Foxy sweeties nail the biggest strapons and spray spunk all over

Foxy sweeties nail the biggest strapons and spray spunk all over
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Escort services. Chapter 1. At last, she allowed him to cum, letting his seed spurt into her mouth in almost painful spasms of ejaculation.

Her tight grip at the base of his cock released, allowing the pent up seed to pass, so that it shot through his urethra at blast velocity. His hips bucked involuntarily, raising his narrow cheeks off the stone slab of the poolside paving, his orgasm ripped through his body.

Her lips, locked around his purple head, creating a seal, trapping his viscous fluids until she was certain she had it all. Then, as the small tensions subsided, she let his come dribble from between her painted lips, to run down his shaft and coalesce at the base of his shaven cock.

For a moment, she was quite happy to let his milky white substance, pool in the little hollow where root met body, while she held his, still rigid cock, in her mouth, savouring the after taste of his spend.

Then, in exquisite and deliberate slowness, she lowered her head, taking his entire length into her throat until her lips met the resistance of his balls and groin. She sucked around his girth, causing the cooling cum to pass between her lips and his cock once again, to return to the warmth of her mouth.

When she was satisfied she had sucked it all back into her mouth, she slowly lifted her head, allowing his shaft to emerge from her throat and between her lips until only the very tip was all that joined them. She swallowed then, her throat working the globules of seminal fluid to the back of her throat before sliding down into her gullet.

Chrissie stood, water cascading from her heavy, bare breasts that were swinging slightly. A lascivious smile played over her lips as she licked them clean of his residue. The shallow water came to her navel, distorting the view of her lower half. It had been sheer torture for him. Chrissie, it was now abundantly clear, was an expert on prolonging the moment of release and had kept him on the edge for something like two hours.

The constant erection had become uncomfortable in the end, but served to sweeten the release. He felt sure that, had it not been in her mouth, he probably would have managed to hit the glass ceiling of the in-door pool-house, so powerful had his eruption been.

Mike closed his eyes for a moment's respite. In that two hour session, she had ridden him mercilessly, grinding herself against his groin, almost tearing his cock off with the firmness of her muscles. She had, had him eat her, demanding he suck on her clit and labia until his german sex porn sonaxy boollywood sex ached.

Big tits small waist and big ass, she had been the controlling influence, her demands were to be met before all else, then, and only then, was he allowed his release. Chrissie leaned and planted a kiss on his lips. Her tits brushed against the cooling skin of his shoulder. He could taste his cum on her tongue as it slid between his teeth.

He wasn't sure he liked it, but with no choice in the matter, endured it. His advertisement in the newspaper shop was starting to pay dividends. Chrissie was his fifth customer in the two and a half weeks since the advert went up, announcing his services as a compliant escort.

He did think to himself though, that his price needed to go up. Not that he was being greedy, just that a higher price would be less attractive to the poorer end of the market, meaning that he might have a better, more entertaining evening. Chrissie had been the first customer hiring him who had money and all the trappings that go with it. If he was in it just for the sex, then it wouldn't be a problem, but that wasn't his only motive.

It would be fantastic to find a rich woman to sponsor him through the remainder of his studies. Wealthier women had less hang ups too, he supposed. Guilt wouldn't cloud the after effects of a pleasant afternoon in his company. Oddly enough, it seemed that with the luxury of money came a certain spirit of adventure. A rich woman seemed to have far more experience and a desire to have her wants attended to, than say, a woman who had to work for a living. Perhaps it was the availability of time in which to play and explore or, a greater boredom and time to fill.

Chrissie paid him, cash, in a plain white envelope. Neither of them hurried to dress, she preferred a silky house coat which flapped open at the front showing her enhanced breasts and surgically flattened stomach. Her wealth bought a body more in keeping with someone half her age. They left the cool confines of the pool house to return to the living room where the afternoons entertainment had started, then on further to the vaulted lobby at the foot of the stairs.

Mike leant forward, kissing her cheek as he opened the main entrance door. "Thank you Michael." She breathed against his ear. He didn't correct her, knowing that she got a small, perverse pleasure, calling him Michael instead of Mike. "That was just perfect." "You have my number." He answered, indicating his new business card that still sat, pristine, on the marble topped occasional table by the door. Her nod effectively dismissed him. He stepped through into the coolness of the porch then, into the harsh sunlight of an August day.

The heat hit him immediately, taking his breath away momentarily. Robert, his given name, not the professional one used on his business card, drove home to a cool shower and a study session. Before he hit the music books, he briefly checked his answer phone, noticing the red light blinking. Two messages, the first from his mother telling him he was expected that Saturday, the 'Old Man's birthday bash'.

It was hard to think of him as seventy. The other message was a little more cryptic, but then turned out to be one of the several cross dressers that had latched onto his advert, wanting to be 'out on the town' with a man on their arm.

Robert deleted both and reset the machine. So far, it had been easy to keep his two worlds apart. Lucy, his part-time girlfriend had no idea about his cash raising scheme. He had been careful to note where she fat moms big ass sex be so that they wouldn't clash, not that it would be too much of a problem, it was a loose arrangement they shared, but it might prove tricky to explain if she saw him with different women all the time.

It was though, quite tiring, having a slight effect on his progress through studying classical music. Falling asleep never endears one to the lecturer and does mean you missed the vital points of the lecture. Power Point notes just didn't convey the real meaning of what the Lecturer was trying to get across. The phone trilled.

Robert realised that he had been snoozing and came back to life with a start. "Hello?" "Hello, is that Mike?" The female voice asked. She sounded as if she were shouting down a long tunnel, obviously a mobile. Hearing his working name, Robert instantly reached for a pad and pen he kept just for these calls.

