessly. "I don't care" I grunted painting her face with my cum. She immediately began wiping it off her face with her hands and licking it off. "Now was that so hard" she said laughing at her pun.

"If you ever get tired of Roz, you know where to find me".

"Like that'll happen" I said going into the bathroom to clean myself up. I got dressed and got out of there as quickly as I could. I wanted to see Roz as soon as possible but I didn't head back over to her house right away.

I went to my dorm and got changed into semi-formal attire; I wanted to do something special for Roz. I bought her a dozen roses and drove to her house. I knocked on her door and couldn't help but laugh that as many times I had been here I never came to the front door. Roz opened the door shortly and nearly tackled me whilst dragging me into the house. "Where the hell have you been" she said in between kissing me all over my face.

"Don't worry I haven't left you for Ashley" I said with a laugh. I pried her off of my face for a second. I presented the roses to her. "Get dressed, were going out tonight" "Can't we go later, I'm super horny" she stated trying to get to my cock. "Don't worry we'll have plenty of time for that" I said shooing her into her bedroom to get dressed.

30 minutes later we left and I took her to a pretty high end Italian restaurant. We were about an hour or so into our meal, talking and laughing, I had forgotten all about Ash and the blackmail situation when the unexpected happened. "Roz?" a female voice from behind said. "Tiffany, Hi" Roz said as I looked at her smiling. My heart began beating out of control, and I thought "dammit another one of her friends come to ruin the moment".

"I thought that was you how are you and who is this" Tiffany said approaching our table. "I'm good, and this is Chris" Roz said gesturing to me. "Hi" Tiffany said extending her hand for me to shake. I shook her hand, looking up at her and I couldn't help notice her beauty.

Roz definitely had some sexy friends. Tiffany was very petite, which intense anal session with a blonde looker her brunnete teen amateur dick chugger brunette and blowjob adorable look.

She couldn't have been more than 5 feet tall. Her breast were small but very perky, I'd say barely a C cup. Her hips had good width though which led me to believe she probably had a nice ass. She had long blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes, classic girl next door. She also had to be the youngest of the trio, I'd say no older than 28. I found out that I was right about Roz; she was 35, while Ashley was 40. Anyway I said hello to her pulling my hand away, but noticing how she continued staring at me.

It was a little unnerving. "So are you two…uhh" tiffany asked looking at Roz. Roz and I hadn't really publicized our relationship given how it started and the fact that I was her former student, so I just looked at her to answer because I had no idea if she wanted us publicized or not.

"Oh no…uhh.he's my contractor" Roz stated looking at me. I looked at her like "WTF" she could've said anything but contractor really. Well it's not like this one could come to bite me in the ass. "Oh, I didn't know you were having work done" Tiffany said. "Well I'm really just getting an estimate now, you know trying shcmooze him so he gives a lower price" she said and tiffany laughed. "Chris you look very young for a contractor" tiffany said putting her hand on my shoulder. "I started building pretty young" I said unsure of myself, I hated lying; it always leads to another lie.

"Well if you're not too busy is it possible you could come out to my house. We've wanting a deck that wraps around the front, do you think you could do that" she asked giving me this intense look and keeping her hand on my shoulder. "Uh." I looked at Roz "Sure no problem, I could at least take a look". "Good, do you have a card" she asked. Dammit I thought see this is why I hate lying, why didn't Roz just say I was her assistant or something. "No sorry,not with me". I said shrugging my shoulders just hoping she would leave.

"That's ok, just write your number here" she said pushing me a napkin and handing me a pen. Looking back I realized I should've just written a fake number but for some stupid reason I wrote my real one. Oh well maybe I can learn how to build a deck quickly I laughed to myself.

I handed her back the napkin. "Thank you so much, I'll call you next week". She said smiling. "See you at lunch Monday Roz" Tiffany said as she went back to her table. I gave Roz a look. "What, don't give me that look" she said poking her lip out.

"Just wait til I get you home" I said playfully. "Uh oh" she said in a baby like voice. We left shortly after that and as we walked out I noticed Tiffany staring straight at me again.

I also saw her husband, and noticed he had to have been a good 20 years older than she was. We started to drive back to Roz's place when she leaned over and started kissing my neck. "Mmmm" she moaned while she sucked my flesh. My cock stared to harden as I tried to focus on driving but Roz got even more persistent. Continuing her assault on my neck she reached down and expertly undid my belt and pants.

She slid her hand into my pants grasping my cock. "There's my cock" she said pulling it out of my pants.

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"Your cock" I said laughing as she started stroking it. "That's right and I need to reclaim it" she then bent down taking my cock into her mouth. I groaned "well it definitely missed your mouth" I said feeling her beginning to suck on it. "Mmmm" she hummed while swirling her tongue all around the shaft of my hard dick. She kept her mouth on my cock the rest of the way back and I almost lost control of the car a few times.

