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German lesbians having fun german ggg spritzen goo girls
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I did several more swim sessions and a few urinal session with the guys. One day as I was getting ready to begin my session, Daniel entered from the pool as I was about to walk into the shower. He pulled down the front of his trunks and said: "Take urinal 'shower' first." I followed him into the urinal area. Daniel started peeing before I even got to place my hand into the urinal, so I put it directly into the stream and let it drop into the urinal.

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While he was peeing on me; Daniel said: "Can you come to my place this weekend? You were right the toilet two ravishing bombshells share two big cocks creampie brunette next to the tub and the handle is really close. I want to flush you in my toilet while I showered." I accepted and told him so. He flushed me in the urinal three times with a pause in between flushes; I even rested my arm up to the elbow in the channel during the last flush.

After I showered, I did my swim session with little interaction as Crawford and Peter were not there. I want to Daniel's house for the weekend. We were talking about current events and activities that going on at the pool. Daniel said he just cleaned his bathroom and was getting ready to take a shower when he said "I wish I can just take a bath and soak, but it is boring though." I said, "I can join you and we can talk if you want?" He said "I don't know, it might be boring for you just sit in there as I bathe." I then said "I not going to sit and watch you, I am taking a bath too." He said "I wish you could but my tub isn't big enough for both of us." I said "I am not using the tub, I am taking a 'toilet bath'; you told me that you usually take a piss before taking a shower; so I will feel the piss and who knows it might even be a 'bubble bath'; what do you say to that?" Daniel had a shocked look and said "Of course, I going to piss on you this weekend anyway, that make a lot of sense, but I flush after I am done though what then?" I said "I will continue to play in the toilet afterwards; remember the handle is towards the bath tub anyways?" He said "It is, so I can keep flushing you down the toilet from the tub.

Let get ready then." Daniel asked "How did you got into piss and toilet play?" I explained when I was young I accidentally piss on my hand, but instead of freaking out and dousing it under the running tap in the sink; I just left it in the toilet bowl and flushed when I stopped pissing." Daniel chuckled and said, "I see, so you have played in a toilet before. Peter and I noticed that when you are flushed in the pool's urinal or toilet, you leave your hand in front of the drain until the refill starts, and then you slide under the trickling water until it stops.

Why is that?" I said "I let my hand go all the way to the very entrance of the drain as it supposed to be like I am being flushed down the urinal or toilet; and there is a nice curtain of water cascading right in front of the drain. I erikaa licks her nipples and shakes her boobs on cam the cascading water during the refill as it feels nice as it cascade down the porcelain, knowing that someone could just walk in and start pissing on me, so I want to be 'clean' for the next guy." Daniel then said "I also noticed on couple occasions you had your hand under the rim feeling the holes." I told him "Yeah in the urinal a few of the water jet spray through the air for an inch or so then hits the back of the urinal; those feel like miniature jet from a showerhead; that why I call some urinals 'showers' because the jet tend to looks like a showerhead strung in a line.

He said "I see and I think I know why you called toilets 'bath tub' because it has more water in the bowl and it tends to swirl." I said that was correct. Sometime later we are in Daniel's bathroom, he started filling the bathtub with hot water and he said "I will have a bubble bath too" and squirted some soap into the tub so bubbles can form. Daniel lifted the toilet lid and seat for me. I gave the porcelain above the water a quick feel; it was nice and dry.

Daniel said "Just cleaned the toilet before you arrived. Hold on a second." he went to his cabinet and open a box and step over to the toilet saying "I hope you don't mind, but I love the smell of toilet mint." as he placed a pink toilet mint under the rim toward the back right of the toilet just above the water.

I said "no, I love toilet and urinal mints, it like a detergent for the 'rinse' cycle" as I gave the clip on a quick feel "it feels like a urinal mint, I love being flushed with these." Daniel said "Glad you like it, I keep the toilet really clean, but I love the minty smell. Go ahead feel the bowl while I get ready." Daniel then undressed and check the tub, as I checked his penis that was hanging.

Daniel turned the bath tub water off as the bubbles are at the right height, I knew it time for my "bubbles", so I placed my hand just above the water where I think Daniel will spray.

Daniel said as he started waving his cock gently "OK time for your 'bubble bath', oh good you are ready." as he aims his penis. I said "Daniel please piss on me, I need some hot golden 'water' so I can take a toilet bath". Daniel squirted a quick stream that splashed a bit, and then let loose a powerful thick stream of piss against my hand plunging it to the bottom of the toilet bowl.

The piss was HOT and bubbles started to form really quickly; I let my hand follow the yellow cloud of piss around the toilet bowl. Daniel said "Now Fairy tail natsu and mirajane xstorys see what you mean by a 'bubble bath' in the toilet bowl.

How does it feel in the bowl?" I said "Daniel, I love it. The 'bubbles' tinges as they swirl in the bowl, and the water is getting nice and warm from your steamy stream. You are pissing on me in the toilet, Daniel I like it." Daniel continued to piss for a good minute, as I let my hand surface so I can feel the splashing against the side of the toilet, and felt the mint was nice and wet now, then let my hand slip back down under the bubble covered water.

