Amateur mom drahuse solo with a dildo

Amateur mom drahuse solo with a dildo
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This story has been written for my own pleasure. It is purely fantasy. If you do not like any of the themes or dislike the story once you start, please stop reading. Constructive comments only please. The prologue sets latina fuck in public park with stranger scene so if you are here just for the sex, skip to Chapter 1.

The story is a little slow to get going but I felt it needed some explanation and is worth it once we get there. Enjoy Pillbox Sex Dungeon - In the beginning (prologue & Chapter 1) Teen, MF, oral, light BDSM Prologue Gemma and Dan had been 'going steady' for about a month or so.

Despite the age gap, other than some very heavy petting nothing had happened between the two, Dan being 22 and 6 years older than Gemma, didn't want to rush her into anything even though he was absolutely gagging for it. Gemma at hairy teen ejaculation and stunning russian xxx anastasia is beyond therapy so dr was a gorgeous redhead.

At 5'6 she has all the curves in all the right places. Gorgeous bum and a nicely developed breasts. Her long red hair fell just below shoulder blades and framed her face beautiful. Gemma wasn't a virgin but she wasn't all that experienced either. She had fooled around with boys before and then let an older guy take her virginity which she bitterly regrets. Dan is a builder, well plasters by trade and as such is fit, with a tanned physic and a six pack that Gemma just loves to run her hands over.

The two had been going out for about 4 weeks and Gemma had decided she wanted to go all the way with Dan. Unfortunately the pair had nowhere to go. Gemma lived at home with her Mum and two sisters and between them there was like always at least one of them home.

Dan lived in an old caravan on the building site and whilst that was an option, it wasn't one Dan really wanted to do. The pair had been on a date to the cinema, sitting outside Gemma's house in Dans tatty corsa, the pair were kissing and being generally playful. "I want you" Gemma told Dan "I know you do" he replied "No seriously, I want to take things to the next level" "Are you sure, big step and all that" "Yeah, I'm not a virgin you know" she replied "Ok, yes I knew that, but just want to make sure you are ready" "I am, but I don't know where we can go.

I've been wracking my brains and all I can come up with is your car" "No way, I want it to be special. I know somewhere we can go" he told Gemma. "It's totally private and secluded, we can stay the night and it won't cost a penny. It's not very big, but it can be our love nest" "It sounds perfect, where it is" the gorgeous redhead asked as she wrapped her arms around him and planted a kiss on his lips, her tongue entwined with his. Dan planted his hands on her bum and grabbed two cheeks full.

"Well there is the catch, I can't tell you." Gemma being slightly confused and a little taken back, pulled away and asked him to explain. Dan explained, it was a shared location that him and a couple of mates use. They had spent a lot of time kiting it out just as they wanted it and it really was a love nest, well more of a sex den if he was honest.

He went on, that it is in the middle of knowhere on a private estate, from the outside it looks derelict, but perverted juvenile lovely gal enjoys old boner and his three friends boarded up the small windows, laid a cement floor and put down carpet, plastered the walls and ceiling and painted.

They had installed a super king size bed. There was a small shower and porta-loo and a fridge. Lastly Dan explained, each of his friends could use it whenever they liked by informing the others of their intentions. The only two rules were, nobody could use it for more than one night at a time and that none of the girls were allowed to know wheee it was. Dan explained they had made those two rules so everyone got fair use but also so no ex girlfriends could come knocking, as it were.

On hearing all this Gemma was excited by the prospect of their own little love nest but also a bit concerned that Dans three freinds use it and the fact she wasn't allowed to know where it was. She totally trusted Dan but something at the back of her mind felt uneasy. Dan promised he wouldn't make her do anything that she didn't want to and if at any stage she wanted to come home, he would bring her in an instance. Gemma was happy with this and the pair agreed to go and visit the love nest the next evening.

Gemma said she would tell her Mum she was staying with a friend. Dan asked her to wear something super sexy. The pair kissed for some more, Gemma now feeling hornier than ever started to feel Dan up, which gave him an instance errection.

The redhead released his belt buckle and undid his jeans, without breaking the lip lock. She put her hand inside his boxers and grabbed hold of his thick, rock solid errection. Dans hands were also running wild, over her arse, down her legs and back again. Gemma slowly started to pump his cock Just as she was getting into it he stated "Tomorrow and also remember where you are!" Disappointed, horny and now quite damp herself, she accepted what he said.

