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Lotta big clit top tube porn
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Michelle sat in front of the screen waiting for it to come to life, her skin still glistened slightly as she had rushed over to the office after her phone had buzzed with a text message that simply read, '20 minutes skype J xxx'. The thin sheen of sweat on her body wasn't from just the running in the full tropical sun but also from the fact that she had just finished her forth xxixx story brother and sisters of the day and it was still only 10 in the morning.

The last year had been fantastic for Michelle, she enjoyed her job as kennel bitch immensely and made sure that all the dogs were serviced on a regular basis to keep their juices flowing as well as her own. There was a strict rota when the owners weren't around that was carefully monitored as the agreement was that every dog had its balls emptied at least every other day. At first there had just been the privately-owned dogs which had numbered around 20 which Michelle was able to deal with herself as her services were only required when the owners weren't on the island.

However, as time progressed more people started keeping dogs on the island and Michelle sometimes found herself sucking one dog to completion while another fucked her just so she could keep up with the requirements. When Julie sent Deepti to help out, at first Michelle had been a little wary of the Indian woman, not sure if she would fit in, but Deepti had taken to her task with great enthusiasm.

Between them they would make sure that the dog's paws were covered to avoid scratches and then allow them to mount and fuck to their heart's content.

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Now the Island had expanded there was currently over 30 privately owned dogs and Deepti had been a great help. Deepti sat quietly in front of Michelle, her hands in her lap, as she waited for Michelle to speak. Deepti loved the freshly fucked feeling and could feel the seed sliding from her body and she clenched her thighs trying to make sure that none spilled out and spoiled the upholstery.

Squirming on the chair eventually Deepti could contain herself no longer and said in her quiet voice, "Please forgive me Miss but I must deal with this," and not waiting for Michelle to comment Deepti shuffled forward on the seat and opened her knees wide.

Michelle looked up from the paperwork to be greeted by sleeping wife gets fucked and cum on feet beautiful sight of Deepti's puffy pink pussy lips contrasting against her dusky brown skin. What made the sight even more beautiful was the ever-increasing trickle of dog seed that was slowly started to emerge from inside, coating her pussy lips with a white creamy froth.

"How many?" said Michelle as she stared at the cream starting to appear. "Six," Deepti said softly before pushing three fingers deep into herself with her palm facing upwards. Her pussy was so open they slid in easily and curling her fingers upwards she scooped out a large dollop of cum that she quickly and eagerly transferred to her mouth before quickly returning them to her pussy to repeat the process.

"How many times do I have to tell you?" sighed Michelle, "use a glass then brett rossi teases her wet warm pussy to an intense orgasm can both share," nodding towards the water tumbler on her desk. Deepti blushed as she reached out and taking the glass pressed it to her pussy and tensing her muscles quickly half-filled the glass. Satisfied she had got the majority Deepti closed her legs and went to drink the glass before she was stopped with a curt command from Michelle, "share." Deepti placed the glass carefully on the desk and placed her hands back in her lap and without thinking absentmindedly started to touch herself.

"Once a slut always a slut," laughed Michelle as she picked up the glass and swirled the thick liquid round the glass and examined the contents like a fine wine before carefully sipping some with relish. Then taking another large mouthful of the dog hot teacher loves to be anal fucked cocktail she carefully fixed her gaze on Deepti's face watching it become more and more disappointed as she drained the glass before noisily smacking her lips.

"Don't worry you can have your breakfast as well," smiled Michelle at the look of disappointment on Deepti's face, "only four I am afraid but am sure you will enjoy." With that Michelle leant back in her chair and opened her legs to allow Deepti to scurry between them.

Deepti was like a woman who had been in the desert for a year as her tongue went to work frantically seeking out every drop of dog cum mixed with Michelle's juices she could find. Michelle arched off the chair towards Deepti's skilful mouth, winding her fingers into her hair to give her a better grip to pull Deepti closer to her pussy. Grinding herself onto Deepti's eager tongue Michelle felt her orgasm building and just as she was about to cum the screen on her desk burst into life.

Michelle found herself staring into Julie's ice blue eyes that twinkled with amusement, as although Deepti was below the desk and out of sight, it was clear to even the most casual observer that Michelle was in the throes of ecstasy. "Being licked are we dear?" Julie's voice curled out of the speakers and seemed to touch Michelle's very soul by its casual intensity, and after a pause went on, "best you had better CUM." The last word was hissed like a command that sent an electric shock through Michelle who without thought complied and writhed and jerked in orgasm, all the time her eyes locked with Julie's as she flooded into Deepti's mouth.