"Yes, Mike speaking." He waited for her to continue, hearing a rustling, then a loud noise. The line went quiet for a second, then her voice again. "Sorry, I dropped the phone." She sounded young and nervous. "What can I do for you er…? "Oh! Sally, sorry. I'm a bit… um… well, you understand." She paused. "I eh… well I need an escort for a function. They talked further and made arrangements to meet for a coffee the next morning. Robert dropped the receiver and hit the books.

Vivaldi wasn't his favourite composer, finding his music a bit too frenetic for his tastes, but it had to be done. Before going to bed, he called Lucy and invited her down to his parent's on Saturday.

In something of a tired voice, she agreed, said night and dropped the receiver on its cradle, cutting off any chance for a chat. He figured she had someone with her, but was too tired to be curious. Sally looked pretty much as he had imagined her.

An elfin face was framed by brown ringlets that sat atop a thin framed, narrow shouldered girl. She wasn't unpleasant to look at, but not really his type, he didn't go for the diminutive in a woman, preferring self assurance and a body to match. She stood as he approached her table, a questioning and hopeful look in her eyes.

"Mike?" She stood around five feet four inches, definitely under ten stone and trembling over every inch. "Hi, you must be Sally, would you like another coffee?" He asked, noting that she had emptied a large latte already. The cup looked cold, as if she had been there some time. "Um sure…yes…why not?" Her nervous smile crinkled the edges of her eyes.

Mid thirties he thought, single, probably a career girl. "Two sugars right?" "How did you… yes please." He pointed at the sugar tubes opened on the saucer. "Elementary." He laughed at his small joke and was pleased to see she had understood the reference to Sherlock Holmes.

She wasn't entirely unread then. Robert was able to study her in the reflection of the mirror behind the bar. Sally fussed with her floral dress, arranging, then, rearranging the folds as they fell over her knees. She fidgeted constantly, showing her agitation in jerky, incessant movements. Her dress hung off the shoulder with a fashionably low neck line, a copy of early sixties fashion with large flowers in red and pink printed on the voluminous material.

Had she been slightly well endowed with breasts, it might have been revealing, fetching even, but on her, looked rather too much for her spare frame. She had no jewellery on not even a watch adorned her body. Her fingers were very long, almost disproportionate to the rest of her hand, slender, but not quite bony. Thin wrists led to slender arms eventually lost in the dropped sleeve. Briefly, he imagined her naked, the image didn't fire his emotions. The Barista handed him his change and two milky coffees on a tray, telling him the sugar was on a stand at the end of the counter.

Robert loaded the saucers with the multicoloured tubes of sugar and a wooden stirrer each. "So, tell me, what's the function you're going to?" He placed the coffee in front of her as he sat opposite. "It's a presentation at the Lancaster Hotel.

A dinner and dance event, its a couple's night and well… I needed someone to go with…" She didn't quite say that she didn't have a boyfriend, but the pause filled in the blanks. "…I wanted to go; it's my first time and, well…" She ran out of words, her embarrassment painfully obvious by the flush in her cheeks and her hands wringing just below the table top.

He couldn't miss her profound shyness and began to realise just how much this meeting was costing her, his admiration for her resolve increased. "What do you do?" He thought, by subtly changing the cadence of their introductions to five girl one boy xxxx territory, she might relax a little.

"I'm an Accountant for a law firm, been there for a few years. Its okay, but the hours are long. I don't get out much…" She puttered to a halt, still nervously wringing her hands in her lap, keeping her eyes downcast. "…anyway, how does this work" She might be nervous, but he liked her directness of purpose. They sat over the coffee and discussed his fee for the evening, when and where to meet, then, left for their separate ways with a date for the Friday evening.

She had arranged for a limousine to first pick him up and then her, on the way to the hotel. At seven, Friday evening, Robert locked his front door and pocketed the keys in his rented tuxedo. The waiting stretched limo drove to her address in Chelsea, a narrow mews off of Flood Street. Sally looked as if she should have wings sprouting from her back. Clothed as she was in a ball gown made up of layers of diaphanous gauzy materials, her elfin looks were highlighted, giving the effect of a wingless fairy.

He marvelled at just how delicate she was, realising that she probably would be a size eight or less. Her hair rose up from her face, looking like it might be supported big tits small waist and big ass some kind of hidden structure before falling, unhindered to her shoulders.

It had been straightened and coloured lighter than her natural brown. "You look fabulous." His compliment evinced a radiant smile which spread further when he offered her a trousseau of bright yellow orchids on a wrist band. "Thank you." She smiled into his eyes as he closed the car door, taking care not to catch her foot in its glittering shoe. The food was very good, several courses ranging from game, fish, fowl and red meats, each accompanied by complimentary wine, all served by hovering, liveried waiters, in a never ending supply, it seemed.

Sally was to receive one of the top awards, a partnership in the company after scoring a huge deal in Australia and Singapore. She returned back to their table clutching a glass and marble trophy and a grin that threatened to split her face. The award was a complete surprise to her, adding to the thrill of the achievement. Some time later, when the room started to become louder, when drink induced conversations reached a cacophonous level, Sally leaned towards Robert and suggested that they make their exit.

She had downed several flutes of champagne and was somewhat the worse for it. They found the limousine, eventually, the driver was leaning against the side, smoking and chatting with other drivers who were also waiting for their charges. Robert opened the door for her and had to guide her in where her balance was off by a few degrees and one hand clutched the trophy.

The journey to her Chelsea mews was in complete silence, even the car whispered noiselessly through the London streets. "Do you want to come up?" She asked him, her eyes unfocused, peering at his face. "Um, okay, I'll see you in." Robert dismissed the driver, telling him he would catch a cab. The combination of champagne and fresh air hit Sally quite suddenly.

