Amai liu likes to get drilled hard

Amai liu likes to get drilled hard
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Once we were in the bathroom, Jamie turned on the water to let it warm up then kissed me again. "Step in Lisa, I'll wash you." I pulled my hair tie out and sat it on the sink, shaking out my hair. It came to just below the bottom of my shoulder blades. Jamie finished adjusted the water and offered a hand to help me in.

My face felt sticky, as well as my hands.

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Once I was in, I started rubbing the water into my hair. It was hotter than I usually showered but I liked it just the same. Jamie got in after me and took over wetting my hair, then starting lathering shampoo in my hair. I felt a little silly having someone else wash me but it was a bit relaxing. After my hair was rinsed, she massaged the conditioner deep into my scalp.

I'd never had any type of massage but I saw then why people liked them. After she rinsed out my hair, she washed her own and I couldn't help but watch the suds run down her breasts.

They were right at eye level for me. I wanted to bury my face in them. I didn't know where it was coming from but they were just so perfect.

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And she was so toned. Her stomach was solid, and she had a nice bronzed tan. Jamie noticed me staring and said, "Just do whatever feels natural baby." I blushed a bit at getting caught then leaned into them, laying my head on her chest and hugging her close.

My arms just barely reached around her but I snuggled as close as I could get, feeling loved. I hadn't had much human contact in my life. After I was about 5, it just seemed weird to hug my parents and I didn't really have many friends.

Jamie smiled down sunny leon fuck by 2 men me and hugged me back. Nothing had ever felt so perfect so I almost cried out when she pulled away.

She just smirked a little and started washing me. I grabbed a washcloth and soaped it up while she washed my back and giggled as my sides got tickled a bit. When she was done with my back I motioned for her to turn around. I washed her back delicately taking in the full details of it all. Everything from her strong shoulders, her toned back, small waist, the sensual dip at the base just above her perfectly rounded ass.

As I got to her ass my curiosity got the better of me as it usually did and I cupped it and squeezed. I had to know if it was as firm as it looked. It was indeed which made my mouth water.

How was a woman making me feel this way? I looked up and she was grinning down at me which made me blush.

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Jamie rinsed herself off then proceeded to wash me, taking her time on my breasts and pussy. I relished in her touch and just stared up into her emerald eyes. She was smiling at me in such a loving way. After we were both clean she hot lawyer tia cyrus fucks hung ex convict interracial pornstars down on both knees and grabbed my razor from the low shelf.

"Sit down and lean back. Let's clean up this hair." She said and she played with my busty blonde puma swede cums with new vibrator curls. I did as she said, nervous about the razor near such a sensitive place.

She seemed to sense my fears and looked at me reassuringly, "Trust me. I've done this to myself plenty." She said as she started shaving. It felt weird but was over soon enough. We both got out and she dried me, then herself and put the towels in the washer since the laundry room came off of the bathroom.

She grabbed my hand and laced our fingers together then walked us to the couch where our clothes were hanging all over it. She started dressing so I reluctantly did the same, frowning at not being able to marvel at her full form as well.

"Would you be okay here for about an hour by yourself? I need to go get a surprise." Jamie asked me. "Yeah, I guess so. Can we talk about this when you get back?" I asked, knowing my fear was showing. I was scared she would leave and never come back. I couldn't handle that. I had just nearly lost my virginity to this woman yet she wanted to leave.

"Of course sweetie." She said and pulled me in for another heated kiss. "Wow, you learn quick. You already kiss great." I blushed, guessing it was probably said just to make me feel better. I walked to the door with her, wishing to never let go. She kissed me again, but more gently, then left.

I stood staring through the glass of the door until she was completely out of sight. I got onto the computer on my mom's account.

She was not computer savvy at all so her password was very easy "1qwertyui". I used her account for anything mine was blocked to do because all I needed to do was delete the history when I was done and she was left none the wiser.

My dad on the other hand would know if I had been on his. I started with a simple bing search since she used google. I spent the whole time she was gone learning everything about sex that I could. I learned the right words and the funner words. I also learned that what she was was a lesbian and now, maybe I was too.

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I kind of liked it because all of the gay pride pictures were really neat. I decided to learn more about the culture later.

I learned ways to "eat pussy" as it was called and things like that. I also read some things about the clit and how to make it feel better. I learned all kinds of neat ways to kiss and practiced moving my tongue those ways until I could not move it anymore. I watched a few short porn videos so I could really see how it worked.

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I was so caught up in the learning experience that it barely even aroused me. When I heard Jamie pulling in the driveway, I started the virus scanner and turned off the monitor. I had heard people talk about porn causing viruses so figured I should keep that from happening. When Jamie walked in I practically ran to her and hugged her, thinking to myself how happy I was that she came back. Could this be love? She hugged me sweetly and sat some black grocery bags on the table.

"I'll show you what's in there later, you'll love them. Right now, let's talk. Go sit on the couch, I'll be there in a sec." Jamie said and kissed me on the forehead. I went and sat and soon enough she was right there with a drink for each of us "First, obviously you didn't know what was going on so well so I feel bad. I want to make sure you understand EVERYTHING about this before we do anymore.

So, what th-" I cut her off there, "I know what it was all called now. I did a bunch of research on my moms computer while you were gone. I also now know that. Um." At that moment I knew for sure and spoke out before I lost the courage, "I l-love you. I'm not just saying that 'cause of what we did. I mean it. I really care about you. When you left, I didn't want to let go. I was scared you wouldn't come back." Jamie seemed taken aback by everything and sat there for a minute.

I shifted in my seat waiting for a response. "I liked it all Jamie. Don't hate yourself." I said. She cleared her throat, "Well.

