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Aubrey addams fuck in the ass so deep by jessy jones naturaltits licking
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My thanks to Ghostrider939 for help with editing this story. _______________________________________________________ Different Daughters Different Dads - Chapter 3 Patty had accepted her friend Michelle's invitation to go over to the Moscrop's house after school, and booby ebony pounded by horny pawn dude in the pawnshop two girls had talked about all the subjects that teenaged girls always talk about.

At first Patty was uncomfortable with talking about sex, both wanting to keep her secret, but needing desperately to tell someone just how wonderful she found it. The revelation that her friend Michelle was also in a relationship with her own father lifted a tremendous weight off Patty's shoulders.

She was finally able to open up to her friend, and told her some of the details of the night she and Ryan had spent together. Sitting quietly and enjoying her meal, Patty was very aware of the knowing glances between Michelle and her Dad. The biggest question in her mind was how they kept their secret from Michelle's mother.

Right now she was reliving the sight of Michelle openly sucking her Dad's cock while she looked on. Just the memory made her wet in her panties. She had watched so she would know how to pleasure her own Dad. If the memory got her juices flowing, the thoughts of her Dad's cock made her doubly horny. Patty had tried to phone Ryan. She had left a message. He bodybuilder layla divine gives head and rides hadn't returned her call, and she was getting concerned.

Maybe she'd try again right after dinner. No, it would have to be a face-to-face conversation. The conversation wasn't the only thing she craved. The ring of her phone snapped her out of her reverie. The display told her that this was the call she had been waiting for. Excusing herself from the table, Patty answered the call, and headed for the front door at the same time, seeking some privacy so that she could be alone to openly talk.

"Hi Dad! Where have you been? I've been waiting for your call-back for hours!" she greeted him. "I'm sorry, Baby. I thought I told you I was going to try to make this a three-day weekend coming up.

I worked a little late so we could have all three days to ourselves. What's up?" Ryan hadn't really listened to his daughter's message.

As soon as his display showed her number, he had cut the message off and hurriedly phoned her back. "I just wanted to let you know that I would be over at the Moscrop's for dinner tonight, and wanted to know if that was alright by you.

But we're just finishing up, so I guess it's a little late to ask now, isn't it?" "No problem, Love. I can dig around and find something to eat here. How are the Moscrop's anyway? I haven't talked to Ben since. . shit, since Moses was a kid! By the way, any idea of when you'll be home?" She so wanted to tell her Dad about Ben and Michelle, but now was not the time. Later though, when she was home and they were together, she definitely would. "I shouldn't be too long, Dad. Say somewhere around eight, maybe?

Want me to call you when I leave?" "Yeah, I'd like that. If you want, I could drive over and pick you up, and maybe say 'Hi' kate frost gets real freaky in threesome Ben while I'm at it." No that would never do, thought Patty. No sense of the two men meeting while Ryan had only half the information.

"Nah, that's okay Dad, but thanks for the thought. Michelle and I were thinking of walking through the park on the way home. That way we can just yak for a bit. It's only a couple of blocks. No sense you driving all the way over here when I can walk it faster than you can drive it." "You just be careful though.

No telling who might be out there" Ryan chided her, with real concern in his voice. There had been a rash of assaults on the other side of town that had the police patrols doing twice as many sweeps of the neighbourhoods, augmented by local citizen patrol groups.

He was glad that their area had escaped any attacks and prayed that his Patty wouldn't be the first to break that record tonight. "Thanks, Dad. See ya when I get home. I love you!" she told him just before he broke the connection.

"Love you too, Baby. You be careful, hear?" "Umm, Dad? I thought you weren't gonna call me 'Baby' any more? Remember?" she tried to remind him. "Sorry, Patty.

It takes a while to change habits, ya know." He'd have to consciously work on that, he reminded himself. Patty wasn't a baby any more. In fact, she wasn't a girl any more, either. She was a woman in every sense of the word. Just that thought alone gave him a thrill that he hadn't felt in years. Returning inside, Patty did a quick survey of the situation at the table.

Michelle looked lost in a dreamy state as she tried to focus her attention on her Dad. Poor Ben, however, looked like he was caught between his lust for his daughter and the guilt of cheating on his wife. Added to his worries was the fact that Michelle had shared their secret with Patty.

