The girls will take care of him

The girls will take care of him
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He couldn't stop thinking about it.

He had just accidentally witnessed his baby girl, his innocent sweet baby girl being deflowered by their old dog.

What he couldn't stop thinking about was that she wanted to do it again, and was so frank and happy about the matter. He knew she was special, but he had had no idea of just how special. It was like a dream come true. He'd never considered wittingly violating his daughter - he had no recollection of his drunken shenanigans, which is probably a good thing - but if she wanted to get it on with the dog, well, that suited him just fine.

He knew he'd be able to convince her that for safety reasons he should be present, just incase something went wrong.

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This way he could partake, but as a bystander, an objective observer, as the good father that he knew he was. The very idea of this new future made him harder than he'd been in a long time. He had taken to whacking off whenever the mood struck him.

Ever since he'd caught his daughter with the dog's cock stuck fast inside her pussy, he'd been getting more frequent erections, and dealing with them properly rather than trying to think guy gets dick sucked well mature wife down.

He had also taken to doing in places just out of sight, but where he could easily get caught if his daughter happened by. He found this dangerous game made him cum harder and faster and longer than he'd ever done before.

By all accounts you'd think he was some kind of pervert, but in reality he was just another hardworking farmer and single father, living off the land and trying his best. It was only the past few weeks that everything had changed.

Since his daughter had lost her virginity. She was still the same sweet girl, and he still loved her to her very core for all that she had become - but now despite her innocence and despite her not looking the slightest bit different than she did - he knew she was more womanly, and having a woman around the house was a hell of alot different than having a baby girl around the house. He had convinced himself that just because he wasn't touching her or overtly exposing himself to her, that it was okay to jerk himself off to thoughts of her.

So he did. Constantly. He had never been happier in years. His daughter relished her new life. He father had never been so loving and kind. She knew it was hard for him to raise her and run the farm, and she did as much as she could to help, in part because she knew it was a good way to be, but also in part to appease him.

She liked to keep things running smooth, because he could get into moods. Dark moods that involved hours spent emptying bottles into himself. Moods that erupted in occasional violence. She felt that the more she did to help keep things from upsetting him, the happier he'd be. She couldn't understand why lately he'd been so incredibly happy, but whatever was causing it - she'd take it gladly. She had long been best friends with her faithful canine sidekick Rufus. He had been by her side since he was but a few weeks old.

She loved him terribly, and recently he'd loved her back in a new and special way. It had made her feel so good. She told her daddy all about it, and his face seemed to change. It started in his eyes. She actually saw the black circles in his eyes changing size, and his mouth normally clenched shut, opened slightly. His brows lifted and he looked new - not old.

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She liked his new face. Even when his gaze fell to her body. When she finished telling him about it she went off to do her chores, she could hear him making strange sounds. She thought it might be part of his newness.

Over the past few weeks, her new daddy made these sounds more frequently, and always came back even happier. She loved her daddy so much. One day about a few weeks after everything had begun to change for them, she had made dinner as usual.

As they ate, usually in silence, but her daddy started asking her about her dog, and their experiences. She told him that it had just been that time in the bathroom. He asked her if she wanted to do it again, because he knew she had liked it. She nodded.

He told her that she could, but that he should be there to make sure she didn't get hurt, since Rufus is a big dog. She understood his concern, as Rufus had started to drag her away and she was helpless to stop him.

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Having her father there would indeed secure her safety. She asked him if he would have time to supervise after dinner. He smiled and nodded and threw a scrap of food to the dog by his daughters' side. She cleared the table and cleaned up in the kitchen, as her daddy and the doggy watched her. Her skirt was modest, but when she reached high to put away the dishes, or bent low to scrape the plates into the dog dish, they could see her little white panties.

She was the picture of innocence. Such a beautiful little girl.

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She trotted back into the dining room after he dinner chores were all done and climbed into her daddy's lap and hugged him. She asked him if they could do it somewhere other than the bathroom, as the tub edge had bruised her ribs something fierce. He nodded and lifted her as he stood and carried her into her bedroom. He lay her back on her bed and told her to take off her clothes. She did as instructed and lay back down, her perfect young body there for student baby girlls xxx story taking.

