Teen sex i trusted him and he d his priesthood authority

Teen sex i trusted him and he d his priesthood authority
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All things considered, I woke up pretty early this morning. Though I suppose that's normal considering I've spent the past 4 months waking up at 5 in the morning. Though one would think that after all the traveling, unpacking, greeting family and a serious bout of welcome home sex, I'd be able to sleep in for once.

Ugh. Not in any hurry to get up, I cuddle up closer to your sleeping form. The room felt rather warm last night, so the covers are all kicked down in a bunch at the bottom of the bed. I slowly pull my arm free from under your head, propping myself up on my forearm, and slowly drag my hands across the goose-bumped flesh covering your ribs.

You shiver slightly and moan as I bend over and gently begin kissing your neck. "Good morning baby. How'd you sleep?" "Mmmph" you groan, rolling over and pushing your face into the pillows.

"Ha alright love I'll let you sleep. Wouldn't you like anything special for breakfast?" I laugh and pull the blanket up to your waist as I crawl out of the bed. "Pussy." "Hmmm that may be difficult to eat while you sleep. I'll bring you some toast and eggs first." "Mmmph." you pull the blankets up to your ears and roll over, pulling all of them to you and making an even larger mess of my bed.

"Brat." I roll my eyes and head over to the bathroom to hairy tight pussy mamma receives fingered japanese hardcore up a bit before going to the kitchen. Halfway through scrambling the eggs, you stumble out of the bedroom wearing a shirt. blue jeans and rather bemused expression. "Ha don't look so happy to be awake.

You didn't have to get up, let alone get dressed. I would have brought the food in for you." "Yeah but then I'd be asleep and completely vulnerable to your evil whims. Besdies, it's cold compared to the bed." "Maybe, but my birthday suit seems to be working just fine." I wiggle my ass at you while I flip the eggs.

"Ha sure it is. That's why your tits looks hard enough to cut glass. Maybe I should warm them up." You skin diamond and misty stone strapon sex and scoot over behind me, pressing up close and reaching around to fondle my breasts.

I moan softly and tilt my head back against your shoulder. "I swear they grew while you were away." "No I just walked off some of my fat little pastry belly so they look bigger in comparison." As soon as I finish saying this you pinch down hard on both of my nipples and bite the nape of my neck, causing me to shiver and yelp."Ahh babe! You're pinching too hard!" This only makes you pinch harder and suck in where you bit down, then let go and give my ass a very hard smack.

"Don't call yourself fat, it makes me crazy. Do it again and I'll really punish you." I squint my eyes and stick my tongue out at you, forcing the little ball on my tongue bar up against my lip. "You are such a brat. I may just eat all these eggs for that. And you're the one who needs to be punished, my nipples hurt." I carry the skillet over to our plates and push the eggs on, then busty babe gets help with her masturbation out the toast and butter it.

"I"m assuming you want orange juice with that?" I look over as you cross towards the table and sit down. "Of course. I"ll grab it." "Don't worry about it babe, I'm already up." I push you back down in the seat as you start to get up and set the plate in front of you. I turn around and scoot forward out of your reach before you get the chance to grab my ass, then slow down and sway my hips all the way to the fridge.

Although the oj is only on the second shelf down, I'm sure to bend over and swing my hips back and forth as if searching for it. "You keep that up and I won't get the chance to eat these eggs." I smirk back at you and wiggle my ass a bit more before standing up and pouring us some juice.

"YOu'd better eat those eggs mister. I slaved over that hot stove for hours to make them; that's a culinary masterpiece on your plate." I sit down next to you at the table, and we continue to banter and eat until we finish and put the dishes away.

"I'm think I'll take a shower, we got pretty dirty last night." I grin at you and step close, cupping the soft bulge in your jeans. "You should come join me." "Eh not right now babe. My skin's been dry and I showered late yesterday. I think I'll wait." "Hmpfh stinky boy." I pout at you then lightly slap your crotch and run off before you can return the favor.

"Oh I'll get you for that!" You chase after me into the bathroom and catch my wrist, turning me around and giving me several smacks on the ass. "Hey no fair I only gave you one light tap!" "Hmmm maybe. But just for good measure-" you slap me hard on my ass cheek, then let go.

"Enjoy your shower, I'm gonna check my computer." I stick my tongue out at you again as you walk out the door towards my room.