In the meantime, Mrs. Moscrop seemed to be oblivious to what was happening right in front of her nose. Patty was so thankful chick sofy torn lets fake talent scout fuck her she and Ryan didn't have to deal with that dynamic. Michelle broke into her introspection. Patty almost welcomed it, as the questions running through her head were getting a little too heavy for her to deal with. "Who was that? Your Dad?" Michelle asked her. "Yeah.

He worked late tonight so that he can try for a three-day weekend, this coming. He told me that last night, but I forgot. Anyway, I told him I'd be home about eight. You wanna walk with me as far as the park?" she inquired. "Sure.

Can I, Mom? Dad?" "Yeah, okay, but you be careful out there, especially on the way back." Ben said to her. He'd given his approval, so there was no sense in his wife objecting, although she shared her husband's concerns. They had agreed that they would never contradict one another in front of their daughter. If they disagreed, they'd sort it out when she wasn't within hearing range.

So far, in sixteen years, they had been relatively successful. Michelle and Patty cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher, then tackled the pots and pans.

It was te least they could do to show their appreciation. Patty's mind was off in the distance, and she couldn't remember what they had served. Both girls got ready for their walk, with Michelle giving her Mom a quick kiss on the cheek and her Dad something a little more sensual.

If she hadn't known their secret, Patty wouldn't have made note of the difference.

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She was mustabution on bathroom japan girls very aware of it.

"Okay, we're off," Michelle informed her parents,"I should be back in about half an hour, so don't you two start worrying until after 8:30, busty latina wife cheats on her husband on a webcam Love you." Patty waited until they were half way down the block before she said anything, and the silence was beginning to get to her friend.

"Patty, you're okay with what we talked about this afternoon, right?" Michelle wanted to know. "Yeah, I'm okay with it, but it looked like you were a little open with your Dad. That's the part I'm having a bit of a time with.

I mean, what if your Mom caught on? She's got to know that there's something happening, doesn't she?" "Nah, Mom's so busy with her own stuff that she almost doesn't have time for either me or Dad.

But how come it's bugging you?" Michelle answered. "I'm kind of glad that I don't have that worry with my mother already gone. But if your Mom found out, we just don't know if she'd leave, or throw your Dad out." "If Mom threw Dad out, I'd go with him, no question about that. But you're right, it's something I think about." "And what if your Mom had your Dad thrown in jail, which she could do?

Then where would you be? You have to admit it's a possibility." "Yeah, I guess it is. Like I said, I try not to worry too much about it. All I know is that I love my Dad, and he loves me, and making love with him is the most wonderful feeling I've ever had! We'll worry about tomorrow when it gets here, and enjoy today for what it is, I guess.

What about you though? How long do you think you and your Dad will have sex with each other?" "Well, if he feels anything like I do, it'll be for a long, long time. I still have to get through high school yet. But I can see living with Dad for the rest of his life. But like you, I'm just taking it one day at a time. Maybe it won't last, and maybe I'll get my heart broken, but I can't say it's his fault. I mean, even if he thinks it was him that seduced me, I know that it was really me.

Shit, I was the one that told him I wanted him to be my first!" Michelle seemed lost in her own thoughts, so Patty gave her friend some space. Eventually they'd share Michelle's concerns. The important thing was that they could share her secrets. In that moment, Patty gave a silent 'Thank you' that it was possible.

Patty affectionately put her arm around the other girl's shoulder and gave her a hot amateur eurobabe drilled in public for a few bucks squeeze. Michelle looked up at her friend, then whispered, "Thanks, Patty.

I guess I needed. And thanks for being such an understanding friend. But you're right. Some of the things you mentioned scare the shit out of me, and I guess I try to avoid dealing with them by ignoring them." There was another long pause as Michelle went back to her thoughts. Then with the beginning of tears, she looked at Patty.

"Patty, what am I going to do? I'm so scared of hurting my Mom and Dad, but I can't let him go! I need him, and my body wants him so damned much! I love them both, but I'm in love with Dad so damned deep!" she confessed. "Michelle, any time you need someone to talk to, you know where I am, right?

You were there for me this afternoon. I promise I'll always be there for you too." Patty reassured Michelle. "Just had a thought, but I need your permission to go through with it. It means changing that promise I made. I'd really like to tell my Dad about this, because he's a very smart man. I have a feeling that he might be able to come up with something.

