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Hotties ms white kitten amp emma browns purring pussies licked and fingered
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Author's Note: The purpose of this series is to establish a vehicle through which to explore some far darker themes than I normally do through a series of short individual chapters. Some suspension of disbelief is required, and the narration may shift depending on the perspective of each piece. If you're reading a chapter in this series for the first time, please read the short Introduction for the background and set up.

"Hey Jenna, check this out." Jenna looked up and glanced across the counter. They had both been working the register near the end of a typical day, and Anton had been watching the monitors for several minutes now.

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There were a handful of kids in the store, and apparently two of them had decided to utilize the changing rooms for some fun. On the screen was a girl on her knees in relatively tight confines, giving her boyfriend a blowjob. Jenna had noticed the punk couple when they first came in, it was hard not to. The girl was taller than average, probably five foot ten or eleven, fairly thin with a shocking red Betty Page haircut in a short black skirt and beat up t-shirt.

Her boyfriend was taller still with spiked jet-black hair in tight jeans and a beat up jacket. For punks they were a bit more on the poser side, a bit too well groomed to be actual street kids, and Jenna smirked a bit at their feigned teen angst. Now, looking over at their unknowing performance, her dismissal of them seemed a bit premature.

They both watched the scene develop for a few minutes in silence. The girl was giving some sexy ladies get happy to max smalltits and homemade good head to her boy, who was leaning against the wall, his pants down to his thighs. Eventually she lifted her own shirt to give him access to her breasts, but the angle of the camera didn't provide a good view of them. One thing was clear, though, and that was that after more than five minutes, the two didn't seem to be in any hurry, and potentially were going to take it further.

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Anton looked at the clock, then over to his partner, nodding to the three remaining customers on the floor. She read his mind and casually walked out from behind the counter to the nearest one. "We're going to be closing now, if you don't mind," she said quietly, motioning towards the exit. "If you have any purchases to make, please do so." She gave each the same suggestion, more or less urging them to leave even though it was not quite closing time.

None had anything to buy, and all three allowed themselves to be ushered out without much concern.

After locking the door behind them she returned to the counter, leaning over it to watch the monitor some more. Sure enough, things had progressed. The boy's pants were now completely off, and he had his girlfriend up against the wall, fucking her from behind underneath her skirt. "What do you think?" Anton asked. "Do we just go in there and bust them for public indecency?

Think they'll buy it?" "I dunno," Jenna said thoughtfully, trying to balance her ardent desire to join them with a clear-headed way to do it safely. "They don't seem the type to put up a fight, but then it's a pretty weak charge to try and blackmail them with.

What if we separate them? One upstairs, one down here. Although to be honest I kinda want to get my hands on both of them." "I bet you do. You know what, fuck it. Let's just go in there and drag them out. The shock of it will probably freak them out for a second, and if we just jump right in maybe they'll go for it." Anton paused, waiting for her to think it through. He knew she was totally hot right now for both of them, and he personally couldn't wait to get his dick up that skirt.

"Who knows, maybe they're as perverted as us. I mean, look at them." While they'd been discussing, the scene had gotten even livelier still, with the girl bending fully over, her hands almost to her ankles as he pounded her.

And they could actually hear them now from across the store. It didn't really seem like they had any reservations about what they were doing. "Ok," Jenna said finally. "But I get to go first." And she sprang playfully from her perch, all but bolting over to the dressing room door. Anton smiled and grabbed the keys to the rooms before following along, deliberately taking his time as she waved at him to hurry. Once at the room he started taking off his clothes.

"Aren't you going to strip?" he asked when Jenna didn't join him. "I'm just gonna drag him out here and suck his dick while he watches you fuck her. Assuming that's what you're planning on doing with that." She glanced at his hard on. "Yup!" he said with enthusiasm as he put the key in the door and pulled it open in one deft motion.

The young couple inside had no time to react before he'd reached into the tiny room and pulled the boy off and out of his girlfriend, passing him over to Jenna who promptly pushed the red wap com xxx pani nikalna back against the wall next to the doorway and got on her knees in front of him.

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He let out a feeble, "What the fuck.," but Jenna had his dick all the way down her throat so fast he was pretty much stunned, and not necessarily displeased with the trade off.

The girl, who's back, or rather ass, had been facing the door didn't really see what was going on. She'd been deep in the throes of her passions, still bent over at the waist, and only started to stand up sensing the commotion behind her before Anton had entered the room and pushed her up against the back wall.

At the same moment as Jenna blonde teen lilly ford gets the chance to taste jmacs monster cock getting her boyfriend's cock into her mouth he lowered himself slightly behind her and shoved his own stiff rod up and into her fully wet pussy, holding her tightly with the weight of his body. "If anyone's going to be fucking in this establishment, it's going to be us, understood?" Before the girl had a chance to scream, or even react, he was fucking her as hard as he could with the intention of overwhelming her with the excitement of it.

Whether it worked or not, she didn't make any noises of protest for the first minute or so, and actually began to moan again when he didn't let up. Outside the room Jenna was giving the boy what had to have been the best blowjob he'd ever received, stroking him completely into her mouth, burying him until her face pressed against his taught, hairless abdomen. Sensing him getting close to cumming she undid her pants and pushed them down over her hips as she face fucked him, slowing her pace to enjoy his young cock in her mouth a bit longer.

Inside the room, only feet way, they could both hear Anton talking to the girl. "Is this what you wanted when you came in today?" he asked when she seemed to start enjoying it.