Once you're gone I hop in the shower, relishing the steamy hot water against my cool skin. I wish you had joined me, I love shower sex. Perhaps next time. As I lather up in body wash I think about you being in the shower with me, fantasizing we're kissing with closed eyes while the water runs over both of us.

I love the feeling of your skin against mine, when you hug me close, the water and soap making your hands glide over my flesh as you run your hands over my back and through my hair. I can almost feel your nipples against mine, and taste your mouth as I fantasize. I slide a hand down to my pussy and un-surprisingly find her soaked -though not with water!- After karsonkush show from october from teens cam site myself for a minute I bend forward and slip my finger backwards towards my asshole, rubbing the tight little rose-bud before slowly sliding the finger in and out, stretching it slowly, knuckle by knuckle.

I continue to clean and play with myself, until I realize you'd been waiting for me in the shower for some time now, and hadn't come in to watch.

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Even when you don't want to join, you always try to sneak in without my noticing to get a surprise but-grab in. After looking around the bathroom and not seeing you there, I rinse off and hop out.

I dry off with the towel and brush my teeth quick, then throw on my silky little purple bathrobe to go looking for you. The fabric feels soft and smooth against my skin, and slips open easily even though I tied the sash securely. I open my door and look over to my bed, which is empty.

All of the lights are off except for a single candle on the night stand next to my bed. "Babe?" Just as I step forward into the room, you push the door closed behind me. I whip around to see you smiling, and before I can react you grab my throat with one hand and shove me against the door, slamming it shut. I let out a gasp from the impact, and you squeeze your hand tighter so it's harder to draw breath. "Hey bitch, I think it's about time for your punishment." Your smile gets wider and with your free hand you rip open the sash holding my robe closed, then in one smooth motion pull me forward and spin me around fairy tail natsu and mirajane xstorys the throat, tearing the robe off and pushing me away so I land bent over the bed.

As I start to get up, you rush forward and push me back down, holding me flat with your hand against my back, and begin slapping my ass much harder than you had earlier. I yell out in surprise and mild pain from the hits, each one sending a sharp tingling sensation from my ass. "Ah why am I being punished?! I made you eggs and everything!" I yell again and try to squirm forward, only for you to smack my ass with a resounding crack that sends me sprawling back against the bed.

I flail back to catch your arm, but you hit my hand away. "Because you're a bad bad girl and you like it. Oh, and if you're going to be like that-" I reached back to grab your hand again, and this time when you hit it away you pull my metal handcuffs out of your pocket and slap it onto my wrist, then pull that arm foward and close it around my other wrist, "then you don't get to move at all.

I'm gonna be in chage today bitch, and don't you forget it." You grab the chain connecting my wrists and pull forward, so your groin is against my ass and my arms and shoulders are stretched out in front of me.

"And the eggs were delicious." I try to squirm backwards off the bed, but you're heavy against me and pull forward more with the chain, then bite down on my ear lobe. I let out a quick, high pitched moan and lie back down.

"That's better. The more you cooperate, the easier this will be.for me." I turn my head around and snap towards you, trying to bite whatever is closest.

You whip your hand forward and slap me hard against the cheek. I'd never been hit that hard before, and my head spins slightly as I rest it back down, my cheek stinging and hot where you hit it. "Now that I have your attention, I think I need some help getting out of these pesky clothes you hate so much." You step back and pull me down, so I fall slightly off the bed onto my knees in front of you.

When I look back up you're standing over me with your dick mere inches from my face. "Take off my pants and suck my dick bitch." "Make me." I squint up and smirk, wiggling back and forth beneath you. "If i enjoy this as much as you say then you can't make me do anything I don't want too. Which means you're still my bitch." You back-hand me this time, then reach to my side towards your bag, and pull out your huge survival knife, grab my hair and force my head back, the blade cold and sharp against my skin.

My pulse sky-rockets and I begin to pant as you press the blade against my throat, and lean forward to face me. "I don't think you understand." You stare into my eyes and pull my hair tighter, your voice quiet but clear. "You're going to do what I say, when I say it. I'm not in the mood today to wrestle with you. Today you are nothing more than my bitch, and I'm going to do whatever I want to you. Got it?" I scrunch my face up and glare at you, then tip my face forward as quick as I can, and lick the tip of your nose.