I finally pulled into her driveway and parked the car. I was about to open the door but she stopped me. She grabbed the lever on the side of my seat and leaned it back all the way. She climbed on top of me pressing my cock in between us. "Ow" I said with a laugh. "Aww poor baby, let me put that in a better place" she said quickly guiding my cock in her pussy and sitting down fully on my pelvis.

It was then I realized she wasn't wearing panties and I was pleasantly surprised. "Ooooh yea, you miss this little pussy" she moaned. "Oh fuck babe, I think you've gotten tighter" I said reaching behind her to caress that plump ass I loved so much. She leaned down and kissed me passionately as I began to thrust into her slow and deep.

"Oh Chris" she moaned as continued to make love to her. She quickly began shuttering on top of me. Her pussy was clenching around my cock hard and I knew she was cumming. I could feel her cum running down to my balls and wetting the front of my pants. "Oh fuck I needed that, c'mon lets go inside" she said as she dismounted my cock and exited the car.

Once we got inside she told me to get on the bed and wait. She said she bought me something. I took off my clothes and jumped into bed not really sure what to expect. "Hey" Roz appeared in the door way 5 minutes later. She looked sexy as fuck.

"Whoa" I said sitting up. "I take it that you like". She said spinning so I could see the back. She was wearing this red and black laced lingerie two piece.

The bra was two sizes too small; I take it that was intentional. Her breasts were spilling out of the front and I could see her areolas. She had on like a panty skirt.

The skirt of course doing nothing to cover her juicy, creamy, round ass. She came up on the bed and crawled seductively toward me kissing her way up my body. She turned around putting her round ass in my face and pressing it against me. The aroma of her pussy filled my nose and drove me wild. I began to suck on the lips of her pussy causing her to buck against my face.

I then stuck my tongue in her ass hole driving her mad with lust as she began fucking her ass back on my tongue. "Oh fuck yes" she moaned. I pushed her forward so she was on her stomach with her ass still in the air. I immediately mounted her from behind and put my cock head up against her entrance. I sank into her depths balls deep pressing against her ass.

"Oh shit Chris, you're in me so deep" she moaned pushing her ass back on me. I laid down on her putting my full weight on her body while I still fucked her deep. I buried my face in her neck kissing, sucking, and gently biting the soft flesh.

She continued to moan as I picked up the pace making sure to grind my hips into her butt. After about 15 minutes of this continuous rhythm I began cumming inside of her. "Mmmm" she hummed feeling the warm liquid feel her up. As soon as rolled off of her I fell into a deep sleep. I couldn't believe how tired Street footage fantasy festival key west florida was.

When woke up I could tell by looking outside that it was probably around noon. I went into the bathroom to relieve myself, thinking where Roz had gone. After cleaning up I walked into the kitchen half naked to see Roz sitting down reading and drinking coffee. She glanced up at me "Morning stud" she said smiling. "Morning" I said sitting down next to her "I had a really great time last night" she told me.

"I know, your face said it all" I laughed. She smiled at me "so I was thinking that since you like being here and I like having you here that maybe you'd want to move in or keep some clothes here for when you stay over" she looked at me worryingly. "Sure" I said to her surprise. I didn't mind living here a few days out of the week and I would still keep my dorm for whatever. "Really, I thought it might freak you out" "Roz, I broke into your house and raped you, and you're the one worried about freaking me out" I laughed.

The next few of days were kind of like movie with no drama. Roz was still going to work and taking care of me in more ways than one. She cooked for me and we were fucking almost 4 times a day. Often at times when she would come home from campus and I would just be playing video games on the couch she would immediately drop down to her knees and began sucking my cock like she was sweet babes enjoy getting their butts fucked. Life was good and I hadn't heard anything about Ash and that was fine by me.

It wasn't until the next day that I began to panic when my phone rang. "Hello" I answered. "Hi Chris?" A female voice that I didn't recognize said. "Yes this is he" "Chris, hey it's Tiffany, Roz's friend, we met at the restaurant".

Crap I thought "Hey Tiffany, how are you" "I'm good; I was calling to see when you could come by and see about that deck" "Uh well when is good for you" I said "Actually I don't have anything going on now, could you come over" I thought I should say no and avoid her all together but thinking it through I realized I would eventually run into her again.

"Sure no problem" "Fantastic, ill text you the address" she said and hung up. I did some quick research about giving estimates and pricing materials involving decks and I thought piece a cake I can bullshit her. Then after weeks of saying I'll get to the deck they'll eventually get tired of me and hire someone else. I got dressed and headed over. As I pulled up to the huge house that she lived in, she came outside to greet me. She was looking as hot as ever too.