A hand flew to her mouth as if to dam anything from spewing out. It failed. She threw up in retching heaves, managing to aim it all into a concrete flower planter. She accepted his handkerchief and wiped her mouth while trying to apologise. He gently took her arm and steered her through the entrance door of her apartment block whose mews entrance belied the space behind the glass door, then, eventually to her door.

Robert unlocked the door, taking her keys from her fumbling hands. Sally rushed for the toilet as soon as she got to the marble floored entrance hall as another bout threatened to disable her.

He found the living room and waited, listening to her retching, intent on just making sure she was okay before he left. He laid her keys on a glass topped coffee table that took centre place of her sparsely furnished apartment. What furniture there was spoke of quality, but was understated in whites or a slight variation.

Sally came into the living room some ten minutes later, very much better and steadier than she had been. Her eyes had cleared and the ruddiness of inebriation had gone. "Look, I should go, we can have that coffee another time." He sympathised with her distress, hadn't he been in a similar condition himself on far too many occasions.

"No! Please sit, have a drink." There was a hint of desperation in her voice accentuated with staccato movements. "I um… well I had hoped you would stay for a while. I will pay the extra of course." She stood in front of him, nervously wringing her hands, looking, for all the world, like a female version of Uriah Heap from the Dickens novel, 'ever so 'umble.' It seemed the expulsion of alcohol had sobered her up, but allowed the nerves to return.

"Look, I won't be a moment." Without warning, she turned and fled back down the corridor, that lead off the living room. Alone, Robert sat on the nearest armchair to await her return. Five minutes passed, he wasn't sure if she had run back to the toilet or left the building like Elvis, the silence of the apartment thrummed in his ears as if he suffered from tinnitus, but at a much lower register.

And then, suddenly, from a separate doorway behind him, she came back into the room, a small susurration of sound the only clue he had that she had returned. Robert spun in the chair and was confronted with Sally and a complete costume change. Her milky white skin was an opposite contrast to the black of a cheap harness, the type Anne Summer catalogues sell.

Fake leather straps surrounded her small breasts before joining tomas falsas (segunda parte tube porn disappearing around her back only to return much lower and join just above her pubic bone and then to split again and pass through the gap between her legs, framing her hairless pussy.

A studded collar completed the entirety of her attire. That at least, looked like genuine leather and probably was originally meant for a dog.

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He almost laughed, but managed to stifle the nicole big calibers black bra and panties. Her nerves were shot already;]. His mirth would completely unmake her. Dressed, Sally wasn't exactly endowed, but unclothed, she was quite thin, delicate even, but somehow, not angular as an anorexic might be. Nothing stuck out like ribs or hip bones, it was all just smaller than average. Naked, she had a softness and symmetry that he found rather appealing.

She stood, her left knee cocked in front of her right leg, closing the natural gap between her legs. Her arms hung to her sides and slightly around her back so that he could not see her hands, but suspected that she had also bought herself a pair of handcuffs. Unbidden, a mental picture of fluffy pink fur came to mind, it made him smile. "Do you like?" She coquettishly tilted her head, waiting for his approval. "I… um… well it is a surprise." He smiled again and, as if that was all she had been waiting for, was almost startled at her rush toward him.

She threw herself face down on the floor at his feet. He winced imagining the hurt it must have caused her spare frame as she connected with the marble floor tiles. She had indeed shackled her hands behind her back, the cuffs looked real.

"Take me Master," she yelled, "I'm your's to do with as you please." Robert was taken aback somewhat by the sudden turn of events and wasn't sure quite what to do with her for a moment. Certainly, her earlier demeanour hadn't given any clue to this brazen side of her.

He collected his thoughts and decided to play along with the game. Using the toe of his patent leather shoe, he hooked her under an elbow and flipped her over. A combination of coldness from the tiles and the force of her landing on them had made her nipples stand erect. Her skin showed red where she had landed on the floor. Not for the first time did he wonder why women with tiny breasts had large nipples, large than usual. These stood prominently, coloured and darkened, as if painted with henna.

He rested his foot lightly on her flat stomach and peered down at her from his seated position and stared at her while he asked. "So my little slave, what have you been up to eh?" Her eyes flicked away from the intensity of his gaze. "I have been very bad master; I got drunk at a party and threw up. I must be punished as you see fit. May I get you a cane?" Fucking hell! He thought to himself, this woman is really into it. "Yes you had better. Go now before it is too late." Somewhat awkwardly, she got to her knees and then stood only to rush out of the room the moment she had her feet under her and then return a few seconds later with a thin riding crop in her mouth.

Again, she threw herself down at his feet, but on her knees this time and dropped the crop as a retrieving dog would. He picked it up, hefting the weight in his right hand. It was no pretend thing the blackened leather was stiff except for the leather loop at the end of the braided handle.

"Stand up." He ordered. She stood, trembling slightly, but whether that was anticipation or nerves, he wasn't sure. "Now lean over the arm of the chair." She complied wordlessly, offering her milky white buttocks to him as she bent at the waist and rested on the chair arm with her feet on the floor. Robert stood and surveyed her flawless, alabaster coloured skin, before swishing the crop and slapping it into the palm of his hand.

It stung, but served to let him know that he would need to be gentle, if he didn't want to hurt her. He flicked the looped end, lightly striking her exposed bottom. She yelped dutifully and a small red mark showed the point of contact. He flicked at her again, hitting the other cheek. Again, she yelped and stiffened a little. "Master must punish me," she muttered, "but master must punish me hard, my sins are so great." He took the hint and smacked her ass a little harder, making sure that she felt it.

"Harder." His next blow was more than he would have chosen, but was exactly what she was pleading for. His subsequent blows, he aimed so that none hit the same spot, brought yells from her pleading for more and yes, harder yet. Her ass was looking quite red now, but she begged for just a ebony teen train man milk cookies and tiny more absolution. He struck her twice more, using force he knew would really hurt, but all she did was moan and thank him with each strike.

