Moon and son xxx story

Moon and son xxx story
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Being a teenager going through puberty, I've found myself exploring my developing body often lately. I discovered the joys of pornography a couple of weeks ago when my friend, Ralyn came over. He showed me this site called After he left, he revisited the site and saw women in a way in which I had never seen before.

I had a very good idea of what a woman's naked body looked like, but I'd learnt so much about the female form since I had began viewing porn. I know my parent's watched it often, I've seen DVDs in their room and heard the noises of moaning women and cheap porn music coming from their room. I had developed a keen interest in pornography, using it as my sex ed.

I felt ashamed sometimes, mostly because I felt that I should learn this information through experience. But where is a teenager going to find a woman who's taking a cock in each hole?

I suppose that there's too much for one person to experience without porn. But still, there's too much that I should be experiencing for the first time with pornstar babe gets her ass hole penetrated with stiff dick woman. I'm not a single man, my girlfriend's name Jackie. She's what's considered a bookworm, chock full of knowledge that she doesn't' really know anything about.

Similar to my knowledge of sex. I fantasized about her often, but have always been a bit scared to bring the possibility of us having a sexual relationship up. She could either really want it, or not. She was only a little overweight with some of the nicest breasts in school. Her ass is nice, apparently not my favorite, but attractive nonetheless. That's all I know about her body right now, but I hoped to see more. The next day, at school, we agreed to hang out that afternoon at lunch. I planned on bringing the subject up, but found myself thinking of reasons not to.

That afternoon we left the school property and headed to her house.

Her parent's worked late, so it would be just us for about two hours. It took us little over half an hour to get there. She threw her backpack on the couch after coming through the door, while I gently laid mine on the floor against the couch, I carried breakables such as a glass pipe used for smoking weed.

Jackie doesn't smoke, but she did a couple of months before he hooked up. She's one of those girlfriends who believes in letting people become who they want to be, she saw nothing wrong with weed, especially in my case. It was her mia khalifa sex story time 20 minimum to enjoy a cold soda and light snack after school.

She made use both a bowl of Pizza Pockets. We ate while watching the Ellen Degenerous Show, another routine of ours. Conveniently, the topic of masturbation was discussed lightly on the show. I used this to help break the ice. "Do you masturbate, Kyle?" she asked. "Tch, yeah, you know all teenage boys play with themselves." I responded.

"Do you?" "Yeah." She answered. She blushed as she confessed. This was interesting to me because I was unsure of how often women played with themselves. "How often do you play with yourself?" she asked. I wanted to lie and say once a week, but I wanted to establish honesty and spark a sexual relationship too. "Daily, sometimes twice daily." I said, waiting for an exaggerated response of surprise. "Wow! How do you have time for me if you're playing with yourself so much?" "I only do so before I go to bed or after I wake up.

The mornings are the worst." "Why's that? "I don't know, it's called morning wood. Guys will just wake up with an erection and the desire to cum." "Oh. I didn't think you were such a naughty boy." She said with a laugh.

I was pleased with how well she was taking the conversation. "How often do you play with yourself?" I asked. She thought about this for a couple of seconds. "It varies, really.

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It just depends on what happens. I mostly do it after we hang out, or if I'm still feeling horny from kissing you so much." Wow! What a revelation. Maybe sex was going to be easier than I thought? "Really? That's so hot I don't know what to say. Do you fantasize about me?" "I try to, but it's hard because I don't know what to picture.

So I end up remembering just being with you." "Wait! Wow, that's even hotter than I thought." My cock was hard now, just begging me to play with it. "You've never seen a penis?" "Well, no, not that I can remember." "Well, if it would help you later tonight, I could show you, so that you know what to picture!" She school class cute anl story about this for some time.

In her face, I could see that she desperately wanted to, but was nervous. So she settled with just a nod. I rose up off the couch, with only a little hesitation and asked again. This time, she was sure of her answer. Sexy eighteen year old attractive girl hardcore massage straightened up on the couch, her eyes focused on the bulge extruding from my groin.

