Exotic diva acquires hot agonorgasmos pornstar hardcore

Exotic diva acquires hot agonorgasmos pornstar hardcore
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Early Monday morning. I woke up to soft kisses. Bella Was kissing me, I kissed back. It was nice to see her first thing in the morning, hair all a mess and.

She was fully dressed. "Time to get up she said. I have to go home," she said sadly. "My parents will be trying to wake me for school soon." "Oh damn, I wish we could lay together all day." "That's would be nice," she said to me.

Then she looked serious and told me, "I thought about it, don't break up with my sister yet." "Why?" I asked confused. "Just don't. But, don't give her any more of your cum, if you fuck her use a condom." She was very serious, "I meant what I said, if anyone gets pregnant from you it better be me!" "I thought you didn't want to get pregnant?" I pointed out. "Well I don't, but if anyone else does I'll really never forgive you." She walked to the window, "you better take care of your baby and its momma, I won't interfere." Then she used my chair to jump out my window.

I got up and got ready. Cynthia wasn't in school today either, good that gave me time to recover and try to act like I didn't just have a sex filled weekend with her little sister or a threesome for that matter. Tuesday, Cynthia was back in school and things returned to normal. We ate lunch together and I walked her home and kiss her goodbye. I didn't see Bella the whole week. I was sure she would sneak over on Friday night. But, she didn't come. By Saturday I was so backed up I was snapping at everyone.

Pissed off for no reason. That night I snuck out to see Bella. I heard music in her room and her curtains were mostly closed. Where the two side curtains met was a gap about two inches wide. I peeked in. There were lily liv and cadey spread their tight pussies all over this guys long cock smalltits and pornstars 13ish year old girls, Bella being one, sitting around her room talking.

I tapped the glass. I thought maybe they hadn't heard then Bella got up. She walked right up to the window, shook her head and nodded toward her big sister's room. Then she was gone, she had pulled the curtains all the way shut. "God damn it," I cursed. "I want you not her." Backed up and pissed off at the rejection I creeped over to Cynthia's window. The light was on. Cynthia was alone, reading a magazine.

I sighed, what's wrong with me. This girl would do anything for me. Hell when I took her virginity she was pretending to be my sister because she knew that made me hard.

The memory of her changing her voice to sound like my sister made my dick twitch. I looked at her there in her bed and remembered how she tried to act like Aida. I later learned what Aida really sounded like and Cynthia had done a good impression. I had a semi-erection now. I'd even heard my sister with that Charles kid.

Kid, because from the sounds my sister made he wasn't doing her right. Not like I had that one and only time. Sometimes at night I hear my sister walk up to my door then turn away. Only to come back a few minutes later. Maybe she was needing me to release her too. But I needed the release now and wouldn't make the first move with my sister. She had said never again! Fuck I had a raging erection now! And there sat a girl who loved fucking me and looked like my horny sister.

Shit I must be backed up, I haven't thought of cute blonde sloppy blowjob a brides revenge sister like that since she rode my cock to paradise, what a month or more ago? I tapped on the glass. She looked up and smiled. She opened the window and we kissed as I climbed in. She was wearing some black tights and a dark red shirt that didn't hide her nice round ass. I sat on her bed and she sat on my lap. "Already?" She asked, feeling my pipe dig into her thigh.

"Since." I caught myself. I was about to say last weekend but remembered it wasn't her I was banging last weekend. ".forever," I finished, not actually remembering the last time I pounded her pussy. She laughed, "What no more surprises visits from Aida?" That little comment pissed me off a little, but I let it slide since I was sleeping with her sister more then her.

"No, thanks for reminding me. Too bad we can't tell your parents were dating so I can take you on a real date," I told her. She kissed me and turned to straddle me. She started rubbing herself against my hard on.

I slid my hand up to grasp her round breasts. Suddenly her mom called her from the hallway, "Cynthia are you-" she scrambled off me. I jumped up then dove to the floor hiding behind her bed. "-still coming with me to the store?" Her mom asked as she walked into the room. Cynthia tried to make a few excuses but her mom had a quick solution to each. "Oh come on honey I'll buy you something special." "Well mom I-" she started to try another excuse. "Oh honey is your window open?

Let me close-" "Oh yeah just needed some air," she said rushing to close it before her mom walked around her bed. "I'll go with you. Ready?" "Really? Ok let me get my purse" her mom said excitedly. "Sorry," Cynthia said as she walked out the door. "Maybe later tonight if your still here." I laid there trying to decide what to do now.

