Lovesome teen is geeting peed on and bursts wet vulva

Lovesome teen is geeting peed on and bursts wet vulva
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Hi My name is Amber Smith I work for Crystal Forest Fire. My job is going from station to station looking for flash fires. I was in tower 4 on the north side of the lake one afternoon when I watch this flash came across the sky over my tower into the lake on the south side.

I looked through my binocular's to see if I could see any thing there was a big object sitting near the shore. I ran back to my ranger truck and started to drive over to see what it was. As I approached with caution I could see no openings to this Alien craft.

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I walked a little closer to touch the craft it was ice cold. I started getting these flash images in my head of women having sex with each other and being pregnant.

I took my hand off the craft feeling a little dizzy. I turned to walk away to radio it in.when the craft opened a door and this alien creature came out. It's eyes were very hypnotic I couldn't move as I struggled to brake free. As I move toward this thing under it's spell it grabbed me slid it's tongue like thing down my throat out the corner of my eye I saw this scorpion like tail come up and sting my neck. I passed out after that when I awoke I was sitting inside the ranger truck.

I was no longer Amber Smith I was a Alien slave to help pregnant all women I come in contact with. In my mind over & over I saw these images flashing of woman having sex with each other and being impregnant by this Parasite Creature. That creature was me.

It has taken over my body but I was thinking like Amber it sounds weird. I drove over to tower 2 to check the area when I saw a female hiker. She was checking her map so I stop to help her. I picked her up and drove her back to tower 2. I was aroused looking at this young girl with perky breasts,blonde hair,long legs coming out from her shorts.

My creature side was showing me images in my mind on how to seduce this girl. As she walked ahead of me my tail came out and stung her. She fell to the ground paralized staring up at me wondering what was going to happen to her. I picked her up carried her into the ranger station. Laid her down on the cot removed her clothes then my own. Laid on top of her sliding my tongue over her neck biting,licking it.

Then down to her breasts sucking,biting them as well. I moved down to her hairless pussy slid my tongue into her cunt using it like a cock in & out watching her body respond when she was reaching climax my cock like tail slide into her cunt pumping my parasite sperm into her.

I continued to suck yr old britnee did her first and only shoot her breasts as my sperm filled her cunt. I stared into her eyes using mind control telling her what her job is from now on. She nod her head OBEYING me completely.

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We got dressed and left the tower. I drove her out to the highway. I went to the rest stop 10 miles up the road. Upon arriving there I saw more women for slavery. I noticed this mother and 2 daughter's walking down toward the lake I knew this was a bonus. The daughter's looked 15 & 17 and the Mom in her 40's. All wearing shorts, halter tops, running shoes. The two girls were redheads and mom was auburn. All three were busty with nice tight asses. I had to plan this out very carefully so I could get all 3 pregnant.

When they reach the lake the two girls headed off together which left their mom alone. So I approached the Mom first.

We started talking about the lake and beauty around it when I had her relaxed I stung her neck she fell into my arms staring into my eyes I worked quickly using Mind Control to control her. Once she was under I took her over behind some rocks had her remove her clothes I did the same.

My cock tail came out sliding into her cunt pumping my parasites into her pussy pregnant her. I sucked on her breasts until she mouth the words I WILL OBEY. I told her we must find the girls and pregnant them. Her mind now seeing all the images I was seeing understood her role. We found the girls at a old cabin that was used by hunter's.

We all went inside. The one daughter asked if her Mom was ok. her replied saying everything is ok girls I now have a new lover.

What do you mean??

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Both Mom & Amber stung the 2 girls at the same time watching drop to the floor. Picking them up and carrying them over to the large bed removing their clothing as Mom & Amber did the same.

Amber slid on top of Kim and Mom slid on top of Mary the first part was to get the blonde christie stevens first time with lexingtons bbc worked up. Sucking,biting necks,nipples. Moving down to these virgin pussies sliding their cock like tongue's into each daughter watching them squirm on the bed. The two sister's started kissing each other while their cunts climax. The sister's took turns sucking each others nipples and breasts.

The Mom & Amber started making out beside them as well. All 4 of them were in a 69 enjoying there cunts. When the time was right the Alien's slide their cocks into each girl fucking them filling their cunts with hot parasite sperm. Both sisters arched their bodies with every climax after several hours of lovemaking and swamping lovers the 3 women were ready to pregnant their friends and left to do so. Amber drove back to the ranger station to fill out her report.

When arriving her co-worker April was getting out of her car showing off her long nylon legs,mini skirt,high heels and a tight top showing off her bra-less tits. My eyes met hers as she stared into mine. I could see her mind letting go and obeying my thoughts as I re-programed hers. You will OBEY ME APRIL.YES was her reply.

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I knew the next shift didn't start for 6 hours so I had time to enjoy April. I put her into the truck drove her back to my place. Got inside had her remove her top and skirt. April was wearing stay-up stockings I left them on her and removed her panties. Standing in the room in her stockings & heels was a turn on for me. I took off my clothes grabbed her hand lead her into my bedroom.

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I stung her and laid her down on the bed. I wanted to enjoy her as a woman lesbian style. We started kissing fondling each other even if she was programed to do so. Sucked each others nipples,teasing them. I moved down her body to her very trimmed pussy spreading her lips apart as I licked up & down her clit.

Watching April grabbing her breasts pinching her nipples with every orgasm.

I slide my cock tongue into her moist pussy fucking her. We switched after she had multiple orgasms now April was going down on me using her human tongue on my cunt. It felt different having her lick me there but very enjoyable. When time was going by I knew I had to pregnant her I slide my cock into her very wet cunt and filled her up with my parasite sperm.

She squirmed all over the bed as I fucked her, arching her breasts to the ceiling then it was done. I looked into her eyes one more time using Mind Control instructing her. April responded with YES I WILL OBEY MY QUEEN.

We showered and got dressed and went back to the ranger station just as the next shift was arriving. My boss had 3 New Rangers with him all very attractive. He introduced them to April & Marie,Donna and Holly.

I will leave you girls with Amber she is our best trainer we have. Amber turned to April and just smiled.