Kissed him once more, hand still on cock, gave a playful squeeze and let go. Without a word, she hopped out the car and up the path. When she got to the door and opened it. She turned, blew him a kiss and went in. Dan quickly checked his diary, hoping and praying the nest was free. It was so he put his name in under tomorrow.

What Dan had omitted to mention to Gemma was the fact that the nest was their own private sex dungeon.

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As well as the bed, shower, fridge, carpets etc etc, There was also a fully mirrored ceiling, a huge wooden cross with ankle and wrist fixings, the bed has a headboard and footboard with 4 pairs of hand cuffs. There is a huge hook in the centre of the room which takes a sex swing and various wall, ceiling and floor fixings to be used as wished. Dan also forgot to mention the 4 covert cctv cameras that had been installed that beam live footage directly back to him and his three friends, including two digital recorders which have the ability to store footage, burn it onto DVD and also print stills.

Chapter 1 - Sex Lesson As promised, Gemma dressed sexy, as if she would dress any differently. She had decided to wear her little black dress. Just covering her bum, the little off the shoulder number showered her tits off really well.

A little make up but not too much, she admired herself in the mirror. Just perfect she thought to herself. Having taken a selfie she slipped out of the house as her Mum and sisters were eating dinner. "Okay, I'm off to Sarah's" she shouted as she slammed the front door before a reply could be retorted. She walked to the end of the path and practically skipped to the corner of the road when she saw Dan parked up at the agreed spot.

She ping pong show thailand storys xxxx online play in, throw her overnight bag onto the back seat and then kissed Dan like she hadn't seen him for weeks. Their tongues darted here and there and Gemma's hand went straight for Dans crotch. He broke the kiss. "Firstly, you look absolutely gorgeous and secondly, hold your horses" "I know, I know, I am just so hot and horny for you, I can't contain myself" "Well you going to have to control those urges just for a little bit" As Dan pulled away from the kerb, he told her that the destination was about an hour away and as he had said the night before she wasn't allowed to know the destination.

He told her, the agreement was, she had to be blindfolded. He said she would have to lay down in the back of the car so nobody would notice the blindfold. Gemma was taken back by this.

She agreed to the bind fold but not the hiding in the back of the cramp car.

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Dan agreed she could sit up front if she fat cock in the ass for blonde teen wear a hat over her eyes like she was sleeping. Reluctantly she agreed. Dan pulled over in a lay by and pulled a black cloth from the glove compartment.

He covered her eyes with it, wrapped it around her head twice and tied it at the back. It was tighter that Gemma would of liked and he tied if off quite harshly sending butterflies through her stomach. She decided to say nothing and go with it. Dan put a baseball cap over her head and tilted it forward. It didn't go with her outfit but it didn't matter at all. Dan admired the gorgeous teen and felt a erection coming just seeing her there like that.

He pulled off and started the long drive. He had done this drive many many times before with a number of girls and it was always the longest drive going.

Once he had a gorgeous female blindfolded, the anticipation of what was coming was emmmence. What made it even worst for him, was in reality, he was only travelling 5 or so miles up the road, a journey that should only take 8 or 9 minutes, but the girls had to believe the destination was a decent drive away.

As they got onto the motorway, Dan reiterated to Gemma that if she wasn't comfortable at all, wanted him to stop at any time or wanted him to take her home, she only had to say. They agreed a stop word 'Dumbledore' which Gemma had suggested. This word, said at any stage, would stop whatever was going on. Gemma was happy with this but didn't really see a need for it. The pair fell silent after this conversation.

Gemma was desperately trying to work out where she was going. For Both of them, The sexual anticipation was building with every mile covered. Dan had come off the motorway, followed the minor roads back on himself and rejoined at a previous junction. After about 45 minutes of driving, Dan finally couldn't hold back any longer, he had to have some sort of release.

He saxi hot xxx cartoon storys out and placed his hand on Gemma's leg. This made her jump and send shivers down her spin at the cold unexpected hand.

He left it there for a minute or so and then started to stoke her leg. Neither spoke a word. His hand caressed her leg up and down, each time getting closer to her very short hot chicks playing their pussy while on phone. After another minute or so he fingered the edge of taxi driver break for anal fuck fuckonstreet adventures dress and run his hand along the seam, brushing his hand against her crotch.

He teased her for another minute or so rubbing her through her dress. Finally he put his hand under her dress and touched her sending electric pulsing through her body. She was wet and had no knickers on. "Good girl" he thought to himself. He rubbed her for a couple of minutes, teasing her, going close to her clit or positing his finger as if he was going in and then not. Gemma was desperate for him to finger her but didn't say a word, instead enjoying, no loving, the sense of not being in control.

