Sexy babes making love on sofa hd

Sexy babes making love on sofa hd
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I am a straight acting bi guy and I want to tell the story of the first time I was with another guy (it's the second time really but the first time I was a lot younger and we didn't really do much) This is my first time writing a story so please be gentle :) If you like it or just kerala aunty breast milk feeding boy to chat, drop me a message, hope you enjoy!

I was 20 years old, working night security at a factory near my house where I spent most of my time looking at porn and jerking off. I had known for years that I was into both guys and girls but hadn't yet been with a guy apart from the little bit of experimentation that I mentioned above but about six months before this story took place I began to seriously crave cock.

From the time I hit puberty I had basically been addicted to porn and I was into any and every type of porn that was out there but when I began craving cock I started only paying attention to cocks in straight videos, then I stopped watching straight videos altogether and would only watch shemale and gay stuff.

Eventually it got to the stage where I would just google "cock" go to images and scroll thorough picture after picture of big hard cock! I wanted all of them, I could almost taste their cum when I thought about it hard enough. It was all getting to be too much and I decided that porn wasn't good enough any maid in lace stockings works two hard dicks and I was going to have to get a real cock in my hands.

I lived in a small town and I didn't even know where to begin, I only knew of one gay guy in my town, he was older, probably early thirties, and lived right across the street from me so it was way too close to home considering how far in the closet I was :) I was flicking through a newspaper one day and came across the personals, quickly found the men seeking men section and started rifling through, there were quite a few guys in my area which surprised me, just reading the ads made my dick begin to grow in my pants, I started thinking about all the beautiful dicks I had seen online and how in this paper there were men with cocks just like the ones I blew my load looking at, looking to meet!

For some reason I couldn't bring myself to ring any of them, it was a messaging service so I wouldn't have had to speak to them directly but it just all seemed too much, I got choked up even thinking about it so I decided that I would enter my own ad. As soon as the idea entered my head I got instantly hard, I was home alone and in my room so I just grabbed the phone before I lost my nerve, my hands were shaking and my cock was pulsating as I dialed the number, I now had the phone in one hand and my rock-hard cock in the other, I was slowly stroking alexis texas and kiara mia as I left my message and my details, thinking about the possibility that the next cock I would hold might not be my own, I had never been more turned on in my life!

I finished my ad just in time as my cock erupted and sprayed cum all over my body, I took the time to collect every bit of it with my fingers and swallow every drop.

Over the next week or so I would check for new messages every chance I got, each new message resulted in me blowing my load but none so far were what I was looking for. Most were too far away and others were a bit too old for me or a bit too experienced. Then one Friday morning I checked my messages in bed and there was one new message from a guy near me, he didn't say exactly where he was but said he was in my general area, he seemed perfect, he was confident in his message so I figured it wasn't his first time but he didn't come off as too experienced.

He left his number so I took it down and hung up. I was now lying in my bed, phone in one hand, his number in the other and my dick making a tent out of my bed sheet. I typed out the message "Hi, I just got your reply to my personal ad" I sat staring at that message for what felt like a lifetime, I was so nervous, nobody knew I was into guys and here I was about to text a stranger from my area who wanted to meet me!

My hands were shaking again but I think the throbbing in my cock eventually won and I hit send. I almost came in my pants when I hit the button and I knew there was no turning back.

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I lay there waiting for a reply, my mind was now wandering, thinking about all the possible outcomes, each possible scenario, everything could go perfectly and I would finally feel a real cock pass my lips or everything could go horribly wrong and I could be outed.

Before long I got a reply: Him- Hi, thanks for getting back to me so quick Me- No problem, thanks for leaving a message Him- I look through those ads quite a bit but I've never actually replied to one, just liked the sound of you. Me- Thanks :) what's your name? Him- Paul, yours? I was so nervous at that point that I gave him a fake name just in case he recognized me Me- Darren, nice to meet you Paul! Him- You too. So how long have you been son fuck rape her slipping mom guys.?

We texted back and fourth for nearly the entire day, he was really cool, seemed laid back and wasn't pushing me to meet him right away. I ended up telling him that I was really nervous about the whole thing and he was cool with it all, he said we were just chatting, no pressure.

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As I got more relaxed I opened up more, I told him about some of my more tame fetishes, I asked if he had any lusty curvy latina sofia rose gets massage from hotel stud he said he loved to suck a guys cock just after he took a piss, I couldn't believe it, I loved watersports, I would get into the shower and piss all over myself and rub it into my skin and lick it off my fingers while I jerked off.

I didn't tell him that though as I was still a bit weary of the whole thing so I just said it was something I would love to try. I think he knew I was holding back because after chatting about it for a few minutes he eventually got it out of me. I was convinced it would put him off but he said he did the same!

I had never spoken to anyone about fetishes before and here I was telling a random stranger how I loved to piss on myself and then jerk off!!! We continued texting each other every day for a couple of weeks and I opened up more and more, one night when I was in work he asked where exactly I was from, I told him the name of my town and he told me that's where he lived too. He asked me where abouts in the town I lived and I got a bit nervous again but I was so horny at this point that I told him, there was no reply for about 20 minutes and then he texted: Him- Sam?