What do you think? Would you be okay with that?" "I'll. . I'll have to think on that for a bit" Michelle whispered slowly. "Patty, do you trust your Dad that much? I mean, if he let it slip, even by accident, my Dad would be so fucked! Hell, we'd both be fucked, but without a good cum as part of it.

Shit, I don't know what to say!" "Yeah, I trust him that much. Besides, we told your Dad about my situation, so that makes it even, doesn't it?" "Umm, not quite.

Dad's only got your word for it, but you've seen me sucking him off. You've got a little more hard evidence against him. I know I trust you, but why should he? That's the part that I'm having trouble with. I'd really have to check with Dad before I said yes or no. Patty, I have no problem with what you're suggesting, and if your Dad can help, that would be great. As soon as I can, I'll talk to him and let you know, okay?" "Deal, but the second you find out, call me?

If the answer is yes, I'll talk to my Dad, but if it's no, I promise I'll keep it to myself, just like I said I would." Michelle wrapped her arms around Patty and hugged her in appreciation. "You're the best, Patty McDermiad, you know that? Guess that's why you're my best friend, huh? I really hope my Dad says it's okay, because this thing is starting to scare me more than I thought.

If your Dad can come up with something, I'll. . I'll. . I'll give him one of my best blowjobs, that's what!" With a look of false indignation, Patty hissed, "The fuck you will!

That man's cock is mine, all mine! You got that? If I ever find you hitting on my Dad, I'll. . I'll. . I'll pull your boobs off and tie 'em behind your babe sucks shaved hard dong hardcore and handjob Michelle's earlier comment broke the tension. Both girls broke into giggles that became squeals of laughter. Patty finished off the last block on her way to her Dad's loving arms. As much as she'd enjoyed the time with her best friend, she was also warmly anticipating some loving.

She was sorely tempted to run the distance home, but she also wanted to give herself some time to try and sort out the jumble in her head, opting to walk instead. Opening the front door, Patty found that she had more questions than answers, even after thinking through all that was going on in her life. She wanted to talk to her Dad about it, but she'd promised Michelle. Loyalty was something that her Dad had instilled in her, so she resigned herself to wait until Michelle gave her the yea or nay verdict before she went any further.

"Hi, Dad! I'm home!" she called out. "So give me a hint! Where are you hiding? I got something for you!" "Hi! I'm in the living room. What ya got for me?" Ryan called back. Patty put her coat in the hall closet, closed the door, then went to find her Dad sprawled on the sofa with the TV on. She plopped down beside him, wrapped her arms around his midriff, and gave him a bear hug. Looking into his eyes, she whispered in his ear, "Just this. . .", then planted her most passionate kiss on his lips.

Ryan wasn't quite prepared, but he sure wasn't going to refuse it. "I've got something else for you, too" she added. The memory of Michelle sucking Ben off was burned in her mind, and she only hoped that she could give her Dad at least half that much pleasure. "Oh? And what's that?" Ryan quizzed.

The look of mischief in his daughter's eyes almost made him wary, but he also knew that whatever it was, he'd enjoy it. "Later, when we're making love again. We are going to make love tonight, aren't we?" she inquired, but the look on his face answered her question. She perked up as she quizzed him teasingly, "Right now? Yes?" but he quashed her immediacy. He wanted to spend some time with her, just cuddling and holding her in his arms.

With mock disappointment, she curled up in his warmth, and almost purred like a kitten in her happiness. They continued to cuddle for twenty minutes. Patty's phone rang, breaking into their solitude, and she almost resented the intrusion until she read Michelle's name on the call display.

Kissing her Dad on the cheek, she stood up to move to the kitchen as she opened the line and greeted her friend. "Hey, long time no see!" she said. "What's happening?" Michelle had talked to her Dad regarding Patty telling Ryan about Michelle's predicament. She mentioned that Ryan might be able to come up with a plan to either lessen or alleviate the growing tension. Ben wasn't too keen on the idea.

The fewer people involved, he told her, the better. But he was getting almost as desperate as Michelle. He had agreed to her proposal. Ryan saw the look on his daughter's face but couldn't decipher it. Wondering what it was that had happened to get her to this state of mind, he asked her,"Who was that?" "Oh, just Michelle" "Michelle? Didn't you just leave her less than half an hour ago? If I didn't know better, I'd almost think you two were going together." "No Dad.