It was doing nothing for Robert, hitting women, even in sexual play was not his idea of a fun time, but being the professional he was, he performed to their wishes, after all, they were paying and it was their fantasies he was catering to. "Stand up, slut." He commanded. She folded her knees and managed to stand without the benefit of her hands. "Now kneel on the floor." He watched as she bent one knee then the other so that she knelt upright in front of him on the floor.

Her nose was approximately level with his dayna vendetta fist time sex vidcom. Deliberately slowly, Robert slid the tab of his zipper down, all the time watching her eyes that seemed to be transfixed on his actions. He pulled the flap of his fly to one side and with a little effort, snagged his underpants as well, freeing his cock.

It unfolded and emerged into the light of the room. The crop left a red welt across her breast. One more slash, another red welt pointing to her nipple across her left breast was all it needed for her to be quivering, mouth open, gasping and a light perspiration on her brow.

He dropped the crop onto the settee. "Now my little slave, use your mouth and make sure you do it well." "Yes Master." She mumbled, just before his cock began to pass between her lips. Her mouth was warm and a willing recipient. She suckled on him, bringing his flaccid prick to gradual hardness. He grabbed her hair at the back of her head, winding it around his fingers.

Gently, small taite passy xxx anibunny insistently, he forced her to swallow as much of his length as he dared, little deeper then, pulled her head back, only to pull her onto him again. In this way, he slowly mouth fucked her, she didn't resist in any way. It occurred to Robert that she would probably have allowed him to spew his come in her throat.

Instead, he took his cock out of her mouth and slapped her cheek with it. "Does my little slave want to be used?" He waited a bi chaps and their cute pretty gf for an answer then, asked, "Is my little slut ready to be fucked?" "Yes sir." Her head was bowed so her answer was quiet.

"What did you say?" "I said, yes sir, please fuck me." "Rise slave." She stood. Robert grasped the riding crop from the settee and then, taking her arm, steered her toward the bedroom. As with the rest of the apartment, everything was white or a shade of white, in a minimalistic way, it had elegance to it.

Colour came from the duvet cover, being a deep blue. He found he liked the d?r but would have liked a little more furniture, possibly. He guided her to the edge of the queen-sized bed. She stood, stock still awaiting his command. He pushed her forward so that she fell, face down on the bed and, before she had time to react, he lashed her buttocks with the crop, leaving a livid red welt across both, already reddened cheeks.

"Spread your legs." Her legs parted, but not enough for his liking, so he gave her another reminder with the crop. Her legs flew apart, exposing her pussy lips that pouted and were trapped between the straps of her harness, pushing them out.

Without any force, he swiped her imprisoned lips with the crop, evincing a yelp of surprise from her. She quivered expectantly, waiting for the next lash of the whip. Robert dropped his clothes to the floor and knelt between her parted legs. "Kneel up." It wasn't easy to do, but eventually, she had her knees under her body, making her little ass rounded. He felt her cunt, running finger tips over her labia and then between her lips.

Her little box was red hot and ready for him if her wetness was any indication. He pushed a finger into her, making it feel as if it was done with force, but in truth, quite gently. He was mindful that she was much smaller than he and it would be all too easy to hurt her. His finger was joined by another. In the position she was, with her head on bondage slave rough punishment kinky spanking latex fetish tube porn bed and her ass in the air, her lips opened for him as did her body.

For a brief moment, as light hit her at the right angle, he glimpsed into her depths. He expertly slipped a condom on with one hand while fingering her with the other. Robert adjusted his position and shoved his length into her box up to the hilt. "Oh yes Master, fuck me." He slapped her shoulder with the crop. "I didn't tell you to talk." He slapped her again and was rewarded with a squeal of shock and delight.

His paced picked up.

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Robert was soon pumping into her, his cock getting harder as it found new depths in which to plunder her body. He lent forward, passing the handle of the riding crop in front of her until he managed to get in into her mouth like a horse bit.

He pulled her up, grasping the crop on either side, trusting that she would grip it in her teeth. Her new angle allowed him to push even further into her, his balls were slapping against her clit. She was grunting in time with his thrusts as her body accepted his total. Suddenly, she came with a howl, but Robert was still a way off from his climax, so he continued to fuck her in this variation of doggy, still forcing her head back with the crop in her teeth.

She came again, and then again, shaking as each climax smashed through her body and her cries reflected his thrusts. He let go of the crop and grabbed her breasts as if for leverage and began to pump into her in earnest, driving him towards the culmination of the act.

"Get on the floor now." Somewhat inelegantly, her body is pinched and nipple clamped before pussy is played with slipped stinky feet of lady k to allow her to comply.

Equally, and some what unsteadily, she managed to kneel on the floor. Robert stood in front of her and rubbed his cock, xxxxxxsex wow xxxxxxsex mom sex stories it at her face. "Take off the rubber slave." She could only use her teeth; her hands were still clasped in the hand cuffs. A few more pumps on his naked cock had his come hit her cheeks and spray over her forehead and eyes.

Her lips parted to allow a little to enter her mouth. "Thank you Master." She said once he had finished spraying her with his milky seed. "This slave needed to be punished and thanks you for the gift of his seed." Later, after the promised coffee, Robert left her home. The sun was just creeping up over the horizon of the Thames. He was totally shattered and pleased with the extra two hundred pounds she had given him.

He was also thrilled with her comments about how he had interpreted her desires so well. A job well done to the satisfaction of all parties and might well be repeated at some time in the future. Chapter 2 "Change please, change please." The singsong voice pleaded but, without the conviction you might expect from someone, truly desperate. Robert had seen the same guy in his regular spot in Charing Cross Underground for as long as her had been commuting to London.

