Beauty gives rodeo on dick pornstar hardcore

Beauty gives rodeo on dick pornstar hardcore
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When I Became A Woman Chap. Two Mommy lifted my head off her lap, said "Just a minute, honey," and stood up beside the bed while Daddy laid down on it. I watched her hold her hands to the front of her blouse and rub her breasts. Her hands moved down her front, watching Daddy closely as he laid on the bed. Mommy lifted her arms and pulled her top off, then reached back and unsnapped her bra.

She tossed it to him and I saw her titties hang free. That's what the girls in the gym showers called them. I only have bumps, but wicked harlots enjoy having sex lesbian and dildo bigger than all the other girls have when we're in the showers after P.E. I was kinda shocked I'd never seen her do this before with Daddy in the same room. Mommy came back to me on the settee with nothing on above her waist.

"Honey," she said, "you have to excite your lover," she said with a silly grin on her face that I'd never seen before. She sat again, pulled me next to her like before. Golly, dear Diary, Mommy's titty was right up against my cheek, and I could smell something different in the air, and I didn't know what it was.

"Watch your Daddy," she said as she ran her fingers through my hair. I guess you could say I was in shock, with Mommy's titty right over my face. Daddy was on the bed. He stared at Mommy and me for a minute with a kind of a smile, and then he reached down unbuckling his pants.

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He unzipped. He raised up, slid his jeans off and he had on white boxer shorts. Boy, were my eyes wide open! It was the first time I've ever seen Daddy without pants on! He slid his tshirt off and laid flat again. Daddy moved around on the bed so his legs faced us. He raised again, his hands sliding his boxer shorts down his legs and he threw them our way. Mommy dodged and laughed. I was shocked to see Daddy's thing. I'd never seen a real one before! It was standing straight. It was long. It was pointed up at his stomach.

And there was a bag of skin underneath, just like a little sack made of skin. Mommy said, "Honey, that's Daddy's cock. His penis. And underneath is his scrotum, that's what they'll call it in Sex Ed next year. It holds his testicles, little round balls. You'll hear boys talking about their balls sometimes. Daddy's going to show you what to do with a penis, when you get gagged sub restrained and dildofucked submissive discipline chance to play with one…and when you get good at it, you'll be a real Woman like me." She said, "This is Daddy's special present to us to you and to me," and she leaned down and kissed my forehead.

I couldn't move or speak.

Daddy's penis was big, what Mommy said was "erected", I think that's what she said. It was 18 boy and aunty mom between his legs, and I didn't see how it could have fit inside his pants! I never saw anything like this before, Diary. It was good that Mommy let me lay on her lap now and she was holding me and talking to me and even rubbing softly on my stomach.

God! (Oops, sorry, didn't mean to cuss like that.) She took my hand now and raised it to her titty, held it there.

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"Cassy, squeeze me there. Daddy will watch and he'll like it, and I will, too." And so I did. I'm thirteen!!!! I laid my head in Mommy's lap and reached up to touch and squeeze her boob, while Daddy laid on the bed and began stroking his thing just a few feet away from us.

Mommy said, "Yes, baby, that's it, squeeze me and watch Daddy. He wants you to, and so do I." I squeezed like she said and I watched like she said. I wanted to do whatever Mommy told me to do. She held her hand over mine and moved it all around, and even pinched my fingers together over her nipple and said she really liked that 'cause that's what Daddy does, too.

Then she said, "Oh, that's so nice, honey. Raise up, I want to take your top off." I did, of course, and now I laid on Mommy's lap with my new bumps open to the world, below Mommy's, and her hand cupped them, pinched my tips softly, and I started to feel something happening between my legs! Daddy's hand was around his thing and he was going up and down on it and his thing was straight up in the air now.

Mommy said, "Watch him stroke his cock, honey. Watch him beat his meat." Her hand massaged my little boobs and she leaned over me now. I felt her lips surround my tips and then I felt her suck them, oh my golly! I couldn't believe this! Is this what it meant to be a Woman? "Mommy!" I whispered, watching Daddy's hand go up and down on his penis. "Shush," she said, "watch Daddy…" as she continued rubbing my titties, and leaning down to kiss and suck them every once in a while.

She kept rubbing my hand on her titties, too, and I know she was happy because she kept give me pink shaved black haired teen loves fingering her ass those soft noises like when Daddy would kiss her.

Once when she lifted her mouth up from my bumps, Mommy said, "Do you like that, Cassy?" I had to admit I did. Mommy's mouth sucking and licking my tips and bumps while I was watching Daddy (my hero!) stroke his penis so hard just, like, sent me crazy! I could hear him now breathing hard and I was afraid he was gonna die or something, but Mommy said, "no, honey, he's just getting ready to shoot his come from his testicles, and that's what you want to make happen when you get the chance to do what he's doing." She told me that's what makes Daddy really happy.

I didn't understand, and dear Diary I didn't want to ask anymore questions right then because I was just feeling real good with all the hugging and touching Mommy and I were doing while I was watching Daddy beat his meat.

I just watched, while Mommy's hands pressed and roamed on my new little boobs. I sure got a huge thrill down below whenever Mommy's mouth sucked on my tips. All of a sudden, Daddy's hand started working faster on his penis and his breathing got faster and louder and he got a little bit noisier.

I thought he was dying or having a heart attack like we'd learned about in Health class, and cute petite blonde babe kelly surfer rides her new toy to orgasm suddenly his hips raised up and I saw a bunch of white stuff shooting out of his penis, right in the air, and he was just grunting and gasping like he was gonna die!

Mommy sat me up quickly when that happened, held me between her legs with her hands pressed tightly on my little boobies. "Baby," she said, breathing harshly and squeezing my titties, "Daddy is coming. That's what it's called. See it coming from his penis?

That's why it's called 'coming'. The day after tomorrow, you'll get to help him do this." I was scared a little and asked quickly, "Is he okay? He's not gonna die, is he, Mommy?" And she told me he was happy and this was normal for a man when he strokes his cock and it's what a Woman can do to a man, too. Mommy moved me aside now after kissing me on the top of my head again. I sat and watched as she went to Daddy on the bed. She leaned over his naked body. Diary, she KISSED HIS PENIS AND LICKED ON IT!!!

I couldn't believe I was watching something like this! Now she ran her tongue over his stomach, licking up the "come" from Daddy.

She seemed to be happy doing this and rubbing her titties on Daddy's stomach and chest. Dear Diary, I thought right then that if Mommy was glad to do this, then it must make Daddy happy…and if I got the chance to do it, I'd do the best I could to make Daddy happy, too, just like Mommy was. Mommy raised her head from Daddy's stomach and his penis. She looked over at me and said, "Honey, your turn to become a Woman is coming soon.

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Tonight, Daddy showed you how to make himself happy. Tomorrow, Daddy will show you how to make me happy. Come here and kiss me and Daddy, and then you can go to bed for tonight, okay?" I felt strange coming over to their bed with my bumps out like that, but Mommy smiled and said it was alright, Daddy would like that. I leaned over him and he pulled my head softly to him and kissed my cheek and said I was so beautiful, such a pretty young lady.

Mommy did something I'd never experienced before she pulled my face to her and kissed me hard on my lips. It was the first time I've ever tasted her. She tasted salty, I guess that's what you'd call it, but I'm no expert, Diary. You know that, right? Little did I know that in two days I'd start to recognize that taste and even learn to love it!

Oh my gosh, dear Diary!