Gros gode pour grosse chienne hardcore blowjob

Gros gode pour grosse chienne hardcore blowjob
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I've just been burning to tell someone about this, I can barely contain myself. But first, you need to know everything. I'm Jenna and I'm slightly on the taller side.

Coming from an Italian family, both me and my sister who this story's about are somewhat darker-skinned and brunettes. I have a 38B bra size, while my sister, Anna, because she's only 16 has smaller, but perky tits. Although I must say I have noticed that they're still growing nicely.

Growing up, I never thought it was weird to like looking at other girls just as much as boys. As I got older and my sexuality increased, I started experimenting.

It didn't take long for me to realize just how much of a whore I was myself dicks, pussy, balls, tits, toys, anal, cum, I loved it all. But this story's not really about me. Last weekend our parents went to stay at a hotel for their wedding anniversary.

Obviously not a big deal, we'd stayed home alone before. The night they left, Friday, I drove my sister to a friend's house and told her I wouldn't be able to bring her home because I invited a few people over to our house to drink. She said it was fine and that she could get a ride. Two of my friends, Nicole and Sam, came over with a few bottles of wine. After a few hours they left and I began to wonder where Anna was, so I texted her.

Her response was: "om way hom e". Is she drunk, Fake taxi uk dutch teen wondered? My question was answered soon enough as she came through the door, trying poorly to compose herself.

She was a little tipsy on her feet and had this big grin on her face. I also smiled, remembering when I first started drinking in high school too. I also noticed what she was wearing black converse, cutoffs, and a tight blue tank top with a bare midriff.

I guess I never realized it before or maybe I'm just a little drunk myself but she is pretty hot. My mind wandered, questioning how many guys in her grade had already jacked off to her.

I snapped back, realizing how weird that thought was. I asked her how her night was and she said it was fun; they drank a bunch, played some games. She told he about how they played spin the bottle and she got to kiss a boy she had a crush on, but then she had to kiss a girl. It must have been the wine, because again I felt another burst of horniness, wishing I could have seen it.

I squeezed my legs together gently, feeling my pussy start to ache. "I don't know if this is weird, but I kind of liked the girl's kiss better," she continued. "That's not weird, girls know what girls want more than guys do." "I guess that makes sense.

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Have you ever done anything with a girl before?" "I've kissed a lot, but I've only ever had sex with a few." Her face reddened when I said it, but I could also sense a turn on. I told her not to be embarrassed, and suddenly felt myself lean in and kiss her. I don't know what came over me, but she must've liked it or been drunk - because she didn't pull away.

I slid my hand up her smooth, bare thigh and she squeezed her legs together as I reached her young cunt. She moaned as I pressed against her, biting her lip as I guided her over to the couch. Squirming around my hand, I knew I had her, so I took off my jeans and panties, sat down and told her to eat me. She hesitantly lowered her mouth to my pussy and I thrusted my bald, wet cunt into her mouth.

As her tongue slid inside of me, I loved the idea of dominating her and it seemed like she fell right into submission. I took off my shirt and bra and noticed her eyes start to wander, lingering on my breasts. I teased my nipples, pinching and twisting them until they got stiff. I could tell I was going to cum soon, but I wanted to prolong it making it even better when it finally happened. I pulled her up to me and kissed her, tasting my salty juices on her tongue. Peeling off her shirt to reveal her boobs, nipples already hard.

She leaned in and began to slowly grind as we made out. Our breasts pushed against each other and when our nipples grazed, it sent an incredible sensation through both of our bodies. The feeling of her cutoffs rubbing against my aching pussy was nice at first, but soon got uncomfortable, so I instructed her to take them off. When they slid down her legs, I noticed a sizeable wet alice wonderbang and the big green toy on her small, cotton panties.

"Do you like to touch yourself," I asked? "Yeah. Usually in the shower or at night, but sometimes I get that feeling and I anissa kate jasmine jae storm of kings xxx parody part 1 can't help it and have to do it wherever school, shopping, the car." Oh my god, hearing about my little sister's horny exploits was amazing.

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It looked like she had more to say, but felt uncomfortable, so I slid my hand over her panties, feeling her juices leak through, and told her she could tell me anything. Shyly, she admitted to finding my vibrator one day and using it occasionally. As a reward for her honesty, and because that turned me on even more I didn't even know that was possible I laid her down on the couch and pulled her panties off.

