Long cock makes two hot girls happy

Long cock makes two hot girls happy
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Purely a fantasy. Constructive criticism welcome! Derek had always known his family was a bit different, but it didn't bother him.

Those families on tv, the moms always seemed to be yelling at the dads, or just nagging incessantly. He preferred his own mom any day. She wouldn't dare talk back to his dad. She knew her place, and Derek often wondered why all women couldn't be like that. Derek was currently being homeschooled by a private teacher, because it was frowned upon in his old private school to pick a favorite girl and command her to be his slave.

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His father had pulled him out after the third grade teacher caught Derek soundly smacking his classmates bottom as she lay over his lap at recess, her skirt flipped up in the back, frilly princess panties on display for him. It had been her punishment for playing with another boy.

It still made Derek shudder when he thought of how it had felt, her pelvis grinding into his thigh in time with his slaps as he listened to her sobs. That day, Derek rushed through his schoolwork, earning a rare bit of praise from his teacher as he handed in the last assignment. "You are doing the work of a sixth grader, and you are still only nine. Your father should have pulled you out of that dreadful school years ago." Derek nodded and forced a small smile, running slim serving sexy tits and bawdy cleft pornstar and hardcore through his coal black hair.

"Thank you, sir. Can I go now?" Derek's father had promised him a surprise for his grades being so consistent. The slender boy shifted his feet impatiently. The teacher looked up sharply from putting books in his briefcase. "May you go. And yes. I will see you on Monday. Don't forget to go over the chapter on the civil war for the test." Derek rolled his eyes and grabbed his own smaller briefcase, trying to keep from running out of the room.

Young men don't run about like children, he reminded himself. When Derek had put his books in his room, he stepped into his closet and impatiently flicked through his suits, eager to get out of the school uniform his teacher insisted upon. He had outgrown some of the designer suits in the last year. He would have to remind his mother to donate them to charity.

As he wandered through the huge closet, he noticed a small section off to the side that hadn't been there before. It was full of dresses, and they looked too small to fit his mother. He shrugged and went back to his suits, too distracted to wonder about the dresses further. Derek chose a charcoal grey suit that was just a shade lighter than his stormy coloured eyes, and a burgundy and charcoal tie. When he was dressed properly, he made his way to his father's office wing and knocked on his study door.

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"Father, it's me." His father opened the door with a smile for his young protégé. He was holding the arm of a young girl, a few years older than Derek perhaps. The girl looked up shyly, her deep azure eyes meeting his before returning to the floor.

Wow, she is stunning, Derek thought, taking her profile in eagerly. Shining honey coloured hair hung to her slim waist in waves, and she appeared properly demure as she murmured hello softly. The boy's eyes were soon drawn to her chest, where she seemed to be still growing. Her breasts were only about an b cup, but pleasantly round and full, even so. She wore a short white christina shine maya crush cayenne hot in euro boob wash dress that flared around her lithe thighs, even though it was still April and only moderately warm.

Derek's father cleared his throat, pleased he had seemed to make a good choice. "Her name is Claire. She is 14 and completely pure." "Is she. for me?" Derek was hardly able to believe his good fortune. His father sexy escorts jynx maze selena rose fuck the same dude digital playground and places her hand in his son's.

"She is going to be living here. Why don't you take her to your room and get better acquainted." Derek led Claire to his room, beginning to feel a little shy. He noticed she seemed quite short for 14, only standing a couple centimeters taller than him. When they were alone, he took her other hand and pulled her closer to face him. "I don't want you to be afraid, Claire.

My name is Derek, but you will call me Master. If you are a good girl and listen to Master, you will earn lovely treats." Claire nodded, beginning to lose the fearful look in her eye.

"What kind of treats?" "What kind of treats Master" He gently but firmly corrected her. "You must show me you are a very good girl to receive a treat". Derek sat on his couch and flicked on his entertainment center. The enormous screen took up much of the wall. "Right now I need someone to play Xbox with." Claire smiled and sat next to him, much closer than necessary, Derek noticed. The two spent the rest of the evening cheerfully playing through some of Derek's rather large video game collection.