Daniel said "That mint wet already, and I haven't even flushed yet". I said "That how powerful your piss is Daniel, now you see why I said I wanted to have you piss on me, since the urinal shower; I love your mia khalifa hard fucked 2019 storys stream". Daniel smiled as his stream slowed to a trickle and then stopped.

Daniel shook his cock after no more piss came out and looked into the toilet and saw nothing but bubbles with my arm sticking out, he said " There as much bubbles in the toilet as there is in the bathtub, where your hand at?" I said: "gliding slowly against the toilet bowl following the piss current as the water is warm." Daniel said as he reach over to the toilet tank "I glad you liked my bubbles but I have to flush before I can get in the tub, so down the toilet you go".

I said as Daniel began pushing the handle "Aww Daniel, you are flushing the toilet. Oh boy, down the toilet I go; wow, there is a nice powerful jet in the bottom of the toilet"; as the toilet flushes with a nice stream of water from the rim jets filling the bubble filled bowl with swirling water. Daniel watched as my hand got pushed around against the bowl under the water as the bubbles spin faster.

I let my hand pass by the toilet mint several times before sliding all the way to the bottom, finding a powerful jet in the bottom as the bubbles dropped into the bottom and drained out of the toilet as it emptied out and started to refill.

Daniel looked and said as he stepped into the tub "I see what you mean by taking bath too. I can flush whenever I want?" I said "Daniel, I know when I play in the toilet; I must expect to be flushed at any time.

I want to have the water cascade out the rim, make my hand swirl and push it in front of that powerful jet in the bottom of the toilet bowl; as it feels like I am getting pissed on by the toilet." Daniel now laying in the bathtub taking a gulp of beer and said "I glad you came for the weekend.

I noticed you actually feel the porcelain all the way to the very bottom of the toilet, is the jet very powerful?" I said as I sat down on the floor next to the tub sunny lione xxx sex stories story open you sex fairy tales com keeping my hand in the toilet: "Yeah, the jet is very powerful. Every time I flushed toilet paper it seems to always slide against the porcelain, so I figured that when I am being flushed, I slide against the slippery porcelain down into the powerful jet." The toilet finished refilling and I started feeling the porcelain under the rim in front of the toilet bowl.

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Daniel looked and asked "What does that area feel like?" I said "It is nice and smooth, and slippery, I liken this area as a 'beach' of the toilet bowl because this is usually where women piss into hot andy rides a massive meat pole toilet and some guys when they sit." Daniel said "yeah that about where I piss when seated and I see a large jet of water during the flush." I said "Yeah, the hole is bigger, it to push any toilet paper into the deeper water, and it converge to meet the jet in the bottom, that why the water spins when the flush starts; the water spins several times before going down into the jet in the bottom of the toilet, it is a nice sensation.

I like how the one jet sprays a little ways before landing on the porcelain as it like a miniature version of you pissing during the flush." Daniel looked and reached for the handle and said "So it is a nice sensation, well then down the toilet you go" He pushed the handle and he watched as a powerful stream of water pushed my hand into the side of the toilet drenching it with every rim jet as it swirl along the side of the toilet bowl several time and then down into the powerful jet in the bottom of the toilet as it empties.

I said to Daniel "I love that, it feels so nice when you are flushing, as I like knowing that you like to flush me down your toilet to make sure your penis has a nice clean hand to pee on. Daniel, I love the way the rim jets make a nice cascading wash and merge in the bottom to make a second jet stream from the front down into the jet in the bottom." Daniel said as the toilet empties: "Seeing the toilet flushing from here, I see what you mean by each jet from the rim amazing blonde gets fucked by a neighbor against the porcelain.

It does look like it would feel nice under the rim, and how several streams come together to make a big jet of water above the drain; and then the powerful jet in the bottom. It still trickles down the back while the tank is running. It does seem like a Jacuzzi." He thanked me and chugged some more beer and said "I don't usually drink anything while showering, but I want to make sure that when I get out of the tub, I piss on you again, so you might get another 'bubble bath' from me." as he chuckled.

I said "Daniel, please do piss on me, it feel so good with the bubbles, see your cock hang above. Love the golden water you make, the toilet getting warm. I want you to urinate on me Daniel. I am going to keep playing in your porcelain Jacuzzi".

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I am feeling the toilet mint as it is nice and slippery, Daniel sees this and says "It is a pity we don't have mints for the urinals at the pool, I asked for them for some time." I said "Yeah, they have clip on like this as you don't want the mat as the urinal flush is too powerful.

I like toilet mint too, it nice and nice ass teen with curly hair masturbating rinse as the water cascade over them. This toilet fills nicely that the mint is partially submerged by the swirling water." Daniel said "I glad you like it, in fact down the toilet with you" as he flushed while watching and chuckling.

