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Naughty and wild delights pornstar and hardcore
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Part 35 Healing Alice and Michael sat on the lounge pool deck, watching the sunrise over the ocean. They'd arranged the meeting the previous evening, not wanting to be disturbed.

Alice had been treating Kelly for almost ten days and needed help. "She's in really bad shape, Michael. She's in a very dark place knowing her own stupidity caused her sterility. Hate is still coiled inside her. She lets it out in her sport, but it's still there. She told me you said to imagine something she wanted desperately as a reward for the pain?" Michael nodded. "She wanted a child. She said I could tell you." "Shit!" "There's more, but I can't talk about it." "What I wanted stepmom offers young guy her great handjob talk about was moving forward.

She can't train for six weeks. That was her outlet, her relief valve. We've got to figure a way to let her hate and pain out quickly." Michael watched the sparkling ocean, remembering his own recoveries.

He'd been a terrible patient. "She used to draw when she was a kid. She was pretty good. We've got room. What about setting up a studio for the girls. I know Beth loves to paint." It was something he'd been considering for a while.

"Then encourage her," Alice said thinking, "Challenge her. Tell her about the walls. Make her feel she is part of us." Alice loved this man and his intuitive intelligence. If Kelly could express herself on paper, it would provide her with an outlet and Alice with a continuing barometer of her recovery. Kelly and Jennifer returned from Brisbane three days later.

While the surgery had gone well, the violence of the penetrations had caused significant collateral damage. Kelly would be unable to exercise for at least eight weeks, probably longer. Then she might need additional surgery. She would have to stay in the infirmary for at least a week. Michael and Alice took a thick sketchbook and drawing pencils to her.

She looked small and fragile, pain written on her face. Jennifer was adjusting her pain meds. "Hi Honey. Brought you something." Kelly's eyes lit a bit. She loved to draw, but after the rape, she'd concentrated on her sport.

Like Alice, Kelly worried about the forced inactivity, but for an entirely different reason. Her body was accustomed to an athlete's diet. Kelly loved to eat and feared the weight gain. When sani lioon pron xxxx story been younger, she could lose herself in drawing, sometimes not eating for days. "You can put that memory of yours to work … and as you've seen, we've got a lot of empty walls." "I don't know, Uncle Mike, it's been a long time." The meds started to work and the lines of pain on her face eased.

He said nothing. She looked into his eyes. She saw disappointment. "I'll do my best," hoping to see the look in Michael's eyes ease. "Honey, your father died because people only did their best. Doing your best is an excuse for failure. Don't ever accept failure with an explanation or excuse. It's still failure. If you set your mind to do something, do it." She looked hurt, like a scolded child. She started to cry. He put a comforting hand on her shoulder. Alice squeezed his hand, a signal to keep going.

"I'm sorry you can't carry a child. It happened because you couldn't face your rape. Face it now. Beat it. No excuses. Just do it. You've still got an ovary, so there's still a chance." "It's time to claw your way out of all that hate and pain inside you. I've seen your fights. There's no surrender in you. You're just like Beth.

You've seen the pictures, but that doesn't tell it all. They drove a broom handle through her uterus. They tortured her. They pulled her teeth because they feared she'd bite them. She was bleeding to death and crawled out a second story window so I would know she never gave up." "Why do you think they used the taser on you? They were afraid of you. Now your body's healing.

Let us help your soul and heart. Any time you want to give up, remember Beth crawling out of that window, bleeding to death. She beat her attackers. Now it's your turn to beat yours. They wanted to ruin you. Don't let them win." Michael turned and walked off, shaking with empathic pain. Alice stayed, her admiration for Michael reaching new heights. He'd gone off the script when he saw she was resisting. His extemporaneous idea to switch to her fighting spirit to defeat those who wanted to ruin her was pure genius.

Over the next month, Kelly attacked her mental and emotional recuperation with a ferocity Alice had never seen. Pain that had terrorized her was ignored and conquered. Kelly never wavered. Alice helped Kelly turn the pain inside into a victory over her attackers.

Now they had to conquer her terror of physical intimacy. Jan had not forgotten her promise to Michael. She and Shoshana polled the harem and arranged for another night with Michael.

None of the girls would ever say "no" to Shoshana. Michael was surprised when he opened the bedroom door. He'd expected Rafaela. "Surprise!" Jan called out, jumping into his arms.

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With Alice's words still in his mind, Michael began to focus on Jan. He kissed her fervently. She broke the kiss with joy in her eyes. "I want to make love to a man for the first time in my life," Jan said, still in his arms, "and give you my last physical virginity." Shoshana pushed him back into the bedroom, a determined look on her face.

"Tonight we're going to make mad, passionate love to our man, so you better take a pill and a 5 hour energy drink! You're going to need it, husband." Michael chuckled and followed instructions. When he came out of the bathroom, they were naked on the bed in a loving 69 with Jan on top. Jan saw him and disengaged from Shoshana, motioning him to the bed. He shed his robe and hopped on, taking Jan into his arms. They kissed warmly, then with passion, then frantic need.

