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Virgin school doll stripped and cunt licked
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Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Eroticism Chapter 5 - Pub Culture Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author After only a couple of days in Grimmauld Place, Harry was starting to wonder if he would have survived the rest of the summer if he's been forced to stay with the Dursley's.

Life in the muggle world never did compare to his times among his own kind. But this summer had had the added fear of Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Not only did he feel a huge amount safer at Grimmauld Place, but was also around people who were kind to him, and even some who loved him. Mrs Weasley was as close a thing to a mother as he'd had since his own was stolen from him by Voldemort.

And the moment he arrived she had resumed this role happily, as she fussed over his hair and forced him to eat at least twelve helpings of her fine cooking every meal. He didn't complain, Mrs Nubile films dido angel cums on her girlfriends fingers was an excellent cook.

And then there was Mr Weasley. One couldn't find a kinder and more gentle man than him.

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His good natured obsession with the muggle world, combined with his down to earth approach to things, kept Harry very busy at mealtimes as he tried to explain how everyday items like phone booths and buses worked. But by far the best part of being back in the Wizarding world was being with his friends, Ron and Hermione. He had missed them both hugely, perhaps more then any of his past summers. Just to be around them again, listening to their stories and laughing at their jokes, was both relaxing and strengthening to him.

He had been tired of sneaking around, trying to avoid the chunks of meat that were Dudley and his Gang. Now he was free, and he loved every minute of it. He was also beginning to get a hold of the information he had craved for so long.

On that first night, Sirius had sat him down and told him all he wanted to know, whilst fighting with Molly who wanted him sheltered from these truths. More of 'Dumbledore's orders'. As he sat thinking on his last few college girl fucks at frat house party, Ron entered the room.

Harry grunted in greeting, as Ron kicked off his shoes and rolled onto his bed. "You alright, man?" he asked Harry. Harry nodded, his face buried in the latest edition of the Daily Prophet. "Reading an article on you?" Ron asked. Harry again nodded. He scowled as he threw the paper across the room to land somewhere near the bin. He then lay back and stretched, muttering cursewords under his breath.

"I wish they'd just lay off for a bit" he moaned aloud. He saw Ron shrug in the corner of his eye. "I've been thinking Harry." he began. Harry sat up again and looked over at his friend. ". about that Spellbook of yours." "What about it?" "Well, we haven't used it for a while." "I know, but its kinda hard in this house Ron.

The only girls here all the time are Hermione and Ginny, and both are not really alright to just fuck." "Well, we could always just go into London?" suggested Ron. Harry thought about it. It was true, they could. He had thought about it himself. But it was a risky decision, with Voldemort back and the Ministry wanting to expel him.

The last thing he wanted to be found doing was using illegal spells. "We could" he answered. "But its dangerous. If we were caught, even by your family, It would be a nightmare." "We can get away with it" Ron scoffed. "Its easy to get out of here at night." "You're sure?" "Yeah. Just ask Fred or George, they can apparate you out." Harry though about that.

He had to admit that he had forgotten about Ron's brothers. "Well, I guess we could" he answered. He reached down the side of his bed and pulled the spellbook out of his horniest amateur asian yo teen steamy masturbation on webcam. Opening it, he asked Ron "Where do you think we should go?

The Leaky Cauldron?" "No, no, lets go to a muggle pub. We're less likely to run into trouble there." "Are there any nearby?" "Yeah, there's one down the end of the road called 'The Pelican'. Bill told me it was alright." Harry nodded, slamming the book shut.

"The Pelican it is." They both got up and opened the door. It was after supper, and the Weasleys had decided to get an early night. That gave them a good enough chance. They walked down the hall, making sure to keep quiet, and entered the twins' room.

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Harry found the sight that greeted them hard not to laugh at. Fred was hastily pushing something large and grey out of sight behind his bed, and George was grabbing up rolls of parchment from the floor as quickly as he could. But when they both saw who was entering their room, they both sat back and wiped sweat from their brows in unison.

"Lads, lads. Don't scare us like that" stammered Fred. "Yeah" agreed George. "I nearly had a heart attack." "What are you guys up to?" Ron asked, mild curiosity etched into his voice.

Fred tapped his nose knowingly. "That's for us to know, little brother, and you to find out." Ron waved a hand at him in annoyance. He turned to George. "Listen, you two, we need a favour." "Could you apparate us out of this house?" Harry asked quickly. George raised his eyebrows. "What do you want to leave for?" "Uh." Harry mumbled. "Well. we've got a friend who said they'll be in this part of London. And we want to go see them." The twins shook their heads.

"You never were a good liar, Harry" Fred told him. George silently agreed, but he continued. "Don't know why you'd busty babe gets help with her masturbation to sneak off to see a friend, but I guess we could lend you a hand." He reached out to the two boys. Harry and Ron took his hand and there was a sudden, sharp crack.

* * * By the time they were out of the door and at the pub the sun had completely set, and it was just getting busy. The outdoor seats were packed with revelers, and there was a throng beginning to emerge from inside.

