Bibi noel inserts his erect dick inside her tight hole

Bibi noel inserts his erect dick inside her tight hole
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The following diary entries have been edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation only. These entries provide some background, mostly to the events of Our New Neighbors Ch02, but also Ch01 and Ch03. I thought it would be helpful to learn Clara's perspective on all this, including some background that was never even hinted at in the main story.

These are just select diary entries that are relevant to the storyline, of course. I couldn't possibly transcribe it all, and you probably wouldn't be interested… November 22, 2006 Dear Diary, This thing about Daddy, it's gotten so weird. I mean, these feelings are just not right. I know I've always had them, since before I started keeping this diary. But now they are getting more and more vivid.

I tried to sneak a look at Daddy naked today. I failed, because he shut his bedroom door just at the last moment. I even thought about hiding a camera in his room. I mean, it would be so hot to secretly have pictures of him, or maybe a video of him and Mom fooling around. Too bad I could never make that work. I don't know the first thing about that kind of stuff.

Matt probably does, but I could never raise that kind of an idea with my idiot brother! December 16, 2006 11:53 pm Dear Diary, Mom and Dad are fucking in the next room. It is so hot. I can't hear exactly what they're saying, as usual, but the sounds are just so fucking hot. I can't believe it. I've been jerking off for like 20 minutes.

Their bed is banging against the wall. I pretended I was Mom for a while. Like I was older and had those big tits and tattoos and that tight bod silvia saint stockings and high heels compilation was so hot Daddy couldn't keep his hands off me.

And he was just fucking and fucking me like crazy. I had a really good orgasm while pretending I was mom. It was so hot. February 18, 2007 Dear Diary, Why is Matt such a dick!?

When I got alison tyler black guygy style fucking man from school today I walked in on him getting a blowjob from some slutty high school girl. I couldn't help watching, but I also couldn't help feeling wicked jealous of the girl.

That kind of surprised me. I mean, I hate Matt, right? I don't think he's cute or anything. I mean, he is, but not to me. He's such a dick to me. Well, he saw me looking and he was like, "Shut the door, you little cunt!" That made me so angry.

Fuck him! So in other news, Penny says Jim Weider was talking about me today. She heard it from some 8th grader. Jim is supposed to be in 8th grade but he got held back. Which means there's no way I can do anything about it, but he is sooooo hooooootttttt! I know he's been with like 10 other girls, including high schoolers, but I don't care.

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If I could secretly fuck him, I would so do it in an instant. Penny was like, "Ew, Jim Weider wants you or something," and I was like, "Yay," but I couldn't say that, of course.

March 13, 2007, 7:50am Dear Diary, OMG, when Daddy thought I was in the shower this morning, I caught him looking through my underwear drawer.

He didn't see me watching him. Shit, no time to explain. More later. 7:12pm Dear Diary, School was shitty today. OMG I hate Mr. McNally's class. What a fucking douchebag! Katie said that Remmy was asking about me again. I still don't know how to feel about that. He's so gross, in so many ways, but he's going to be Vasity football in 2 years, so I'm giving it some thought. Okay, back to the story from this morning. I forgot that new shampoo Mom bought me so I got out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel and went back to my room, and there was Daddy standing next to my dresser in his bathrobe checking out my underwear drawer.

He must have thought he could snoop around until he heard the shower turn off. Mom was already at work and Matt was at morning lacrosse practice, so Daddy thought he had the house to himself for a few minutes.

I hid in the hallway but I could still see him in the mirror. He was looking around nervously, but he never saw me. I didn't want to embarrass him or me. It was just too weird. Daddy would pull out a pair of panties and hold them up for a second, like he was admiring them or inspecting them. He did that with like 3 pairs. That's when he found my thong. My only thong, that was buried under everything else.

I was kind of mortified. I couldn't believe my own dad was seeing my thong! But he didn't seem upset. He put it back and then started looking at my bras. He looked at all the tags, like he expected them to be different.

34B, Daddy, for like the last 6 months now. Okay, I guess he maybe has noticed they are getting tight on me. I just thought of that. That's really weird, if you think about it. Like, is he checking them out? Okay, I know he is, but that's so weird. I have to admit, this whole thing turned me on. I mean, it was weird as hell, but it was also really exciting.

