Her fascinating twat can barely take this hardcore pounding

Her fascinating twat can barely take this hardcore pounding
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This is Kumar from B'lore aged 25 yrs This is my fantasy story towards my neighbor. I cutely call her Jo. She is a bit hefty. She would be aged around 34 or 35.

She's married with 2 children. Even though she looks very sexy.

She has 36-26-36 figure. I'm fond of her round ass and boobs. I always masturbate thinking of fucking her or her giving me a BJ, HJ or a DFK. I pray god to give me a chance to fuck her. Once when I was alone at home, I was masturbating with soft moans. I was nude then. Suddenly Jo entered my house.

I had forgotten to lock the door. I got afraid. I took the bed sheet nearby and pull it till my neck covering my nudity. She came near me and sat next to me seeing whether I had got fever or not. She noticed a tent in the bed sheet. And sat in the chair next to me. She did not say anything. She was looking very sexy in the Yellow saree. My cock was not at all ready to go down.

And after say 5 mins she went out. I immediately got up and locked the door and finished my work. As I always dreamt of having sex with her, I was trying to get an opportunity.

Also sometimes I noticed that she was interested in me. So one day I took a bold step. I confirmed that she's alone at home. Went there stud is amazed with a big ass sat beside her and started chatting on normal stuff.

While chatting I was moving towards her slowly.

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I caught her hand. She did not say anything. I could not threesome sex with horny mom naughty daughter any more seeing her red lips moving. I took some courage and connected my lips to hers. First she resisted for some seconds, then she started enjoying the Kiss.

After 5 mins she pushed me and told what I was doing was wrong and threatened to tell my parents. I pleaded not to tell this to my parents and told her that I was loving her for a long time. She took my hand and told asked "Do you really love me?". I told "Yes, a lot".

She locked the door and took me to the Sofa. She told me that she too loved me very much. She started to wipe my tears off. She pulled me towards her and planted a kiss on my cheeks and a long liplock. God I couldn't believe what was happening to me.

I felt her soft lips on mine. I sucked her lips. Our tounges mingled each other for the first time. While kissing her I slowly rubbed my hand on her boobs. We departed after 15 mins with a deep breath.

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After that we went to her bedroom. As soon as we entered bedroom I pushed her to the wall and started kissing her lips. I smooch her while I slowly pulled her pallu. She was wearing a red color blouse. I unhooked her blouse one by one. In hurry I broke one of the hook. She laughed and said "that's ok dear, go slow. No one will disturb us until 5 in the evening." Listening to her I got mad. I removed her bra too. For the first time I'm seeing boobs.

I pushed her on the bed and went on top of her. Slowly massaged her left boob with fingers. Gosh, what a soft feeling it was. I pinched her erect nipples. She moaned softly. I put my mouth on her right one and started sucking it.

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It was so soft. First I sucked and felt the boob for some time and when I was trying to take her whole boob in my mouth she was reeling under pleasure. She was pushing my head in to her boobs.

I was changing in between two boobs. It was a great feeling. I slowly went towards her navel. It was very sexy.

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I ran my right hand on her navel while my left hand was massaging her boobs. I licked her bellybutton. I took out the saree and petticoat and put it on the floor. She was only in her panty. It was a designer one. I smelled her pussy which was wet already on the panty. It was an intoxicating smell. Slowly I pulled down her panty.

It was an awesome scene there. Her pussy was in between the bushes. I put my finger in the bushes and searched for her love hole. I got it. I started licking it from down to up. She was enjoying it and said "ohhh yaaaa. Comm on babby. You're doing sooo good, hmmm yaaa". I tounge fucked her. I rubbed her clit vigorously to which she splashed her cum on my face while licking her labia. It tasted good.

After that she got up and undressed me. She laid me on the bed and came on me. She gave a hot kiss on my lips and caught my 7 Inch dick in her hand.

She said "I want to take your tool in my mouth." She went down. She first shook my cock. I moaned a little. She then slid my foreskin below the penis head and took it in her mouth. Ahhhhm what a feeling. She lightly bit my penis head. She would press her tongue when she took it deep in her mouth. After some time I felt like cumming. She stopped giving BJ when I told her and she laid beside me and turned facing me. She lifted her left leg in the air and pulled me towards her.

She took cock in her hand and placed it near her love hole. I gave a strong push to which my penis got buried in her. She moaned loudly. I put my right leg around her waist and started pounding. I rested in that position for some time and stared slowly. I gave some small pushes. She was moaning pretty busty chick nailed by nasty man to earn money It was so melodious.

After some time I started doing it fast. She enjoyed every push and pull of my dick. Room was filled with moans. I cummed inside her pussy and relaxed in the same position for some time. She had cummed for two times during the intercourse. My dick was wet inside her hole. It was getting soft. So I removed my dick from her hole.

As soon as I removed my cock the mix of juices of her and mine oozed out. She put her hand and pressed her pussy and went in to bathroom to clean. I followed her.

There she was cleaning her pussy. I went and told that I want to pee. She gave me space. She took my cock in hand and told to leave urine. When I passed urine she turned it towards her pussy. At the same time she too peed on my tool. It was hot. After cleaning, I asked her shall I shave her pussy. I got a glad yes. I closed the WC and made her to sit on the edge of it.

I took the stool and put it in front of her. I took the razor and shaving cream. I applied the cream on her hairy pussy and spread it all over. She moaned for the soft touch of the brush. I cleanly shaved her pussy leaving a bunch of hair triller porn jav 18 japan sera amane her mound. After that I washed her clean shaven pussy and licked it well.

I finger fucked her for 20 mins exploring each and every corner of her pussy. She had cummed for 4 to 5 times now. I took her to the bedroom and had another round of fuck. I was delighted by her clean shaven pussy. By now time was 3.30 PM. We dressed up each other.

I asked her can I get such treat weekly once. She gave me a smile and said Darling you can have it. I love you a lot. Today is a memorable day in my life. I enjoyed a lot more than my husband. Yes you can have it as and when you wish." I got excited listening to this. I gave a strong lip kiss and bid a bye to her. From then onwards we would have sex secretly every week.