My hand felt a cascade of water over the pink disc, then I let my hand drop into the water and let it swirl feeling the mint on couple of passes as I said "Daniel you sure know how to make me minty fresh.

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Oh, down the toilet again, wow a nice shower of water from the back of the bowl down into the front of the drain. I want you keep flushing me down the toilet." He nodded as the toilet emptied and refilled, as I felt the refill cascading against the back of the toilet, Daniel said "Now I see what you mean, there were several jets from the rim and it cascade down the sides as I never seen the flush from this low angle here in the bathtub; it does seem to look like a whirlpool of some type.

I see you feeling different areas after each flush, you really like feeling toilets and urinals; have you ever felt toilet paper in the toilet bowl?" I said "Yeah, TP is a 'washcloth' for use in the toilet bowl, but I would love to get pissed on by a woman then have her wipe with TP." Daniel chug some beer and then pull a wad of toilet paper and threw it into the toilet bowl; it soaked and super babe milf fucked by young guy sank to bottom in the front part of the toilet bowl, so I slide my hand under it making a slight plopping splash sound.

Daniel asked "What does it feel like all soaked?" I said "It feels nice and soft as it lies against the porcelain". Daniel said as he reached for the handle "It doesn't break up like I thought; time to make it swirl." As the toilet flushed, I moved my hand with the TP as it spun around several time then down into the powerful jet. I said "Well I guess that would be like if a woman pissed on me." Daniel said " I think you will get a chance to have a women piss on you give it some time." I let my hand rest in the bottom of the toilet in front of the drain so I can feel the porcelain in the rounded cup like area, as well feeling the hole the powerful jet sprays from.

Daniel got out of the bathtub and dried himself off as I continue to feel the toilet. He chuckled and said "It pee pee time" and aim his cock and started a nice powerful piss stream into the toilet. I said "Aw, Daniel you are urinating on me, please make the water granny wanks on the cock and golden for me; I want your warm pee pee".

Daniel said "Glad you like it when I urinate on you, I see I am making 'bubbles' for you to play in". Daniel piss for a longer time as he watch me play; he flushed the toilet and said "Sorry but I want to see your hand swirl in the toilet as I continue to piss." I let my hand be pushed by the flushing water in the toilet bowl and said "Daniel, I don't mind being flushed while you continued peeing I love different 'wash' styles".

Daniel continued peeing as the toilet finished refilling. More bubbles were frothing up as Daniel chased my hand with his pee stream, he said "You know this is fun, do you think we can play at the pool urinal; it sometime slow there on some days". I said "Just let me know; I want to be peed on by you Daniel, and the other guys; and then flushed down the urinal afterwards. I love the way each fixtures feels with its' unique porcelain shape, especially the urinal channel, and jet holes of the toilet".

Daniel finished pissing with a few squirts and then shook his cock. He reach for the toilet handle and said "I love urinating on you, and I love seeing you being flushed down the toilet, that I am rock hard now" as the toilet flushed, spinning the bubbles he made before emptying as I said "Go ahead and cum, it a nice softener for me to play with in your potty." Daniel started to jack off as the toilet refills. He said "I am going shoot my load all over your hand". As I let my hand float on the water, Daniel groaned a bit and then shot 4 huge squirts of jhanvi kapoor sex full sex stories coating my hand and pushing it towards the pink toilet mint as he shot 5 smaller squirts into the water, then drip a few drops off the end of his cock.

He wipes with a wad of toilet paper and then dropped it on top of my hand and said "You like the way that cum feels, with the toilet paper soaking on your hand? Guess what, it time to flush you down the agility helps stud to fuck pretty babe again"; as he pushed the handle, giving my hand a nice minty cascade of water as it begins another swirling rinse cycle as I said "Daniel, it was about time I felt the cum load from that hot cock of yours, I knew there was a powerful cannon in the red swimsuit of yours".

After the toilet finished refilling, Daniel look at my hand and saw a few remaining globs of cum; he reached over and flushed again while saying: "Your hand is not cleaned; down the potty again." I placed my hand in front of the drain so I can feel the powerful jet; I slide my dry hand up Daniel's leg until felt his ball and then the tip of his cock. He knelt down while saying: "Go ahead feel my penis." As I felt his penis, I said to Daniel: "Your penis feels nice, and it makes a good 'hot water' facet." I get so excited that my arm with the hand in the toilet dropped into the slippery porcelain bowl.

He said: "Thanks, feel free to touch my trunks when we at the urinals; and you can play with it when we are here. Oh no, your arm is in the potty; oops I flushed again." I said "That's ok. I love being flushed down your potty, Daniel. I wish I can sit or stand in a giant toilet or urinal and be pissed on and get flushed." I proceeded to wash my hands as Daniel said "I love going potty on you.

I have a friend, who is renovating a bath house on the west coast, I told him about you and the way you do piss play; you should check it out, you just might get that wish." I said I would as I was going to that city for vacation.