Pepper is a sexy amateur deepthroat star who shows up nervous but wind

Pepper is a sexy amateur deepthroat star who shows up nervous but wind
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You sit in the hotel bar, with your boss and the rest of your team mates, enjoying champagne, celebrating the closure of your business deal. Your boss stands up 'I'd like to propose a toast … to the man who has made this deal possible…' he pats you on the shoulder. 'You're the newest member of our team but you have worked hard, and as the closure of the deal, you get a generous bonus…' You watch you team mates cheer, as your boss dangles a room key in front of your face, you look puzzled 'I already have a room for the night??!!??' Your team mates giggle quietly, nudging each other, your boss replies 'an upgrade in room is just part of your bonus; you'll find the other part of your bonus in the room…' You enjoy a few more drinks, all of you talking, laughing and joking around.

Your team mates telling you of their first bonuses but not giving you much in the way of details. This makes you even more intrigued, so you mountain fuck fest oudoor group hard sex and oral juice to leave and go to your new room and find out what your bonus is.

As you enter your new room, you freeze and your mouth drops open, you're eyes light up as you find the rest of your bonus&hellip. Dressed in a Royal purple strapless leather basque with button-up front and black laces (criss-cross corset style) down the sides, matching leather shorts, black lace up side (for easy removal). I lie spread-eagled with my leather wrist and ankle restraints holding me secure to the bed.

My eyes are covered with a leather blindfold. You smile as you think about what excitement your mates showed when they were telling you about bonuses.

'Wow! What a bonus…' you feel instantly hard and horny, you want to 'un-wrap' your bonus, but you control yourself to savour every moment. You release your tie, dangling it over my leg. You lower it gently, allowing it to touch my knee; I flinch and instinctively try to pull away.

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'Who's there!!??' my voice puzzled but not shocked, you don't reply, but giggle to yourself silently. You stroke your satin tie up my legs and over my bare arms, enjoying watching me flinch, teasing me. I feel the soft material teasing over my flesh, with feather light softness. You stand up next to the bed and lean forward to whisper in my ear, not knowing what my reaction will be.

You speak so softly your words simply escape from your lips on your breath into my ear… 'Let's play'.

I lift my head off the pillow and press my lips against yours. You're a little surprised but feel excited at my actions. You pull away from my kiss smiling, tasting my lipstick. You reach out and place your finger gently on my lips, gliding it softly, barely touching my lips, down my chin, jhanvi kapoor sex full sex stories neck, and between my breasts.

Watching every expression on my face, as I moan softly, biting my lip. You run your finger across the top edge of my basque, running firstly over one breast then the other, before coming to rest on the buttons between my cleavage. You get excited as you watch the expressions on my face.

You slowly start to undo the buttons on my basque. You smile, watching me bite my lip, as you tease. You slowly pull the cup of my basque down, revealing my breast. I moan softly, feeling the cool air against my skin. You circle your fingers round my nipple with feather light touch slowly.

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You lean forward and gently blow on it, watching my nipple stand erect, before taking it into your warm mouth, making me wriggle so delightfully. I can feel you caressing my breast with your tongue. You move from one breast to the other, driving me crazy with lustful passion.

You trace across the waistline of my shorts, feeling my skin so soft and smooth. You begin to run your fingers across my stomach, giggling to yourself silently, watching me flinch a little. You continue, watching me wriggle helplessly, looking so sexy. Moving your fingers down my sides, I feel you almost tickling across my abdomen. I moan so softly on my breath. You move slowly and quietly positioning yourself, kneeling between my legs.

You lean forward, steadying yourself with your arms. You lower your head and gently lick across my stomach. I shudder, feeling your warm breath on my bare skin. Running your fingers over my hips, you slowly undo the laces holding my shorts in place. Peeling the leather material away, your eyes widen with excitement as you see my pussy. You glide your fingers over my neatly trimmed pubic hair. I bite my lip and moan softly as I feel your warm breathe blowing softly on my hot naked pussy.

I move so sexily against my leather bonds, as you move yourself and start to flick your tongue over my clit, gently sucking it into your mouth. You're driving me insane, as you lick and suck me. Softly molesting this blindfolded, helpless beauty, making the most of your 'business bonus'. You make me wriggle and moan, teasing me, as you gently push your tongue inside me. You lick softly over my pubic region, then further between my thighs, across my pussy lips and as far round between my legs as you can reach.

You taste my juices flowing over your tongue and over your lips. My breathing becoming more rapid and I moan louder as my orgasm approaches, but you show no signs of stopping. I can feel my whole body tensing and my pussy throbbing as my orgasm takes hold. I start squealing and biting my lip, making my whole body quiver uncontrollably as my young body is thrown into the hot gilr with a buttplug tube porn of orgasm.

Having this sexy brunette stranger, tied and blindfolded, shaking, screaming and cumming, seriously sexually excites you.

You can feel your cock stir in your trousers, but you want to make the most of your time with your 'bonus'.

You move up my body and whisper into my ear once more&hellip. 'Let's not rush baby, we have all night. I'm gonna get another drink&hellip. I'll be back&hellip. Don't go any where now&hellip.' You giggle wickedly as you leave and return to bar with your friends. * To be continued&hellip.