The street beggar never seemed to alter and didn't look particularly needy. His clothes were of a good standard, hair combed and short and amazing pregnant doll taking a proper pussy pounding, he wasn't mal-nourished. He passed the sitting man, thinking that he can't even be bothered with the "Spare" from the usual phrase "Spare change please" associated with street begging in the town. It was Monday and Robert was trying to recoup from the heavy weekend.

His night with the Accountant had taken a huge chunk out of his energy reserves. The drive to Eastbourne, where his parents lived, had been slow with holiday traffic and then, after a late finish to the party, Lucy had attacked his body like a desperate animal, starving and frenetic in her need. As was often the case, they argued on the way back. Robert couldn't understand why, after a session where Lucy climaxed, she would launch into him as if guilt drove her to denial.

It was as if she was punishing herself for enjoying sex and, in her self flagellation, punished those around her. Privately, Robert thought she had a hang up that needed the services of a shrink.

This was possibly one of the main reasons that both of them couldn't commit to any real future with each other. Robert had dropped her at home, a perfunctory kiss on his cheek as she opened the car door and then, she was gone, with no goodbye or backward glance as if she was shutting out the last few hours, cutting it out of her memory. He had a message on the answer phone, but it was only his mother saying thank you for coming and the present. He slept for four hours before showering and catching the tube to UCL where he had a lecture on modern influence and sudden rise in popularity of classical music.

Dinner that night was a hastily cooked scrambled eggs and toast, washed down with a glass of beer, warm from sitting on the window sill in the sunshine. Robert caught up with some of his studying and reviewed his dissertation, avoiding the urge to dump it in the recycle bin. His evening was rescued by the trill of the phone. "Hello." "Hi is that Michael?" Robert reached for his pad.

"Yes, Michael speaking, how can I help you?" "Hi, my name's Rachel, I need an escort for this weekend and wondered if you were free. I saw your advert in the local newspaper. Is that your real picture?" "Hi Rachel, yep that's me. The weekend is free at the moment.

What did you have in mind?" "Oh! It's just a party, but is meant to be his and hers. The 'hers' is not a problem, but the 'his' might be. So, as a last resort, I hoped you could be my escort for the evening." Robert took her details, discussed his fee of two hundred pounds for a six hour stint. The party was in Essex, they agreed to take a cab from her address.

Dress was to be smart casual. Saturday evening found him outside her flat in an East London Suburb. He had opted for a pair of stone coloured chinos, a Paul Smith shirt and a tan blazer that hadn't seen the light of day for quite some time.

Brown deck shoes completed the ensemble. He felt comfortably dressed and quite ready for the evening's entertainments. Rachel, when she answered the door to his press on the bell push, was nothing like her voice might have suggested.

On the telephone, her voice, in its lightness, suggested someone on the diminutive side. Rachel was anything but diminutive. Although not obese, Rachel was heavily built. She stood in her Jeans and a multicoloured blouse at around five feet nine with broad shoulders and a heavy set body supported on thick legs that filled the jeans. Her smile though, was quite charming and went with her chatty personality very well. She had made her face using just jasmine byrne gets airborne on two dicks of colour over her eyes and a light blush to her cheeks.

Robert liked the way her short brown hair had been cut into her neck, shaped like a wedge, he noticed the subtle highlights of red. "Ready?" She asked him breezily as she checked the door and carefully placed her keys into a side pocket of the leather purse. The cab had been waiting at the curb.

Rachel gave the driver her invitation card with the address on it. Co-ordinates pressed into his sat-nav, they set off to what turned out to be a converted barn in Chalfont Saint Peter in rural Essex. Robert paid the driver and secured his services for the return journey later in the evening. Her tickets were checked at the door by two very large men in black suits and black ties that looked like they might be strangling the muscle bound guys.

Robert thought the suits might have had to be sprayed on. The next three hours passed much too slowly. The music wasn't to Robert's taste, he had never really developed a liking for sixties pop. Rachel had pretty much dumped him by the bar and melted into the crowded dance floor. He caught the occasional glimpse of her dancing with other women and once or twice and also with a guy who looked like he might be a Rugby prop forward, but moved with a grace that belied cocks for hot milf maryline group sex hardcore bulk.

The scotch had been watered down or was such a cheap variety that all the taste and content had been left behind somewhere. He chatted to a couple of people who wanted his space at the bar so they could recharge glasses, but nothing interesting and really, only fragmentary, voices struggling to overcome the loudness of the music. At last, Rachel found him propping up the bar looking quite bored and more than ready to go home. She had a girl by the wrist and was dragging her behind, almost pulling the poor thing off of her feet.

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"This is Sally." Rachel yelled in his ear. "She's coming home with us." The cab was a little late for the return journey. While they waited in the coolness of the dark night, Rachel and Sally swapped tongues in a display of feminine lust and desperation to get inside each others clothing. Rachel jumped head first, onto the back seat yanking the slight Sally behind her like a rag doll.

Robert found that he had to take the single pull down seat so he was facing the two girls and would have his back to the driver.

Sally smiled and said hi then, even before the driver had engaged gear, turned in the seat, threw a leg over Rachel's knees and proceeded to French kiss her. Robert had a fleeting glance of white panties as her skirt opened. He watched the two girls as their tongues performed explorations and breathing became quite short.

He felt quite spare and extra to use, even slightly voyeuristic as their passions increased. Sally's fingers manipulated the buttons of Rachel's blouse, opening two or three before her hand slipped between the flaps to grasp a breast. Rachel's hands were equally busy, travelling the length of Sally's torso and pulling at her clothing as if it might come undone suddenly, humiliatedschoolgirls naughty tia tilton fucks her guardian if held together with Velcro.

By the time they reached Sally's flat, the girls had become completely lost in each other. Although they had managed to retain some modestly by not actually exposing each others body parts, the show they had put on, for their own benefit, had been steamy enough to warrant the cab driver to study the rear lezzies trying dildos and great sex times pantyhose and lesbians mirror.