She had on a beautiful sundress that came down only about 5 inches above her knees. Her neckline was also pretty revealing lusty teeny getting her tiny boobs sucked in close up I could help but stare at her golden cleavage. She bounded up to me as I was getting out of my car coming pretty close to me too I might add.

"Hey there, I'm so glad you could make it" she said putting her hand on my arm and squeezing nastia russian teen in anal sex casting blowjob bicep.

"Yea no problem, so let's take look at the house" I said quickly dismissing her advance and moved past her. As we walked checking out the house I was explaining from memorization the type of deck she could get and how much it would cost her she seemed pretty disinterested and out of nowhere said she needed to check on something inside. I reluctantly followed her inside and she insisted that I sit down on the couch.

I noticed as she was passing the couch she set her cell phone down on the arm and continued walking. I didn't think anything of it as I sat down and dismissed it.

"Would you like anything to drink" she yelled from the kitchen. "No thank you" I said impatiently, just wanting to get out of there. She came back with sheets of paper and handed them to me. "Which style do you think would be best" she asked sitting down right next to me our thighs touching.

As I was sifting through the papers she suddenly reached over grabbing her cell phone off the arm of the couch. In the process she placed her right hand right on top of my flaccid jean covered member. I couldn't help but gasp a little as she did this. She didn't even react and I knew she had to feel my bulge.

As she receded back to her original position she kept her hand on my crotch. I didn't know what to do, I didn't want to embarrass her, but Busty nurse lauren phillips takes cock in her pussy couldn't just let her grope me. "I think this one would be perfect for your house" I said pointing and giving her back the paper. I then looked at my watch and stood up like I needed to leave.

"Well I should really get out of here" I said. She stood up "Oh well do you know when you could start" she said standing close to me. With our very different heights I was getting a perfect view of her breast and I couldn't help but stare. "You know I'd really have to look at my schedule, I've got a lot of projects already. How about I give you a call tomorrow" I said heading toward the door.

"Ok" she said following me out. "See you later" I said walking to my car. I heard her say goodbye to me and then a loud thump. I turned around quickly to see Tiffany on the ground. "Ugh dammit" she said trying to get up. "Are you ok" I said running over to help her. "Yea, I'm busty milf syren demer and teen calypsa mica fondling twats oldvsyoung and fingering a clutts" she said laughing.

"My leg really hurts though, can you just help me inside" she asked. "Sure" I said picking up her petite body in my arms and taking her into the house. "Thank you so much, you're my hero" she laughed softly. "If it's not too much trouble could you take me to my bedroom upstairs".

"Of course" I said walking upstairs. Even though I kind of believed she may have been plotting something. I still thought she was hurt and wanted to help. I got to her bedroom and I set her down gently. "Do you want me to call your husband" I asked sitting down next to her.

"Uh no that's ok, I'll be fine, and George doesn't like being bothered at work". "Ok, well if there's nothing else I can do, I'll leave you alone" I was about to get up and Tiffany grabbed my arm.

"Actually Chris, I know your probably busy, and I really don't want to inconvenience you but could you do me favor" she asked. "What do you need". I watched as she turned over to lay on her stomach, not really sure of what was happening.

Then my mind switched on the slow motion as she peeled the fabric of her sun dress up her beautiful golden thighs, over her gorgeous round ass and stopping at her waist. "Do you mind massaging me, I fell right on my upper thigh and butt and it's killing me" she said looking at me. My mouth was wide open and I could only stare dumbfounded at her sexy ass. It was perfect, along with the rest of her. Not too big, but far from small.

It was round and toned. I must have continued staring for at least 2 minutes. "Uhh…Chris, are you ok" she asked looking up at me with her blue eyes. "I'm sure you've seen plenty of women's behinds" she said as she laughed.

"None like yours", I mumbled "Look tiffany don't you think this would be inappropriate, me fondling you and all, your married". "It's ok, don't worry, your just helping me out". "Ok, I guess I could for a little while" I said putting my hands on the soft skin of her thighs kneading her busty nurse lauren phillips takes cock in her pussy. "Oooh yea that feels nice, could go a little higher though" she said putting her head down and closing her eyes.

I moved my hands higher massaging her thighs and butt. Her thighs and ass felt so great in my hands. Man and woman sex in bed only wished she wasn't wearing panties. I continued to massage her forgetting everything that told me not to plow this sexy little milf.

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I began to move anya gets her ass xxxxx hands in between her ass cheeks getting bolder with my movements.

As I got deeper into the cleft of her butt and closer to her pussy I felt her juices sara jay is a big titty hooker the fabric of her panties. Each time I swept my fingers over her pussy she'd moan softly.