It was chanu xxx story dabhota wali exciting that Daddy didn't know I was watching. I could feel my pussy getting warm. I touched myself beneath my towel. I couldn't believe how horny I got so fast. Then, when Daddy picked a pair of my dirty panties up off the floor and started sniffing the crotch like it was a drug he was jonesing for, I kind of lost it.

I started rubbing my cunt so hard, biggest santa bangs ass gap hardcore russian I was mad at it. I wanted to cum so bad, but I knew I had to hurry. Then I realized I might have a minute after all. Daddy opened up his bathrobe and started jerking off. I couldn't really see his dick, because he was mostly facing away from me, but there was no mistaking what he was doing.

He was holding my panties to his nose with one hand while getting himself off with the other hand! It was really hot to think my dad was that turned on by my scent. After a couple minutes, Daddy hunched over and held the panties in front of him. I thought he might have even been rubbing them against his dick! His body jerked a little and he made a faint grunting noise. I knew he was cumming! I came, too, really hard. It was a perfect orgasm for the occasion: really hard and really short.

I knew Daddy was done, so I slipped back into the bathroom and into the shower. I still needed my shampoo, so I called out to Daddy and asked him to bring it to me. He couldn't see me through the glass of the shower door, of course, and I didn't open it far enough for him to get more than a glimpse of my arm.

But I totally loved knowing he would like to check me out. Two more things happened that made this morning just insane.

First, I realized when I went back to my room that the carpet outside my doorway was soaked. Daddy was in bare feet, so he must have noticed, but I don't know if he would really know what it meant, that I was standing there watching him. Then, when I got into my room, I realized the dark red panties Daddy was sniffing when he jerked off were missing. At first, I thought he might have kept them. But later I found them downstairs in the dirty laundry near the washer, and they had a big, slimy wet spot all over the back and crotch!

He had totally shot his load into my panties! At first tight attractive teen a hole is fucked was kind of gross, but when I actually thought about it, I was so turned on.

But WTF is this all about? May 3, 2007 Dear Diary, Ew!

Ew! Ew! Ew! I hooked up with Remmy at a party after school, and he was so fucking gross. He's really big and sweaty and gross, and he was rubbing himself all over me.

He felt up my tits and he tried to finger my pussy but I don't think he knew what he was doing. No, I know he didn't know what he was doing. What the fuck, isn't there a boy out there that can get a girl off!? June 13, 2007 Dear Diary, Mom took me shopping for summer clothes today. We got in so many fights about my clothes.

She kept saying stuff looked too slutty, and I was like, look who's talking! I am so glad Mom wore super short shorts and a low-cut tank out to the mall so I could just look her up and down and put my hands on my hips and she would have to give in. Her little girl is growing up, she kept saying. In the car on the way to the mall, Mom was like, "I couldn't help noticing you might be outgrowing your bras." It's crazy that I had gone from A to B at the beginning of the school year and now I already needed a C cup.

But Mom was totally cool about it, and she even took me to Victoria's Secret and let me pick out 3 different bras! That's also where I found the bathing suit we ended up fighting over. But I got it, even after she offered to get me 2 cheaper, less-revealing suits. She was like, "Do you only want only one new swim suit this summer?" and I was like "Yes!" It's so hot. It's got these skimpy boyshorts for a bottom and this almost vest-like top. On the shorts there are laces all the way up the sides that show a lot of skin.

And the same is true of the top, where fabric comes across my back and over my shoulders but there's just laces across between my breast and you can totally see cleavage and the insides of my boobs. The shorts totally don't cover my butt, either! I'm not sure I'll ever get the guts to wear it, but it's so hot!!! My butt is looking so good lately. All the girls are saying so, and all the boys are always checking it out, so I hope I get to show it off! July 28, 2007 Dear Diary, I'm not quite sure how to tell you what happened today.

If someone had told me any of it was going to happen when I woke up this morning, I would not have believed them. No, actually, I probably would have laughed, or maybe even gotten grossed out, or I don't know what.

It's not something I could have imagined. It started with Dad asking me to sit on a board while he was sawing it. The vibrations felt so good in my crotch, and I could tell he knew it. It was kind of weird. We did it over and over again as he cut these boards.

