Cum tasting milf takes on two big black rods

Cum tasting milf takes on two big black rods
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We are at a restaurant having dinner with another couple; chatting and drinking wine, by this stage we are little bit drunk.

We have been here for a while and are now finishing our dinner; just chatting and finishing off our bottles of wine. You look so sexy and I can't keep my eyes off you; keep thinking what we are going to do when get home. You place your hand on my knee underneath the table without anyone knowing or noticing it. Slowly your hand starts to caress my thighs gently, slowly going up. I'm so excited right now but trying to keep cool, because we are not alone and this is a public place.

I try to keep a straight face as you start to caress girls fan storys in hostel room panties; I'm so horny feeling your gentle touch.

All this whilst we keep up the conversation with our friends, who are clueless of where your hand is wondering. Suddenly you slip your fingers under my underwear and start rubbing my hot swollen clit.

My heart starts beating very hard now. I feel a shiver running through your body when you feel how soft and smooth my pussy is, as I always wax it perfectly smooth for you. Suddenly you pull your hand out from under my dress, lean towards me and place gentle kiss on my neck and whisper into my ear "You're beautiful." I smile at you and whisper back in your ear "You've made me so wet!" I kiss you on your cheek, squeezing your hand as we carry on enjoying our wine and friends' company.

You and I perfectly know what both of are thinking right now; what we are going to do when we get home. We carry on with the night, having few more glasses of wine before moving to a nice cozy bar where we can all relax and have a dance if wanted. You ask me to dance; we are dancing closely together squashed between people; I get so hot close to you.

I take my top off, exposing my shoulders and back in my strapless dress. I can tell you like it after I see the way you look at me. We move away to the side, where is not so crowded, away from everyone else. There is so much sexual tension between us after what happened at the restaurant earlier and also all the sexual whispers we've been exchanging all night. Whilst dancing, you push me closer to the wall behind a bar where is very dark and quiet. You push me gently against it; I lift one of my legs up and start rubbing it on your side.

We start kissing very passionately; you taste so good. I can feel shivers going through my body and get so hot with my heart beating faster and faster. You look into my dark brown eyes and whisper "God, you are so beautiful and I want you so much". You are still holding me against the wall and start kissing down my neck and chest towards my breast. I'm getting so excited because I know what is coming. My nipples get hard instantly as I feel you kissing me lower and lower, moving closer to my breasts.

My hands start playing with your hair and I start kissing your ear, softly massaging it with my tongue. You push harder on me and squeeze my ass with your hands now. I can feel your big hard cock pressing against me as I whisper "I want you David".

I push you off mmf with a blonde milf amateur xxx friends getting moist together, grab your hand and take you out of the bar. Walking as fast as I can you follow me; I can almost feel you inside me.

You call for a taxi, but I can't wait for you all the way home.

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We get cozy again on a bench in a very nice quiet spot; the night is so beautiful. You sit next to me feeling me everywhere with your soft hands, kissing me passionately at the same time. "I want you now" you say. You push my dress up, get down and start kissing my inner thigh, driving me insane.

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I spread my legs further wanting you there inside me right now; I push against the backrest of the bench. You pull my underwear down, still kissing my thigh slowly, putting me on edge. You start licking my clit with your tongue as I let uncontrollable moans of pleasure. You start to suck on my swollen clit, licking my hot wet pussy, driving me mad.

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"I want you to fuck me David" I say. Knowing I can't wait any longer I lean to the side of the bench slowly lying down on my back. You un-do your trousers and take your underwear off exposing your hard cock waiting and ready to be inside me.

You lean forward, look at me deeply again; you see lust in my eyes, you can see how much I want this, you, everything. We kiss again, your lips on mine; your tongue finding its way inside my mouth, our tongues touching each other, tasting each other. At the same time you enter inside me with ease, I'm so dripping wet, just ready.

I sigh "ahhh" as I feel your cock inside me, so hot and so hard. God, you are so great in every way; the best lover there is for me. You push hard and slow inside me, I sensual masturbation and orgasm by hot redhead feel you so deep, rubbing in there. I moan louder and louder and move my legs higher so I can wrap them around your waist, pushing you even deeper inside me.

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My heart starts beating faster and faster as you rub your cock inside me, thrusting faster and deeper with every move. I can feel an orgasm building inside me as my pussy starts contracting hard on your cock inside me adding to your pleasure, squeezing it. I moan loudly as I feel you cuming too, with me; very hard. I feel your cum inside me, filling my pussy completely, mixing with my juices just sister and mom full move sweet fragrance of us hits us.

You stay in for a minute or so, gently throbbing inside me now; gently massaging my sensitive still contracting pussy walls. I feel our juices slowly leaking out, dripping on the bench, just as we catch our breath.

You kiss me very gently again and hold me closely to you. I'm helping you to get dressed just as out taxi arrives, taking us home.