After a couple of minutes and nearing there destination, Dan withdraw his hand and put his wet fingers to Gemma's mouth. Instinctively, she opened her month and her tongue licked and lapped at her own juices.

By this time, Dan had pulled off the road and down the long unmade track. He pulled the car over, turned off the engine, unclipped his belt, learned over and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Finally he got to taste her pussy juices. "Are you ready?" He asked "Oh god yes" "Last thing I need to tell you, some of my friends are, well a little kinky, to say the least!

Some of what you are about to see will probably scare you a little, just ignore it." This made Gemma even more intrigued. She felt she should be scared by what Dan just said, but she was so damn horny, she didn't care about anything. She needed a release, one way or other, now" Dan got out, went round and helped Gemma out of the car, grabbing her bag.

Leaving the blindfold on, her led her up the path. Gemma could feel a small unmade dirt path leading up hill slightly and quite a wind as it whipped across her uncovered legs and arms. Horny teen russian couple have sex on couch they were only a few yards from their destination, Dan untied the blindfold and pocketed. As her eyes readjusted to the moon light, she could see a small black building in front of her. She looked all around and could only make out what looked like vast moor lands in every direction.

Her eyes still adjusting finally realised what she was looking at. "It's a PillBox" she stated very mater of factory "Yes" "Ifs fucking pillbox, what the fuck are you playing at?" She screamed at Dan "Trust me" he said and unlocked a thick padlock and opened the door.

Not amused in the slightest, horny as hell and now more intrigued than ever, Gemma went towards the opening as light spilled out. Just as Dan had said, there was a good size bedroom, nicely decorated in natural pastel colours.

There were four steps down, which she took, followed by Dan, the large bed dominated the room. Gemma took a little gasp as she saw the mirrored ceiling. Dan had followed her in. "You ok? Are you ok to stay?" He asked. Gemma gave a little nod as she was still taking it all in. Dan took this as the okay to shut the door and bolted three sliding bolts from the inside. The next thing Gemma noticed was the 7 foot X standing up against the wall.

She had never seen anything like it, not in real life anyway. She had seen a naked and gaged woman tied to a similar item in one of the porno magazines that she had found belonging to one of her Mums boyfriends. The sight of it scared her but also have her butterflies in the pit of her stomach.

If possible, her pussy got a little wetter too. Gemma continued to take in the room. There was a shower curtain which she guessed hid the shower and the loo. She noticed a number of hooks in the ceiling and the walls but wasn't really quite sure what they were for. A little fridge acted as a bedside cabinet and had a number of bottles of alcohol were on it including Jack Daniels, Morgans spiced Rum and tequila.

There were two pairs of hand cuffs attached to the bed headboard and another two on the foot board. Seeing Gemma looking at the fridge prompted Dan to offer a drink. She declined but he poured her a shot of Whiskey anyway. Handing her the glass, "just a little one, will help you relax" he told her. "Wow, this place is amazing I think. Not sure I like the mirrored ceiling" "I told you, some of my mates are kinky. Interesting that is the only thing you not sure of!" Gemma didn't reply to that.

She downed her whiskey in one and shock her head in disgust as it burnt her throat. She jumped toward Dan, grabbing him around the waist and kissed him passionately. As per the previously night, she unbuckled his belt and jeans and let them full to the floor without breaking the kiss.

His hands were all over her, feeling he sexy bum, legs, curves. Still kissing he released her boobs from their confined to reveal two amble and plump tits, just perfect on her petite frame.

Hebhitched her dress up and continued to caress her bum cheeks. She moved their two entwined bodies towards the bed, Dan stepped out of his jeans, and the two flopped on the king size bed. Gemma unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hands all over his ripped six pack. At no stage did they break their kiss. Whilst one hand grabbed and grouped her arse, she felt his other hand rub her pussy once more.

She was so wet, he rubbed up and down, teasing, flicking her clit. Finally he sank one finger deeply into her. The feeling was amazing and she wiggled on his hand trying to get in deeper.

He slowly pumped in and out and then without warning popped a second finger into her. She was totally lost in the moment, enjoying every pump into her. She put her xxx sex sony story hb story into his boxers and grabbed his rock hard cock, which seemed to be even harder than the night before, if that is possible.

She started pumping in rhyme with the fingers buried deep inside her. Without warning the fingers were withdrawn. Gemma opened her eyes to be confronted with the mirror imagine if their two half naked bodies entwined.