"Hehe sorry I don't think I heard you through all the 'I'm a bitch'." As I smirk at your expression you pull adorable centerfold shows off enormous arse and gets butthole poked head farther back and pull your knife down the fat part of my lower lip. It only stings a little but then it grows warm and I feel small droplets of blood forming on the cut.

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"Try to be snide like that again, the next cuts will be on your tits." My pulse grows fast again and I nod, going quiet. My nipples have become very sensitive after I took the piercings out a few months ago, and since you'd already pinched them so hard, they grew hard from any contact. That knife would hurt. You let go of my hair married german couple making lovelin loveget cup the back of my head, pulling me closer while you lick up my chin and begin kissing me.

My lip stung where you cut it, and I could taste the slight metallic hint of blood. My blood. "Now, I believe we have unfinished business." You stand back up and pull me up slightly, so I'm kneeling eye level to your crotch once more. I wiggle my wrists so the cuffs slide down my arms slightly, and begin unbuttoning your jeans, pulling them down so you can step out of them.

As soon as the zipper is loose, your dick springs up, as if in salute. Although I'm already trying to think of ways to get you back for the domination, I love sucking your dick. Something about feeling your pulse against my lips, breathing in your scent and making you moan make me so wet. I contentedly begin kissing your tip, moving down and around your shaft and slightly towards your hips with tiny pecks that make you laugh a little and moan while you take off your shirt.

Once your shirt is off, you stroke the hair on the back of my head lightly as I begin gently sucking on your swollen head. Your precum has a lovely salty flavor that compliments the after taste of my blood.

I begin slowly sucking harder and moving farther down your shaft, flicking my tongue side to side so my tongue bar rubs up against the sensitive spot where your head and shaft meet. Just as I back up a little and move my hands up to rest on your thighs, you grab my hair again and force your dick deep in my mouth, causing me to gag and choke in surprise before you pull my head back for air, only to push me forward again and hold me there.

I begin sucking as hard as I can, but your dick is too big for group of teen girls beg the tow guy to put the car down to fit all the way in, and I begin to gag again as your head presses against the back of my throat. I start tapping on your thigh to show I need a breather, but you laugh for a second and hold me there just a little longer before letting you go.

You laugh a little more as I sit gasping for air and glaring back up at you. "Well I have to make sure you remember whose in charge. Hmmm you were doing well though. I think I'll reward you." You pull me up again my my hair towards the bed, though gently so I have enough time to follow your movements.

Once I'm standing, you push me back lightly so I land on the bed, and scoot me back a little so my legs bend over the side of the bed at the knees. "Now don't move." I stick my tongue out but stay still. You reach towards the drawer under my bed and pull out a few objects I can't see, and set them down on the floor next to the bed. "I love that drawer. It's always so full of interesting toys.

I'll be sure to use everything I can." I squint at you and huff. I have an awful lot of toys in that drawer. A girl has to be able to keep herself entertained after all. "I think for now though, I'll keep using my favorite toy." You smile wickedly and pick up the knife from the floor.

"I really don't see how this is gonna be a reward." "Haha you'll see." You reach down again and pull out a small black blindfold, which you pull over my eyes.

"Babe, it's rather dark in here as it is. It's not like I can see to start with." You laugh again and wave your hand in front of my face.

I can only see a bit of it through the crack where the mask doesn't conform to the dip between the bridge of my nose and cheeks. "Eh good enough. And don't worry, I know you can see through that little space. I think you'll enjoy not being able to see most everything I can do." You lean forward at that and push the knife against my throat again, forcing my breath to catch. I didn't see you move it in from the side. "Mmmm now for your reward." You lift the knife and begin kissing me, slow and flirting.

You move down my neck and down to my nipples, which you begin lightly sucking and licking. The contact feels wonderful, and I begin to moan and push against you. I gasp as you bite down on my tit, then continue sucking lightly and moving down again. Your lips feel soft and dry now on my skin as you make your way down my belly. Getnly you push my legs up and apart from the knee, moving up to kiss down my thigh. The feeling of your kiss gives me shivers, and I grind my pelvis up towards your lips as you kiss and occasionally nibble your way down my inner thigh.

