Mom bored housewife shaves her hairy pussy

Mom bored housewife shaves her hairy pussy
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Bear Naked I looked at the tall redhead across the school parking lot putting her books into her car. She had to be no older than sixteen but she walked with the confidence of a woman in her late twenties. The last thing she did before she zoomed off and left me sitting there in my Toyota salivating was to unbutton her blouse and fling it into the backseat, leaving only her thin white undershirt.

"You read my mind," I chuckled to myself "much better for driving in." My gaze was cut short by the sound of the passenger door opening. "How many days is it gonna take for them to figure this shit out?" Jessie groaned and tossed her messenger bag into my back seat.

"Didn't hear anything yet?" I played along pretending to listen to what my girlfriend was saying but carefully scoping out the group of field hockey players crossing the field next to the parking lot.

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"No and I decided that I'd almost rather have not even offered." She admitted "You did the right thing babe," I assured her "they'll put your poem in the school paper." We arrived at her house and I was glad to see her dad's F250 wasn't in the driveway.

I loved the days he worked second shift. It made the times when he was home and we couldn't fool around all the more worth it. I parked proudly in the middle of not afraid of getting caught driveway and threw my keys onto the end table and walked in like I owned the place. Jessie dropped her bag on the floor of her room and went immediately into the shower. That's how I know I'm step dad grounds associates daughter the suggestive swap getting laid.

I'd be lucky to leave here after a quick hand job. This was my fate, decided by Jessie, the shower said it all. She wanted to rinse the day off of her and get her mind elsewhere. She came down the hallway naked like she always does. Watching her sleek 5'3'' frame sway back and forth and staring at her perfectly faultless and bare pussy, tucked gently between her legs. Her jet black hair was dyed with a long red streak that reached to the tips of her hair, reaching down to the back of her neck.

She didn't even look in my direction and turned right to her dresser, leaning down to find herself a shirt in her bottom drawer. I'd be lying if I said I minded and enjoyed seeing her tiny pink pussy lips poking out from that magical little triangle between her ass and her two legs. She didn't like to wear bras when she got home, part of cleansing her bad day I guess. I got up and moved behind her as she rifled through the top drawer.

She was looking for a pair of panties and I let my hands run down her sides. "Not right now" she shook me off "I'm still worrying about whether or not they will use my poem and my stomach is all tied in knots." It took everything I had not to sigh and show my disgust on my face. She stepped into her panties and just as she pulled them up around her perfect little ass, her bedroom door opened.

"Come out here for a minute Jess" Her dad said as he leaned in and stared right into my eyes. Fuck I'm in trouble, I told myself. How the hell did he even get into the house, I didn't hear the front door or the garage open. "Ugh. fine," She said and swayed her ass sexily towards me as she sulked out following him into the hall, slamming her bedroom door.

I waited for what seemed like fifteen or twenty minutes but was really only more like ten minutes. Jessie came back into the room grinning with a large teddy bear kristina rose is a cumhungry latina looker pornstars and brunette shut her bedroom door. She stood on her toes for a second, adjusting the stuffed animal on her dresser, before turning towards me in one motion and tossing her t shirt to the ground.

"Now where were we?" She smirked and flashed her twisted little smile towards me. "Uh…" I was speechless. I had no words. What the fuck just happened? Where did her dad come from? I knew better and just kept my mouth shut.

She climbed onto my lap and pushed her tits into my shirt. She thrust her tongue into my throat. We kissed for several minutes, yet she tasted different somehow and I couldn't put my finger on.

I rolled on top of her before kissing down her naked tits and stomach until I reached the Promised Land. I pulled her olive colored thong down her legs and let it slip to the floor. I dove into her pussy and let me tongue do all my talking for me. Most guys don't like eating pussy, but when I'm in the right mood, it's almost as good as a pair of lips working my stiffened cock. After I had her fingers firmly planted on the back of my head, I stopped and looked up at her.

I could tell by the lack of an offer to suck the cum right out of my cock that she wanted to be fucked, hard. I dropped my jeans to the side of her bed and stuffed my cock into her waiting hole.

We had only fucked a handful of times and she was so tight for a sixteen year old. As I worked my throbbing shaft into her pussy, I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my cock.

She was staring past me towards the wall and biting her lip in the cutest way that I had never seen before. "OHHH god, you make me feel like your little slut" she suddenly exclaimed running her hands through her hair. This is a first; in the four months we had been dating she had never talked dirty or said much of anything when we screwed around.

I took it as my cue; I thrust harder into her, cupping her ass as I slammed my cock against her tiny cervix. "I'm fucking you so hard" I told her "I'm spearing my cock into your hot little cunt. Can you feel it baby?" That was my best attempt to return her enthusiasm.

"I'll do anything for you," she mewed as her little hands were pawing heatedly at her tits and pressing them together. "I'm so wet picturing you inside me right now." "That's it baby, tell me you like it, you need it. Tell me I can fuck you whenever I want" What the hell I thought, if I can get her to commit to it now when she's this hot, hopefully I'll get laid more often. "I'm thinking about when I sucked your huge cock and swallowed your cum down my dirty little throat.

I'm such a bad girl when I'm around you." She moaned I can't even remember when the last time she gave me ella knox lena paul in stepsis wife threesome blow job was but hell If I could also get more blow jobs out of this, I'll go with it.

"OOHH baby" I groaned "It's coming, I'm cumming" "I hope your little girl made you happy. I need you so much and I want your cum all over my bad girl face. "Jessie pleaded I yanked my cock from her little pink cunt, she spun around and dove to the bottom of the bed at my waist. Saniya sex sonakshi sinha sex started to jerk my cock off staring right into her eyes while she stuck out her tongue for me, but her hands grabbed my waist and turned me slightly and she slid just a bit to her left.

"OOOOHHH" I burst out, trying to keep the noise down. The first stream of my cum flew straight into her open right eye, a direct shot. She was too busy staring past me to know when my cum left the tip of my cock.

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Her head jerked back instinctively and she squinted her eyes together. I grabbed her, however, with my left hand and held her head to my cock as the second rope of my cum splashed across her left cheek and ran down her face.

I tilted my cock up as the third wave of cum shot all over the very top of her forehead and ran mostly into her hair. The final shot went right into her throat as I laid my dick onto her tongue and she gently sucked on the tip.

"Mmmm" she smiled as my cock slid from her lips, "Is that what you want?"