I unzipped my pants, and almost as suddenly, my cock sprang out from my pants, fully erect. I'm only seven and half inches long with a four inch width, but it was enough to raise her eyebrows.

She stared at it for quit a while, observing the details. Then, suddenly, she just reached her hand out and grabbed it. "Wow, it's so hard, yet so soft and smooth. It's so much better than I imagined." she said as ran her fingers along my hardened shaft. She wrapped her hand around my cock and began pumping it at varying speeds to discover which I enjoyed best.

Jerking myself always felt great, but having someone else pumping my cock felt even better. I occasionally let out a small moan of pleasure. "I've heard some of the girl's at school talking about sucking on it. How does that work?" "Well, from what I've watched of porn, you just put it in your mouth and bob your head back and forth." So as soon as I had explained that, she had my cock in her mouth. She didn't take much at first, she was only investigating the taste, which she claimed was kind of tasteless, but in a good way.

She spent about a minute getting used to the large cock filling her mouth before she began developing technique. She quickly learned to watch out for her teeth and to use her tongue to maximize pleasure. She learned that stimulation to the head of my cock felt the best, and used that knowledge to her advantage.

I didn't know what she was aiming for, but she sucked my dick for several minutes.

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It felt so amazing, there were times when the pleasure was so strong, that I didn't know how to handle it and would thrust my hips forward, shoving my cock to the back of her throat.

She handled it well, not even stopping to recover from her tripped gag reflexes. I felt the overwhelming sensation of my climax rising swelling up in my cock. "Oh God, I think I'm gonna cum soon." My confession caused her to work harder on my cock. A minute later, I couldn't handle it anymore as soon as it became too overwhelming, my cock shot cum to the back of Jackie's throat.

At first, the taste shocked her, but she quickly got used to it. I had to explain to be careful with my sensitive cock, so she just held the tip of it in her mouth, while I shot my semen all over her tongue. After I was done and she was sure she had devoured all of my cum, she looked at me and smiled with pride. "My first taste of cock and cum! And according to you, I did very good." I smiled and leaned down to kiss her and congratulate her as well as to give thanks.

"Now it's your turn!" I said with a naughty grin. Since we'd started dating and I discovered that you can eat a woman's pussy, I had fantasized about it so many times. For this, I put my cock away and helped her up off the couch. She lead me to her room. I could tell that after sucking my cock, she had lost all nervousness, but now that it was my time to shine, I felt nervous.

Before she laid on her bed, she slowly removed her pants and her panties. Her pussy was very nice, her inner lips neatly tucked inside. She sported only a little bit of hair, enough to look sexy without having to worry about getting it in my mouth. I approached her and began kissing her, grabbing and squeezing her ass and her titties.

I've been allowed to grope her breasts before, but in the hit of this moment, her breasts felt so much better than ever before. Already, my cock began to swell again. We made out as she laid down on her bed with her legs open.

Her openness and eagerness was so hot, I could barely control myself again. I began kissing down her neck and her chest all the way down to her pussy. The sweet scents wafting from her tight little pink hole was intoxicating.

Her pussy was already soaked with her own wetness. Eager for the buffet, I dove in, sopping up her juices with my hungry tongue. Almost as instantly as I dove in, her hand were firmly gripped on my scalp and her body was lightly squirming from the pleasure. She tried to contain her moans of ecstasy, but to no avail. I used her moans to figure out where to use my tongue and how.

I find that flicking what I have come to call her "pearl" the most sensitive part of her clit was the best for her. Being so close to my first pussy, there were many things that I wanted to do. So I started by inserting my fingers into her pussy and began stroking them in and out. I used one at first, but that didn't feel like it was enough so inserted another. It was a tight fit. I could tell she liked that because she began clamping my head between her legs.

After a minute of tongue and finger fucking her, I grabbed the underneath of her thighs and pushed them to her chest, exposing her privates completely. To this day I still mia gold gets plowed on the couch find the words to describe how this site made me feel.

It was perhaps the most excited feeling I had ever experienced. After taking a few seconds to study her body in this new position, I leaned in to her pussy, and stuck my tongue inside her wet, pink hole. We both loved this. It was a strong taste that threw me off guard for a second, but I decided that it was a delicious taste and dove back in.

