Deepthroat big penis and cum

Deepthroat big penis and cum
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We showered together and went out to dinner. We had a few drinks and enjoyed a good meal. Debbie was really mellow and asked me if I really liked how her pussy felt when I fucked her. I told her it was the most incredible feeling I had ever experienced in my life. She asked me why. I explained to her how she had the tightest cunt I had ever fucked and it was really nice when it was wet but that it was really fucking slimy and soft and yielding and yet really tight. I told her that I had never been able to sink my entire cock up inside her cunt in one thrust before and I fucking loved it.

I told her that she was the sexiest woman on earth.

I told her that I was really sorry that I had to leave her so horny and vulnerable when I had to go to work. Debbie said Oh, shit! Annihilation of moist euro snatches hardcore and groupsex told her it was okay.

I did not want her to know that I had set her up to get gang fucked. I told her that I had barely left the lake when my pager went off again and said that the system had come back up and I didn't have to go.

I told her that when I got back up to the lake I had to go pee again and that I when I came out of the restroom there were two Mexican guys standing with their cocks out right in front of the opening where she was laying.

I told her that I hid my car behind the restroom and climbed the fence into the cornfield and ran down the first row of corn to right across from where she was laying. I could hear her fucking and knew that she was getting off. I said that at first I felt like rushing over there and saving her but that after listening to her for a few seconds I knew that she was enjoying the hell out of herself and it was my fault. I told her that I saw that huge Nigger cock pounding her cunt.

I told her that it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I admitted to having fantasized about seeing her sucking a huge cock and being fucked.

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It was like I was 13 again and getting to peak on a gorgeous woman being fucked. I told her that my cock was hard as a rock and it was all I could do to keep from taking it out and jacking off.

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But that I wanted to fuck her when she got home and be able to shoot my full load into her freshly fucked cunt. Debbie got a relieved look on her face. She said that while she was being fucked all she could think about was how good it felt. She said that until I fucked her after she got home it was the most incredible fuck of her life. She said pretty sweetie is gaping wet honey pot in closeup and climaxing she almost came when she saw the other guys watching her and the guys videoing her.

She said she never felt guilty from the time he got his cock in her until they all finished jacking off on her and she got in her car naked to go home. She said that on the way home she felt like shit, so guilty. She said she was scared to death that when I kissed her I would be able to taste their come in her mouth. Until I got my cock in her. She said that she could not believe my reaction. Debbie said that she had decided to amazing teen girl fucking hard hardcore blowjob tell me what she had done.

She said she thought I would be so hurt knowing that she had enjoyed being gang fucked by six men in public so much. She said that after I had rolled her over on top of me and she fucked my mouth with her cunt and came in my mouth that she felt guilty again.

She was so relieved when I didn't say anything and had hoped that she wasn't shooting their come into my mouth. I told her that it was diluted with her cunt juices enough that it didn't taste like what I thought cum would taste like.

Debbie asked me if I liked it. I asked her if she liked the taste of her cunt juices mixed with my cum when she dug it out of her cunt and put it in her mouth. Debbie said that she had fantasized about being naked and watched being fucked. I told her that I had fantasized about watching her being naked and getting fucked. She said that when we let the neighbor see her naked and watch us fuck it had fulfilled all of her fantasies except for being gang fucked and getting some guy's cherry.

She said now she only had one fantasy to fulfill. I asked her if she was thinking what I was thinking. She gave me a shit eating grin.

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Exposing My Wife X Thursday Evening Plotting How Danny Fucks Debbie We got home at about 8 PM. I closed all the bedroom windows and closed the patio door and drapes. Debbie asked me what I was doing. I told her that I would show her. I turned on our 42 inch plasma TV and put in the video of Danny window peeking.

I asked her how much she enjoyed being videoed while she got gang fucked. She said she loved it but she was really scared about who they might show the video to.

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She said they were leaving Saturday morning and hoped that they would not show it to anybody here. I started the video. Danny was on the screen taking his hard cock out. Then Debbie was on the screen strutting her stuff in her sheer bikini panties and bra. Then she and Danny were both on the screen, Debbie naked and Danny stroking his hard fucking cock.

Then the screen was filled up by Danny's hard fucking naked cock and him stroking it. I pause the video just as Danny took his hand off of his cock. He was facing sideways with his foreskin pulled up to the end of his cock. Debbie said oh my God I had no idea that it was that thick at the base or that long or that curved.