They stood outside for a time, wondering how to proceed. "Shall we just go in?" Ron asked. "Wing it?" Harry shook his head. "No, lets sit out here for a bit and choose a spell." They went to one corner of the outdoor area and found an unoccupied table. When they were seated comfortably, Harry pulled the book out of the pocket of his hoodie and opened it on the table for them both to read. "Right" Harry began.

"We need a hex." He flipped to the relevant chapter, and they both began to read. Their eyes scrolled down the list of spells, and they read them carefully to find a suitable choice. When a woman with a notepad came to ask them if they wanted anything, they waved her away. Eventually, Harry saw a hex that looked just right for their needs. Its description read: The Erohex - A very simple hex, useful in almost any situation. Casting this hex will make the target obey the orders of the caster indefinitely, until the finito spell is cast.

On the conclusion of this hex, the target will fall unconscious for a half hour, and upon waking will remember nothing of the duration in which they were under the control of the caster Warning!

- It is dangerous to leave someone in this state. Be sure to cast the finito spell upon conclusion of sexual activities Warning! - As with all spells in the volume, the casting is undetectable by the wizarding trace but highly illegal to perform The spell was a good one to know, and Harry made sure to remember it in the future.

He pointed it out to Ron, and they both agreed that it was just right. Silently they rose to their feet, Harry stowing the book in his pocket, and walked into the crowded pub. It had a good, merry atmosphere. People were talking jovially at tables and around the bar. Though Harry and Ron weren't old, they could just pass as belonging there. They went over to another empty table and sat, scouting for man and woman sex in bed young lass to try their new spell on.

Eventually Ron pointed a girl out to Harry, and he looked in the direction he pointed. She looked to be of a similar age to them, perhaps she was also too young to be there. She was sat alone at a table, sipping on a soft drink and looking gloomy. Mustering their courage, Harry and Ron walked over and stopped next to her table. "Anyone sitting there?" asked Harry brightly, pointing at the two chairs opposite her.

She looked up at them, and the corners of her mouth twitched into a slight smile. "No, no one" she replied. She sat up, and watched as the two of them took the seats opposite her. "Um. hi" she said to them in a soft voice. She seemed rather timid. Ron reached out a hand. "I'm Ron, nice to meet you." "Pleasure" she said, shaking it.

Harry followed suit, offering his name and a hand. "Waiting for someone?" he asked as she sat back in her seat and took another drink. "Yeah, I was meant to be having a date. But he never turned up" she looked downcast again. "Ouch" Harry murmured, trying to sound touched. "That's rough. But hey, it'll be fine. He's evidently not that great a guy if he'd stand you up like that." She smiled again.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. My name's Katie by the way." "Well, Katie, would you like another drink?" Ron asked her. She nodded, draining the last few gulps of her current glass.

It was quaint, to be ordering non alcoholic drinks with their new friend. Harry wished they could have got some butterbeer or firewhiskey. They could of had a really good time. He remembered the Oude de Intoxication, and felt in his back pocket. He still had a small bottle of it, which he's taken whilst still at Privet Drive. But he decided against it. The last thing he needed was being found with a semi passed out girl. They continued talking with her for a while, and she proved to be quite good company.

Harry liked her witty quirks, and her charming personality. She was also exceedingly pretty, possessing a fine figure and gorgeous face. Harry had to stop himself staring whenever student baby girlls xxx story gave one of those cute smiles.

Eventually they managed to get a hold of some beers when a drunk at the table next to them offered to buy rounds for everyone within reach (to 'honour his bet' according to him). They had just about finished when Harry decided to move things forward. George had told them to be back in a couple of hours, and time was wearing thin.

"Shall we take a jade nile and savannah sage amazing trio in the bedroom Harry asked the other two. Ron nodded. "Yeah, lets get out of here." Katie didn't seem to object, so all three of them rose to their feet and walked quickly out of the pub. It was a warm evening, and the slight breeze felt cool and pleasant after the stuffy pub.

The three of them walked down the street for a while, in the direction of Grimmauld Place. Without anyone consciously deciding it, they turned into the park opposite number twelve and took a seat at the nearest bench. The talk was flowing freely by then, and Harry was wondering if they were even going to need the spell for a good time with Katie.

When the mood felt right, he leant in to kiss her.

She reciprocated cautiously, and he pushed his tongue into her mouth. Suddenly she stopped, leaning back and almost getting to her feet. "Um. I'm sorry" she stammered. "It's just, I'm not really comfortable with this." Had he been in a normal state of mind, Harry would of considered what he was doing. But as it was, he'd had a few drinks and he was getting increasingly flustered by the ordeal.

So he didn't hesitate as he pulled out his wand and pointed it at her. Her eyes widened in shock, as he waved it and spoke. "Imperio Erohexus." In an instant, a red stream erupted from the tip of his wand and coursed into Katie's head.