Michelle was panting as she tried to slow her heart rate and Deepti appeared from under the desk and waved timidly to the screen, "Hello Miss Julie, I will leave now Miss Michelle is clean." "No stay," said Julie, "this idea affects you both so best you hear it direct as your workload is about to get a whole lot bigger.

For most employees the thought of more work would have bought about groans of disappointment, the very opposite was in fact true here, as both Michelle & Deepti's faces lit up with joy knowing that more work meant more dog fucking.

"Holiday dogs," said Julie waiting for the words to sink in before she went on to explain her concept. "The idea is quite simple, instead of someone having to own and kennel their own dog, we as an island would own some 'community' dogs and women would come sexy conned masseuse jizz pornstars and hardcore on holiday to sample the delights and pleasures." For the next 30 minutes the three exchanged ideas and concepts, laughing over the idea that there could be a 'dog menu' to allow women to pick their ideal date.

The problem they had with the present set up was the owners always had first call on their own dogs, which meant sometimes any casual guests had to wait, Julie's idea would mean a lot more dogs would be available to casual guests. "So, in summary," said Julie, "I will see what I can do about arranging a source of dogs from the UK that are trained and experienced and available to move to the island." Michelle nodded as she replied, "and I will make the advert for Perro Mundo using Chico, for now we will need to use the owner's dogs for the advert which hopefully they won't mind." After they had said their goodbyes the screen went dead and Michelle turned to Deepti with a laugh and said, "so what are you like with a camera?" ***** Hailey sat on the side of the boat as it approached the island and re-read the private letter she had been given at the airport.

"Sorry I can't join you, so Mitchie will cover everything but in the meantime just imagine you are a tourist coming here for a holiday, enjoy all the island has to offer, love J xxx," and the word 'all' had been underlined a few times. Hailey clicked play on the video that she had watched hundreds of times in private.

The young woman's face seemed so open and honest and glancing up from the screen Hailey could see that the stretch of beach they were approaching was the same as the one showing on the screen where the young girl was being fucked at the edge of the water by a large black lab. Hailey laughed to herself as she remembered how Craig had been a bit grumpy at first being left with the kids while Hailey "swanned off on holiday" as he put it, but seemed to be more content when his parents agreed to take the children for a long weekend to allow him time to explore his new home.

Hailey was roused from her daydream by the captain of the small boat she had boarded after the seaplane had dropped her off, handing her a waterproof bag. His pearly white teeth shone brightly in his dark face as he said, "they are optional you know," and when he saw the confusion on her face went on, "your clothes, most are naked here, makes it easier for the dogs." As they approached the dock Hailey could indeed see that scattering of women there were indeed naked and standing at the end of the pier was the young woman in the video and beside her was sitting the other star of the show, her black lab.

"Hi I'm Michelle," said the woman gaily, "and this is Chico," as she ruffled the dog's large shaggy head. "It's OK to be naked you know. Makes it easier for the dogs to fuck you," laughed Michelle as she turned on her heel and wandered off towards the buildings. Hailey had to shake her head to check she had heard correctly and admired Michelle's pert ass as she padded along with her dog beside her. Almost to prove a point some 50 feet in front, in a small clearing near some sun loungers Michelle suddenly dropped to all fours.

Hailey's mouth fell open as to her utter amazement Chico mounted Michelle, his cock teen caught her bf fucking a busty milf hard and began to thrust rapidly seeking Michelle's pussy.

Hailey was spellbound as she moved a little closer and could see the large red cock slamming into Michelle's pussy and she could clearly hear the moans of pleasure coming from her mouth. Hailey had been attracted by Michelle before she had met her but she was totally in lust with her dog as the red cock looked as long but much thicker than her own Sam's at home. Hailey jumped as a small voice beside her said, "welcome to Perro Mundo Miss Hailey, I am Deepti and here to serve you.

As our guest here please avail yourself to all the facilities." Hailey looked round to see the smiling face of a naked Indian woman who went on, "perhaps a refreshing drink after your journey, or maybe a dog to fuck you to relieve the tension, or if you desire I can relax you with my talented tongue." "Ummm yes please… I mean no thank you," Hailey blustered before clarifying, "I mean, yes to the drink and no to the rest.

for now." Returning to the scene before her Hailey watched Michelle's pretty face contort with pleasure as Chico gripped her hips with his paws, pulling her onto his cock. The sight was having an effect on Hailey and she was now wishing she hadn't been quite so eager to turn down Deepti's offer of a dog.

Glancing round there seemed to be no one about and taking a deep breath Hailey decided to take the plunge and quickly stripped naked feeling the sun caress her body. "Very nice," murmured Michelle as she looked over Hailey's body, "do you fuck dogs? And I do hope you are bi, though if you know NMP you are bound to be." Hailey nodded dumbly as she felt herself get wet watching the angry red cock driving into Michelle's pussy and she could hear the squelching sound as the cock hammered home.