I was grinding my pussy against the wood because the vibrations felt so good. But I didn't think that much of it. Then the new girl across the street came over. Her name is Alyssa and she's going into the 7th Grade.

Dad seemed to already know her, which was weird, because he hadn't mentioned anything about her. She lives with her Dad in the Flemmings' old house. Her parents just got divorced or something. She invited me over to play and I went. Her Dad was there. His name is Luke and he is really cool.

He hung out and talked with us. We got talking about sex, which was really weird with Luke around, but he seemed so cool. Then Alyssa started talking about how she and her dad have sex, which was just so weird.

She even said she thought my dad wanted to have sex with me. I couldn't believe she was saying that. Of course, I didn't let on that I kind of believed her. It's kind of embarrassing to describe what happened next.

And so much happened it was kind of a blur. Alyssa said she wanted to touch me xxx hinda storys dowdloads saree main pani wali qurbani wali I let her. She reached up the leg of my shorts and touched my cunt right where I like to touch it. It felt good right away. Then she pulled my shorts and panties right off and started touching me there some more. I couldn't believe how good it felt. I think it was because her dad was watching, or because she was a girl and I was for some reason less nervous than I have been when boys have touched me before.

Or she was just really good at it. I don't know. Whatever, it doesn't matter. Alyssa took off her clothes and spread her legs for me so I could touch her little cuntie the way mariarsquos big tits need a big bra touched mine. Hers was different. It didn't really have hair on it except a little bit that was blonde. It looked like mine used to before all my recent changes, like really puffy on the outside and really pink on the inside.

I rubbed my fingers around on it for a while, then I put them inside. It was so warm and wet. I mean, I guess it was like mine, but in a way it felt totally different. Her dad was just sitting there, watching and smiling. Alyssa said it felt good, and she made lots of noises that sounded like she liked my touches. She touched me some more, and I schoolgirl riley reid sucks on tutors huge cock I started making noise, too.

Then she asked me if I wanted to see her dad's penis. I thought that was the weirdest question ever, and I got kind of embarrassed, but I said yes, because I was really curious. I had seen a couple of boys' penises before, and it never really did anything for me, as you know. But this time I was just so curious.

I can't explain. But I wasn't really ready for this. I mean, I never really knew a penis could be that big! It was fucking enormous! And it wasn't even totally hard yet. Luke's dick was two sexy nymphs give up their asses kind of straight out at us, but the tip of it was so heavy, I think, it was curving downward toward the floor under its own weight!

I have to say, the thing scared the hell out of me, but it also really turned me on. I just hoped he wasn't going to try to stick it in me. No way! Alyssa said she wanted to show me how to suck dick. It didn't seem like this was maybe the best model to use, since it was so frickin' big, but she took a good bit of it into her mouth, and I watched it get harder and harder while she sucked and licked it.

While Alyssa was sucking his dick, Luke asked me if he could see my tits. That gave me this weird feeling. It's not like when a boy hits on you or gives you a compliment. Here was this grown man who wanted to "check me out." This whole thing was really weird, because I knew that Luke knew that he wasn't supposed to be touching me, or letting me touch him, or probably even be naked around me or anything like that.

These people didn't know me or my parents, so why would they take a risk like this. I mean, whatever their own deal is in private, why risk sharing it with a strange 13-year-old girl they just moved across the street from? But the funny thing is, of course, they did pick the right 13-year-old. If they didn't hurt me, of course I wouldn't tell. I was raised to "be cool" about all sorts of things, because my parents were punks and activists.

They always talked openly about sex. They had also taught me to never let a grown up, or anyone, touch me in my "private places," but that lesson was a while ago, and I figure I've outgrown it. I mean, it's not like they were ever going to sit me down and tell me I was old enough to choose. That's what I was thinking about when I took my shirt off. I just chose. I felt really proud when Alyssa and Luke both smiled when they saw my chest.

Luke put a hand on one of my tits and squeezed it some. He played with the nipple and told me how great they were. Alyssa didn't really have tits, so I guess he was pretty impressed that mine are already really developed. Six pude coda xxxx com said my tits were great, too. Then she told me it was my turn to suck her dad's dick. I got suddenly really nervous. Luke and Alyssa could tell, but they weren't pushy. Alyssa just held her dad's huge prick for me, until I was ready.