Might as well go home."shit!" My balls were aching. Maybe I'll beat off onto her bed sheets. Or a pair of her panties! A soft click was all the warning I had, I just had time to stand up before the door opened and Bella slipped into Cynthia's room. "We don't have much time, my friends will be looking for me in a few minutes," she urged. As she lifted up her long tank top shirt to pull her blue boy short panties off. This was why Bella was my queen. She was always ready for me when I needed her.

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I quickly pulled off my pants. I climbed on the bed and Bella mounted my lap. She kissed me and rubbed her slot against my staff. I reached up and lifted her shirt, exposing her little teen breasts. Her pussy was getting wetter. I sat up and sucked on her small nipples. "Ok, Joe, where is your condom?" She asked.

"In my pants," I said, nodding to the floor. She looked down at them and I shifted my hips maneuvering my cock head right at her wet opening. That seemed to be enough, she reached down between us and rubbed my mushroom against her clit one more time before she hid my rod in her cunt. "Mhmm," she moaned. "Oh, it's so hot taking you on my sister's bed" She pushed me so I was laying back down.

Her hips rolled furiously forward and back over my rock hard tool. I reached up her shirt to grab her a-cups and she pulled it off letting me watch them bounce as she fucked me. I couldn't last long with her fast pace. Each time she rocked back the force of it would tug at my balls.

"I'm going to cum," I warned. She kept her rhythm going. "Yeah," she said, "I want you to get me pregnant tonight! Cum in my little pussy, Joe." It was more then I could take. My balls heaved their heavy load up my raging dick and planted my seed deep in her womb. She pressed down hard and was rewarded with my grunt as my tip slammed her cervix.

I sent rope after rope into her little hole. My body spasmed like never before. She kept her pelvic pressed down until I was done. Then she leaned forward and kissed me. My staff was deflating, as it returned to normal size I slipped out. I could feel some of our combined juices leak from her open hole.

She reached down with her fingers and pushed my cum up her legs and back in her hungry hole. She dismounted me and quickly pulled up her blue panties. Bella's panties, darkened between her legs as they soaked up some of our juices leaking out. She came back over to me. She laid on top of me topless for a little while. I reached down and rubbed the wet spot over her panties.

"Mhmm," she moaned while I stimulated her button. "I want more of your cum in me." She worked her way down so my limp meat was right in front of her face. With one hand she began stretching it out. She opened her mouth and pulled my now hardening rod to her lips. As it swelled it got closer and closer to penetrating her teen mouth. When it was fully raised it passed between her red lips.

She started sucking my tip and stroking the staff. After a little of that she licked sex juice off my dripping pole. Bella looked at me and took a heavy breath just before she took my whole length into her mouth and down her throat.

Up and down her head bobbed on my stuff. Her right hand stroking up as her head came down to meet it then hand down my shaft as her head went up to my tip. Her left hand gently tugged and rolled my balls. You're little mouth is amazing," I complimented. "I won't last long like this." "Mhmm," she said, mouth full of my burning rod. She took my pole all the way in and swallowed repeatedly. Her throat and tongue tugging at my dick. "Oh fuck yeah, Bella," I cheered. As my balls started to raise up I warned her, "I'm cumming!" She stroked harder and faster.

Her mouth went up to the top of my staff and sucked hard. I felt my balls tug against her left hand as she pulled them down. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue ready for my load. A long stream shot from my pipe into her waiting mouth. She pumped my shaft for more and was rewarded young girl cum suck daddy another burst. My spunk was now dripping down her tongue as the third rope leaped up from my purple cap. Her lips closed around my member.

Tongue working around it in her mouth as a final blast burst went straight into down her waiting throat. She swallowed what was in her little teen mouth. She sat up and wiped my discarded cum up off my body. I could see my thick cream on her fingers. She slid her hand under her already soaked panties. Driving her fingers into her waiting hole. She pushed my jiz deep inside her. "Oh, fuck, you really do want my baby," I said disbelieving.

She just smiled and scooped up another load to plant her her 13 year old pot. "You can hide in our guest room. I'll come to you later when all my girl friends are asleep." "Just you right?" I said. "Maybe, maybe I'll bring my cheerleader friend" she teased as she pulled her light blue tank top on.

"I really don't want you to leave." And with that she grabbed all my clothes and ran out of her sister's room. "Hey!" I yelled at her. Shit, her friends surely heard that.

Yep, they heard. I could hear three different 13 year old voices calling out. "What was that?" "Who's there?" "Bella, who's clothes are those?" "My sister's boyfriend snuck in her window. But she's gone and he didn't know." They were laughing as Bella explained. "Let's hide his clothes all over the house!" One cried out. And I heard teen footsteps running all over. Oh shit if her parents came back and found my clothes first! I opened the door and peek out.

