Natasha nice and paulina james are a study in contrasts

Natasha nice and paulina james are a study in contrasts
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Mummy's true passion- part fourteen "Stop staring slave" I heard May's mistress voice inside my head and I was ripped from my thoughts about the mind blowing pictures I just had seen, "your mistress is cumming and you just stare at her, I think you know what your job is." I got on my naked knees immediately and crawled over to mummy.

She still stood there and big boobs six story download shaking in ecstasy without even been touched.

I still sometimes wondered what amazing kind of sexuality my mum had. I had discovered that she was the born mistress and the born contra part to me who was the born slave; I had discovered that we had exactly the same preferences in our sex life and I had found out that I somehow had inherited these skills from my dead dad. But still whenever a new and more bizarre side turned out about mummy and her life I was a little surprised as well as the xxx storys old man sex girl had been lowered consequently.

So I found my horny self again down on the floor crawling over to my squirting mother, my hard cock being wrapped by a thick layer of my other mistresses tasty shit and knowing that I couldn't have been luckier. As I finally arrived mum after what had seemed to be ages although she was only a few feet away from me, I finally felt my hands touching her perfect feet in these sexy high heels she wore.

I stretched out my tongue and licked up this fantastic woman's inner leg. It didn't take long until I tasted the first silver sweet drops of mum's explosion running down her legs till they touched her feet and dripped down her toes. I remembered the taste immediately and enjoyed each little drop when I felt it sliding down my throat. I moved my way up and changed the leg from time to time because if I had learned one thing then that, that a slave always must do a perfect job. After a while I reached mum's pussy circle and felt the warmth and the pulsing heat coming from there.

My lips and my tongue were burning in hot fire of lust and I still felt hot drops from the depth of mummy's pussy hole being sprayed all over my mouth and I did my best to catch them all with the fire, my face had turned into.

Mum's hand grabbed my hair and she forced my face onto her slit. The few hair of her Brazilian V felt like needles on my fire face. And still the never ending stream of tasty lava was flowing over my tongue and my face and down my throat. I swallowed each drop and thought if I had to die right now I wouldn't care.

If mummy's pussy was a volcano I would jump inside with pleasure. I let my snake tongue slide into the hot magma and deep inside this brewing volcano and waited for it to burn down. But it didn't burn down more and more loads of magma shot over the snake and deep into my mouth and I knew that was what I was made for I was nothing but a slave licking his mistress's pussy and enjoying it more than anything.

I felt mummy shaking above me any I knew she was close the finish. Her lags shook on my face's sides and I wondered if she would be able to stay on her feet.

Then, with one last gigantic wave of hot liquid mum forced her nails into my head and I swallowed it all down, and mum was done. I kissed the last missing drops from her pussy lips and sucked them down. I looked up in her face and so deep and honest satisfaction.

She smiled her familiar mother smile and again some certain pride lay in her eyes. I hadn't cum this time but the shit around my cock had become tighter because my cock had crown bigger than before. I liked the feeling really much and hoped it would stay there for a few minutes. As mummy had found her balance and that evil smile had diapered from mistress May's face we guided mum to the chair in the middle of the room.

She took place and I got on my knees beside her like the well educated slave I was. She touched my head with love and smiled at me. "Now my dear, what kind of rings would you like?" May asked as she took ion some elastic gloves, "slave, get me that book over there." I got up and took a black leather book from a close sideboard. "Well, let's see," May took the book from me and gave me another evil grin.

"Maybe you would like this model." The picture showed a tiny ring, made from a shiny, silver material. It was completely closed and the sides showed little waves and other ornaments. "It's antiallergenic and very easy to pierce. If I do it now you will be able to fuck this slave son of yours by tomorrow morning. You shouldn't do too hardcore but it's a great material and this other customer whose picture you saw took the same.

If you like the color you should take it. Otherwise I have the same material but in black. But I don't have it here; I would have to order it." Mum looked at the picture of that tiny ring and laid her had a little to the side as if she wanted to check it from each side. Then she looked at me and I knew now she was my loving mother and not my mistress by the sight of her eyes. "What do you think, honey?

You xxx soniy liyon storys sex stories these?" "I like those, but maybe we should take the black ones because I will like the contrast between your pink pussy and the black metal." I was surprised how strong my voice sounded when I spoke as mummy's son and not as her slave.

"Yeah, I thought that, too, but maybe we should take both, so May can pierce me right now and when the black ones are here we get here and pick them or May can send them to us. I am sure you can put them in, you have good hands." I saw she looked a May with a questioning view.

As May nodded we smiled at each other and mum kissed me long and with passion and I felt her hard nipples on my chest. When we removed May had come back from the room where she kept the piercings.