He whistled for Rufus and took his collar and led him to her. Pointing his snout at her pussy. He told his baby girl to use her hands to spread herself wide open so Rufus could have unrestricted access. She complied and shivered and squeaked when his tongue started to tickle her again.

She writhed and bucked her hips under the dog's snout. Her daddy watched fixated as the canine tongue darted in and out of her vagina. Slicking her tunnel, fucking her wetly with his tongue as his cool snout rubbed and snorted against her clit. It was like he was designed for this task. His little girl shamelessly squealed into her second orgasm ever, and the first one that he had the pleasure of witnessing. His cock was pressing hard into his jeans zipper now. He told her to turn over onto her stomach as he guided Rufus gently onto her.

He even surprised himself as he put his hands on Rufus' unsheathed cock and made sure he hit his mark correctly. He stood back and watched as Rufus drilled his daughter. With her face buried in the bed facing the other direction, he felt safe to unleash his cock and stroke himself while he watched this bestial assault. He knew it wouldn't last terribly long, and he knew he wouldn't either, because this was the hottest thing he'd ever witnessed.

He was right. He came hard and fast and with no time to lose either, as Rufus was just doing the same and knotting with his little girl. He could see the cock base swelling inside her little pussy and she started to moan and rock. She was experimenting with what felt good, and it was his job as a good father to make sure that it did, so he held old Rufus' collar, so the dog wouldn't try to dismount.

He patiently watched and waited while his little girl rocked herself to another orgasm on the swollen muscle inside of her.

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He felt like the luckiest man on the planet right about now. He watched in awe as she pushed herself against Rufus, arching her back and thrusting her hips against him.

She moaned and shuddered as her first vaginal orgasm took hold of her. Her moans turned to whimpers as she collapsed exhaustedly underneath Rufus. When her climax had subsided her daddy stroked her hair, and asked her how she felt.

She lay there with her eyes closed and thought how she never wanted the feeling to end. Not just the overwhelming release she'd just experienced - but also savoring the warmth her daddy was showing her.

The flood of emotions - albeit good ones - brunette cutie jessie wylde has her cunt drilled her to unexpectedly burst into tears. Her daddy mistook her crying for unhappiness and scrambled to get Rufus out of her. As his cock popped out a rush of milky fluid spilled out of her and onto her bed spread.

He shooed the dog away and gathered up his baby girl into his arms and tried to assuage her tears. He held her tight and rocked her, cooing in her ear that everything was alright.

She finally gathered her thoughts and told her daddy how much she loved him, and thanked him for being here with her. She told him that she didn't know why she was crying because wasn't sad at all, but happier than she'd ever been. She felt more alive, and more loved than she knew possible. He hugged her even tighter and kissed her forehead. It was getting late and was time for bed. He saw the large wet mess they'd made on her bed, and told her she should sleep in his dry bed tonight - after all, it was big enough for two.

He drew back his blankets and lay her down. He didn't want to cover her, no, he just wanted to drink in her sweet young body.

She just stared back up at him with the face of an angel. His cock was starting to get hard again, and he was getting confused. He regained his senses and pulled the covers over his baby girl as he walked over to his side of the bed and undressed with his back to her.

She rolled over on her side and was watching him. Her daddy peeled off his tshirt, then unbuckled his belt. For a moment she shuddered at the sound of his belt - recalling the few but memorable lashings he'd doled out when he drank too much.

His jeans fell to the floor and she saw her daddy's bum. She giggled as he wiggled out of his underwear. He turned around when he heard her sweet laughter, but as soon as he did her eyes widened and she fell silent.

She has never seen a naked man before. She didn't know about so many things. Her daddy quickly slipped under the covers and rolled over to face her.

He lay there smiling at her, knowing that this could easily go so wrong, and change their relationship forever. It was racing through his mind as he watched his baby girl's eyes get heavy and her breathing deepened. She lay there sleeping naked next to him in his bed, after having had him help her fuck the dog. His mind was reeling. What would it hurt to take it a little further?