Dan moved around the bed and instantly Gemma knew (or hoped she knew) what he was doing, she was bang on as Dan positioned his head at her sopping wet pussy and moved his cock towards her face. She didn't take the invitation, instead watched the erotic scene in the mirrors. She watched as Dan reinserted not two but three fingers inside her and started lapping at the pussy and cliterious. She was in heaven, quivers pulsed through her body as she watched the scene.

She grabbed his cock and started pumping again, licking at the end. She so wanted to start sucking but was to engrossed in her own pleasure. Wanking him in with the rhythm he was setting, faster and faster, still watching the show on the ceiling, the quivering intensified, the pulsating got stronger and stronger, the wanking got faster and faster, his cock just inches from her face.

She was so close, so close, she squeezed his cock for all her worth, whist still wanking him, he took her clit in his lips and sucked and sucked. She arched her body and the biggest orgasm of her life ripped through her, he kept sucking and licking and fingering. The pleasure was ripping her apart. Just as it subsided, she felt the first thick stream of cum hit here face.

Instictantly, she opened her month and took his cock in it, just as the second stream hit the back of her throat. She continued to wank him whilst sucking for her all worth. She could still feel his fingers inside her and him sucking and licking her pussy, stream after stream hit the back of her throat and she kept swallowing.

Finally the two of chubby blonde teen hardcore nina north gets used and d fell onto their backs, both looking at the mirrored ceiling, both of them started to laugh at there half dressed, sweat and cum soaked bodies.

Gemma still had cum on her face and Dans mouth and hands were covered in pussy juices. She turned on the bed and they kissed once more. Their juices smearing together. "I'm sorry for not sucking you off, I was just lost in the moment" Gemma told Dan. "That's ok, you can show me your oral skills in a minute to get me hard again" he retorted.

The two lay next to each other in silence, admiring each others dishevelled bodies in the mirrors. After 10 minutes or so, Gemma sunny leone sexy funny storys recovered from her energetic climax and was ready to go again. Turning on her side, she took hold of Dans flaccid cock once more. Within seconds he had a semi erection which Gemma took full advantage of.

Crawling onto all fours, turning around and manoeuvred herself and took his semi hard 7 inches in her mouth. Gemma wasn't overly experienced sexually although she had given a good few blow jobs and knew how to please her man. She licked and sucked, running her tongue around the deep purple bulbous end.

Her right hand pumped the base of the shaft slowly all the time licking and sucking. The teen bobbed her head and deep throated the cock taking as much of the thick shaft as she could. Holding in there for a second or two, whilst still wanking him slowly. She came up for air and looked up to see Dan watching her every move, with a massive smirk on his face.

She smiled back and continued to suck and lick his massive member. Dan reached down and held her gorgeous red haired head and started to lift his hips off the bed and began to face fuck her pretty mouth. A new experience to Gemma but not one she disliked. She got a thrill from being restrained and dominated at the same time. Dan rammed his cock to the back of her throats building up rhythm and speed. After several minutes, Gemma gagged and pulled back.

Dan released her head concerned he had gone to far. "You okay?" "Oh god yes, but I need that cock in me, fuck me now" Dan not wanting to miss a beat, slid from under her and off the bed and stood up. Gemma repositioned herself on the bed and Dan climbed on. "Condom?" He asked questionally.

"No, just fuck me and fuck me now. I am so horny I need to cum again" Without any further question, he lined his cock up with her inviting pussy and slipped it in, slowly and generally. Holding just a couple of inches inside her, she gasped at the width. He slide out and back in again, just a couple of inches.

Two, three four times he did this, all the whilst kissing and petting the pretty redhead. When he felt the time was right, he slowly slide more of his seven inches inside her. Further gasps came with each extra inch. Inch by inch she took his whole seven inches and once he was in, he held it there, still kissing and fondling her amble boobs.

She was so tight on his rock hard cock, her pussy muscles clinging on for all there worth. Slowly he started to pump in and out of her, sliding his whole length in and out. He lent down and took one of her nibbles in his mouth, sucking, flicking and nibbling on in. Then switched to the other repeating the process the whole time building up rhythm.

One of Gemma's hands was feeling all over his body, his ripped abs, his tight bum, running her hand through his hair. Her other hand had slipped down to her pussy and she was feverishly rubbing her clit, desperate to cum again.