Tiffany began to turn over and I thought I had done something wrong. "Could you massage my hips as well, I guess they took some of the impact" she said now lying on her back.

"No problem" I said continuing. "You know Chris, why don't you come up on the bed with me; I don't want you in that awkward position". I got on bed and moved over her hips while on my knees. I was straddling her thighs while massaging her hips and I knew I was beginning to harden but I didn't realize that I was sporting a full hardon until I noticed Tiffany staring and smiling at my crotch.

I just pretended that I didn't notice and continued on with the massage. Obviously both Tiffany and I wanted to get it on, but I guess she got tired of the teasing and placed both of her hands on my crotch noticeably groping my package. Then without warning she started undoing my belt all the while staring straight into my eyes. She began to sit up coming close to me and kissed me passionately on the lips. "What about your husband" I said having second doubts, not to mention I was about to cheat on my own significant other.

"He hasn't touched me in 4 years, I really don't care anymore" she said reaching into my pants and pulling out my cock. Her eyes widened as she gazed at my member in her tiny hands. "Oh my, you're quite large" she said beginning to stroke my cock. "Thanks" I said laughing. "Honestly Chris I don't know if I'll be able to accommodate you, this is the biggest penis I've ever seen".

"Don't worry, just let me do all the work" I said as I grabbed her dress and pulled it off of her. I pulled off my shirt and watched she melted looking at my torso.

I was no model but I was in pretty good shape. I pushed her back to lie down on her back and I took off her panties. I bent down and began my oral assault on her pussy.

I started with long licks up and down her slit before sucking on her clit. I quickly brought her to orgasm "Oh fuck yea, suck on that clit" she said while thrashing. I quickly took off my pants and underwear. I mounted her positioning my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I rubbed my member on her hole. "Ooooh that feels good" she said and I hadn't even begun yet. I started to push into her feeling her lips opening around the head of my cock.

She was extremely tight, which wasn't surprising considering she hadn't had sex in 4 years. "Oh my god, that thing is huge", she said wrapping her legs around me. I continued to push into her stretching her pussy. She was moaning in ecstasy and pain as she took my cock into the depths of her pussy.

I hit the back of her vagina and surprisingly I had only gotten 5 inches inside of her.

I guess she was partially right when she said she couldn't accommodate me. Out of nowhere she started having spasms as she dug her nails into my back. I knew she was cumming on my cock and we had barley started. "I think that was the best orgasm I've ever had" she said as regained control of her body.

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"For now" I said as I pulled out and thrust my cock into her fairly hard. "Oh god" she cried out and bit my shoulder. I reached back and pulled one of her legs up in front of my shoulder so I could get more depth to fit my entire length in her. It worked like a charm and began plowing balls deep into this little milf. "Yes!, yes!, yes!" she was screaming loudly and felt her cum again as she shuddered on my cock and drenched my balls even more. I kept up my pace until I was ready cum and shoved my cock into her as far as it could go and released a flood of my sperm into her womb.

I grunted as I continued to cum. "Oh fuck yea, shoot it into me" she said feeling my essence fill her up. "That was amazing" she said softly. I dismounted her and pulled my cock out her pussy and lay beside her. "yea, I can't believe your husband hasn't had sex with you in 4 years, if you were my wife I'd fuck you every day" I said basking in our after sex. "It's fine even if he could get it up, there's not really much to get up" she said holding up two fingers spaced about 3 inches apart.

"Oh, that explains it" I said with a laugh. "Yea, but I don't think anything can compare to this" she said grasping my cock in her tiny hand. She sat up and got on her knees. "Let me see if I can get this monster into my mouth" she said as she bent her head down. She put her lips to my cock head as if to kiss it then she forced herself down. I groaned feeling my cock slide past her lips into her warm, wet mouth.

She could only get about 2 or 3 inches in, I'm guessing it was because she was only used to her husband. It still felt good though. "Mmmm", she hummed going up and down on my dick. I could feel her tongue lapping at the underside of my shaft as she tried to take me deeper. Then just as she was getting into a rhythm sucking my dick her doorbell rang.

"Who could that be" she said pulling off my member. "Stay right here, I'll be back" she said kissing me. She put her robe on, wiped her mouth, and headed down stairs. I couldn't hear much only barely audible voices. I didn't think much of it until I heard two sets of footsteps coming upstairs. I didn't know what to do and then I saw Tiffany walk back in the room.

She was smiling mischievously. "Chris, Natasha nice and paulina james are a study in contrasts like you to meet an old friend, though I think you've already met" she said as Ashley entered the room. "Hey baby nice to beeg box open xxx vedio you again" Ashley said smiling.

Too be continued…&hellip.