Bella was close by. She saw me and ran yelling, "he's coming! Hide his clothes." I looked and saw a round blond girl tuck my shirt up her shirt. A red head put my pants down the front of her shirt. And the last a small blond had my underwear. They were not going to bring them to me so. I ran after the littlest one. As I came out they all scattered. I used one hand to cover up and another to reach for my underwear.

She was quick and turned away fast. I managed to get a hold of her arm and let go of my junk to grab my underwear. The other girls laughed. I almost had them when she suddenly shoved my underwear in german sex porn sonaxy boollywood sex pajama pants!

"Now you'll never get them," she taunted. I stood holding her waist, me still naked. There was nothing for it but to reach. I dug into her pants and felt around her soft body casal inglecircs que adora filmar as suas fodas my underwear. The others laughed and joke. "He's going to finger her!" One said. I was getting stiff. "Hey I'm next!" They laughed, it was so bizarre I laughed too. I accidentally rubbed the front her panties.

"Oh yeah!" She pretended. Probably enjoying it for real too. My underwear had fallen out the bottoms of her pants. I reached for them one hand still in her pants. She pulled away and her pants came down revealing her little pink panties. I grabbed my underwear and her pants and ran after the next girl. The round girl. She started to run but I was faster.

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I grabbed her from behind by the waist. And lifted her extra long shirt, she and the other girls didn't have pants only long shirts. "Their doing it doggy style!" The pantless small blond teased. The others even Bella laughed harder. I could feel my pillar hardening on the chubby girl's round ass. I lifted her shirt to get my shirt out.

She pulled mine up and out through the neck hole. I took advantage and pulled her shirt up over her head exposing her teeny breasts. The others laughed harder. She screeched as I grabbed both our shirts. I ran as fast as I could after the red head. She ran into Bella's room. I followed close behind and heard the others follow me to see what happened next.

"Help!" She called to her friends as I pushed her into the bed. I reached down her shirt getting a nice brush with her big b-cups. Behind me the others just watched and laughed. I struggled to get my pants they had fallen out of her shirt. Bella ran over and started to pull at my arm. Her pulling one way and the red head trying to roll the other. "Rrrrriiippppp" her shirt tore off. The other girls suddenly joined in helping pin me down.

More then once I felt a cold teen hand grab my hard sausage. I tried to roll over and ended laying face first into red head's generous bosom. Someone was under me with my hard pole on their ass. Another girl climbed up on my back and was slapping my butt. I could hear Bella behind me too, laughing so hard she couldn't stop me when I reached back and pulled her face down onto my butt. "Oh my god, his dick is going to tear through my panties!" The little blond girl said under me.

For good measure I pumped her ass a few times. "Oh my god! He's trying to fuck college girl fucks at frat house party red headed girl with my face in her breast was very calm and actually held my head in them. I twisted and felt a hard nipple on my cheek. I turned a little more and licked her bright red nipples. She giggled and pushed her breast closer to my mouth. Oh shit she was enjoying it. And so was I. Then familiar hands started rubbing my balls.

Bella directed my butt into little blond's butt. I continued thrusting and licking. Soon the chubby girl on my back laid down next to me to kiss and suck her friend's other red nipple. "Oh yes!" The red head moaned. I freed my hand to give chubby a playful rub between her thighs. "Ooo," she said excitedly. Bella was moving on my bottom and I heard little blonde call out, "oh no not that!" Suddenly I felt bare ass on my burning stick. I rubbed my shaft between her tiny little ass.

Bella's hand reached between us and grabbed my pole and positioned it so my thrusts were now rubbing little blonde's wet slit. "Oh my god!

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Please. Don't. Please" she wailed out. I rubbed more and felt my tip try to dig into her hole. "Oh god! Please. No. Please." I slipped it in slightly then back out. Me and chubby were now working red heads nipples good and I slipped a finger into chubby's slot.

"Ooo," was all she could say. I could see her move her arm to return the favor to her red head friend. Chubby's hand going into red head's panties. "Hhhuummm" red head mumbled. "Please. God." I was still slipping in and out of the little one's opening. Her lips were plenty wet now and she had provided the lube for my shaft.

"Please. God." She kept saying softly. Maybe I shouldn't. She felt like she wanted it! But she was begging me to stop. I slipped in until I felt her maiden head. I better not I thought pulling back out. She was smaller than the other girls probably younger too.

"Ooo!" Chubby was moaning at my fingers. "Hhhuummm," red head was panting too. I could feel Bella pushing my ass down, trying to get me into the little blond's hole. She wanted me to? "Oh god! Please." Little one cried. I was about to call it quits but just then. "Please. God. Put it in ME!!!" Ah so she did want it now. I let Bella direct my cock to her little friend's slot.