He knew my real name!!! How the fuck did he know my real name, he knows me!!! I felt sick, I couldn't even reply. After a while he texted me saying "It's OK, I'm not going to tell anyone, bet you're wondering who I am?" I was scouring my brain trying to figure out who it could possibly be.

Me- Yeah, I am Him- I don't believe this, It's Tom from across the street! My jaw dropped! I had left an ad in a national newspaper's personals section looking for a guy and I somehow manage to get a reply from a guy full length storical xxx family full movies the street!!! All of a sudden I was a different kind of nervous, I knew Tom wouldn't out me, we got on well and would chat from time to time, he was cool.

The nervousness I was feeling now was due to the fact that I now knew this was going to happen. I was so horny just thinking about it. I think he came to the same conclusion and before long asked if I wanted to meet up.

I said "I'd love to, I'm in work now in the factory, why don't you come over? Nobody ever calls" He texted me back and said he'd be there in 10 minutes. My mind began to wander again, I had fantasied about him quite a bit over the years, he was the only gay guy I knew so I had always been attracted to him.

I was now thinking about his cock and what it would be like, what it would feel like to actually feel it on my lips and in my mouth. After around 10 minutes my phone rang, he was outside, I met him at the gate and let him in.

It was a cold night but I was trembling with nerves more than cold. I chatted nervously as we walked around the back of the building, I had butterflies on my stomach. When we finally got around the back of the building the nerves quickly stopped. I stopped and stood with my back against the wall, before I had a chance to think he stood right up to me and kissed me, a deep, wet, slightly forceful kiss, I kissed him back just as deep and forceful, I could feel his rough stubble on my cheek which made me so horny, I was actually kissing a man!

I put both of my hands on his ass and pulled him close to me, I could feel the bulge in his jeans rubbing up against mine. I moved one hand around his body and began rubbing him through his jeans, he was getting harder and harder, I had to have his cock in my hand! Still dorm room college orgy with afro sluts cunt banged hardcore him hard, I pulled his belt open, popped the top button of his jeans and then slowly pulled down his zipper, I was so hard at this point that I thought I was going to burst out of my jeans!

I pulled the elastic of his boxers away from his body and reached my hand inside, when I felt his cock touch my hand I thought I was going to cum right then.

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I grabbed it tight in my hand and began to slowly work my hand up and down his shaft, his cock felt so good, it was rock hard but his skin was so soft. It wasn't long before he had his hands inside my pants too and we were jerking each other off. This went on for about 5 minutes until I couldn't take it any more, I had to have his beautiful bulging dick in my mouth.

I stopped kissing him and pushed him back a bit, I looked down at the cock I had just been playing with and it looked even better than it felt, it was long and thick and was bending slightly to the left.

I could see the tip of it was soaked in precum. I slowly dropped down until I was on my knees and staring at his cock. I wrapped my hand gently around the base of his dick keeping his foreskin covering his head, I edged him slowly into my mouth, running my tongue down his entire shaft, feeling his warmth in my mouth.

Once I had my mouth full of his manhood I pulled back his foreskin and tasted the huge amount of precum that had built up in him, one good suck and more came pouring out of his shaft and I gratefully swallowed every drop! I began to suck his gorgeous cock, my hand running up and down his shaft while my lips and tongue worked on his head. His cock was covered in my saliva now, I would take him out of my mouth every minute or so to give my jaw a break and streams of warm spit would hang between the tip of his cock and my wet lips, I would suck it all back up before returning his dick to my mouth.

I started to deep-throat him and within a minute he began to moan, I knew what was coming and that just made me hornier so I sucked harder and deeper than before and with one big groan I felt his hard cock pulse intensely and then his hot, salty cum hit the back of my throat for the first time, he nearly filled my mouth with his load and I swallowed every last drop!

I cleaned his dick with my mouth and then looked up at him, he looked down smiling and just said "your turn" I got to my feet, my jeans straining to hold my dick at this stage, he kissed me hard and deep again, tasting his own cum and then got down on his knees, he wasted no time and spat on my stiff cock and lubed me up with his hand.

With one swift motion my cock was buried deep in his throat, I'd never felt anything like it, he kept shoving my cock down his throat and within a matter of moments I felt myself getting ready to fill his hot mouth with my cum, I started to groan and he picked up on it sucking me harder and faster until I sunny leone xxx3 her canal porn hold it anymore and emptied every single drop of cum from my swollen balls into his open mouth, it was one of the best orgasms I've ever had.

He then cleaned my cock, got to his feet, we kissed again and I got to taste my own juices, and then he left. I'll never forget the feeling of taking him into my mouth for the first time, I don't think I'll ever be more horny. After he left I went back inside and sat down, I couldn't believe what had happened, I just sucked a guy off, more to the point I had just sucked off my neighbor who I had fantasied about for years, I could still taste his cum which was making me smile but couldn't help thinking about all the times I sat in my room jerking off to pictures of cock when there was one right across the street that I could've been sucking.

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