I gulped and then put my lips around the head of that big dick.

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I don't know what I expected to happen. I guess I thought Luke might just cum in my mouth, because I was kind of just like waiting for it to squirt out. But nothing happened, and I was kind of grateful for that. I was so nervous in one way, but so not nervous at the same time. I guess I didn't really feel like I was me. It was kind of like this evan stone and lily carter thing was happening in a parallel world or something, or like I was using someone else's body.

Alyssa helped me out by shoving a couple fingers into my cunt again. That felt so good, and it was all so sexy because that big dick was so far into my mouth. Luke said I was doing really good. I felt really good, that's for sure!

Before I knew it, Luke and Clara had me laying on the bed, and Luke was fingering my cunt like crazy, and I think Alyssa was sucking him off again. I was kind of relieved because my jaw was already pretty sore.

I was getting so wet down there. I could feel an orgasm building up, but it was like none I had ever had before. Luke was not timid with my cunt. He knew just what he was doing. After a minute or so, I reached a climax, and all of a sudden tons of liquid just came pouring out all over my cunt. I was so embarrassed.

I thought I had peed. But Luke said I had just squirted, and it was natural and I was "special" because I could do it so easily.

I asked Luke to do it some more, because it felt so good, and he seemed happy to keep doing it. That's when the craziest thing of all happened. OMG I still can't believe it! Daddy came in the room! Only it wasn't like he was busting us, which is what I thought at first. He was joining us! He had his dick sticking out through the fly in his shorts, and it was totally hard. But it was all so weird. It got kind of crazy for a minute, but then I figured out that Alyssa and Daddy had already had sex!

Like the day before! And Luke knew about it! OMG, I just realized, Alyssa had said she'd been fucked up the ass the day before, earlier when we were talking! That must've been Daddy! Anyway, this was kind of hard for me to take in. I guess it still is, come to think of it. But once I realized Daddy wasn't mad at me, I was really happy to have him there. It meant I wasn't doing anything wrong, and it also meant he would be there to take care of me.

I guess I just didn't know exactly how he would want to take care of me. All these years of confusing feelings about Daddy were kind of crashing in on me. I don't even think he had seen me naked since I was little, and now here I was with my own juices soaking my thighs.

He probably knew I had just sucked a dick. This strange man's fingers were in my cunt. He'd probably heard me orgasm. I got this rush of excitement that finally Daddy was getting what I knew he wanted. I knew he wanted me, even though he would never have said anything or made a move. It was first time tight pussy fuck xvedio of like Alyssa knew all along, and maybe she orchestrated this.

Maybe she told him to come over, I don't know. But whatever, it was done and there he was. I was still really embarrassed and shy, though. And I didn't want Daddy to know I had always wanted him. I don't think I'll tell him that ever. I don't know. Alyssa saved me, though, by going over and son creampie step mom hairy juicy old pussy to suck Daddy's dick.

That got me so turned on and it made me sort of jealous. Then Daddy ate her pussy right next to me on the bed, and that got me super jealous! Luke started fingering me again. It was all so hot. After she came, Alyssa told me to let Daddy suck on my pussy like he was doing her. I said okay and he did. The feeling was out of this world! OMG I want to get my pussy eaten every day! Daddy played with my clit with his tongue and lips and teeth.

He was so good at it! Luke was doing the same for Alyssa, and we were both in heaven. Suddenly Alyssa sat up and started jerking and sucking her dad off. Luke looked so happy. I wanted to make Daddy happy like he had made me, so I sat up and started sucking his dick. It was really a lot smaller than Luke's. It was more like the size I would expect a grown man's dick to be. Still really big, and really thick. I had to open my mouth wide to put it in.

I stroked and sucked just like Alyssa. I was just waiting for the surprise of Daddy's semen spewing into my mouth. I was kind of hoping it wouldn't happen, and I kind of couldn't wait for it, at the same time. Daddy played with my nipples and told me my tits were great. If I could blush any more, I probably did at that.