She said look at his foreskin. I told her that it would be perfect for fucking her ass hole and gradually stretching it out without hurting her. Debbie got to see herself totally naked totally exposing herself to Danny just a few feet away. She got to see herself with her big tits thrust out towards him and bent over with her ass and cunt spread wide open while he looked at her and stroked his fucking cock.

Then she got to watch him watch us fuck while he stood right in front of the window and jacked off. She got to see his huge load of cum shoot out of his young cock and onto the screen. I backed the video up and played it in slow-motion while his cock erupted and shot through the air onto the screen. She got to see how slutty she looked while she licked the screen and then vacuumed his come into her mouth.

I slow-motion the video of her opening her mouth and showing his come in her mouth and letting it cam girl caught in public compilation fucking a sexy latina stewardess onto her tit. She said she was embarrassed about telling me his come didn't taste as bitter as mine.

Or that she would probably gagged if she ever sucked him off. I asked her if she thought he would like to fuck her. Debbie said that she was incredibly turned on the entire time she was exposing herself to him and letting him watch her suck cock and fuck. She loved being window picked on. But to actually get to see a video of her doing it and get to see close-ups of Danny's cock and it coming while he was watching her fucking was incredible.

I told her that being the window peeking voyeur that I am it turned me on more than watching her get gang banged. I told her that I love her being an exhibitionist and her letting me watch her expose herself while a boy window peaked on her. I asked her if she liked his cock. She said she loved it. I asked her why. She said she loved the perfect curve of it.

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It was more curved than the black guy's that fucked her. She said that while she watched the video of him jacking off it looked like it was fucking bone hard. Harder than any cock she had ever seen. She said that the size and shape of the head was really sexy and that it was smaller than mine and would easily penetrate her pussy and her ass hole.

And that in the 69 position he could fuck it down her throat and not have to worry about gagging. She said that the base of his cock was even thicker than the black guy's cock and that it would stimulate her cunt opening more than ever before. She said that because it was so curved it would rake her cunt walls in every position like never before.

She said it would stretch out her ass hole more and leave her gaping wider. She said that she loved watching the videos of women sucking mouth stretching cocks and that it would really stretch her mouth open. She said that he came so much that she could swallow as much of his come as she could and it would still gush out of her mouth onto her tits.

I asked her if it would turn her on to have a video of her getting his cherry. Fuck yes! I told her that it would be illegal for her to fuck him. She said she hadn't thought about that. I asked her if she thought that if he caught her drunk and passed out naked in the backyard if he would fuck her.

She said that he probably would. I told her that when Danny came over to window peaked on us tonight we would talk about me taking the afternoon off tomorrow and us fucking our brains out in the backyard.

We would let him hear me say that I was getting off at one o'clock. We set the old camcorder up in the living room basically the same way that the new one was set up in the living room last night. We had an anal sex video ready to play. We set up the new camcorder in the bedroom to get a better vipissy blondes get piss soaked and orgasm of Danny jacking off and him watching us fuck.

We were naked in the living room when Danny arrived. We were on the couch with her facing the patio door. I felt and sucked her tits. She told me to start the video and that she couldn't wait to watch the horny slut get her ass hole fucked. Tomorrow afternoon we would go out into the backyard and she would act like she was about half drunk. She would take a bottle of wine with her and be sipping on it the whole time.

We would get naked and fool around without fucking. I would kiss her and suck and lick her tits. I would eat her cunt and finger fuck her. I would eat her ass hole and have her put KY jelly on my fingers and let him watch me finger fucked her ass with one finger and then two and three and four. All the time she would be sipping on her bottle of wine. We would make out and I would caress her body and lick it and suck on her entire body driving her crazy. She would constantly be telling me how horny she was sexy amazing gal plays with marital device how she wanted to suck my cock and get fucked in her mouth and cunt and ass.

At about two o'clock she would get up to go to the bathroom. She would almost fall down getting up because she was so drunk. When she came back out she would drink some more wine. I would eat her cunt to multiple orgasms and she would pass out for about a minute. She would drink some more wine and I would finger fuck her cunt. Then I would finger fucked her ass hole with four fingers all of them sliding easily up her ass hole. Then my pager would go off saying I had to go back to work.