Michelle and I aren't lovers. Shit, if you keep that up, I may have to hurt you" and she dropped back down on the sofa, and into the warm security of his arms again. "I do have a bit of a problem right now, though," she whispered in his ear. "Two of them, in fact". "Oh? And what might those be, hmm?", he wondered to her. "First, I think we have too many clothes on.

Think we gotta do something about that." "We can fix that" Ryan replied as he reached down to the hem of her T-shirt and started to lift it up, exposing her delicious 34B breasts to his gaze. She unwound her arms long enough to assist his efforts, then reached behind her to undo her bra.

When she had shed her top, she turned her attention to unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off. With both of them topless now, Ryan sought her soft delicious lips and kissed her passionately, inviting her tongue to a duel. She eagerly accepted his invitation and ran up the back of his teeth and along the roof of his palette.

She knew how much that turned him on. The probing of her tongue had gotten to Ryan's lust spot, and he cupped her breast as he tweaked and teased her nipples until they became hard pebbles under his touch. Patty moaned her approval as she pushed her breast tighter to his hand, and she could feel his cock begin to stiffen in his pants.

She had a burning desire to rip his pants off and jack him rebecca rainbow in suck lick fuck cum he spurted cum all over both of them. But making him cum now would ruin her other plan. "Oh God, Dad!

That feels so-o-o-o good! Do that to my other one, too! I need to feel you on both my tits!" Ryan lowered his lips to her excited breast as he moved his hand to fondle her other tit. Manipulated her breast, he ran his tongue around her sensitive areola, then grasped her nipple between his lips.

He flicked his tongue over it several times, eliciting louder moans from his daughter. She had managed to pull down his zipper and release the button on his pants.

She wrapped her smooth fingers around his throbbing cock, causing him to jump with surprise. But why should she have all the fun? If she could enjoy his pulsing prick, there was no reason he shouldn't seek revenge by ravishing her clit, the canyon of her pussy, and the heat of her cunt! His hand slipped down her torso, pausing at her belly button as he worked his fingers under her waistband. He sought the softness of her pubic fuzz, then lightly ran his fingers through her pussy fur, delighting in its texture and warmth.

"Dad, take my pants off. Your fingers feel so delicious right there. You make my pubic hairs feel so. . horny! But I want more, dammit!

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I need to be naked! I want ass traffic presents ginna in hardcore anal scene touch, your fingers, your. . .!" Her pleas were interrupted as he complied with her request, and slid her pants and panties down to her ankles, then off her legs and onto the floor.

As his hand ran up her leg and the inside of her soft smooth thighs, Patty hooked her thumbs into Ryan's waistband as she pushed his sweat-pants and shorts down and off. Turning to resume her position in his arms, she saw his cock pointing straight up, and the overwhelming desire to lick it, taste it, and suck it hit her.

She'd tease him, making him think that she was about to surrender to his arms, then when he least expected it, she'd lick his cockhead just before wrapping her lips around it and sliding them as far down his cock as she could! And she promised herself that she'd keep on sucking him until he filled her mouth with his hot sticky cum, then swallow it in such a way that he couldn't miss the sight!

As Patty executed her plan, Ryan was caught completely unaware until he felt the warm wetness of her lips slowly consuming his cock. The shock of what she was doing to him combined with the delicious feeling. His hips involuntarily pushed him deeper into her mouth. Even as his brain registered the fact that she was swallowing almost all of him, she began to lick and swirl her tongue around his cockhead and down his shaft.

Another twenty seconds, he figured, and he was going to shoot his spunk! Taking more of his beautiful cock in her mouth, Patty could feel his cockhead tickle her tonsils as it rested at the top of her throat. She was determined to swallow every inch of her Dad's hot prick, and she fought the urge to gag. Her throat contracted and massaged his cock.

Sucking on him as she slid her lips back up to his cockhead again, she began gliding his cock in and out of her mouth, relishing the taste and texture of it, and breathlessly anticipating his sperm. God, she wanted to suck his cock until she'd sucked every drop of his cum out of his balls and into her belly!

Feeling him inside her like this had made mercedes and cherie share cock in some more horny than she ever thought possible. The only drawback that came to her mind was that if she sucked his balls dry this way, there would be less left for him to spray inside her cunt, and she loved that sensation so much!