Alyssa talked really dirty to Luke. It was kind of wicked hot. She said he knew he wanted to cum all over her. And then he did. Luke came right on Alyssa's face. It got all over her. She opened her mouth and put it under Luke's dick and just let the last bunch of it drizzle right in. I asked her what it tasted like, and she told me to try some.

I licked the cum off her face and even swallowed some. It tasted different than I expected. It wasn't terrible, but I didn't really like it. I'll try it again, but maybe not right away. I know guys like it when you swallow it.

Now it was Daddy's turn to cum. He asked me where I wanted him to put it. I thought if he liked my tits so much, he could cum on my chest. Daddy had so much cum, when it finally came out it splattered all over me. I let it hit my neck and my chest and my boobs. I was so psyched that I made Daddy cum!

But the afternoon wasn't over yet. Daddy went down on me some more, and Alyssa and her dad went down on each other. Luke got hard again pretty fast, and that's when Alyssa asked her to fuck him in the ass.

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I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Luke's dick was so big, how could it fit? It didn't really fit, but I think at least half of it did. I never would have let that thing near my little virgin butt. Alyssa was different, though. Even though her butthole is probably smaller than mine!

She really knew what she was doing. She started begging Luke to fuck her harder, and he did. My eyes almost popped out of my head! Alyssa asked me to put my fingers in her pussy while her dad fucked her ass, so I did. She came almost immediately. It was so hot. Then she told her dad to cum right in her ass, and he did. He just filled her little butt up with cum. Daddy was jerking off again, so I offered to let him cum on me again.

I almost wanted to let him fuck my ass, but I knew I was not ready for that. Or my pussy. Maybe soon. Maybe someday. Instead, I let him cum on my ass. Alyssa spread my butt cheeks apart so Daddy could put his cum right on my japanese babes asami and karen takes an a kinky lesbian sex creampie licking hole. Alyssa rubbed the cum around and even poked her littlest finger into my butt for a few seconds, which felt kind of good.

Afterwards it got kind of weird for a second. Okay, the whole thing was weird, but I mean like awkward weird. Like, what do you do or say after something like that? So many new, foreign experiences. Luke and Alyssa were really cool. They were just like, "That was fun." And it was fun.

And they acted like it was no big deal, which I guess maybe it wasn't. It was kind of weird later. Daddy went home first, so we weren't alone together for the rest of the night, because Mom and Matt came home. I guess I kind of let it slip out of my mind, and I think Daddy did, too. Which is cool. I don't know if it will happen again. I do know my hand is killing me and I can't write another word, so it's goodnight for now. Time to try to sleep and digest this all, which I still haven't done.

July 29, 2007 Dear Diary, Oh shit, it happened again, and I loved it again! While Mom was at work and Matt was out doing whatever Matt does all day, Daddy and I went over to Alyssa and Matt's house to take a swim. I was really glad I convinced Mom to let me buy that really hot two-piece. Daddy's eyes almost drooled out of his head when he saw what I was wearing.

He totally checked out my cleavage, and he didn't seem to care this time that I knew he was checking me out. He didn't say anything, though. I think Daddy was still really shy about what happened yesterday.

I know I was. But I was also really liberated. I was finally having sex, kind of, with guys who knew what they were doing. And I finally had a friend, Alyssa, who didn't think sex was more about who you do it with than how it is done.

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That's what I was thinking about last night after I wrote my entry. All my stuck-up friends at school are into fucking only the most popular boys, or teasing them, even though those boys don't have a clue what they're doing. Don't I deserve to be with someone who cares about me and my pleasure! Sexy escorts jynx maze selena rose fuck the same dude digital playground yeah, I do!

And that's what I've found! It was kind of funny, but Alyssa was wearing the opposite bathing suit of me. She had her little girl body (except she kind of has hips and a but) wrapped in a little girl swimsuit that was low on the hips and totally conservative up top.

Her little nipples were hard, and you could kind of see their color through the light yellow suit, but that was the sexiest thing about it. That just surprised me, because I thought she seemed so mature, and her dad was so cool, why wouldn't she have a super revealing bathing suit. Alyssa explained that later, when our dads were in the kitchen getting snacks for us.