"You're still a little wet," May said as she touched mums pussy to check if she was ready for the piercings, "but I can't let your son lick you again, because then you would become even wetter." The mistress smiled. She cleaned mummy with a tissue. "Ready dear?" she asked and mum smiled at me and said "Yes".

May pulled the skin of mum's left outer pussy lip up and stabbed the first ring through the red flesh. I held mum's hand and kept my eyes on hers. "I won't pierce all the sixteen rings today. That's too many even with this new material." May said as she stepped the second rind trough mums right lip.

"I'll just do the outer pussy lips, so you can, if you really must, have sex with your baby here, but promise me not to do it too hard." Mum nodded her head and I thought how brave she was.

But as an ex soldier she was used to some pain. When we were at the fourth ring mum asked me to kiss her, so she was not all focused on the pain. So we made out all the time till May was finally done and mum had four shiny silver rings trough each of her outer pussy lips. "So my dear, we are done for this time. We will cool it for the next two hours and then the worst part should be over." May said with a blink of an eye.

I helped mum up and we walked to the boutique where the almost normal cloth was. May dressed in a short jeans skirt and a white top which was way too tiny but showed her huge breasts to her advantage. Mum managed with my help to get into a pair of hot pants and a black top which was also kind of tight. I was left in this leather thing I wore and so we got back to May's upper house.

There I was forced to go outside and get our suitcase from the car in this costume I wore which was really embarrassing to me but also turned me on since I was a slave. Anyway, I got into some of the trousers we had bought the day before at Aileen's shop and a polo shirt. The leather costume was still under all that for sure. May gave mum a cooling bag and she sat on the chair pressing it between her legs as we had the most normal conversation about my school time and what mum did after she had left the marines and what May had dome since the last time the saw while my mum pressed a bag of ice onto her vagina which had just been pierced and my shaft still was wrapped in May's shit.

I thought that this might have been the most curious situation anybody could be in.

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After a while May asked if we were hungry. I had no doubt that my two mistresses were and I thought that I could have "real food", too since all I had eaten that whole day until now had been the excrements of those two ladies I proudly called my mistresses. "Well I think the worst pain really is over" mum said and smiled but I could see that her vagina must still have hurt.

She removed the meanwhile fourth or fifth ice bag and I could see her swollen and blood filled pussy lips only being covered by that tiny piece of cotton which was left between her legs and held the front and the back of that hot pants together.

I thought that the reaction of her outside pussy lips could have been peta jensen yoga for perverts but still felt sympathy for my mummy who took that pain on herself for our pleasure.

"So, I guess we are ally hungry what do you say? Would you like to go out for dinner?" May asked and got up her chair. My eyes followed her and I thought what s beautiful woman she in fact was, she my second mistress. "Mm, I guess we all could need a little snack. What do you think of maybe Chinese?" Mum asked and I sounded as if she asked all of us but I certainly knew that this question wasn't really asked to me because I was a slave and I knew it.

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Mum looked at me as if she knew what I was just thinking. She blinked. "Well, I think I could manage to have a Chinese dinner tonight." May gave back and I couldn't really figure out what tone she had when she said it.

Somehow I expected and really hoped that everything these ladies said or did had a sexual aspect. But maybe this dinner simply was what it was: a simple diner two old friends have together with the one friend's grown up son who was accidently their slave. "Before we leave we should take care of you, honey." May said and looked at me, still sitting on that chair.

I had no idea what she could mean since I felt like I had been treaded and humiliated enough for this time. "My dear, would you go upstairs with him and prepare him?" Mum just nodded and I wondered where from she knew what to do but as a good slave and son I followed her upstairs while May staid downstairs and cleaned the table. "Let's go into that bedroom honey" Mum said and her voice sounded motherly and kind.

I knew that right now she was not my mistress mummy in the first place but simply my mummy. sexy ladies get happy to max smalltits and homemade She said but still sounded familiar. I undid my polo shirt and mum opened my trousers.

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I undid my socks and shoes and stood in front of my mum, who I now found looked like a hot farmer girl, in this leather thing with May's stool around my cock. Mum took all my cloth and put it over a chair.

Then she gave me a sigh to follow her into the next room. It was the bathroom. "Now undress mummy, baby." She ordered. I got on my knees and felt the meanwhile cooling paste my penis was wrapped in moving around it. So I opened mummy's pants very slowly because I didn't want to hurt her vagina. I moved the pants down to her naked feed and kissed them smoothly. Then I got up and moved my hands under her top. I let my fingers slowly touch the lower side of her breasts and found them shaking whenever my finger tips reached the outer regions.

With a long move I managed to pull the black top over her nipples. They stood like mountains and were hard like steel. I lowered my head to mummy's perfect fake c- cups and licked her left nipple.

I heard her moan above me. "Oh my god, baby lick mummy's nipples, yeah." Japanese mom sleeping best king download porn sex fairy tales movies free left hand grabbed mum's right boob and I massaged it.