Watching his daughter's head bobbing up and down on his cock had Ryan in a complete fog. He wondered if she would swallow his whole load, or if she even could. He'd find out soon enough, and in the meantime, the pleasure that she was giving him was exquisite. "Oh Patty, that feels so damned good! Oh yes, suck your Daddy's cock!

Shit, your lips feel so. . .!" She had just taken his cock into her throat. "Holy Shit! That feels so fucking good! You're gonna make me shoot my cum in you if you keep that up!".

His warning only spurred her on as she started sucking faster, harder, and taking him deeper. Her nose collided with his pubic bone. The more she slid up and down his shaft, the more he could feel his balls tighten up. The pressure at the base of his cock told him that he was going to cum, and it was going to be a big load, too. "God, Patty! I'm just about there! My cum's gonna spurt! Oh Shit, I'm. . C-C-U-U-U-M-M-M-I-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G!", and the first massive rope of his hot white cream shot out his jizz hole on its way to Patty's belly.

It was followed by a second, third, fourth, fifth, then a sixth and seventh! And Patty swallowed every bit of it! "Patty, I don't know where you learned to do that, but that was awesome! Shit, I came so hard!" "I just wanted to repay you for eating me out last night, Dad" she cooed. "Now that I know what your cum tastes like, you'd better get used to being sucked off a lot. I love your taste! Maybe we could try doing each other a the same time?" Just the thought of his lips in her cunt, tongue-fucking her while he tickled her clit had Patty dripping with juice.

She could even imagine him unloading his hot seed into her while she drizzled her girl-cum on his face. A pulsing mini-orgasm tingled in her crotch just thinking about it. "I'd love that!" Ryan groaned lustily. "God, just the thought of tasting your sweet pussy juices is getting me hard!" He looked down at his semi-erect cock at the same time she did. They both had the identical though.

That cock belonged deep inside her cunt, stroking, tickling, and finally pounding her pussy in a desperate attempt to split her wide open as their lust overcame every obstacle that objected to him filling her up. "Shit, just thinking about sucking you off while you eat me has my pussy dripping!" Patty squeaked. "I think I'm dripping on the floor! Feel how wet I am! Slide your finger up my slit! See for yourself." Ryan obliged her request and ran his index finger over her clit.

As he made contact with her love button, he found that it was as hard as his cock. And wet? God, her gash was swimming in her juices, lubricating his finger as it slid towards her entrance, then into her cunt. The electric sensations hit Patty. "Dad! I need that finger inside me!

Deep skinny gang xxx eva romping her classmate you can, then stroke me! Oh God, I just have to have that magical touch, but I need it right now! Do me, Daddy! Finger-fuck me, hard!" Ryan rammed his finger up her hole, then slipped it back for another run. With his cheerleader foot fetish if youre going to be a creepy stalker you may as well stalk the in her cunt he combined it with his ring finger too, and slammed both fingers deep into his daughter.

She squealed in ecstasy and pushed herself down on his hand in an attempt to take him in deeper. "God yes, Dad! That 's so good! Finger me! Make me cum! Make my cunt squirt! Make me flood myself with juices, then suck me dry!" Ryan rough sex makes busty lovely chick cum naturaltits hardcore the tempo of his fingers, twisting his hand so that his thumb rested on Patty's nub.

While the position started alina li gets oiled up and fucked cramp his wrist a bit, the sounds of Patty's breathing becoming faster and more ragged were worth the discomfort.

Her senses were beginning to take her to the peak of a climax, and by the ferocity of her twisting and turning on his hand, it was going to be a long and hard one. He couldn't have asked for more, wanting to pleasure her. The action of his fingers inside her became more intense as her own thrusting on his hand kept pace. Soon her moans of pleasure increased, then became squeaks, and finally, as her body tensed, convulsed, and began to shake, she let out a loud scream of pure lust.

The explosion of her cum took her to Nirvana. Her return to a less heightened state took a full two minutes. The afterglow enveloped her entire being, until she was able to concentrate enough on the world outside her body to form actual words that were coherent.

"Oh God, Dad! That was intense! I was almost beginning to wonder if I was ever going to come back down! Damn, but that felt so awesome! I don't know which was better, your fingers up inside me or whatever you did to my clit!

But I sure hope you remember, because I want to feel that again! God, but you can sure get me turned on!" "Oh, does that mean you've had enough for one night already?" Ryan teased her.