My shaft flew straight in right where it left off. Sarah gisele hot amateur fingering for boyfriend that delicate little wall. I pulled back slightly and thrust down hard. "Aye!" Little blond called out as I dove deep into her. Now Bella took over. Her hands pulling my waist up then down like she was using my dick to fuck her little friend. Chubby left red head's breast and moved down to her friend's waist.

She pulled red's panties down revealing a bright red bush and a pink treasure below it. With a hand free from chubby I reached down and slipped my finger up and down that little pink slit. Slowly probing her hole. Chubby watched me as I slid a finger into red's ready slot. I pulled it out and put it in my mouth to taste her juice. Sweet, I slipped my finger back in her hole. This time pulling it out and putting it in chubby's mouth. I looked back behind to see Bella sitting on little blond's face, no panties.

She was ridding her friend's face.

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I had been pounding blonde on my own for a while now. "Oh fuck!" I grunted rolling over. Bella moved like lightening. One minute I was on top of two girls bodies the next I was on my back and Bella was lining my steaming pipe at her hole. The other girls we so stunned at how fast we both moved they watched as my first rope fired at Bella's slit. Bella wasn't aware of her friends' staring. She drove my cock into hot milf with big tits gets fucked to bail out her hubby brunette blowjob little cunt as I kept erupting, inside her now.

As if my orgasm suddenly broke a trance. They all awoke from the orgy as if they had just walked in on Bella fucking her older sister's boyfriend. "Oh my god Bella!" Chubby. "Your sister's boyfriend Bella!" Little blond.

"How could you?" Red head. I finished filling my girlfriend's little sister with my cum. As I recovered I looked at her face. She suddenly had tears In her eyes, she was so embarrassed and looked scared, the only time she's ever looked scared.

Not even when her parents almost caught her sucking my dick in the front yard had she been scared. The queenly look had faded from her eyes. No! "I'm not her sister's boyfriend!" I yelled as I sat up and held her in my arms.

"I'm her boyfriend. She didn't tell you because I asked her not to." "Really?" "But then why?" "Why would you tell us?" "I'm seventeen and didn't want to get into trouble since she's only thirteen. Her parents would never let us date if they found out." All true and believable. Bella stayed fastened to my chest. "And how dare you question your friend," I began. "You two were just having lesbian sex while we all watched and let me finger you both!" I pointed to chubby and red, the two wilted at my fingers.

I was on a roll, "and I was just about to pump you full of my cum until Bella stopped me." Pointing at blonde. She turned bright red as her other two friends looked at her. They were all embarrassed. "Listen, this was a fun little orgy we ALL were having fun.

It's ok, we can keep pleasuring each other or we can stop dress and go to sleep. And try to pretend nothing ever happened." I finished. They all looked around at each other. Each girl had had some clothes on when this started but now all were nude.

Suddenly, red spoke up, "Bella can I see his cum on you?" Before anyone could more than turn their heads and widen their eyes in shock she leaned towards me and Bella. Eyes intent on our sex organs. "I guess so," Bella said as she leaned away from me and opened her legs for all of them to look. They all leaned closer and looked and giggled. "What does it taste like?" chubby asked. "I want to feel it," little blonde spoke up. Blonde reached down and scooped up a pair of fingers full of my spunk.

She played with it between her fingers. Chubby leaned forward more and licked Bella's pussy clean of the rest of my jiz. Red was more interested in my limp dick. She wiggled it and handled it. It only interested her more as I started to get hard again.

She pushed me back on my back and climbed up on me. We were in a 69 her bare slit looking me in the face. She lowered her mouth onto my staff. I reciprocated by lifting my head up to her waiting slot. Licking the full length from top to bottom. I couldn't see anything but pink lips, her puckered star, and red bush but I could hear the sound of slurping next to me. One of the other girls was being eaten out. Red lifted her mouth off my hard shaft but kept her little pink treasure in my face. Someone mounted my wet rod.

I heard Bella's voice encouraging one girl named Tiffany, "ok slowly at first. It's going to hurt but it really feels great the more you do it." Who ever it was was taking their time. I could feel Tiffany's hand holding my beef at her slit as she slowly lowered onto it. "I'm scared" she said and got off. "Can I try?" Red asked as she got up off my mouth without an answer. "Yeah Katy, go slowly at first ok?" Bella said. Didn't I get a say in who I fucked anymore?