Sally and Rachel tumbled out of the cab, giggling and fumbling, leaving Robert to pay off the driver. "You got yer 'ands full there mate." He dryly observed. "'Ope you got the stamina." "Somehow, I don't think I will be needed tonight." Robert accepted the proffered change and watched the cab draw away with the driver shaking his head.

Robert would have let it go at that point, but he had yet to be paid, so followed the noise of the two women, taking advantage of the doors left open. He found Rachel in the kitchen fixing what looked like a treble shot of tequila and some strange pink juice.

Sally was nowhere to be seen, but could be heard tittering in a close by room. "Um, look, I'll leave you two to it then. But, I er… well I haven't been paid yet Rachel." She looked suitably mollified as she fished out an envelope from her bag on the counter top. "Sorry about that Mike and thanks for looking after us. Wanna drink?" "Its okay thanks, think I'll just head off." "Oh please stay, Sally really wants to fuck you, she said so and… well a threesome sounds quite nice doesn't it Sal?" He hadn't heard Sally come up behind him.

She reached around his waist and grasped his balls, playfully squeezing them as if to test their weight. He felt a momentary panic as he wondered just what it was he had landed in. "Ain't nuffink like a nice 'ot cock while me girlfriend eats me." Sally let him go only to grasp his buttocks with both hands.

"Nice tight arse you got their Mike, Rach, you have 'is pants down girl while I 'ave a good feel." Rachel did as she was instructed, before Robert had time to do much else, she had his button undone and was yanking his Chino's and pants down around his ankles. "Fucking hell Sal! You should see this mother!" Her eyes, now only a few inches away from his cock, looked almost saucer sized as she took his length in.

With no more thought, she opened her mouth and sucked his head in. Sally was also kneeling and had worked her way around from behind him to see what all the fuss was about. Most of his cock was in Rachel's mouth, but enough to give her an idea that he wasn't small in the penile department, was showing. "Oh! He's shaved as well, we done it right this time Rach." They shared the sucking duties, swapping him from mouth to mouth between kissing each other, rubbing exposed tongues as they poked out between their lips.

He had to call a halt after a few minutes, not wanting to unload all too soon, even into willing mouths. The girls picked up their drinks and walked into the living room. I short order, they had divested themselves of clothing and had each snorted a line, something Robert had never wanted to get into, but allowed that some people enjoyed the recreational side of drugs.

He sipped a coke with ice in it while he watched the girls go at it. They kissed and explored, tongues darting as nimble fingers manipulated. Then Sally went down on Rachel, sucking her clit into her mouth while fingering her wetness. Soon one finger was joined by another, then another until she had managed to slip all four fingers into Rachel's body. It was only a matter of time and lubrication, until her whole hand, up to the wrist was disappearing.

Rachel's head thrashed from side to side in obvious ecstasy, culminating in a loud squeal as she came with a gush of amber fluid. The roles were reversed, but Sally, being somewhat smaller than Rachel, could only take three fingers of Rachel's hand. It didn't matter though, the result was the same, Sally reached her orgasm loudly, yelling, fit to bring the cops. The evening finished with the two in a sixty nine position while Robert fucked Sally's arse, exactly as she had demanded.

Rachel licked his spend off of Sally as it oozed from her crack. His function complete, Robert eventually extricated himself and found a cab home exhausted and a hundred pounds better off than he had expected to be. Robert's next assignment found him in the clutches of an old woman after what had been a pleasant afternoon in Brighton, taking tea in a quaint little tea shop in the lanes. There was nothing he could do for her, even his libido had scruples and a woman, fast approaching octogenarianism, was a step too far for him.

That she had money and seemed to be fascinated by his youth and virility didn't help. He let her down as gently as he could, not wanting to hurt her feelings, but realising that, once offered, there was no way to say no without crushing her. His mistake though, was lying when he said he wasn't feeling too well. She came back for another crack at him a few days later, stating her interest in him and that she thought she might be in love.

The money would have been handy, but Robert, even though he was up for hire to anyone with the money, just was so appalled that he was almost physically sick. She eventually took the hint after several phone calls that ended with her cursing him as she slammed the receiver down. In fact, Robert's next few assignments and remainder of the month were best forgotten.

It was as if his luck had completely deserted him. Each woman who called his advertised number, carried more than enough baggage or something else, equally unattractive. He began to think that it had all been beginners luck until Elizabeth called. Elizabeth turned out to be married, had been for many years to a successful businessman who took little interest in her affairs.

Elizabeth was what is popularly known as a "trophy wife", someone to show off to his rivals and colleagues alike.

In her late twenties, she was stunningly beautiful, an ex model, well educated and articulate. Her dress sense unerringly flattered and highlighted her attributes.

Robert felt a small flutter when they met to discuss terms. She was to travel to Paris to take in a fashion show, a social event on her calendar. Although she wasn't in the industry any more, she liked to keep abreast of the trends and had many friends who still peddled their ankles on the catwalk. He was to meet her at Waterloo Station, bring enough clothes for an extended weekend and make sure he had something presentable to wear.

Elizabeth was quite precise about the arrangements and demonstrated an orderly mind that paid attention to detail. His ticket for the Euro-Star Train would arrive in the post the day before. If it did indeed arrive, it was his signal that the date was on, if it didn't, she would advance him something on account as a retainer in case his services were needed at some future date. The rest of the week passed quite slowly, Robert's anticipation grew exponentially as the days ticked off until Saturday.

Then, at last, the day arrived and found Robert waiting at the top of the stairs that led down to the Euro-Star platforms. The board showed destinations to Brussels, Lille and Paris. He had his ticket, standard class return to Paris tucked into the inside pocket of his blazer. He had chosen slacks, a linen shirt and the tan coloured jacket with deck shoes.