"That feels so good, honey, go on." Mum said as I pinched her nipple. My mouth closed around the left one at the same time and I begun to suck on it. When I felt mummy's breath getting harder and faster I stopped this treatment and pulled the top over her head. We changed a long French kiss which let my cock grow to its full size finally. Mum moved to the big shower that dominated the room while our tongues still were wrapped in each other. She turned on the water and it floated into the cabin from six different shower heads.

"We should undo this now." Mum said as we broke the kiss and pointed at my shit vessel. Before I could say a word she put her tongue back inside my mouth and I felt her fingers undoing the buttons.

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After a short while and with me help we had managed to undo the whole vessel and mum took it away from my shit covered cock. You could see the imprint it had left inside the shit which stayed in the vessel.

Mum held it under the dropping water and cleaned it. Small pieces of May's shit ran down our legs and finally got into the drain. Mum put the cleaned vessel to the side and looked at my penis.

"What have you done? How did mummy's little boy manage to get mummy's toy that dirty?" her voice sounded serious but her eyes told me it was meant pure taboo cops adriana amp chad cavity search naive teen be irony. "Well, this woman, your friend May, she shitted on your toy mummy." I said. Since I didn't talk much when we were in those sexual activities I always was surprised by the sound of my voice. "Then I think we must clean my toy, needn't we?" Mum replied.

With those words she pulled me under the water stream and stared cleaning the shit off her toy with her hands. From time to time she offered me her hands; barely covered with small rests of mistress May's shit, to lick them clean. I for sure enjoyed this treatment and it didn't take too long until I felt my balls tighten and was ready to shoot another load of hot cum. Mummy for sure noticed my excitement and gave me a gracious smile. So she got turned around.

"I want you to cum inside me. But please be gentle and don't rip out my piercings." She said. So I moved my hard and cleaned pride over to mummy's swollen pussy hole and managed to put it inside very slowly. I felt my cock getting wrapped gently with every inch of that fuck hole of her. This while scene had obviously excited me more than I myself had couple has a threesome with the babysitter because I didn't get the chance to really fuck mummy.

As my cock was almost inside her completely I just couldn't hold it back Maybe because I had put it inside that slowly I suddenly felt a massive force building its way through my balls and my shaft and finally I pumped a whole number of mind blowing shots into mum's juicy vagina.

"That was fast, my baby boy, fast and really much." Mum giggled and turned her head around to kiss me while I slowly pulled my cock out of her. As the cork left the bottle a whole stream of my semen followed and ran down mummy's legs.

"I will ask May if she has something to hold it inside there." Mum said, "I'd enjoy feeling your salty juice inside me for a while." Mum gave me a sexy look. Then she stroke my cock one more time and we left the shower. I dried her with a huge towel like those they use in Europe. While I did that I for sure did m y best not to touch her fresh pierced parts and I took care not to wash away too much of that cum of me she loved to have on and in her body that much. Finally we got dressed again.

I took a pair of the shoes we had bought at Aileen's the day before and put them mummy on. It was high heeled for sure because I liked seeing mum in high heels and she loved wearing them. The shoes had a sexy holyday style. They had white points on a black ground.

The part over the foot was perforated with big holes which shoed mummy's sexy feet as if they were a single body which had to be shown to its full advantage. The front left little space for mum's big toe to show itself and its nice French nail. I wore my trousers and my polo shirt over my slave leather thing. Since my cock still was pulled through this tight front ring it would never become really soft, so whatever I did a little bump would always be seen.

But this certainly was a wanted side effect because that way the slave always embarrassed himself in front of strangers a little. And honestly the black guy and girl jungle sex of walking around with this semi hard on all the time and being out with those two hot ladies turned me on. Finally we got back downstairs where May already waited. "You reserved a table?" Mum asked. "Yes my dear, with all specials." May said and her voice sounded mysterious and sexy.

She took a short look at me. "And you, honey, are you ready for tonight?" "I hope I am." I replied and smiled hopefully. May wrapped her hand around my cock through the trousers as if to check if I was really "ready" and gave me a blink. Then we left the house and got in the car. On the drive to this mysterious Chinese restaurant I wondered what this night was holding back for me, what those ladies were holding back for their slave and what else would happen during my future life as a slave of my mother who I loved more than anybody else.

End of a hopefully enjoyable part fourteen.

I hope you like this one, even if it's not as hard as some other parts were. If you do so please let me know. I think now is the right time to give you some kind of an idea where this story in its own universe will go. I have decided that when this big faty aunty fuck story will be done, which will be the case after the next chapter, there will be more stories, dealing with the same characters and maybe some more.

I hope you like this little teaser and comment on this fourteenth part as you used to on the others.