Chubby was standing next to the bed watching red head jealously. I figured chubby must be Tiffany. Red was Katy. And that meant tiny blond was Nicole. Katy, red, sat on me and lifted herself up some while Bella lined my red tip to Katy's matching red lips. She worked me in slow like Bella had said. Then she just slammed down on me. "Oww" she cried as my cock pounded through her hymen and into her cervix. The others smiled and congratulated her. As she raised herself up a few times Nicole noticed the blood.

"She broke his dick!" Katy got up, "oh no, I'm so sorry." "I'm fine-" I said at the same time Bella said, "that's from her. She was a virgin." "Oh, did I bleed too?" Nicole asked looking down at her own slit that only minutes earlier was virginal. "Yes, but it's only a tiny bit and now you can't see it" Bella assured. "Hey I can't do that. Can you have him break mine too?" Tiffany said.

"I want to lose it with the four of you." I didn't want to mention that Bella lost hers a couple of months ago. Besides strangely the question was for the other girls not me. It's as if I wasn't even there.

"Sure," Bella said, " lay over here and he'll do the work for you. If you want you can turn the other way so you don't have to see it going in." She wanted to watch, they all did. They just stood or in Tiffany's case laid, waiting for me. No question if I wanted to. Who was I kidding taking the virginity of three girls in one night! I stood up on the edge of the bed and pulled Tiffany's waist around born to serve huge dicks girlfriend hardcore her feet dangled down off the bed around either side of me.

They all move forward to watch and Tiffany lifted herself up too. "Ready?" I asked. She nodded. I lined my cock up on her puffy lips and worked it in. I was already well lubed up from Katy (red). So no need to go too slow. I sexy teen fucks her ass with dildo back so almost my entire tip showed from between her labia.

All eyes were on my shaft. I thrust forward hard and deep, her wall tore open from my sword. "Ssst!" She hissed as I took her virginity.

I didn't stop there. If they wanted to lose it I'd make sure they knew I fucked them too. All three of them. I pounded chubby, little Tiffany, hard bouncing her round breasts with every thrust. She looked about to cry. I stopped and turned on Katy, flipping her face first on the bed I drove my length into her from behind.

"Oh wow, you girls are in for a treat!" Bella smiled. She looked proud of me taking all her friends. I reached across and pulled little Nicole over lifted her up in front of me, her legs wrapping around me as I lifted her onto my desire rod. They were so tight and hot. They stayed where I left them. Tiffany legs still open watching on the edge of the bed.

Katy still on her belly her pussy looking back behind her. Nicole in my arms. I lifted her off me and rested her on Katy's ass while I pumped Katy again. After a few minutes of that I lifted Nicole back onto my rod to keep it hot and wet.

I walked up to Tiffany waiting for me, pulled out of Nicole and stuffed Tiffany. I pumped her several times too. "Oh my god, he's fucking all of us," Nicole said amazed.

"He's so big. Are they all like that?" Katy asked Bella. "I think so, he's the only one I've ever seen." She replied. I pulled out of Tiffany and back into Nicole. Switching several more times between the three new pussies. I could feel my release coming. I couldn't postpone it much longer. I walked to Bella as quickly as I could carrying tiny Nicole along. She could see the pressure building up on my face. She lay at the end of the bed and opened her legs.

As I walked between her, Nicole decided to take matters in her own hands. She started bouncing up and down on me subtle and slow at first. As I reached Bella I tried to lift Nicole off but she just forced herself down.

The result was, I pulled her up and each time she pounded down. We were fucking hard and I was close to bursting. "S-T-O-P. FUCK!!" I grunted trying one last time. Still she bounced down as my dick ruptured and filled her with cream. She seemed to understand too late and lifted off. My second blast fire out onto Bella waist. "Here," Bella called wiggling herself close to catch my next few sprays in her pussy.

By the third blast I was safe inside Bella's velvet hole. Spent, I put Nicole down and saw my sperm oozing from her slit. She looked at it then shoved it deeper inside as if to hide it from the others. The two on the bed had taken more to each other and were no longer watching. Bella seemed not to have seen or known my first big blast went into her little friend.

Remembering Bella's reaction with Amber I stayed quiet too. The fun lasted another twenty minutes Bella and I taking time alone leaving the four girls to experiment with each other on he other side of the room. Each pair slowed down just before Bella's mom and sister, Cynthia, returned from shopping.

I hid in the closet when they came in to say they were back. Nicole had borrowed a new shirt from Bella. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. I stayed hidden in there with them all night.

Bella and I slept together all night. In the morning she had a confession. Her and Cynthia had been put on the pill because their mom heard a rumor from one of the other mom's at school that Cynthia was pregnant.

Their mom decided she didn't want to take any chances with either of them. So I was in the clear to cum in both their holes.