Like me, she was totally daryl hanah anal facial compilation splitscreen. Gliding forward, my tits brushing her moist pussy then stomach then resting on her perky breasts, I kissed her, simultaneously shoving my tongue in her eagerly accepting mouth and grinding against her cunt with my own our juices mixing forming a sticky, slippery mess between our legs.

She opened her mouth to moan in pleasure and as she did, I shoved her wet panties into her mouth, telling her to leave them in. Wide-eyed, she submitted while I slid back down, kissing her body until my face rested between her legs.

I knew I had to tease her a little, so I bit and licked her thighs and the area just around her pussy, now soaking. I couldn't believe how wet my little sister got, and I briefly questioned if I should go through with this. I mean, she was my sister after all.

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But looking up at her pleading, hungry eyes and succumbing to the alcohol as she had too I couldn't help myself. I dove right into her snatch, and she tasted amazing. After eating her out for awhile, I pushed a finger inside of her. I say pushed, but really, it slipped in because she was so lubricated with both my saliva and her own juices.

So I decided to add another, and as I did, never taking my mouth of her clit, which I'd been sucking, I felt her body arch and a moan escape her stuffed mouth. With two fingers and my mouth working on her, it wasn't long before she came, her body convulsing in ecstasy.

I took the panties out of her mouth, and kissed her, asking if she liked how she tasted. "I kind of do like it, but I liked you better." "Then you'll have skyla novea your dick roommates dick get some more," I said as got down on my hands and knees on the floor, beckoning her to my pussy.

She happily jumped down and began lapping at my pussy ferociously. The sensation was incredible and I even found myself pressing my little sister's dirty panties up to my face, basking in the smell.

Anna's licking had gotten so intense that she slipped from my pussy and began tonguing my asshole. She realized her mistake and went to switch back, but I instructed her to leave her mouth there and finger my cunt while she ate out my ass.

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She asked, "Why? Does that feel good?" I told her it does and if she finishes me, I'll show her. A big grin crept across her face, glistening with my grool, as she sucked two of her fingers, covering them in shining spit, and pushed them inside of me. She simultaneously returned her mouth to my asshole: licking, sucking, even trying to push her tongue inside. If she was this good this young, she would make a lot of women very happy. The preceding buildup had already put me on edge, so it wasn't long before I reached around, shoving her face deep into my ass and bucking my hips back, forcing her fingers even deeper inside of me as I came.

I rolled over and she came over to me, kissing me gently. Despite the fact that I just came, the mix of pussy and ass on her mouth revved my engine again so to speak. Slurring her words, she told me that it was weird at first, but she also kind of liked the taste of my ass. Smiling, I had her take the same position on her hands tight busty blonde sabine in skinny jeans knees, and spread her cheeks.

Her pussy was still dripping wet and I was staring down my little sister's tight, virgin asshole. It was beautiful, like fresh, untouched snow. Completely bald and puckered, having never experienced anything like what I was about to do and I wanted to be the first to have it.

I started again by teasing her, kissing and biting her cheeks and slapping her ass once in awhile. It was obvious that she was getting impatiently horny as she squirmed, wanting the pleasure that she gave me. I obliged, and gently flicked her hole with my tongue as a groan escaped her mouth. I pushed my mouth in and began to really go at it, pushing and circling my tongue all around her asshole. I also stuck two fingers into her wet pussy, pulling them out every once in awhile to taste her delicious juices.

I noticed her playing with her tits, her perky nipples swollen from the pleasure, and knew it was time to chap seduces legal age teenager beautiful girl it to the next level. I took my mouth off of her ass and began sucking on her cunt while I gently massaged her butthole with my finger.

She must've been even more drunk than I thought or she's just a slut like me - because she didn't even flinch. In fact, her moans intensified.

I pushed a finger into her pussy, soaking it in her natural lube, while I applied more saliva to her virgin asshole. I then placed the tip of my finger at the entrance to her tight pucker and slowly pushed it in. She squealed, but I reassured her that it would feel weird at first but then it would feel good. As I worked my finger in and out of her asshole, I rubbed her clit with my other hand. Before long, we had a rhythm going. Me fucking her asshole with my finger and her grinding back, pushing her ass all the way to my last knuckle.

I continued to rub her clit as her breathing and heart rate quickened until she let out a scream. Her asshole clenched around my finger and the hand that was playing with her pussy was suddenly soaked as she climaxed, releasing even more cum from her young pussy.

She slid forward off of my finger and collapsed on the floor. I went over to her and kissed her again, leaving strands of saliva and cum between our glistening faces. It had been an eventful night and she was in the process of passing out as I heard her whisper: "Mom and dad are gone for another two days, right?"