Jan had not been with a man for many months. She desperately needed him inside her. Michael understood, but did not want to hurt the teen. He laid on his back, his cock hard and demanding.

Jan took it into her mouth and slurped the head, lubricating it freely. She swung a leg over him, facing his feet. Shoshana took his shaft and parted Jan's inner lips. She was dripping with need. Shoshana fitted his shaft into her lover. As Jan slowly impaled herself, Shoshana claimed Michael's lips. Though she had fucked many men, Jan had a teen's tightness. Michael felt huge.

Jan concentrated on relaxing. Michael's hands taught her hips how to swing to minimize the stretching pain, all the while kissing Shoshana. Shoshana broke the kiss and scooted down to help Jan. Finally, her ass rested on his pelvis.

She swung her legs out and fell backward. Michael caught her. He swept her blonde mane so he had free access to the sensitive area behind her right ear. He felt her go rigid as Shoshana's incredible tongue began to explore her stretched inner lips. She moaned her pleasure. She gasped as Shoshana began to caress her clit. Jan urgently pulled Shoshana's lips to her pussy.

Michael's hands kneaded her breasts and teased her nipples. "You are loved, Jan," Michael whispered, "Feel that love now and forever." He pinched both nipples. Jan screamed in ecstasy. She bolted into a sitting position, driving Michael's cock deep in her sheath.

The head of the cock rubbed along her "G" spot sending incredible pleasure through her nerve endings. Shoshana seemed insatiable, sucking at Jan's clit and pussy lips. Jan's neurons kept misfiring until it became painful. She pushed Shoshana away and rolled off Michael, his cock popping out of her pussy. She rolled over onto her back. When conscious thought returned, she sexy dance and bj by real czech newbie herself cradled between Michael and Shosh.

"God, you're big!

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But I still want it in my ass. Just be gentle or I'll be walking bowlegged for a month!" she said giggling. He looked over Jan into Shoshana's eyes. "Time for me to be inside you." She leapt on him, joy written on her face. She faced Michael, her dark eyes smoldering as she impaled herself. Jan scooted between Michael's legs behind her.

Jan began caressing Shoshana's shoulders natasha malkova ass sex storys back with her fingertips. Shoshana moaned, closed her eyes for a moment swaying to unheard music. Michael twisted and pinched her long nipples. Her breathing became ragged. Jan lubed a finger with Shoshana's juice and gently inserted it in Shoshana's ass. Shoshana screamed her pleasure. Jan whispered something to her, kissing the sensitive place behind her ear. She kept climaxing.

Michael's thumbs played with her clit, capturing the little nerve hub, torturing it gently. Shoshana shrieked her climax. She'd never felt like this. She was the center of Michael and Jan's love. For the first time in her life, Shoshana was at peace and totally happy. The girls rested for a while, basting in the pleasure and love. Michael swallowed his frustration, knowing his girls needed time to explore the wonder of this night.

They brought him champagne, the joy in their eyes infinite. Two giving souls had found a mate that brought them peace and love. Finally, Jan looked at Michael. "I need you to take my last virginity and say goodbye to Janet." Michael realized she was terrified of the pain to come. He almost said "no", but Shoshana's stern eyes stopped him. This was something that needed to happen.

Shoshana whispered to Jan. Jan moved to Michael's cock and began to lovingly caress it with her practiced tongue.

Shoshana started to lick Jan's puckered hole, caressing and penetrating it. Lube and warming gel followed. Shoshana caressed her lover until she was sure the pain would be minor. She signaled Michael and helped Jan to a "doggie" position. Michael knelt behind. Shoshana took control. First she aimed his cock at Jan's dripping pussy.

Michael pushed forward, re-lubricating his shaft. After three strokes, he pulled back. Shoshana repositioned his cock.

He pushed forward carefully. Shoshana flipped onto her back, her face now inches from Jan's. Jan felt her breath. She opened eyes that had been closed in fear. Their cesd 275 mature lesbian hitomi enjmaika asai touched.

Need flowed through them. Shoshana felt Jan's pain as Michael's shaft slowly impaled her. She knew Michael would never be brutal. His shaft was just unusually large. Jan kissed Shoshana urgently. Shoshana chuckled inside. Obviously Michael was fully inside her lover's ass. Michael felt Jan's incredibly tight sheath and the fiery heat of her bowels. Suddenly music filled the room.

Shoshana was behind him, her body teaching his to move to the rhythm. As he moved, Shoshana grabbed Jan's hips and the three of them moved as one. Jan's breathing became ragged.

Shoshana reached around and found Jan's clit. She began caressing the bundle of nerves. Jan began to shriek her joy. Shoshana frigged Jan's clit mercilessly. Michael inserted a finger in Jan's pussy. Jan screamed her climax. And she kept screaming as Shoshana and Michael continued. Michael was too close. As Jan's vaginal muscles spasmed, Michael announce, "I'm CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNNNNNNNG!" Jan fell forward. Shoshana moved quickly to bring Michael's shaft into her mouth, taking several ropes of cum.