Just before contact with my now throbbing pussy, you pull back slightly and start kissing along my hips towards my sides. I moan and grind, trying to bring my pussy up to your lips, but to no avail. "This is torture! I thought I was getting a reward!" I pout and continue to grind, shimmying forward in an attempt to force you closer. As I do you slap my pussy with the flat of the knife, making me gasp and jump, then try to wiggle backwards away from the blade.

"Stop moving. I'll decide what's a reward. You're still my bitch, and you'll like what I tell you too." I whimper but lay still. You resume kissing my thighs, but this time you begin to lightly drag the tip of the knife down my throat, along my breasts and tummy, down to my thighs.

The point is sharp but not unpleasant, and makes me want to shiver. Then I feel a slight, sharp pain on my inner thigh as you pull the knife a little harder, drawing more drops of my crimson blood.

It's not a very deep cut, and doesn't bleed much, but it does well up and drip down my thigh towards my pussy. I yelp a little anyways, then moan as you slowly run your tongue up my thigh, then along the cut.

It stings but the sensation of your tongue along such a sensitive area makes my girl throb even harder. "Mmmm babe please I can't stand it any more.

Please lick my pussy!" I begin to whimper and moan, griding up and down against your chin. "Haha vipissy blondes get piss soaked and orgasm want it that badly?" "Ah yes!

Please eat me out! I want to feel your tongue in my twat!" I say this increasingly louder, and grind with more urgency, wanting nothing more than to feel you between my thighs. "Heh alright.

But my tongue's not gonna be the only thing on your cute little clit." With that you lean forward, spreading my legs apart further and lick in one smooth motion up from my asshole to my clit. I let out a loud moan as you spread my lips apart, and begin licking and sucking harder and farher in my pussy. I can't stop moaning and grinding in time with your tongue, when you suddenly lift your head back slightly and drag the tip of the knife across my swollen clit.

Even the light pressure in such a concentrated spot brings me closer to orgasm. I try not to squirm as you drag the knife in a variety of angles around my pussy, for fear of making you accidentally cut me. Then i feel you slowly drag the knife down towards my ass, the tip catching on my goose-bumps. You move up and begin sucking forcefully on my clit while circling my hole with the knife. The different sensations together drive me crazy, and my breath quickens as I feel my girl tighten up in the beginnings of a huge orgasm.

"Oh god I'm cuming! Your tongue feels so good!" Just as I'm reaching the peak of ecstacy, you thrust two of your fingers in my pussy and finger-fuck me hard and fast, while my girl clenches around them.

I continue shaking from the orgasm even after you pull away from me. "You naughty little girl. I told you you'd get a reward. But now my face is all messy.

Clean it up!" You crawl forward over me, and press your huge dick against the opening to my pussy while I lean up to kiss you and lick your face clean. My cum is almost tart and metallic tasting, and the flavors of my saxi hot xxx cartoon storys and blood mixed with your saliva cause even more warmth to spread between my legs. Then in a flash, you pull my head back and force your tongue deep in my mouth, and quickly thrust forward, filling me with your cock.

I let out a muffled scream of pleasure from the sudden penetration, and grind my hips up as you push farther into my pussy and passionately kiss me. When you begin to thrust back and forth in me I feel almost dizzy from the wonderful sensation. We begin moaning together and you start fucking me hard and fast, pushing me back and forth along the bed with every thrust.

I start yelling loudly as I feel another orgasm coming, but just before the point of not return you rip your dick out and back up to stand. I keep moaning and grinding for a few seconds after, my pussy throbbing so hard it hurts. All I can think about is the orgasm I'm so close too. "Please put your dick in me! I want to cum!" You smile and slap my pussy with the flat of your hand, forcing me to scream and whip my legs together in reflex.

"No. You've gotten your reward already. You'll have to work for another one. I'm nowhere near finished with you yet." "I'll do anything.

Please just fuck me more!" I whine again and grind my hips up and down. "That's a good girl. Anything huh?" "Yes! What do you want?" "Hmmmm.roll over onto your stomach." Quickly as I can, I roll over onto my belly and spread my legs for balance, moving forward onto the bed so they don't hang off so far.

"That's better. Now keep your head down and lift that cute little ass in the air. I have a surprise for you." Again I do as I'm told, now completely blind as to what you're doing. I hear you step back for a moment, and pick something up before coming up close again. "Are you ready?" Before I even have the chance to reply, I feel a sudden drop against my skin, then a very intense burning.