Patty wrapped her arms around her Dad and kissed him long and hard, chasing into and around his whole mouth, then duelling his tongue with her own as they traded saliva. Pulling her head back as they broke apart, she growled in her sexiest and most lustful tones, "Not fucking likely, Buddy!

As much as I love your fingers in me, I love your cock in me even more! And if you don't fuck me in the next 45 tribute to claire and lisa part 3 tube porn, I'm gonna ravish you until that fucking cock of yours falls off!". God, how he was beginning to love it when she talked dirty to him like that. It got him so horny that he could fuck that tight little cunt of hers until the skin peeled off his cock!

Rolling over so that he was above her, he slid his cockhead up to her entrance, then slid its tip up and down her gash, getting himself primed with her hot juices. Teasingly, slowly, he eased his cockhead just inside her and stopped. Patty moaned and writhed in frustration, trying desperately to grab his prick and suck it into her pussy, but the bastard was just going to wait at the doorway to her tunnel until she might have to rape him!

"God dammit, Dad! Give me that cock NOW!" she almost yelled at him at the top of her voice. "I need it! Hard, thick and deep in me! I need to feel you fill me up with that beautiful prick and split me wide open!

Quit fucking around and do me! NOW!". Never one to refuse a lady, Ryan obliged his daughter's request and thrust his cock deep up her cunt, not stopping until his pubic hair wrapped itself all around her sex button, the base of his cock pushing deep into her slit and forcing her outer lips tight to her thighs. The heat of her sex in conjunction with the soft velvet of her cunt walls almost made him cum right then and there. He slowly pulled out until the only remaining contact was her inner lips that just caressed the very tip of his cockhead.

Patty almost cried because of the void she felt between her legs. With romantic sex invitation in the tub by sexy wife same slow and deliberate pace, he then eased himself back into her until he was once again buried deep.

She rewarded him with a guttural moan of delight and ecstasy. Remaining there for a few seconds, he again slowly pulled back out, leaving only his cockhead in her cunt for something just over 5 seconds. Patty was so horny, and her lust so intense that she felt like screaming at her Dad in frustration.

"You bastard, you're gonna fucking tease me all night, aren't you? Just you wait til I milk all your jism out of that beautiful cock of yours, then I'm gonna get you back for this! I'll sit on your face and squirt my girl-cum in your mouth until you fucking drown in it! You hear me? Now just quit fucking around like that, and fill your daughter with that big cock like she needs! Pump it into her, deep, and don't you dare stop until you've filled her pussy with every last drop of that hot sticky goo of yours!

Got it?" Patty's words had Ryan so hot and horny that he started pistoning up her cunt. The harder he rammed himself inside her, the better she liked it, and the better she liked it, the more he wanted to split her open and shoot a gallon of his white hot cream up her cunt, spurting and gushing until she overflowed. "Oh God, yes, Dad! That feels so-o-o-o good! That's what I needed! Pound the living shit out of me with that thing, and fill me up with cum until it runs out my nose!

Shit, I'm starting to tingle! Oh God, my cunt feels so good!

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Daddy, you're making hot gaping booty ass fucked up on stage cum again! Yes-s-s-s-s-s! I'm gonna soak your cock in my girl-cum! Oh-h-h-h-h yes-s-s-s-s-s, Daddy! I'm C-C-U-U-U-M-M-M-I-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G-!", and Patty's entire body shook and tensed, every muscle taut and strained, every nerve screaming out in ecstasy and her climax enveloped her, coursed all through her, exploded throughout her entire consciousness, and drove her to a plateau she could never have comprehended until right now.

As her muscles began to relax in her orgasmic fulfilment, Ryan could feel his balls tighten, his cock shaft fill with his hot spunk, and the pressure build up in readiness to blast his love juice deep into his daughter's thirsty cunt. If he had thought his cum was strong when Patty had sucked him off, it would be a minor tremor compared to this earthquake building in his groin.

As he hit the point of no return, he was totally in awe of the lust that his daughter brought out in him. "Oh God, Patty! I'm gonna explode in your cunt, so hard! My cock is full of cum, and I'm gonna fill your cunt until it overflows! Shit, girl! I'm C-C-U-U-U-M-M-M-I-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G!" and he felt the first shot of his cream blast out of him. His cock pulsed and twitched.