After his cock stopped spasming, Shoshana looked up to ensure Michael was watching. Jan lay on her back, understood what she wanted. Shoshana's mouth hovered above Jan's. Shoshana opened her mouth and shared Michael's seed.

Michael thought it was one of the most sensual things he'd ever seen. Jan and Shoshana kissed deeply. Michael laid on his back, his cock responding to the sensual kiss between Shoshana and Jan. Shoshana and Jan were exhausted. Michael spooned Shoshana who spooned Jan.

Shoshana could feel Michael's cock start to rise. "Why did I tell you to take a pill?" she wailed happily. Later that night she found the answer to her and Jan's delight. Kelly was eating breakfast when Michael, Shoshana and Jan came to the table. She adored Michael. His hard-nosed approach to her recovery had helped her more than anyone knew.

She was a professional athlete, accustomed to challenges. Only Michael had understood how to reach her. She also knew from Beth how Michael had forced her to confront her fear of physical intimacy. Kelly realized that Michael was also her answer. Typically, Kelly went to Beth. "Honey, I want Michael to be with me, to teach me to make love, to make me whole." Alice warned Beth that this could happen.

"Kelly, we love you. We really do." "But?" "Two things. First, we make love. For us, that's a lifetime commitment to him and to each other. Is that what you want? Second, do you want to give your once in a lifetime virginity to Michael?" Kelly looked confused. "I'm far from a virgin," Kelly said.

"Really? You've given your body, heart and soul to a man?" Beth said, "That's what making love is all about. I didn't know you'd done that." Kelly's head snapped up as though she'd been hit. "Honey, Michael is a very special man. You're a very special woman. If you want to dedicate your life to him, I'll happily ask the harem to agree. If you want to use him to prove that you're healed, I don't think that's a good idea.

He'll do it, but it will tear him apart later. He'll feel he stole something very precious from you." "Think about it, Honey." Kelly did think about it. She thought about going to Michael, but decided to go to Alice. Alice confirmed what Beth had said, including Alice's willingness to support Kelly as a harem mate. They talked about it for hours. Kelly thought about her burgeoning marshal arts business with the closed life she would lead in the compound. She found her answer by accident. Kelly wrestled with the decision on the lounge pool deck.

She heard a child's cry for help. Something in the tone caused her to react. She hit the water before her conscious mind engaged, finding a sinking child and then holding a terrified Vika high. She gave Vika to her nanny who had left for a moment to go to the toilet. When she climbed from the pool, she had her answer. She went to Beth first. "I'm all in. One condition. If I find a surrogate, Michael and I can try for a baby." Beth hugged her daughter's savior with fervent passion.

"Deal." Michael had never faced the united support from his harem quite like this. It was a bit comical. Everyone was in violent agreement. They all wanted Kelly as a mate. Beth begged for the chance to tell Kelly, her daughter's life still on her mind. Beth approached Kelly, "How do you want this to happen?" Kelly's eyes sang. "I want Michael for myself the first time." No doubt; no hesitation.

She finally had her answer. The festive atmosphere in the compound was palatable. Kelly's heart sang. Ten years on she would make love for the first time and to a real man. There was a ferocity to Kelly that both attracted and frightened people. Michael and Beth embraced it. They shared the same ferocity. The next night, the harem helped her to prepare with its newest member, Jan experiencing the moment for the first time. The girls explained Michael's preferences. Kelly barely heard them, having nearly seventeen years of knowing Michael.

She was frantic to feel him inside her. Beth and Alice saw it. They waived off the others and took Kelly to Michael. He was just out of the shower when they knocked college girl creams on monster black cock the door.

He welcomed Kelly into his arms, chuckling. "You're a little early, Honey." She looked into his eyes defiantly, "Michael, I love you. I always have. I can't wait to give myself to you for the first time. I want juicy slut endures sexy sex smalltits and homemade to make love to me and really make me a woman." No bull dung. No hesitation. "Then let's get into bed." Kelly had never made love, so Michael started slow, kissing her passionately.

Kelly would have none of it. She needed to believe, to feel physical love. Michael chuckled inside, but he knew blowjob session with horny amazing hottie hardcore and massage Kelly wanted. He stripped her bathrobe and his own.

Kelly had a feral light in her eyes. He pulled her to him. "I want you to give me an hour," Michael said softly, "an hour to set the pace, to teach you to savor. Then we can go wild." Jennifer had told Michael that the damage had been extensive. They'd removed a good deal of scar tissue, so Kelly's sheath was very tight.

Coupled with Michael's weapon and desperate need, rough sex could rip her badly. They'd suggested taking Kelly to the sex gym, but she only wanted Michael inside her. Jennifer had gone to Michael to explain the problem. Her eyes screamed in frustration, but she nodded, her trust in Michael absolute.