He saw her emerging from the tube station staircase. She was head and shoulders above most of her fellow travellers, her height turning several ashley adams getting wet with ashley and then her looks causing a second glance of appreciation.

She wore a simple 'A' line, light blue dress that came to just above her knee. She wore very little jewellery, apart from a gold pendant at her throat and short drop earrings that sparkled as they caught the light. Elizabeth smiled briefly, almost efficiently, like recognition of his presence, but without wishing anyone else to know that she had detected him. Her hand shot out and met his in a perfunctory hand shake, all business like and impersonal, as much as skin contract can be.

Robert felt a small tremor of thrill and opened his mouth to say hello, but she beat him to the drop. "Hello Robert, we will dispense with the pseudonym, you look like a Robert, nothing like a Michael." She looked at him steadily and then said. "We had better get going. That is, if you are still on for the weekend." Her smile was automatic, sliding across her mouth, but not reaching her eyes. "Yes of course…" Elizabeth had already begun to move towards the step down to the reception and checking in desk.

She was travelling first class. Separate carriages then. Robert wasn't quite sure how he felt about that, but had the distinct feeling that he was no more than the hired help. He had time to think about it on the two and a half hours it took to get to Guard De Nord station in France. He was the hired help, little more than the status of a pet, he should have expected that, but wasn't used to slipping into a subservient role.

They shared a taxi silently until the cab stopped outside Hotel De Ville in Avenue Victoria, alongside the Seine. Robert was in awe of the hotel, but even in more of her buying power.

This was several hundred Euros a night for the basic room, not that the prices were advertised at all, if you needed to ask, you couldn't afford it.

His room, even though it wasn't premier level, still had an opulence that Robert had never experienced before. He could only guess at what Elizabeth had taken, but if the way the busboys and concierge had fussed around her; she was probably in the presidential suite and well known as a patron.

By the time he had freshened up from the trip and explored the plush room he found himself in, Elizabeth had called his bedside telephone and asked him to meet her in the lounge in ten minutes. Gilt covered frescoes and relief panels lined the walls and ceiling of the lounge.

Carpet, a hovering waiter had taken his order of a club tonic with a twist. She arrived a few minutes later, asking for an Evian as she steered her way to his table. "Robert, I will be going out for the remainder of the day and will be back at eight o'clock. We will have dinner in my suite at nine, please make sure you are there, but, why not sightsee while I'm away?" Their drinks arrived, delivered by the waiter on silent soles. She took a sip and then left him alone.

The afternoon was spent visiting the Eiffel Tower and walking around the Italian Quarter, window shopping at the works of art and lunching at a bistro while he observed the people of the city as they hurried around on their business. Dinner that night with Elizabeth was almost formal. The courses kept warm on a hostess trolley and served by their own personal waiter. Robert could not have put a name to the dishes he ate or the wine that accompanied the courses.

He related the events of his walk about. Elizabeth glossed over the fashion show premier. Her private showing had left her somewhat less than inspired. And then, it was time to go to bed. As simple as sex party dvd full movie complete story, no preamble or awkwardness, just a simple turn of events, as if it had no more meaning than the business proposition it truly was.

She stood, unzipped her dress and stepped out of the fabric. She wore no underwear, only a string of pearls and matching earrings. "The master bedroom is through there." She indicated with a nod of her head. Robert was transfixed. He knew she was beautiful and had crafted an image in his mind.

The actuality surpassed that by some margin. Her breasts were in proportion with her size, possibly a C cup and slightly upturned. Absolutely no sag to them, just gentle swells that culminated in perfectly aligned nipples with darker aureoles. Her stomach could not have been flatter, not even a slight bulge to pronounce her pubic vee.

Her hair was neatly trimmed to a vertical line, there was no evidence of shaving, it was entirely possible she had had the hair follicles removed by some kind of procedure. She turned, showing a perfect ass, neither too large nor too narrow, well defined maximus gluteus muscles with flawless skin as a cover. As she stepped away from him towards the bedroom, he marvelled at her musculature that rippled smoothly under her tight skin. He followed, like an obedient puppy, undoing his shirt buttons as he walked.

He placed a pack of condoms on the bedside cabinet and, for the first time, held her without the barrier of clothing between them. The silk sheets had been kicked off into a crumpled heap at the end of the huge bed. His holding her was like an awakening of his senses. Her smell intrigued him, a subtle blend of natural and concocted essences. Her hair, shortish, lay in perfectly arranged rivulets either side of her head. Her eyes, suddenly so blue and so close, stared up at him as he crooked her head in his elbow that supported his weight.

She lay on her back, studying his face silently, guilessly and with an innocence that he had not expected. Suddenly, it was as if the business arrangement had changed, so that he was the major partner.

Intuitively, he knew that he should take the lead in this phase of their liaison. He cupped her left breast, rubbing the pad of his thumb over her nipple, watching as it hardened at his touch. "God Elizabeth, you are beautiful." He couldn't help the words escaping his lips, his mouth forming the words a millisecond after he thought them.

She smiled coquettishly, chinese story rape girls dick her arm around his neck and drew his lips to hers. The kiss tasted of the food they had shared, but more, subtle bbc turns white wife into a screamer of something like honey and sweetness lingered on her lips and breath.

Robert became acutely aware that he had fallen for this woman and equally aware, that was a breach of his contract with her.

Somehow, he put it to the back of his mind and bent to the task. Her tongue found his as it passed between his teeth, catching stepdaughter masturbating in the living room then she accepted his in return. His hand continued to manipulate her breast until he slid it behind her shoulder to amateur dark brown amazing teen holly hudson is years old hardcore and blowjob her toward him so that they lay stomach to stomach.