He almost passed out from the intensity. Still his balls continued to fill his cock with more and more of his hot seed. It felt like he ejaculated for a full minute. With the first gush of her Dad's cum spraying her cervix and threatening to flood her womb, Patty felt another massive orgasm sweep over her as the walls of her vagina twitched and fluttered in an attempt to milk every last drop of her Dad's semen deep into her cunt.

Once again she began to shake and spasmodically twitch as the pleasure washed over her. The explosions of her ecstasy threatening to override her entire being! She gasped desperately for enough air to keep from blacking out, and crushed herself against Ryan.

The intensity of their orgasms refused to let them completely come off that high. Ryan was vaguely aware that his cock was trying its best to relax and soften, and he rolled on his side, trapping Patty between his body and the back of the sofa, pushing his cock so tightly against her pussy that it had no avenue of escape.

With her thighs clamped together tightly she held his cock inside her, and captured his balls at the widening of her crotch. The glow of their lovemaking refused to dissipate. Eventually however, the adrenalin boss shares hot wife with pretty secretary burned itself out, and they drifted down slowly.

Patty was the first to find her voice again, but it was a fight to make her mouth and tongue co-ordinate enough to be actually coherent. Ryan tried to say something, but it came out so garbled that even he couldn't understand himself. "Dad, what the hell just happened?

I've never, and I mean never, felt anything as intense as that! Dammit, you had me cumming so hard I thought I was going to pass out, and I didn't give shit! God, you're one hell of a fuck, Mister!" "Mmm, you're none too shabby yourself, Ma'am!" Just talking took more out of him than his body had to spare.

In an effort to keep from passing out, Ryan took a deep breath, and his nostrils rebelled against the stink. He was bathed in sweat, and he winced at the realization that his daughter was being subjected to that odour, too. It just wasn't fair. She was as drenched as he was. But she smelled soft, sweet, and fragrant as only a woman can, while he smelled like a race horse that had done six furlongs at a crack, six times in a row!

"Patty, I stink! I need a shower bad, but I think you've sucked all the energy right out of my body. Think we can help each other up stairs to the shower without falling down?" "Yeah," she replied, "You are kinda smelly, but I kind of like that smell. I just don't think I'm ready for a steady diet of it. I'd race ya for the shower, but my whole body feels like it's made of Jell-O right now. Besides, your cock is still inside me, and I'm gonna hate myself if I let it slip out." Ryan knew exactly what she meant because he wasn't looking forward to leaving the soft and wet warmth of her cunt either.

"Come on, you. Let's go get cleaned up," he suggested, then as if to make it mandatory, he began to roll onto his back and his cock slid out of her pussy. As it did, he could feel the stream of his jism flow out of her vagina, coating his entire nut sac, dribbling down Patty's ass crack, and pooling on the cushion of the sofa.

They struggled up the stairs, and as Ryan set the temperature of the shower to a comfortable level, both of them stumbled into the stall. Patty grabbed her Dad by wrapping her arms around him, partly to maintain her balance, but mostly because it just felt so right.

In a effort to remain vertical, Ryan hugged her for about the same reasons. They did their best to clean the sweat and combined love juices off each other, then dried off with the same towel. Co-ordinated movements were definitely not the order of the day.

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The shower helped wake them up enough so that they could make it back to the living room. Patty spotted the pool of their combined juices on the sofa. Shit, if that much had leaked out, how much had her Dad spurted into her?

But just the sonny lione xxx sex vedios new of feeling his cum fill her entire cunt almost gave her another orgasm. She decided that she'd better not dwell on the thought too much tonight, or she'd pass out right where she stood. When they finally got seated, arranged in a warm and loving cuddle, Patty remembered that she wanted to talk to her Dad about Ben and Michelle. She thought that Ryan would probably be very upset at her for letting their secret slip, but knew that he'd help her, too.

He was special that way, and it was an integral part blonde hooker gets cummed prostitution and prostitutes why she loved him so much. "Dad, I know it's late, and I know that we're both tired as hell, but can we talk? Tonight, I mean, like right now?". "Sure, Love. What's on your mind?" Her tone told Ryan that it was important to her. He would always have time to listen to her, no matter how tired he felt.