"Ah you got the candle! Ahh!' You let a few more drips fall, this time on my ass cheek instead of my lower back. My skin continues to burn some where the drops are cooling, and my legs have started shaking. Just as my panting slows, you pull my cheeck aside and drip wax straight down my ass crack.

I scream at the shock of the heat, and pitch forward. You slap my ass with a loud hard smack, causing even more wax to drip onto my cheeks. "Keep that ass up in the air bitch. I'm not done with it." I whimper as I slowly lift my hips again, exposing me fully.

"Good girl. That's probably hot huh?" I nod and hear you blow out the candle. I let my breath out slowly and moan as you begin massaging my ass, pulling it apart and pushing it together to loosen up the wax.

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I moan as you lick my tight little hole, soothing the burning and stimulating my pussy. You lean back, and I hear you reach down to the floor and a couple of things clink as you set them next to me on the bed. You lean forward and hold something smooth against my lips. "Suck on this. Be sure to get it good and wet." I open my mouth and you push in my but plug, which is rather large and hard to suck on when i have no hands to hold it in.

You lean back down and continue licking my ass, then slip a finger up and slowly push forward. I moan as I feel your finger slowly stretch my hole once more, and grind softly against it. Once you're able to slip your finger in and out easily, you take the plug out of my mouth with one hand, and pull one of my ass cheeks aside with the other. You then slowly push the plug forward, trusting its taper to stretch me.

I let out soft yells as the plug forces my hole farther open, my ass burning and tingling from the wax and stretching. "Relax babe. It won't go in if you clench up." I take in a few deep breaths then slowly exhale, relaxing more and sinking some into the bed. Once I do that the toy quickly slides forward then pops into place, held still by the base.

I moan loudly and drop my hips, my legs shaking to bad from the sensations in my ass to hold me up. You slap my ass again, this time hitting against the plug making it jar and me yell out. "Naughty girl. I told you to keep that ass up.

Now you get to make up for it by sucking my dick clean." I slowly turn around, still on my hands and knees, feeling around until I find your rock-hard cock. You smell like my pussy now, and your dick tastes like my cum and your pre- cum mixed together. I lick up and down your shaft, then around the head and open my mouth wider to suck you in as far as I can. You let out a low moan and grab the back of my head again, rhythmically pulling back and forth, face-fucking me.

Thankfully you aren't pulling so hard to make me gag, so I'm able to suck harder and make a seal around your member with my lips, giving stronger resistance against your thrusts. You moan louder, then lean forward and begin playing more with the plug. You slowly begin turning it in place, then twisting and pulling it in and out in time with your thrusting.

I begin moaning against your dick, and my legs start shaking again when you pull out and push me back, leaning coarse sex makes breasty beautiful babe cum on my back once more. While still holding on too the plug, you push forward again into my pussy, After I begin panting in earnest you let go of the plug, and push my legs up against my chest and thrust even deeper into me. I gasp and moan with pleasure as I feel you fill me completely.

I begin to approach another orgasm when suddenly you pull my legs out straight, back up and flip me over onto my stomach.

Then with no warning you rip the plug out, and in one smooth motion push your cock deep into my ass, all the way up to your balls. I scream from the pain, tears escaping from my eyes as I push my face into the bed. "Baby please that hurts! PUll out please!" You pull back slightly as if you're going too, then thrust forward again, pushing me even farther onto the bed. I scream again, and whimper as you slow down some and push in and out of me.

Once my breathing slows I breath deep and exhale again, relaxing more and easing the pain. Slowly but surely my ass stretches farther, and pain changes to pleasure.

"Mmm oh god your ass is so tight! I love fucking it." You slap my cheek and thrust harder, forcing a moan from my lips. "Oh god I do too! Fuck me harder!" I yell loudly and push back against you, digging my nails into othe sheets and grinding my pussy against your balls. You grab my hips then pull me forward, and slam me back even harder against you. With that you fuck me faster and faster, forcing me to scream with pleasure, wanting nothing more than to cum. After big butt slut gets licked pornstars and amateur particularly deep thrust, you pull out to admire my ass.

"Oh babe your ass is beautiful. I've fucked it so hard it's gaping open." You bend forward and begin eating me out again, pushing your tongue into my ass, then back and forth between my ass and pussy.

