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Busty amateur gf kimberly kendall anal pounded outdoors
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Fbailey story number 417 The Drunken Teenagers Most related siblings think, act, and grow alike over the years. My two brothers and I are no exception. You see, all three of us boys got married a couple of years after high school to our childhood sweethearts.

We all had two daughters each, no sons, and then after about ten years of marriage each of us divorced. Now we are all weekend daddies. I am the oldest of three boys and got married first, had children first, and divorced first. It was not an honor but at least I could give advice to my brothers when they went through it. The best advice was to get the meanest, nastiest, son-of-a-bithchin' lawyer that you can…before you wife does. My daughters are Angela age sixteen and Bethany age fourteen.

My oldest younger brother has two daughters that are Charlene age fifteen and Dixie age thirteen. My youngest brother has two daughters that are Erika age fourteen and Fawn age thirteen. It is really something to have six teenage girls in the family at the same time. Angela turning sixteen was a very big deal because I took her to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get her Learner's Permit. The following weekend Angela wanted a party with her sister and cousins but without me.

Since I only see her on weekends I tend to accommodate her more than I should, so of course I said yes. Well, the party turned into a sleepover, which turned into the whole weekend and somehow included booze. Not much booze all she asked for was a six pack of beer so that they could all have a taste. That seemed okay, so I agreed. Then she talked me into a bottle dinky in prodigious bimbo brooke van buurens slit Champaign to celebrate in 'style' too.

That also seemed okay since six drinking from one bottle was not all that bad. That Friday I went over to my youngest brother's place along with our middle brother.

We were going to enjoy ourselves too. We drank ourselves into a stupor, passed out, and woke up sometime the following day. A phone call told us that the girls were still alive, drank all of their booze, and had a great time.

They were eating pizza, which they bought on my credit card. Okay. Saturday evening just before closing I went down to my favorite liquor store to buy more booze for us guys. The owner was there and asked what kind of party I was throwing that I needed more booze for. After a short conversation it came out that apparently I had called in an order to be delivered to my home and paid for it with my credit card. I had even tipped the delivery guy twenty bucks on my card too.

Apparently I had order a dozen bottles of assorted alcohol from Scotch and Vodka to Tequila and Rum and not cheap stuff sexy women convinced to flash their nice tits for money. I also ordered a case of twelve bottles of Champaign and a case of red wine too. I thanked him for the heads up. I went back to my brothers but I didn't tell them what our daughters had been up too.

I decided to let the girls drink, thinking that they would get sick and not touch the stuff for several years. I decided that was good parenting at its finest. Well it might not have been my best decision after all, so about three o'clock in the morning after my brothers had passed out I decided to check in on the girls.

The drapes were all closed and the lights were all on but I still couldn't see inside.

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The music was loud but not loud enough to upset the neighbors. I unlocked the front door and slipped in quietly so as not to be noticed. I sneaked down the hallway and peeked into the family room.

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Oh my God! There were naked girls everywhere. They were all sound asleep or drunk and passed out. Either way, they were unconscious…and they were naked. There was teenage pussy, tits, and ass everywhere. Pretty babes having lesbian joy pornstar hardcore own daughters were right in the middle on their backs with wine bottles still stuck in their pussies.

Well Angela had the neck of a Champaign bottle sticking in her pussy. I went to get my digital camera when I saw it on the coffee table. I picked it up and hit review to find that the girls had taken several hundred pictures. As I viewed a few of the pictures going backwards I saw each of the six girls fucking themselves with an empty bottle.

I went up to my bedroom and stashed that memory chip while I put in a fresh memory chip and recharged batteries. I then went back down to the girls and started taking pictures of them.

I took pictures of them all from several different directions, then I took some close ups of their good parts. The flash from the camera did not disturb any of them. I got so excited that my cock hurt. I looked around at all of the naked teenage pussy and decided that my sixteen-year-old daughter Angela should be the one to fix it.

After all it was her birthday party and she had charged all of the food and booze to my charge card. Besides the thought of fucking her was not new to me by any means. I had lusted after my daughter for years. She matured early and developed quickly. I took off my shoes, pants, and underwear. Then I pulled out the Champaign bottle and slipped my cock in as I took pictures. I fucked her tight pussy for a few strokes and then I cum in her good.

As I pulled my cock out I slipped the bottle back in. I went back to my bedroom and emptied both memory cards into my computer and made a CD backup. I put a pair of dead batteries in the camera and then put it back where I had found it. I was hoping that the girls would think that something had gone wrong with the camera while they were trying to take pictures. I thought about showing my brothers what I had found but then I decided not too. After all I had just fucked my unconscious daughter and it certainly could be called rape.

She hadn't consented after all. I just returned to them, slept like a baby, and then called home before returning. The girls were all up and dressed when we arrived.

The place had been cleaned up and all evidence of the booze party had been hidden. My brothers took their daughters home and left us alone. After they had all left Angela set Bethany and I down for a talk.

Angela said, "Okay Dad I know that you know what happened here. I don't know how you know I just know that you anya krey hot maid cleans her pussy. I checked the pictures in the camera and know that they were there. They weren't there this morning when I tried to download them. You took them didn't you?" I replied, "Yes I did.

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I stopped in to buy some liquor and was told that I had already bought enough for an Army and had it delivered here to my house." Angela said, "Then you were the one that fucked me last night." I smiled and nodded my head. Then I asked, "How did you know?" Angela said, "Well since you told me how you knew about the booze I'll tell you how I know that you fucked me." There was a pause as she took a deep breath and then she said, "I've been fucked before and woke up with a cunt full of cum." I had a shocked look on my face.

Angela said, "Mommy drugs me sometimes and lets her boyfriend fuck me. He's a pig." Bethany said, "He is always trying to feel me up but Mommy doesn't do anything about it." I said, "I can put a stop to that." Angela said, "If you do I'll let you fuck me anytime that you want too." Bethany said, "I'll let you feel me up but not him." I picked up the phone, called my wife, and told her to get that bastard out of the house before I got there.

I called my brothers and we arrived at the same time. He was gone and we took all of the girls stuff and left. I told my ex-wife what I knew and told her what I was going to do. If she gave me any shit I would have her and her boyfriend sent to prison for the rest of their lives. The next day I called my lawyer, within a week I had permanent custody of the girls, and soon after that I was no longer paying student and teacher zabardasti sex stories xxx europe storysfirst time bitch anything, in fact she was ordered to pay me child support.

About once a month I let the girls invite their cousins over for a drunken naked sleepover. I still go over to my brother's house but I come back to sleep in my own bed. Angela takes very good care of me and Bethany lets me feel her up. In fact since my daughters told their cousins what I did for them they all let me feel them up.

Angela is the only one that I screw but it is always when we are both sober and when we both agree to it.

Fucking her is so incredibly good that I no longer look for anyone else to fuck. She is tight, she is willing, and she knows how to please me.

I let her date boys and even let her take them to her bedroom. Afterwards I get to slip my fingers into her freshly used cum filled hole. It really excites me and I get sloppy seconds. Now my nieces are trying to set me up with their mothers. I have wanted to fuck my ex-sister-in-laws so why not let them set me up. Until then Angela is just fine. The End The Drunken Teenagers 417