Hailey's mouth was dry as she licked her lips feeling her own juices start to bubble and trickle down her thighs but managed to stammer, "who is NMP?" "Naught Mary Poppins," laughed Michelle, "or maybe you know her better as Julie and when was the last time you were fucked by a dog?"Michelle panted before groaning loudly as Chico drove his knot into her willing pussy.

"Too fucking long," moaned Hailey looking round in hope and desperation praying that Deepti would reappear so she could avail herself of either of her earlier offers. Almost like she had read her mind Deepti reappeared with a large Irish wolfhound whose massive frame seemed to make Deepti even smaller. Deepti was clutching a lead but it was obvious that the dog could have freed himself in a moment with very little effort.

"I think Miss needs Patrick and he is due on the rota," said Deepti as she stopped before Hailey then dropping to her knees began to expertly manipulate his cock. Very quickly Patrick started to show and his long red cock started to emerge from hot blonde beauties enjoy a big stick sheath growing bigger and bigger by the second and heavy drops of watery pre-cum flowed freely from the blunt tip onto Deepti's hands and the onto the tiled floor.

"We find it best to have support with Patrick," said Michelle who had finished with Chico and stood beside Hailey guiding her to a sturdy table that was the right height for Hailey to bend over and grab the table legs with her own legs straight. Hailey moaned with pure lust as she felt Patrick's two babes and their first time lesbian breath on her pussy and then squealed with pleasure as his long rough tongue rasped along her pussy lips sending waves of pleasure through her.

Raising her head Hailey could see the trails of dog cum trickling slowly down Michelle's inner thighs and she moved so that Hailey's head was level with her pussy allowing Hailey to inhale the heady aroma of dog seed mixed with Michelle's own juices.

Before she could work out how she could taste, Michelle suddenly crouched down and lifted Hailey's head gently so she was looking directly into Hailey's eyes. As they locked eyes Hailey felt the weight of the Irish Wolfhound on her back as Patrick rose majestically like a small pony and started to thrust his cock, seeking her pussy.

Deepti deftly reached under and grasping the cock she could hardly fit her fingers round, she placed it at the entrance of Hailey's soaking pussy. Patrick thrust forward hard and Hailey went to scream as she was entered more deeply than she had ever been before. Yes, Prosecco bottles were wider but not as long and she had always taken it more slowly than this savage thrust.

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Her cry was muffled, as at that moment Michelle locked lips with her kissing her deeply and effectively swallowing her scream of primeval pleasure & pain. Michelle had to break her kiss as Patrick started to pound Hailey causing the table to shake giving both Michelle & Deepti concerns it might even collapse under the vigorous treatment it was being subjected to.

Hailey was unconcerned as the only focus in her whole world at that moment was the giant pole of flesh that was being rammed into her body with such a force. Hailey's orgasm burst like an erupting volcano, as her head thrashed from side to side, and words spewed from her mouth that were more a collection of disjointed sounds than anything else. She was like a rag doll under Patrick who fucked harder until he could force his knot into Hailey's open and battered pussy.

The fucking slowed as Patrick slowly pumped his seed into Hailey who had almost passed out on the table. Deepti leant under and massaged Hailey's lower belly, and to moans of pleasure, her clit as she helped the large dog knot slip from Hailey's pussy. Deepti wasn't fast enough to clamp her mouth over Hailey's open pussy to stop the gush of dog seed onto the floor that hit with a loud splatting sound.

Undeterred Deepti knelt on all fours and started to lick the tiles clean as the last few drops fell onto the back of her head. Lifting Hailey's head gently again Michelle wiped a strand of wet hair from Hailey's face and kissed her gently before she whispered "Welcome properly to Perro Mundo." Hailey smiled dreamily and uttered one word so quietly that Michelle had to lean forward to hear it."again." ***** The following morning Michelle, Hailey and Deepti sat naked round the large table on the patio of a luxury villa looking german teen public fucks redhead and reality onto the crystal-clear waters of the lagoon the complex was set round.

As they sipped their orange juice Hailey asked Michelle in a dreamy voice, "So was Patrick one of the resident dogs you talked about in that wonderful video I saw?

And if so, how many resident community dogs are there?" Michelle giggled before she said, "Well has an owner but I suppose you could say there is one, as Chico is always available." Hailey repeated the word slowly, "One." before continuing, "I am sure he is pretty wonderful but surely you need more than that." "Yes, we do." said Deepti, "and that's where you come in Hailey." Hailey raised a quizzical eyebrow as Michelle went on, "The idea is you will find dogs for the Island, train them at your kennels, then we can move them tanned floozy from brazil receives nailed brazilian and hardcore here.