I spent the next couple of minutes tongue fucking her. "I think I'm gonna cum! Oh God, Kyle, I think I'm gonna cum!" she exclaimed. Jackie's body was squirming much more fiercely now. Her hips bucked back and forth, as if she was rubbing her pussy on my face.

The walls of her pussy tightened for a couple of seconds, then relaxed as her bodies activity slowed down. She released a few more moans of pleasure and seemed to stare of into space. I could feel the juices on my chin, mouth, and even nose.

"Wow, your pussy is so delicious." I confessed. She blushed. "Thank you for making me cum." She said. "You're welcome. To be honest, I didn't think it was going to happen on my first try, but you're easy to satisfy." "No honey, you're just good with that tongue.

I can't wait to tell my friends about how good your are with that tongue, make their pussies jealous!" she said with a laugh. I loved the idea, though I was a bit embarrassed amazing babe courtney loxx is engulfing schlong for cash hardcore blowjob. She looked down at the bulge in my pants.

"You're hard again." "Yeah, something would be wrong if you stayed soft through all of that." I said. She bit her lip while staring at my bulge. "I wanna feel you inside of me." She confessed. I didn't hesitate, my pants were intense dildo pleasure mature asian milf miu as soon as she confessed her desires.

She smiled eagerly at my package, and before I stuck it in her. She sat up and leaned down on me. She didn't start sucking my cock again, she started sucking my nuts, hard at first, but then gently. God it felt amazing.

After loving on my balls for a minute, she sat up smiled with a blush and invited me to her pussy again while laying back down. I removed a condom from my pocket and wrapped it around my cock. Now I was ready to fuck her.

The awe of the moment created only a little hesitation. I climbed on top of her, making steady eye contact. I wondered if she was as nervous and anxious as I was. The tip of my cock was pressed into against her clit, causing her to rub against it a little bit. I took my hand and guided it towards her hole, and slowly began inserting my penis. It hurt her as it stretched her walls. She dug her nails into my back and tightened the muscles on her face, but she didn't want me to stop.

"Everyone says the pain is worth pleasure." She would say for encouragement. So I continued working my cock further inside of her pink hole. The feeling was intense, so tight, wet, fleshy, and HOT. It took everything I had to resist the urge to begin thrusting hips back and forth. It took quit a bit to work my cock inside her. "How far in is it?" she asked me. I was sure that I had it all in there, but just to be sure, I reached down with my hand to feel.

"Past the thickest part." I answered. While my hand was down there, a bright idea sparked in my head. I began rubbing her clit with my fingers while I slowly slid my cock in and out of her.

She loved it. "More" she pleaded. And so, I began giving her more cock. It didn't take long for her to be begging me to fuck her harder and faster, so I did. She couldn't contain her moans anymore, her body quickly began squirming. Her titties bounced as I fucked her and her pussy grew tighter seemingly with each thrust of my cock.

My balls slammed against her ass, which she claimed to love. The moment was hot, and intense. I couldn't tell ya how long it lasted, but the feeling of her busty milf alexis joined quinn in a some fuck juices against my skin every time I slammed my dick inside of adorable centerfold shows off enormous arse and gets butthole poked was overwhelming.

"I'm gonna cum again." I confessed. "Me too." she said. So I picked up the pace past what I thought I could do. Then, as she let out one final loud moan, we both came.

I thrust my cock in hard and deep with each shot of my cum. Followed by a moan with each thrust. After the climax, the action slowed down relatively quickly, but not too quickly. Looking at her alarm clock next to her bed, we saw that her parent's would be home soon. So we quickly threw the condom away and got dressed, headed upstairs and watched Tv on the couch as we always did. Strangely, we didn't feel guilty at all, more like proud and still in lust after each other.

I thought the way to go was to lose your virginity to that one special person, but what if that person's bad and the moment falls short of such expectations? The only other conclusion is that waiting for the right experience is better than waiting for the right person, who may never come.