She might be his lover now, but she was also always his daughter, and the last four years had earned her priority over everything and everyone else. "Michelle and I got talking this afternoon, and well, she knows about us. And no, I didn't just blurt it out, but I had to tell someone. Michelle and I have been best friend for years. You know that already. But I trust her with knowing about us. She'll never tell a living soul until the day she dies.

I know you said to never tell anyone, and if I've disappointed you, I'm really, really sorry". "Patty, what have you done? I know you and Michelle are really close, but now you've got me scared!

What if one of her parents finds out, and calls the police? You may be the best of friends, but parents have a way of finding these things out. Then where will we be?".

He held his daughter as tight as he could, partly to reassure her that she was as loved now as she'd ever been, and partly to protect her from the hell that this could become. "That's the other thing that comes into it, Dad. Michelle told me something, too, and I promised her that I'd never tell a living soul. I had to get her permission to tell you, because you're the only person I trust to help. That's what the phone call was all about after I got home.

Now that she says she's alright with me telling you, I'd like to talk and sort out some of the confusion in my head". "Sweetheart, I know the things that have gone on between you and I since yesterday are confusing. Hell, I'm probably just as confused and scared as you are. Letting Michelle in on our secret worries me though.

I'm worried for you. I don't care what they do to me, but no one is ever going to hurt my daughter. I made her a promise, and if it's the last thing I ever do, I'll make that promise come true. I love you that much, Patricia". "Dad, I'm not confused about you and I. This whole thing gets more and more complicated. She told me that her and her Dad are in the same boat. Well, sort of. With you and I, it's just the two of us, but with Michelle and Mr.

Moscrop, it's a little different. Her Mom has no idea, and I'd hate to think of what would happen if she ever found out. Michelle says that her Mom would cut Mr. Moscrop's cock off and shove it so far up his ass that he'd be able to wear it as a necktie. She's also probably pull Michelle's boobs off and tie them behind her back! But she really loves her Dad, and he loves her about as much as you love me.

I just couldn't leave her out in the cold feeling all alone and about to be orphaned, or worse!" There was a long pause before Patty continued.

"Dad, if we were in their situation, what would you do?" If he had felt sleepy before, Patty's revelation had Ryan wide awake now. What he needed right now was a drink. At least one, and maybe more. Having that much information out to that many people left him with a bad feeling inside. "Baby, I'm going to go get myself a drink before we start.

You want a Coke while I'm up? No rum for you though. One of us needs to keep a clear head, and you're elected." "Yes please, Dad. But how come I got elected to be the clear-headed one?" "Because I said so, and I'm the Dad." Ryan went into the kitchen and poured himself a stiff one, then grabbed his glass and a Coke for his daughter and returned to the living room. "Patty, if I were in Ben's position, I'm not sure what the hell I'd do. If your mother hadn't disappeared, you and I wouldn't be lovers, and I think you understand that.

I'm a one-woman man, always have been, and always will be. I can understand Ben falling in love with his daughter. Hell, I fell in love with mine! But cheating on his wife like this is something else again. One of those two women is going to get hurt eventually. So my first instinct is to stay as far away from it as possible.

Michelle's your friend, and I know how badly you want to help her out. So I'll tell you what. Let me have until next Tuesday to think on it." Patty jumped into her Dad's lap, hugged him as tightly as she could, then kissed him, lightly at first, then with more of that youthful urgency that he was becoming so fond of. "Dad, I realize that you might not be able to think of a solution, but I know you'll try.

That's all a girl can ask for, really. You always try, and never quit until you either succeed or prove that it can't be done. Maybe that's what sets you apart from all the other boys I know." "Patty, I'm just a man, and I screw up just as much and as often as any other man in the world.

The only real difference is that I have you to inspire me to keep the fuck-ups down to a minimum." "Dad, can I ask one more favour?" Patty asked in an unusually timid voice. "Ask away, and I'll try." he replied "Can I sleep in your bed tonight? I just need to feel loved and protected. This thing with Michelle and her Dad has really got me unwound, and I'm scared. Not sure if I'm scared for me, scared for Michelle, scared for us, or check all of the above. I just don't want to be alone tonight.

I'll even wear pajamas, if you'd be more comfortable with me having clothes on" "Patty, you're always welcome to share a bed with me. But.if you crawl in that bed with pajamas on, I'll throw you back out. You hear me?", and he hugged her tightly once more. "No pajamas, huh? Hmm, sounds like a plan!"