As quickly as it started, it stopped. A blank look had appeared on her face. It appeared the spell had been necessary after all. Ron smiled and spoke. "Stand up and take off your top." Katie rose to her feet and did as she was told, sliding her jacket off of her shoulders and starting to unbutton her shirt. Harry couldn't help getting a little hard at the sight of her generous tits swaying in the breeze.

She pulled the shirt over her head, and then there she stood in only a bra, skirt and her shoes. "And the rest" Harry told her.

She slid the skirt down revealing her delicious waist to them and, to their surprise, some rather revealing lingerie underwear. She soon had these and the bra off in quick succession as she continued stripping, showing her completely shaven nether regions and slightly erect nipples. Whether this was caused by arousal or the cold, the boys were unsure. But they didn't care.

She was then stood in only her cute little plimsolls and socks, the rest of her body open to the world. "Kneel down here and give us each a blowjob" Harry ordered. Katie didn't hesitate. She knelt at Ron's feet and unzipped his flies.

His already semi hard cock popped out into her beautiful carla gets banged in the shower, and she took it in her hands, stroking its length with a sultry look in her eyes.

The next moment, she bent down and engulfed it in her mouth, making small sucking noises as she slid her lips up and down his shaft. Ron sighed in ecstasy, as he took the back of her head in his hands and began shoving her head back and forth until he was nudging the back of his throat.

"Oh yes, Hermione" he gasped with closed eyes. He looked over at Harry to see raised eyebrows. "What? I can dream, can't I?" Harry shrugged, trying not to judge as Ron returned to face fucking the little minx between his legs. She was doing her best to deepthroat Ron's full length, but was having trouble. She evidently wasn't experienced in the matter. But Ron was merciless, as he forced his rock hard cock as deep as he could into her windpipe.

"Ah, that's bloody brilliant" he moaned aloud as she started gagging on his tip. He held her in place for several seconds before releasing her head from his crazed grasp.

She slid backwards quickly, gasping for air and coughing out drops of Ron's precum. "Get over here, Katie" Harry commanded. Katie didn't wait to be told twice. She got up and staggered over to where Harry sat, his knees spread wide to accommodate her.

As she began to pull down his jeans, and uncover his pulsing manhood, Ron rose to his feet. He grabbed her by the legs and turned her until one leg was up on the bench. In this position her legs were spread wide for him. He bend over her, the tip of his dick prodding at her entrance. She had revealed Harry's cock from his underwear, and Harry smiled with pleasure as her mouth closed over it in moments.

She wasn't as good as Tonks had been, but boy did he enjoy a good blowjob. Ron, meanwhile, was rubbing his hard shaft between her lips, using a hand to stimulate Katie's clit while he did so.

He knew it was going to be tough to get into her, so she'd better be well lubricated. She was getting better at head all the time, Harry noticed, as she took his entire length in one swift motion.

He took her head in his hands, as Ron had, and gave her some help, moving his hips up and down to forced his hardening cock down her throat. Ron had pressed the bulbous tip of his raging hard on into her tight little pussy, but was encountering difficulty. Only a couple of inches in he had found out that Katie was a virgin, reaching her intact Hymen. She moaned onto Harry's cock as he prodded it harder and harder, trying to push through to fuck her properly.

Just as Harry pulled her down into a long, sloppy deepthroat, Ron gave a hard shove and forced his way past Katie's hymen. She cried out loudly, but with her throat blocked by Harry's shaft it came out as a muffled moan. Harry held her there, not even giving her breath as Ron began to pound into her with ever increasing speed. When he was confident she wouldn't make too voyeurcam en direct chez nous toute l annee un vrai couple amateur et libertin, Harry released her and she shot backwards, drawing in great lungfuls of air.

She coughed a few times, then went back to work on his cock as Ron continued to fuck her pussy. They kept up in this way for some time, with Harry fucking her throat and Ron ruining her virgin Pussy. Though she had stretched out somewhat, she was still incredibly tight. Ron had trouble fitting his girth into her, and had to be brutal. "Hey, Katie, come and suck your juices off of this cock" he called to her. She took Harry's cock out of her mouth, and turned around in an instant.

As she began to suck on Ron's cock, which was coated in her own blood and juice from her cunt, Harry continued where Ron had left off. He lifted her leg and forced himself into her degraded pussy. Her lips were puffy and red from her treatment, and the sight excited Harry immensely. Wild with lust, he slapped her ass a few times.

She moaned onto Ron's cock, and he watched as it began reddening before his eyes. When they grew bored of using her, Harry and Ron lay her down on the bench. They nodded to each other, and Harry cast 'finito' on her body. She instantly drifted into unconsciousness. They then proceeded to beat off, looking over her beautiful and used body below them. After splashing cum all over her tits and her face, Harry and Ron pulled up their trousers and turned away from Katie towards number twelve.

Ron looked at his watch.

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"Five minutes, then George should be there. Come on lets go." Harry hesitated. "That was pretty cruel, mate. You think its alright to just leave her there?" Ron shrugged. "What do you suggest we do, wake her up and apologize?" Harry sighed.

He had a point. And so they both began to walk back to Headquarters, their sexual desires fulfilled. For now.