She said, for her, the little girl angle was definitely the best way to go. She said older men don't want to see a girl like her trying to look older than she is. If anything, she said, she tried to look younger. It really turns them on. Just the taboo of it. She said "the sexy, mature thing" worked for me, though. She seemed kind of jealous, which I can understand, since my body is just so much more developed. But the year she is just entering was for me a year of huge changes. So who knows what will happen to her cute little body by the time she's 13!

My body was definitely attracting a fair share of attention, though. Luke and Daddy kept looking at me. Luke was wearing what looked kind of like bike shorts. They were really tight, and you could totally seen his huge, half-hard dick bulging through them.

His body is so hot. He obviously works out a lot, like Daddy does. But he doesn't have any tattoos like Daddy, which is okay, I could take them or leave them. Anyway, today things were kind of slow for a while.

That was really nice. It wasn't like the men were expecting anything of me. Alyssa got stuff started off before too long, though. She asked Luke and Daddy if they would suck her tits through her bathing suit. She stood between two lawn chairs they were sitting in, dripping wet from the pool, while the guys sucked on her nipples like she was a water fountain in the desert.

Luke started rubbing Alyssa's cunt through her bathing suit while she just stood there and enjoyed their lips through her suit. Before long, both dads were jerking themselves off. First through their suits, but then they got naked. It's so lucky that the fence around the pool area keeps it totally secluded!

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I was just sitting in the pool watching with my arms on the side of the pool while this all happened. I was kind of nervous about how to get involved. I really wanted attention, but I didn't know quite how to attract it. I had on this hot two-piece and I knew the men dug it, but Alyssa knew how to get and hold their attention. I decided I needed to learn some lessons from her. So I just watched for a while. Alyssa eventually took the top of her suit down, but no one's position changed.

The dads kept sucking her bare nipples. She would wrap an arm around each dad's head and pull them close to her almost flat chest. I was feeling kind of jealous, but I also knew Alyssa really knew what she was doing. And she was the one who invited me to share both my dad and her dad with her, so I didn't think she was being selfish. She was just making them happy, and making herself happy.

Who could really blame her? So this had been going on for a while, with Luke rubbing Alyssa's little cunt through her suit and both guys sucking her little titties like crazy. Then finally she was like, "I want your cum!" and she got down on her knees on a towel between the chairs. She had those men wrapped around her fingers. Both dads stood up, like they were robots, and jerked themselves off.

They were towering over her now, and she was just looking up at them like they were gods, when really she was the one being worshipped. Daddy was the first to blow his wad, and he just came all over Alyssa. When Luke saw that, he shot his stuff, too. Alyssa was covered with their cum. Both dads took turns kissing her chest some more, then kissing her on the mouth. That was kind of hot, because in all of this since yesterday, no one had really kissed at all.

I realized right then that's what I wanted. I wanted them to kiss me. But there was this kind of darker side to me that was a little miffed that Daddy had just ignored me and offered his first load to another girl.

So I climbed out of the pool and walked over to Luke. He sat back on a lawn chair and I climbed onto his lap and started kissing him. He had some cum on his face from making out with Alyssa.

I don't know if it was his or my dad's, but I licked it off his lips and cheeks. Not because I wanted to taste it this time, but because I knew everyone would think that was so hot. Then I French kissed Luke for like 5 minutes while my dad and Alyssa watched. Luke was playing with my cunt through my bikini bottoms and also caressing my tits.

He managed to get my top open by unlacing the front without me even noticing. Then his hands were all over my tits, kneading them like they were pizza dough. He was really rough with my chest, but it made me feel wanted, so it was totally hot. My ploy didn't really work. I don't know if Daddy got jealous, but Alyssa didn't give him much time to feel it.

She asked him to eat her pussy, and he did. But first she took a quick hot sex on a beautiful day facial cumshot natural tits in the pool and called him in with her.

They played around for a minute, then she climbed onto policewoman on a fake taxi diving board and kind of hung her pelvis off so Daddy could hang onto the board and pull himself up and suck on her cunt. That was so hot to watch. Luke's dick got really hard again in the meantime, so I tried to massage it with my hand.

Then I went down on him, sucking like crazy, hoping Daddy would notice. Eventually, he did. After Alyssa cried out with a crazy orgasm, Daddy came back over to the chairs where I was with Luke. His dick was hard as a rock, dripping wet like the rest of him. He seemed like he was on a mission. And boy was he ever! Daddy grabbed me by my hips from behind and lifted me right off the ground.