That solves all of the stuff I was thinking about while I was gone. I wanted to say I love you but was waiting to see how you handled everything. So," She leaned into me and held my face in her hands and gently touched her lips to mine, "I love you Lisa.

But you can't tell your parents. You're not 18 yet." "I know, we can keep it secret. So what did you get?" I asked and her face lit up. I couldn't help but stare into her green eyes. They lit up and it made me all tingly inside. My blue eyes felt pale and boring in comparison. She got up and brought the bag to me. Opening it she said, "I actually went to a sex store. Before you worry, they're all small and we will take this slow." First she pulled out a smallish monicamilf in a dirty carwash norsk porno. "This ones about 5 inches." Then she pulled out a slightly hot teen met on milfsexdating net loves the boner in her mouth one attached to a bunch of leather straps.

"This is about 7 inches and it's called a strap on.

It's for me to wear to have sex with you. The other is to get you ready." Then she pulled out an even bigger one but with smaller straps. "This is for you. You get to keep this but hide it. It's for you to wear whenever you're ready to fuck me." I stared at it all surprised. I wasn't sure what to think so I picked up the smallest one.

It felt like actual flesh. It looked like a real cock except had no balls. She then pulled out a plain red towel with a matching washcloth. "Okay," she said, "When you're hymen breaks, we'll need these. You go to the bedroom and get comfortable. I'm going to get some warm water. It will make it hurt less." I winced a little at the mention of pain. I knew from what I read about the hymen how painful it was. I took a deep breath and sat down the dildo then went to my room. "I assume she knows what she's doing." I thought to myself.

When I got into my room, I stripped down then laid on my made bed. Jamie came in and sat the bowl with the washcloth and water in the bowl, as well as the other items she bought, down on my bedside table. "Aww, I was hoping to undress you." She said with a laugh.

Booby victoria june with mask gets boned and finger fucked stripped down too and lifted my ass to put the towel under me. "Just in case you bleed a little. I don't want to ruin your bed." I took a big gulp and was breathing heavily. "Don't worry hun, I'm not going to do it yet." She said and got on the bed between my legs.

Hottie fucking dick up her pierced bald cunt leaned over me and started kissing me. I wrapped my arms around her neck and kissed her back.

Too soon the kiss broke and she looked in my icey eyes. Jamie started kissing her way down me, lingering on my neck. Then, she started sucking and nibbling my nipples till I let out a small moan then clamped my mouth shut.

"Don't hold back. Make all the noises that come naturally." Jamie said then started kissing her way down again. She stopped and breathed lightly on my inner hip-bone which made me jerk a little. She kissed it and licked at it a little which made me arch my back some and let out another moan.

I started to stifle it then let it out. She moved down and started kissing what I now knew was my clit but reaching up with one hand to play with my smallish tits. She started licking circles around my clit and nibbling at it then her hand trailed down my stomach.

I was still letting out small, whimpering moans. I felt her fingers feeling around my opening, poking at it and rubbing gently, with her finger just barely entering. I felt myself getting close and knew she could tell.

All of the sudden right after the pleasure erupted there was searing pain in my pussy that made the pleasure stop and tears fill my eyes. Jamie had shoved the dildo in me and broke my hymen. She pulled it out very slowly then put the warm washcloth on me which made the pain start to fade. "Shh baby-girl.

It's okay. I know it hurts. Just breathe." I took deep breaths and soon enough the pain was gone. "You could have warned me, you know." I said as I began to sit up and wiped the tears away. "Just lay down." Jamie said, "It would of hurt more if you were expected it because you would be tensed up. Now, let me please you." She wiped me clean then pulled the towel out from under me. Jamie lifted my legs so my knees were resting on her shoulders and breathed in my scent.

"Mmm, you smell so great. Especially after you cum." I blushed and reached down to run my hand through her short brown hair. She smiled up at me then leaned back down and licked my pussy which made me fall back down onto my pillow, my hair sprawled out around me like an ash blonde halo.

I felt her tongue slip inside me and the moaning began again she moved her focus to my clit, nibbling and sucking on it again as she slipped a finger inside me and moved it in and out slowly. It felt amazing having something wiggling in and out of me.

I never imagined sex could feel so good. Another finger moved into me and I could feel my pussy stretching. "Oh Jamie, it feels so goooooood." I moaned as another orgasm rocked my body and I felt my juices squirt into her mouth.

This time I didn't stop it and felt her fingers rubbing at my clit, causing the orgasm to drag out and intensify so I was writhing in pleasure. Jamie stopped and watched me finish cumming then dived back in, this time pounding me hard with her two fingers then three until I came again but just barely squirted.

"Are you ready for more?" She asked and I jerked up. "There's MORE? WOW!" Jamie chuckled and grabbed the smallest dildo and slid it inside me without much warning and I fell back again. She pounded it in and out of my pussy so that all I could do was claw at the bed as I moaned in ecstasy. She started on my clit again as she fucked my virginous pussy then kissed her way up and started kissing my mouth. She moaned back into my mouth. She started kissing an tantra sex lovers explore their sexuality here my neck so I came all over again and she sat up.

Jamie watched me cumming my brains out around her little dildo. She was smiling and pleasing herself and quickly came with me. After we both finished she laid down beside me, pulling the dildo out and dropping it onto the floor, and kissed my forehead. I couldn't move a muscle. I rolled my head over onto her plump breasts and she started petting my hair. "Just rest sweetheart.

When you get up, we'll eat supper then I'll show you how great it is when the cock is attached to me." I barely heard her as I fell into sexy ebony banker anya ivy sucks and rides client interracial pornstars dreamless rest.