As you do you reach down again, and pull out a very cold dildo that you run up my thigh. From the feeling of it I can tell it's my icicle, the clear glass toy with a blue spiral running up the shaft.

You lick along it to get it wet, then easily slide it in and out of my ass. I moan loudly and marvel at how easily it fits inside of me. You stuff it in my ass all the way up to the base, then pull my hips back so I'm bent over the bed, and start fucking my pussy hard teen ankle socks desperate for a girlcrony he picks the girl he likes and orders her from fast.

After only a minute of this though, you twist the toy out of my ass and slam your dick in. I scream again, this time so close to orgasm I'd keep cuming no matter what you did. "Ahhhh I'm gonna cum! Fuck me harder I wanna cum all over your cock!" You reach forward from my hips and grap my tits, pinching down hard. I pitch my head back from the pain and clench up, tightening over your cock as I build up quickly to my massive orgasm. "Oh god your so tight!

I'm gonna cum!" YOu keep hoding on to my breasts and pull me back onto you, faster and faster against my ass. "Cum with me! Fill me with your hot jizz!" I yell out loudly as my legs shake and my pussy tightens uncontrollable in orgasm.

You moan loudly as I tighten around you, and yell out, filling my ass with cum. I continue orgasming from the feeling of your cock pumping load after load of hot jizz into me.

We both freeze up momentarily, you balls deep in my ass, both of us panting heavily as we collapse. "Mmm oh my god that felt so good. I love it when you fuck my ass." I yelp again as you pull out with a wet pop, and feel warm and wet running down my leg.

After panting for a few more minutes, I pull off the blindfold and begin kissing you. Tenderly at first, then as we keep kissing you pull me closer as I press against you and kiss more intensly. I feel you begin to grow hard again, and move down, stopping to suck and lick your nipples before moving down and sucking your dick once more.

"Here babe I'll make that easier." You reach forward and unlock my wrists, and I shake them loose, thankful for the freedom. I suck your dick for a long time, enjoying the flavor I left and the feeling of you growing harder and hornier in my mouth. Before you get too close to cuming, you pull my head up and then pull me forward to kiss more.

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"Mmm I want to fuck your pussy. C'mere." I swing my leg over so I'm stradling over you, the tip of your dick partially parting my lips. Then in a slow, smooth motion I sit down on your dick.

You grap my hips and moan as I grind up and down along your shaft, following your gentle guidance on my hipe. You begin pulling me on harder and I start humping faster, making a slapping sound as we hit togehter.

I feel myself begin to tighten, ready for another orgasm, when you slow and flip over so you're on top of me. Then without pulling out, you lean sideways over the bed for one last toy to play with. "Spread your legs baby." I spread my legs apart and watch as you lick then slide a small black vibrator into my ass.

It slips in easily, and doesn't feel like much compared to your cock, but sends wave of pleasure when you turn it on to a pulsing vibrate. With that you push forward once more, filling my pussy with your dick, fucking me slow and deep. The feeling of your dick grinding against the vibrator is spectacular, and I begin building up to another massive orgasm. You moan with me and begin thrusting harder and deeper, but only slightly faster, in time with the pulsing toy.

"Ahh babe I want you to fill my pussy. I love it when you cum. The feeling of you shooting a load gets me off so hard. Mmm please make me your cum slut." I say all of this low, moaning and grinding hard against you.

You reach behind my head to the base of my skull, and pull me lana rhoades gets butthole penetrated on the floor to kiss, while your other hand reaches down and pushes my hips up against yours, forcing the vibrator even harder against you. "Mmm I love it when you talk dirty. I'm gonna cum deep in your pussy you little whore." I moan and claw down your back, the dig my nails in as I begin to orgasm, once more in time with you as you yell out and thrust forward, filling me with your cum.

The vibrator pressing against you intensifies the throbbing of your dick, and I continue to orgasm so hard I can barely breathe. Once the throbbing passes, I giggle and lay back, content and exhausted. As you pull out, cum bubbles from my pussy, making little popping noises that send us both laughing.I begin wiping myself and the bed up with the towel I keep in the drawer for just such emergencies. "Alright I'll admit it, though just this once. You win." You laugh and rest your head against my shoulder, sliding sideways and falling asleep almost instantly.

".Brat." I smile and kiss your forehead, falling asleep once again in your arms. Good thing I woke up early.