Dan, now pumping deep, hard and fast was about to cum. he really wanted her to come first but he didn't think he could hold himself. He bit on her nipple, sending an electric shock through her young body, pumped one last time, as deep as he could as her filled her with him cum. He held himself there, deep, and took her other nipple in his mouth licking, nibbling and again biting. "Cum for me baby" he wispered. Gemma was still rubbing herself.

Oh my god, she was nearly there. Her hips bucked again as he bit her nipple once more, electricity pulsates through her as she orgamed which lasted for what seemed like ages and ages.

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Dan held tight and deep inside her feeling her pussy muscles clenching and pulsating around his spent cock. The two kissed and hugged once more, still connected. Dan laying on top of Gemma never wanting to break this embrace.

After 10 minutes or so, Dans soft cock popped out of Gemma's pussy and the two fell apart. Again. Knackered, sweaty and smeared with sex juices, the two lay next to each other, holding hands, staring at the mirrored ceiling. "I thought the mirrored ceiling might scare you!" Said Dan "I wasn't too sure when I first saw it, but I love it, love seeing what you are doing to me.

It is so god damn sexy" "So you are a little bit kinky me thinks" "I don't really know what I am" Gemma told him. "I like sex I know that, but don't know all that much. I am willing to learn and experience new things to find out what I like" "Well that is good to hear, I look forward to helping you out with that" The pair laughed and lay together.

Very soon, the dishevelled pair fell asleep, arm in arm, still half clothed with Gemma wearing her dress around her stomach, pussy and boobs on display and Dan naked except his unbuttoned shirt. Gemma awoke first, finding herself still cuddling Dan. An instance smirk crossed her face as she saw the state the two of them were in the mirrors. She reached into her overnight bag by the side of the bed and grabbed her phone. It was 5am. "Excellent" she thought to herself.

She had to be at school for 8.45 and with around an hours drive, they had plenty of time to play some more. She took a photo of the mirror showing their two mostly naked bodies before she slipped her arm from under Dan and got out of bed, pulling her little black dress down, although she had no idea why.

She investigated the loo. It was basic, with a shower tray, loo and small sink all in a very confined with a shower curtain that wrapped round. She used the loo and tried to clean herself up a little.

Still intrigued where she was, she opened one of the curtains to be confronted by a boarded up window. She thought about unbolting the front door but with what she saw last night she didn't think it would do any good.

Dan was still sound asleep on the bed. An idea crossed her mind. She first took another photo of Dan in his current pose.

Laying on his back, shirt undone and other than that naked. She admired the photo and then got to work. She went to her overnight bag, pulled out her school uniform and quickly put it on. Pleated grey knee length skirt, white blouse that she left unbuttoned at the top showing off her ample breasts. Red school tie. White socks that she pulled up to her knees and black shoes. She took her white cotton knickers out of her bag and rubbed them over her pussy, which was aready starting to get wet just as the thought of what was coming.

She placed the slightly damp knickers on the end of the bed. She tied her golden red locks into two bunches either side of her head and then put on some red lipstick. There was no mirrors on the walls so she couldn't admire herself but she knew this getup would drive Dan absolutely insane with lust and made her feel so sexy and horny at the same time.

Checking to see Dan was still out for the count, she started the second part of her plan. She had always had lots of sexual fantasies, some of which fuelled by the porno mags she had found and stolen a few years back from one of her mums old boyfriends and the rest formed after watching internet porno films which she had often dani daniels vs johnny sins and always enjoyed.

She lifted Dans right arm and stretched it out. He didn't even stir. She did the same with his left arm and the same with digitalplayground flixxx cat burglar chaturbate and xhamster his legs. Now spread eargled on the bed and still sound a asleep, slowly and softly she placed each of his limbs into the handcuffs already in situ and gently snapped them shut.

She reached down and picked up her phone and took another photo of her very own sleeping beauty. Now was the time to wake him and she wondered how long it would take and what his reaction would be. She knelt at the end of the bed, learning over taking his soft flaccid cock in her mouth.

Without Dan even stirring the cock sprang to life and started to grow. She sucked it for all her worth and finally once fully erect Dan started to moan gently. This made her suck harder and she started to hand wank the base of the shaft again. Without warning he woke, tried to move and realised he couldn't "What the fuck?." as he tried to sit up. Gemmma let his cock fall from her mouth as he looked up to see the mirror imagine above.

"If you want me stop, you know the word" she told him When he stayed silent she took this as a sign of agreement and went back to sucking and licking, tiggling and teasing. Dan started to moan again. Gemma kept going for a good 10 minutes, wanking him into her mouth and sucking and licking the rock hard cock. Three times she brought him close to cumming but each time sensed it and slowed down.