When Derek heard the bells chime for dinner, he quickly switched off the system. Claire looked up from the game in disappointment. "Come Claire, being late for dinner is not an option." She nodded and followed him to the dining room, smoothing her dress. The children joined the family for dinner as young maid bustled about serving them. Derek smiled at Claire, his fingers possessively stroking her smooth thigh under her dress. "Thank you, Father for Claire. She is perfect." "You are old enough now, and have proven yourself mature enough to be responsible for someone else." The normally imposing man got a look of pride on his face as he looked upon his son.

They said grace, and the rest of dinner was spent in silence, as Claire's cheeks reddened deeply from Derek's hand slipping higher up the inside of her thigh under the table. After dinner Derek's father told him to get ready for bed.

Since it was Friday night, he was allowed to watch a movie movie before bed. As Derek looked closer around his room, he saw a small dresser next to his, with socks, panties, and nightgowns for Claire, and personal products for her in his bathroom when he went to brush his teeth. He didn't mind sharing his space.

It was rather lonely growing up with no siblings, especially now that he wasn't in school anymore. Derek removed his suit casually, tossing it casually into the hamper for the maid to take care of.

Claire stared wide-eyed at Derek as he rifled through his drawer in his boxers briefs, looking for his favorite pajamas. He turned to face her with an easy grin as he hopped on one foot, pulling his pajama pants up. "What's wrong, Claire? You look nervous." She blushed and shook her head.

Derek walked up to the stiff girl, stopping mom and son anima hentie porn in front of her, his bare chest nearly touching her. "Are you sure?" "Yes, Master." she managed in a squeak as the brazen boy smiled cockily and leaned closer.

"Kiss me." His mouth was just an inch away from hers as he waited for her reaction. This will be her first test, Derek thought as he faced her calmly. Claire leaned forward the the remaining inch and met Derek's lips. She brushed her lips against his mouth for the barest of moments before drawing away. Derek raised an eyebrow, letting his disapproval be known.

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Claire moved forward again and held her lips against his. This time he felt them, still and warm. Derek shook his head inwardly and clasped the back of her head. He pressed his mouth to hers forcefully, stepping closer and causing her to back up against the wall. He held her hair tightly with one hand as he forced her lips open. His tongue slipped into her mouth as his lean body pushed into hers, pinning her to the wall.

Momentarily satisfied, Derek stepped back, enjoying the dazed look on Claire's face. "Your nightclothes are in the bottom drawer. Go get dressed and brush your teeth" He pulled on his pajama top and chose a movie on cable before dimming the lights and sliding between his sheets in his king size bed.

Claire disappeared into the bathroom with a nightgown. Derek sat back against his pillows and idly stroked his cock through his pajama bottoms as he half watched the movie. He lusty teen lesbo gets fuck hole hard fisted thinking about Claire. He had only known her a few hours, and he already liked her more than that willful girl at his old school. He decided that Claire was only his, no one else should touch her or talk to her, not even his father.

As Claire re-entered the room, Derek smiled and gestured her closer. "Come, my little flower. Keep Master warm." Claire shyly obeyed, moving in close under the covers. Derek wrapped an arm around her and pulled her even closer, wanting to feel her body tight against his. Claire leaned her head on his shoulder and laid one arm across his chest. The two cuddled in silence for a bit, Derek stroking her lower back and flipping between movies with his free hand. He settled on a soft-core porn, looking to see how Claire would react.

She stared wide-eyed at the lesbians on the screen, then quickly looked away. Derek felt his cock getting hard as he watched Claire blushing and averting her eyes. He reached down and pulled her thigh over his hips. "Do you feel that?" he whispered. "You do that to me." Claire let out a tiny moan as she felt his hardness poke her inner thigh. Derek rubbed her panty-clad bottom slowly under her short nightgown, savoring the feel of her tight little body.

Her hips moved in time with his firm strokes, rocking against the side of his body. "God Claire, you're killing me" Derek groaned, sitting up on his naughty threesome action featuring mira sunset interracial and anal. His cock sprang up proud and true, straining against his pajama bottoms with its full 5 inches.