In the mean time we will build a small boutique hotel and expand the kennels a little so that guests can come and enjoy the pleasures." Hailey nodded as Deepti added, "and of course if there are any women who have yet to enjoy the pleasures of canine sex then they can lose their virginity at your kennels before committing to a holiday." "The last part might prove a little difficult to remain discrete." laughed Hailey imagining what Craig would say if he found out what was going on right under his nose.

"Fully understand that," nodded Michelle, "which is why Julie has bought the small cottage adjacent to the kennels with a view to turning it into a retreat where she will direct the women to and you will supply the dog, and assistance if you wish." Hailey thought about it for a moment then looking directly at Michelle then said, "I agree to the partnership on one condition." "Which is?" said Michelle with a degree of curiosity in her voice.

"That all community dogs have fucked me before they come to the island which means you let Chico fuck me here ape sex fairy tales sri lanka sinhala sex now to seal the deal." said Hailey looking at Chico who was curled at Michelle's feet.

As Michelle nodded in agreement Hailey went on, "but I want him to fuck me in the ass." Michelle said nothing but leant down and reaching under Chico began to manipulate his cock, teasing it from its sheath while at the same time looking deep into Hailey's eyes.

Hailey's breathing became laboured as she watched Chico's red cock start to emerge and licking her lips in anticipation could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. Hailey jumped a little as she felt a soft hand on her thigh and turning her head saw the smiling serene face of Deepti who said quietly, "please may I make sure you are ready for him." Hailey nodded and moved to all fours and put her ass in the air and buried her head in her arms and wondered for a brief moment if she had spoken in haste.

Hailey could feel Deepti's fingers delving inside her pussy collecting juices and then smearing them across her anal star, every so often probing gently with a finger. Soon with a finger inside Hailey's ass Deepti manipulated Hailey's clit causing her to moan deeply as she gradually relaxed.

Removing her finger Deepti bend forward and rolling her tongue into a tube poked gently at Hailey's anal star, pushing her tongue deeper each time making the moans from Hailey louder and louder. Hailey opened her eyes and could see that Michelle had now moved so that she could suck Chico's growing erection while at the same time working him with her hand making him harder. Breaking from her sucking Michelle cooed gently to Chico, "now be gentle with her Chico when you fuck her ass." but Chico just stood and panted not understanding anything but the growing desire in his brain to mate with a bitch, any bitch, in any hole.

Sensing Chico was becoming restless Michelle glanced at Deepti who had finished tonguing Hailey's ass and now she was fully relaxed, was fucking her slowly with two fingers, twisting them as she worked them in and out of Hailey's ass. The look on Deepti's face told Michelle that she would have liked longer to prepare Hailey but Michelle knew that Chico needed to breed soon so they couldn't really wait.

Nodding to Deepti, Michelle stood and taking a firm grip of Chico's collar pulled him to Hailey's upturned ass. Chico's tail was wagging madly as he could smell three bitches in heat and was desperate to mate with at least one of them, or even all three if he could, but for now he needed one.

His tongue rasped out and lapped across Michelle's naked pussy and for a brief moment Michelle wanted to open her legs to her dog and enjoy him to the full, but sighing she knew a deal was a deal and pulling Chico's head away she pushed him towards Hailey.

Chico seemed to realise that this was his bitch to fuck and lapped at Hailey running his rough tongue from her clit, up her pussy lips and across her twitching anal star. Deepti clamped her small hand over Hailey's pussy to stop Chico entering there, as Michelle helped Chico rise up and mount Hailey's back, all the time thrusting his hips desperately seeking a hole.

Hailey was panting and groaning knowing what was coming half terrified yet at the same time full of raging lust and desire. She heard Deepti giggle, as Chico must have thrust against the hand clamped over Hailey's aching pussy causing intense pressure for a brief moment. Hailey pushed her face and breasts down against the cool tiles and reaching round either side of her body, pulled her ass cheeks wide apart in haley reed all i want is bbc surrender and desire.

Michelle grasped Chico's cock and guided it towards Hailey's ass releasing it at the moment the tip touched her anal star. As Chico drove home Hailey's scream pierced the silent air of the complex as the heavy red-dog cock ravaged Hailey's ass with wanton ferocity.

Michelle and Deepti watched on as Hailey manipulated her own clit causing orgasms to shudder through her body, one after the other causing her to writhe under Chico. Although unable to knot as Hailey was too tight, the pulsation of Hailey's anal star caused Chico to start to pump his seed, spraying the inside of Hailey's bowels with hot jets of dog cum.

Looking down on Hailey who was mumbling incoherently to herself as Chico pulsed gently inside her ass, Michelle smiled as she said, "I think this is going to work out well."