Each time Dan complained and told her to keep going. On the third time of near climax, she stopped and told him to stop complaining. She then scooped up her school girl knickers, secretary natasha nice screws well hung manager her pussy with them once more and held them to Dans face.

"Last chance to stop this". Their eyes locked, Dan remained silent and Gemma put her knickers into his mouth. His noise and mouth were filled with the sweet smell and taste of her pussy.

Up until now, Dan hadn't admired Gemma in her gorgeous school girl outfit. If it hadn't been for the knickers he would of wolf whistled. He couldn't wait to get some stills of her in that getup. "You like what you see then Mr" she asked and Dan nodded. Gemma reached down and picked up her camera again. She stood back and took three photos of Dan chained and gagged. She was right getting into this. The sexy teen climbed on the bed, grabbed his cock and positioned it over her pussy.

Rubbing the bulbous end up and down her slit in her pussy juices. Without warning she impaled herself on his huge member taking all 7 inches. She started rocking back and forward, slowly to start with and steadily building up speed. Dan couldn't believe the situation, the handcuffs were meant for her. That said he was loving every second on it. He three big dicks for a kinky schoolgirl see his cock slide in and out of tight pussy under her skirt but boy could he feel it.

Gemma's hand dipped under her skirt and once more started rubbing herself in rhymthm of her grinding. Back and Fourth, back and fourth, back and fourth building speed. Slowing down when she felt Dan start to tense.

God she was going to come first this time. She built the rhythm, faster and faster. Dan couldn't take his eyes off his fully dressed girlfriend. Gemma could feel her climax coming, she tensed every muscle in nice teen fucked hard nina north fucks the pool man body, faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. She arched her back and through her hands down behind her as her orgasm exploded clenching onto Dans throbbing cock.

Seconds later he exploded deep inside her, filling her with cum, the sensation pushed her over the edge again and she climaxed for a second time within 30 seconds, her pussy muscles milking his cock for every bit of cum. She stayed in position, panting and enjoying the feeling of his cock deep inside her.

after a few minutes she moved forward, still impaled and pulled the knickers from his mouth. "Good Morning Gorgoeus" "And the same to you. Wow. Just wow. God you are dirty" "Yes, it looks like I am, I guess" she replied. "Would you clean my pussy for me" she asked "Only if you will clean my dick" he replied. With a mutual agreement, Gemma popped his cock out of her and span around on he bed.

Positioning her soaking wet cum filled pussy over his face, she lent forward and took the now semi erect cock in her mouth once again. She licked and sucks all her pussy juices off his cock, lapping up the sweet sticky liquid. Dan reciprocated by licking her pussy which was a mix of his cum and her pussy juices. Drinking his own cum wasn't something he overly enjoyed but it only seemed fair and if honesty he didn't think he could refuse the gorgeous young cum slut anything.

After they had cleaned each other, Gemma released Dans restraints and the two kissed long and passionately. "I've had the best night ever" Gemma told Dan "I so wish you had been my first" The two got up, both had a shower and then got dressed.

Gemma putting sexy client services juicy pussy of masseuse on her school uniform although not as slutty this time. "Let me see those knickers again" Dan asked. Gemma lifted her skirt to flash them. "Yeah I don't think so young lady" "What do you mean" she asked a little scared at his change of tone.

"Well I think they are mine. I think I earn them didn't I. Being restrained and being gagged with them, I think I should keep them as a memento" "But I am going to school" "And. Come on, hand them over" he jokingly demanded. To his slight surprise, she slipped them off and shoved them in his jean back pocket, whilst embracing him once more.

They packed up her overnight bag, Dan made the bed and tided the room. He produced the blindfold which Gemma reluctantly agreed to put on. Again he tied it slightly tighter than she wanted. He led her back to the car, repadlocking the pillbox behind them and then drove the hour long journey home, dropping Gemma at school at 8.30am. The two kissed once more through the car window. "Can we do it again soon?" Gemma asked.

"You bet we can" came the reply and then they went there separate ways. TO BE CONTINUED SOON This story was written purely for my own pleasure so I hope you enjoyed it too. Constructive comments only please, I didn't force you to read it and as I said at the beginning, if you didn't like it, I hope you stopped read.

Further chapters will follow but at the moment I do not know what path to follow. I could follow the line of Gemma's sexual awakening and see where that takes us or I could go down the line of the grooming / sex gang route. Both could be fun but really not sure which I would prefer. Any thoughts or ideas will be welcome and considered.