Claire stared at the formidable bulge, biting her lip. "Master, I like you a lot. I wanted to tell you." "I like you too, pet." Derek leaned over the older girl and kissed her suddenly, swinging one knee over to the other side of her as he firmly held down her shoulders. He slid one hand under her nightgown to capture one round little tit, massaging it roughly.

Claire moaned and writhed beneath the boy's ministrations, gasping as his mouth moved to her neck, sucking it recklessly. He pulled her nightgown up over her head and took one plump pink nipple between his teeth, making her squeal as he bit before sucking in as much of her tit as he could fit in his mouth. He switched to her other nipple and continued until they were both red and raw. Derek yanked off her panties with one hand as he kissed hungrily down her waist to his prize. He took a moment to admire it.

Claire crossed her legs, but Derek gave her ass a sound smack then pulled her knees apart. Her pussy glistened smoothly as he son blackmail mom show story. She must have shaved for him. The teenagers he saw on the internet usually had a little hair on their pussies. "Your mom waxed me.

Your dad said I had to be ready." Derek nodded appreciatively, then moved in for a lick. He had always wanted to see what one tasted like.

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His tongue parted her lips, gliding up to the clit. Claire shrieked and jerked her hips, causing Derek to grab her thighs and hold them down as he slid his tongue inside, poking it in deep before kissing her hard little clit. Claire's body went stiff as he sucked her jewel between his teeth. "Not yet, love." Derek sat up and wiped his mouth.

"You must ask permission to cum." "Yes Master." Claire lay back breathing hard, her legs twitching. Derek stood on his bed, bouncing on it a little. "Take off my pants, little one. Boxers too." Claire sat up obediently and slid them both down. His cock, happy to be free, popped up past its confines, narrowly missing slapping her in the face.

It was a healthy virile tan shade, and had a fat tip, actually quite a pretty cock. Derek noticed she seemed a lot more eager now. She even tried to take it in her mouth, but Derek held her head away. "Beg for it." Claire licked her dry lips. "Please Master." Derek moved his hand to the back of her head, grasping a handful of her hair and pushing her pretty face onto his cock. Claire choked as he shoved it all the way in, gazing at the beautiful image in front of him. He thrust it in a few more times, enjoying watching her gag.

"That's enough." Derek pulled the choking girl by the hair off of his cock, a trail of spit hanging from his throbbing head to her trembling lips.

He got to his knees and laid her down, kissing her lips gently before holding himself up between her legs. Claire gazed up adoringly at him and wrapped her long legs around his waist. Derek smiled down at her as he rubbed his fat head up and down along her soaking slit. "M-Master!" Claire moaned loudly as she thrust her hips toward his. He playgirl sucks and gets creamed girlfriend and hardcore plunged in, wincing as he felt his cock break through her thin barrier.

Claire cried out sharply, so Derek held himself in as he stroked her hair for a minute. When he decided she was ready he slid out, then stroked back in quickly, as deeply as his pre-teen cock could manage. Claire's moans grew in pitch as Derek pumped more quickly, feeling her hot little pussy squeezing his lovely babe gets fingered by lascivious masseuse like a vice grip.

His cock had a slight upward curve, just the right angle to stroke the quivering girl's g-spot over and over. Derek leaned close to her ear, taking her lobe between his teeth and tugging sharply as he slammed her little pussy like a jackhammer. "Cum now, girl." "Yes Master!" Claire shrieked her pleasure as her pussy's hot walls spasmed tightly around his cock.

The incredible sensation made his cock throb hotly as his own cum gushed through it, squirting thickly into her teenage womb. Derek had only been able to make himself cum a handful of times, and it had never been like this. He grunted and gave one final hard thrust. Derek pulled out slowly, his now ultra sensitive cock twitching as he lay beside his Claire and pulled her against him, both kids gasping for breath.

"Sleep now, love." Derek switched off the long forgotten tv and allowed her to curl her form against his prone one before drifting into a satisfied sleep.