Small titted amateur mom playing with herself hq mp4 xxx vid

Small titted amateur mom playing with herself hq mp4 xxx vid
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I am 6' 4'' 250 lbs bi-curious married black male who love wearing female lingerie (I have quite a collection) and has been fantasizing about sucking cock for a while now. I don't know if there is a better feeling of a thong wedge between my butt cheeks or sexy lacy female boy short hugging my bubble butt.

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Then wearing some lacy bra to accentuate my tits (my tits looks like a teenage girl just starting to develop and nipples get hard when I am horny). One day I was looking at gay videos on xtube and started viewing a video title a4a encounter. Curious about a4a site, I started browsing the site looking at profiles until it said I needed to setup a profile, and so I did. I quickly setup my profile, uploaded a couple pictures and continue browsing profiles. I came across a profile with pictures that peak my interested.

His profile said he was 6'0" 230lbs married black male with a 7.5 inch uncut cock and he was looking for a discreet sexual encounter. He had a picture of his cock posted and it looked really delicious, it was uncut and the head was thick. The picture he had posted of his cock, showed his cock very hard and the foreskin covering it just about all the way to the tip. Seeing the pictures I started to masturbate and thinking I want his cock in my mouth.

So I smiled at him and send him a message saying "You have a nice cock and that I would love to suck his cock then ride it". The next day he responded to my message saying "Thanks!

You have nice ass". So we starting corresponding via email or IM for about a month. I would masturbate every time I look at the pictures of his cock. During one of our IM chat, I mentioned to him I like to wearing female lingerie.

He reply saying he don't know if he was into that, but it would be ok with him if I want to wear it. So what I did was send him pictures of me in lingerie via email ever so often. Then one day during one of the IM chat session, he said, "by the way your lingerie pictures are hot", So smile and said happy you like them, because I can't wait for you to move my thong to the side and stick your cock in my ass.

His response was if your ass is clean I can stick my tongue in it too :-) I basically when crazy when he said that, I told him to come over now and fuck me. But he said he couldn't.

It was then we decided we should meet, so we exchange phone number. He made contact first via text, so I decide to call him. I was nervous at first and I think he was too, but as we talk we both became more comfortable, well I did :-) So we set up the meet for the next day which was a Friday at around 11:00 am, with me hosting. We could only meet during the day, because of the fact that we are both married.

I told him I would surprise him with a nice lingerie outfit and to call me about an hour before he was ready to leave, so I could get ready.

The day of the meet, after the wife left for work, I started getting ready which was pbd sklavinmichaela fill up boobs overfill implants expanders 9:00 AM; took a shower, shave, enema and lotion my entire body. I put on a pair of cream color thongs, cream color lacy bra and a tightly fitted short lacy gown. I browse xtube looking at videos until he called around 10:00 AM to say he was on his way.

I got excited and nervous at the same time when I heard knocking at my door. I peek through the window and said can I help you?

He said its me Dave. Just want to make certain it was him before I open my door dress in lingerie :-) So I open the door and invited him in. When he came in he basically steered at what I was wearing and said wow it even hotter than the pictures :-) I responded, glad you like it.

Now how can I repay you to liking my outfit!?! He basically just came out and said how about repaying me by sucking my cock! So I said step into my office. As I was unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, he started playing with my tits, licking and sucking on them.

I took his cock fantastic asian looker rides a big rod pornstars brunette and stroke it as he lick and suck on my tits. One things led to another and his cock was in my mouth. The precum on his cock tasted soooo good.

I could feel his cock growing in my mouth. At this point he was fucking my mouth and I was loving it. I was getting so horny I basically told him I wanted him to fuck me.

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So he gave me a condom to slide onto his cock. Even with the condom on I was still sucking his cock until he help me up and had me lay on the bed on my back, lift my legs up and began teasing me with his cock by rubbing the tip at my hole.

At this time I was begging him to stick it in, but he continue to tease me with it. I was about to loose my mind when I felt something wet. I look up and he was rimming me. I could feel his tongue licking my hole. That only drove me even more crazy that I kept begging him to please fuck me!!!

fuck me please!!!! fuck me!!!! Then finally he stick his cock in my ass and slow moving in & out!! His cock felt so good in my ass!!

I could hear him say your ass is so tight, I love it!!!! He then held my leg up and apart and started moving in & out faster. He ask if i like it and I said YES and told him to fuck me harder!!!! but he kept thrusting at medium pace and every time he thrust his cock in me, I would tell him to fuck me!!!! He stopped trusting put my legs over his shoulder, straighten his leg and started amateur fucking on couch with ex gf petite blowjob fuck me hard!!!

I was like YES!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!! At this time my eyes were closed, I then felt his lips on mind and we started french kissing. Our lips were lock and his tongue was swirling in my mouth. Some how my legs move from his shoulders and wrapped around his waist and he was fucking me and asking where do I want him to cum?

I finally said creampie me!!! creampie me!!!! cum in my fucking ass!!!! Then he pull up off me and said he is cumming so he pulled off the condom quickly, stick his cock back in my ass and with one thrust he tense up and squirt his cum in my ass!!!

I could feel the warmth of his cum in my ass!!! That was some good cock.

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We haven't been able to get together often but when we do it's incredible!