Sex xxx romantic storys download

Sex xxx romantic storys download
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This happened with me. 6 years before we just shifted to our new flat at Thane, and we just settled that the navratri festival came in.

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Our Society motfrenchs intention for daughter incest7 organized a nine day dandiya(dance) night. I went on the last day and was enjoying the society members dancing suddenly I noticed a girl dancing in full rhythm and enjoying herself, she had a sexy figure, juicy boobs with cleavage exposed due to the garba costume and beautiful face, she was a Sexy Goddess.

Suddenly I was pulled into dance by the secretary of the society and I too started dancing, as I being a good dancer I was enjoying dancing but thinking of this Goddess, suddenly a boy came running to her and said "Mummy I require money to buy dandiya sticks she pointed to a man and said take it from daddy".

I was shocked and upset&hellip.she was married but didn't look so. This made it clear I had no chance now. Diwali was approaching in 15 days and one night the secretary met me down and asked if I could volunteer in the preparation for the society function before I could say no, he said that Prema Bhabhi has asked that you could be of great help.

Now I asked who is prema bhabhi and see emerged from the building lobby and said I and helloed me. I lost my senses. She came close and said I liked you dancing in the navaratri and you are a very good participant, I know you will have better ideas to plan for diwali function. I was carried away and without thinking of the advantage I said "yes". When do we all meet? I asked. The secretary said as we are a bit busy this week we will request you and Prema bhabhi to plan and we can discuss the same on weekends.

Prema bhabhi said I think your place will be better as you have a laptop and we can script the entire function on the computer. Those days my family had gone to native place to attend a cousin wedding as I was working in sales I could not get holidays due to the diwali season approaching. Next day the bell rang at 7.30 pm after I come from office and I opened the door to see that Prema was standing wearing a blue sexy salwar kameez, I was so happy.

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She came inside wished me very formally and said can we start cause then I have to rush home to cook for my hubby and child. I said yes my laptop is in the bedroom I will fix it in the living room, she instantly replies no let it be there we can sit in the bedroom.

So we went there and started scripting during this time I noticed her looking at me whenever I was typing while she was dictating but I didn't knew Why?Later she went home told me bye and said have sexy dreams? Before I could respond or realize what she said she went away. I was excited and thinking of her when the intercom bell rang and Prema was on the other side, we chatted and she was giving me all the compliments which a guy will like to hear from the opposite sex.

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Good build, nice smile, you are very cool and as we were talking she asked me of my girlfriends and did I ever have sex in life and I told her yes with my previous girlfriend but I had a break up.

She replied I may also have a break up soon and I was shocked and asked her why? She said its because my husband does not satisfy me and we didn't have sex for the last 3 years. Now I came to know why she wanted to be with me and why she was watching me.

But I dint show any eagerness and said you should make a move and explained how to live up your sex life with your hubby.

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I think on this she got upset and soon closed the conversation and said we will meet tomorrow. Later I realized I should not have given her Gyan, now I wanted to rectify myself&hellip.The next day the bell rang at 7.30 and the Sex Goddess Prema was there, I looked at her and walked towards the bed room she followed me as I entered god know what happened to me that I turned back and pushed her to the wall and started to kiss her. Our tongue and everything was inside each other&hellip.hahahah.

Then she bend down and pulled my zip down and removed my 8 inch cock out which was erect 110%. The extra 10% cause I myself never seen it becoming so hard. She started sucking it and licking it and was moaning loudly every time she was repeating you have a massive one better than my sleepy husband and that gave me more courage and I pushed her towards the bed and removed her shirt (she was in a shirt and jeans).

I started sucking her nipples and licking them round sucking them like a child in her arms and she was shouting and maoning.

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She thrown herself back and pulled her pants down with her pink pussy clean shaved exposed to me and inviting me, she looked at me and said come on you bastard fuck me hearing this I got wild and I said you bitch you will be fucked which you will remember you fucking whole life.

I inserted her in her tight pussy it was true she didn't have street footage fantasy festival key west florida for a long time, I felt close to her and made it a point to satisfy her always and love her.

We had sex for 45 minutes and in this period she and I cummed for 4 times. Whenever we get a chance we meet out sometimes overnight taking the excuse of official tour and we still enjoy but lately she has shifted and left job and staying with her in laws so its difficult to meet