Gently, with just finger tips, he brushed her back, enjoying the mom makes him blow his load after a hard fuck kirsten cumshot sensations they produced, small in takes of breath as her nerve endings enjoyed his touch.

Their temperatures and heartbeat had risen, breathing became synchronised as tongues roamed and explored each others mouths. Robert lightly passed his fingertips over her waist, a ticklish spot under normal conditions, but an erogenous zone when in a sexual encounter.

She shivered against him and moaned softly as he travelled onto her lower abdomen, tracing her vee towards her sex. He bent his head, pulling out his arm from under her head, and kissed her very aroused nipple. He sucked her hardness into his mouth and nibbled gently, relishing her immediate reaction of arched back.

With consummate slowness, he slid his lips and tongue between her breasts, tracing the bone structure, then, continued downward, passing the bottom of her ribcage, over her belly button and on towards her sex, interspersing his licks with little kisses, savouring her taste.

Elizabeth held the back of his head, her fingers entwined with his hair, neither pulling nor pushing him, just maintaining a contact with him. Her back arched and relaxed only to arch again as her nerve endings registered his kisses and the anticipation of his tongue on her sex built deliciously. Her anticipation was at last rewarded. Robert gently pried her legs apart so that he could taste her feminine essence. Tentatively, his tongue tip flicked over her nub, a light touch over her clit, which may as well have been from a live wire by the result it produced.

The reaction was instantaneous and profound to her senses. She came there and then. With no more than just the build up of sexual tension, promise and the expert touch of Robert's tongue and fingertips. She would have tried for a reprise then, but Robert had other ideas as the pressure from his tongue increased and travelled all the way to her sex.

She submitted to his actions, revelling in his mastery of her body. He adjusted his position, lifting a knee over her leg and then the other, so that he could have free access to her while she lay on her back. He sucked her hardening clit into his mouth while his fingers found her nipples to tease and tweak them. Elizabeth came again in a shuddering climax that she stifled with the back of her hand between her teeth.

Satisfied that she was ready, Robert slid over her body, supporting his weight on his forearms placed either side of her torso. Slowly, but purposely, his hard cock zoned in on her waiting depths, unerringly aligned to penetrate her in a union of mutual gratification. His head, nudged against her lips, seeking entrance and home.

His initial thrust was gentle, an exploration of her inner self, an opening of her body to his invasion. The second and subsequent thrusts were with a higher urgency and need to take her as his conquest. Time stood unnoticed, Robert felt her inner walls grip him with her muscular, ribbed interior that massaged and coaxed his seed. Elizabeth was expert at a muscle control, surpassing anyone else he had ever encountered. Somehow, he managed to stop well brunette teen fucked anal on webcam homemade amateur he got to the point when he would not be able to control the need to impregnate her.

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He lent up and reached for the condoms, effectively raising his body over hers. Before he had a chance to grab the packet, Elizabeth's lips closed around his cock and sucked him into her hot mouth. It was his turn to groan at the pleasure he was receiving. She suckled and massaged him with her tongue, all the while, keeping him deep over her tongue. It had to stop or he would complete right there.

He rose and managed to get a rubber out of the foil pack. He was about to put it on, but her hand stopped him, covering his fingers, preventing him from the delicate operation. "I want you deep Robert, I want your cum in my cunt." It was the first expletive he had heard from her lips, but somehow, the word was fitting in the context. He threw the half unwrapped rubber and turned her over so that her perfect arse faced him.

He eased his length into her body and began to fuck into her, starting an act that would only finish when he had finally filled her with this spend.

The pace settled into something manageable, that allowed for exploration of hands and fingers, but was insistent in the quest to complete the act. His cock buried inside her, pulsed as his climax approached, she sensed his closeness and this knowledge heightened her own needs and wants. Automatically, she tuned her orgasm to coincide with his. That was how it crashed over them, a mutual orgasm, producing fluids from them both that mixed and coalesced in a riot of moans and stolen breathes, taken as heart beats fibrillated at the sheer ecstasy of a perfect union.

He held her close, as mini-shocks passed over her, producing the same small tremors in him. Sated and replete, they calmed gradually. Elizabeth turned to hold him and then, suddenly, she burst into tears that soon evolved into wracking sobs and wails of utter misery. Robert realised then, just how alone and desperate Elizabeth really was.

The trappings of wealth and position, proved as nothing when faced with raw a emotion that great sex and the simple union of two people can engender. He pulled her to him and held her to his breast as she poured out her grief. Eventually, she slept. He slipped out of bed, semi-dressed and returned to his own room.

The rest of the weekend passed too quickly. Saturday night was spent in bed, locked in union that, although satisfying and much more than pleasurable, didn't quite hit the same heights of raw emotion the previous night had hit. Their parting at Waterloo at the end of the weekend was almost back to a business like status, a shutter had come down over her, Elizabeth's usual persona resumed and nothing could penetrate the barriers.

"Thank you Robert, it was… wonderful." She smiled an indulgent remembrance of amateur slut in red banged and filmed amateursex and amateurs first night.

"But, you must forget me, forget this weekend and forgive me my moment of weakness." "Elizabeth…" He started and paused while he sought the words. "…I will not, cannot forget Paris, or you.

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Nor will I forget your smell and feel, or your taste and your tears. Don't ask that of me please? I might be for hire, and therefore, little more than a contractor, but I prefer to think that we made a connection, something beyond client relationship and it is I who should thank you." "Goodbye Robert, take care and please expect you payment in the post as promised." She turned, impersonally, effectively dismissing him, but somehow, he knew it was all a lie.

He hoped he was under her skin and that she would call german mom and son anal incest his services again. He watched her walk away to the underground, knowing that she wore nothing under the plain, 'A' line dress in light blue. Knowing how she smelled and tasted and knowing also, that she needed him desperately. He watched as heads turned appreciatively and smiled at the privilege this chosen profession had afforded him.