"To be fucked by the man who's store you thought you could use however you wanted, you fucking slut." He was really giving it to her now, pressing her hard up against the back wall with her skirt bunched up around her waist. Her above average height gave him a perfect angle to get himself deeply into her, and her cute young butt made fantastic slapping noises with each thrust. "I bet your sweet little pussy hasn't had any big man cock in her yet, has she?

Oh, but I can tell she's liking it now." The girl only moaned louder, not resisting but letting herself be raped. "And I bet your boyfriend's about ready to give it to my partner right about now, isn't he Jenna?" He raised his voice to sure they'd hear. "Oh yes he is," came her response. She'd grabbed his dick and had turned herself from him, getting down on her hands and knees, bringing him up behind her.

"He's gonna fuck me alright, and he's gonna fucking love it!" She brought him right up to her pussy, plenty wet already in anticipation, and let him push it in.

"Come on, you nasty little punk. Stick that hard young dick in my hot cunt. Oh yeah! That's it!" He'd slipped it in and was nailing her in no time, making her even more turned on. "Mmm, nice. Fuck me just like that. Fuck me nice and hard like a good slut deserves." The boy had his hands on her hips, moaning hard as he fucked her just outside the door of the room where he could clearly see his girlfriend getting almost identical treatment.

"You guys are fucking insane!" he eventually found the courage to say. "You okay in there, Cassie?" From the back of the room he heard her mumble an almost incoherent assent under her moans. "Yeah." she cream pie zoe zane hardcore and granny. "Mmm, I think I'm gonna cum." Her voice trailed off as she started shiver a bit beneath his relentless pounding.

She was silent for a moment as it began to break in her, then she let out a series of long loud screams, cumming hard and continuous while Anton didn't let up, building himself to the same place. He managed to go another minute or two, but finally let it go, pulling out and shooting a huge load onto her, creamy ass. Meanwhile Jenna was slamming herself back against the boy, forcing him to give it to her as hard and as fast as possible, knowing he was surely about to cum.

"Come on, fuck toy. Fuck me harder than that. Fuck me until you give me that hot cum. Oh yeah!" She was almost ready to orgasm, and wanted to feel him swell and stiffen in her to get her over the edge.

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"Come on, baby, give my sweet pussy your cum. Give it to me." She was talking it right out of him, feeling him suddenly grow and become impossibly hard.

She reached back with one hand and grabbed the back of his thigh, making sure he came inside her. When he released it he slammed her hard, thrusting his hips and knocking her forward onto the floor. With his legs straddling her thighs he fucked her furiously as his cum shot into her, making her orgasm explode, turning her words to lustful cries that filled the whole store. Anton stepped back and leaned with his back against the door jam, looking at the pair on the floor.

The boy had withdrawn and sat back, his slick erection slowly fading, while Janna rolled over and sat up. In the room the girl was sitting on the little bench in the corner, pulling on her panties. Anton finally spoke. "I'm Anton, and this is Jenna.

Obviously we own this place. I assume you're name is Cassie?" The girl nodded. He turned to the boy, "And you are?" "Trent. And you guys are either totally crazy or totally awesome." Anton looked over at Cassie. "You agree with that?" He was trying to gauge her reaction to having essentially just been raped. "I'd have to say the same thing," she said sheepishly, avoiding his stare. "Are we in any trouble?" Internally he felt a huge sigh of relief knowing they still had the upper hand, but didn't show it outwardly.

From her seat on the floor Jenna gave a little laugh. "No, sweetie, not exactly, although what you were doing in the first place was absolutely wrong. But I think what we just did about it kind of makes up for it, don't you think?" Cassie thought about it for a second, but Trent immediately chubby boy with bear gay, having just gotten to bone two women for the first time.

To bring the point home, Anton spoke up. "If you agree with that, Cassie, I don't see the need to get anyone else involved. Not the police, not your parents." She looked up suddenly, wide eyed, and he knew he'd hit the mark.

"We can more or less call it even if you like and leave it at that. Like our own little law of the jungle. And to show you there are no hard feelings, go ahead and pick out some stuff you like and we'll let you take it, free of charge." They all got dressed again and the two kids found some stuff they liked which Jenna bagged up for them and gave them at the door as she let them out. "Now this has to stay between us, remember, or you'll have to face consequences that will not be at all pleasant." The two nodded their agreement and left.

The next day around four-thirty, Cassie came back to the shop and found them both behind the counter. They looked at one another but said nothing.

"Hi," the girl said, nervously. "I, uh, I wanted to thank you for being so good to us yesterday. It was really cool of you not to turn us in or anything, and it was, well, really fun what we did." "Well, you're welcome," Jenna said.

"Have you been a good girl and not told anyone?" "Oh yeah, totally!" she said in a hurry, "Nothing like that, I mean, you know, never. It's just that, I was wondering, um, if I could. I mean, that if you needed someone. If I could get a job here?" They smiled at each other, and then back at Cassie. Anton said, "Hm, well, That's an interesting idea.

We don't really need anyone, but we could probably find something for you to do around here." He looked over at Jenna and winked. "Tell you what. Why don't you go with Jenna upstairs and she'll start interviewing horny beautiful gal gtes her booty hole screwed. And in a little bit, when we close up, I'll come up and join you." The smile that came across Cassie's face made her look absolutely delicious, and Jenna was more than happy to have been given the opportunity to evaluate her.