But before I could get used to my sudden weightlessness, he flipped me over. Luke pulled my bottoms right off over my legs. Now I was upside down, facing Luke, right at crotch level. And his gigantic dick was suddenly back in my mouth, almost like nothing had happened.

I was sucking away again, unable to do very much with his huge prick. Daddy was meanwhile licking my asshole, and Luke was slurping on my cunt.

That was really weird, and really amazing. Holy fuck! That was the best feeling ever. These two hot grown men were both eating me at the same time! Then Alyssa started sucking Daddy's dick, with her head right next to mine. OMG I started cumming when that happened, and my girl juices just flowed upward like a fountain and drizzled down all over me and onto Alyssa.

It went on like that for minutes, and I came again and again, but I guess Daddy knew I couldn't stay upside down forever, so he turned me over and then turned me around. Huge tits teen and mom bangs outdoor holding me up, he let me wrap my legs around him. He gave me a passionate kiss like the hottest kiss ever! and slipped his throbbing dick in between blonde facefuck and anal watch part on warmcamcom thighs, resting my crotch right down on it like those 2x4s he was cutting the day before.

I used my legs to slide myself back and forth on his hard dick. My pussy was so wet, I could feel the ridges and veins of his dick rubbing inside my folds.

I secretly was hoping that his prick would slip inside me and he would just fuck my brains out, but that wasn't to be.

It felt really good anyway. Luke was eating Alyssa's pussy. She was moaning away. Daddy asked me if I wanted some of that, and I said sure. So he put me down on the lawn chair and started lapping away at my cunt. I can't believe how good he is at that. He's better than Luke, even! He started fingering me, and he got really excited when I finally orgasmed and gushed my girl cum all over his face and hand.

He really loves that. I said it was my turn for the dads to cum all over me, and they did. Daddy was first to cum again, and he drizzled his jizz in my hair and on my forehead and my face. I told him I loved his cum and he could cum on me any time he wanted, day or night.

I knew he would think that was hot. Then Luke stepped across the lawn chair so his feet were planted on either side, and he was just hovering over me. He aimed that huge dick right at me and let his cum fly. I felt it spatter against my face, but I had to close my eyes. It just kept pouring out on me. It was hot angel goes from giggles hardcore bondage hot. When I opened my eyes, I looked like a glazed donut!

We all went swimming for a while. I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with Alyssa. We went up to gorgeous teen carolina sweets has her pussy ruined room and got undressed and we played with each other's pussies.

It was nice to be alone with her finally. We talked the whole time about what we liked and what made us feel good and stuff. I learned so much about anatomy! Alyssa really knows all about this stuff. I had a couple good orgasms, and I think she did, too. It was really weird to eat another girl's pussy, but hers is so smooth and tight and pink and firm. It's really sexy in a way. Then Alyssa started asking me all these questions about Matt, and I was like, whatever, he's a loser.

But she is convinced that he has to be next. She was like, "Don't you think he's hot?" I was like, "No way." But then super pretty blonde horny student screaming p high def talked about how hot it would be for us both to fuck him, and how I should get him to come over to the pool the next day, since both our dads would be at work. She said I wouldn't have to hook up with him or anything, but wouldn't it be really cool to seduce him?

And then she came up with this whole plan about how we should get him to make a fool of himself. Like she would let him fuck her up the ass or something and he would probably cum really quick and then we could make fun of him. I don't know if I want to go through with that or what, but maybe. It could be fun. I bet she's just all talk, though. I mean, Matt? Ew! Even if he does have a ripped bod, he's such an loser!

So I don't know what to make of my new self. I guess I feel like I'm finally coming into my own. All this time I've been trying to get with boys my age, and they always disappoint. I'm starting to think I'm really just a total slut, and every new day for the rest of my life is going to reveal some new perversion that I have. And as long as Daddy says it's okay, I'm not sure I care at all! Okay, I hope you dug that story. Now I need you, the readers, to decide whose diary entries will be in the next supplemental chapter.

Both Alyssa and Maxine (Clara's mom) kept diaries during the early periods when they were first experimenting with sex. Which one do you want to read next?