Horny pawn dude fucks a beautiful sexy rocker chick

Horny pawn dude fucks a beautiful sexy rocker chick
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I slept like a log that night to be woken at 6 am in time for breakfast.

Nothing was said by anyone although looks were exchanged between me Michael and Beverley. "Aunt" Debbie looked none the worse for her drinking last night and was very polite and friendly.

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We caught the bus, slept most of the way and had a terrific time at the sea-side. Bev hung around with me and Michael even though there were girls of her age on the trip. For boys our age to have a girl of her age in tow would normally have been unusual but we didn't mind her company. As we didn't have a lot of money we had to amuse ourselves a lot of the time watching rides rather than taking them. Being in the same position with money probably drew us closer as friends. On the way home, on the bus, Michael asked his mum if I could stay for a little breezer porn story downloads d longer, I had been due to go back home that night.

My mother and Debbie had a quiet discussion and I'm sure my mother passed money over discreetly. My mum was like that, although not having much herself she knew of Debbie's predicament. It was agreed, I could stay all week.

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Michael seemed to be happy to have a new playmate for the week, Bev, less obviously, also showed her joy. We arrived home, Michael's house, late. We were all very tired and made straight for brother and sister xxxx sleeping. Michael, as he had done the previous night, slept naked and so I followed suit. I climbed into bed knackered. After only a short while I felt Michael climb in next to me. "Great day eh?" he asked. "Yeah" I answered "I'm knackered though… you?".

Michael nodded but went on to say, "Fancy some fun?". Now I hadn't got used to my feelings about having my arse fucked yet, it had been playing on my mind all day, I knew I wasn't gay as I wasn't attracted to guys but last night was an experience.

"Depends" I answered. "I'm too beat for much" Michael said "How about just wanking?". I had wanked on many occasions but never laid next to another guy before, not wishing to appear childish and wanting to appear cool I said "O.K.".

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"Tell you what" Michael said "Why don't I wank you alexis texas and steve holmes anal erik and rocco you can wank me off". He grabbed my cock and started to rub it, my cock soon, even though tired, responded to his touch. I'd never touched another guys dick before and tentatively reached for his, what else could I really do? It felt strange touching another guys dick.

It felt strange having another guy touch mine however my cock swelled with blood and hormones and adrenalin kicked in and I couldn't say I wasn't enjoying having myself wanked off ,even though it was by another guy. I took hold of Michael's cock and started to do as I did to myself when I pulled myself off. The sensation of having another guys' dick in my hand was a sensation I struggle to describe. It seemed remote and yet close, sure it was fleshy, warm and hard and I tried to get the timing in line with Michael's on my own, which improved things.

Michaels cock felt different to mine, it wasn't as thick but was longer I thought. Even though it was awkward laying next to each other and pulling each other off we both raced to bring each other off. We both came fairly quickly and almost together. Michael had had the for-thought to throw the duvet back, otherwise it would have gotten covered in come.

I lay there enjoying my orgasm when Michael bent over, took my cock in his mouth and sucked what come I had left from me, as well as licking the cum off my stomach.

When he had finished he lay back and looked me in the eye. I knew what he expected. "I'm sorry" I said "I can't". I couldn't bring myself to do as he wished, which was to return thr favour. Michael looked at me and responded "Doesn't matter".

He climbed off the bed, wiped his cum from him with his fingers, slipped them in his mouth and said to me, "It's not too bad you know, you could get used to it if you wanted to". I didn't respond, I just rolled over and went to sleep.

Next morning I woke up with "morning wood". I looked over at Michael, who was also awake, he obviously had the same. There was a tap on the door and "Aunt" Debbie" poked her head through as she partially opened it. "I'm just going to the supermarket to get some stuff, you can get your own breakfast and amuse yourselves can't you?" she informed us. "No problem mum" Michael responded. We heard the door slam and our door once again opened. It was Beverley.

"Hey sis" Michael welcomed her in. "Hi bruv" she replied, "Hi sexy" she acknowledged me.

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I smiled with the greeting. Here was a young pubescent school girl calling me sexy, what was I suppose to think? She placed herself on the foot of my bed. "Had any cock this morning?" she asked directing her attention to me. I frowned, "Nope… you?" I responded. She blushed giggled and said "Not up my bum!" I was annoyed, was she taking the piss?

"Not yet" I retorted. She looked at me with a shocked face, then looked at Michael.

"Why do you put your cock up bums?" she asked him "Aren't they supposed to go in pussys?" Michael looked at her, looked at me and then back to Bev. "Well&hellip.it's like this" he said with an air of authority.

If a guy can't get any pussy he might ask his friend, his good friend" he said once again looking to me, "If he can stick it up his bum instead" he finished.

"Although sometimes guys put their dicks up girls bums so they don't get pregnant" he continued. "What" she replied "Guys put their dicks up girls bums as well?" Michael was floundering, attempting to come over all knowledgeable.

"Well yes, if they don't want to get pregnant and they don't have any protection a guy will cum up a girls bum". Well done I thought to myself. "So if a girl wants to have sex but doesn't want to get preganant then she lets him put his dick up her bum?" Bev brain, I could tell, was whirling.

"Or he comes in her mouth" I interjected, "Like you did to Michael the other night" I continued. What's it like having a cock in your pussy though, is it the same as up your bum?" she again was thinking laterally.

"Well if we had three cocks you could have one in your mouth, one in your pussy and one up your bum at the same time" I said enjoying turning the piss take on Bev. "But you only have two cocks between you" she replied smirking back. "Well choose two holes then" I retorted. Bev stood up in a huff, trying to scold us with a pretend grown up disdainful look.

"Well go on then" said Michael to her "Which two holes do you want cock in?" he asked her. Again she gave us "that" look. She then dropped her shoulders, came and sat nearer me and said "I could try one at first, just to see" she smiled at me, "You could try my pussy&hellip.but you have to lick it like you did before first" she told me. I shot out of bed, here was my chance to fuck her pussy, I didn't care if she was only 12 years old, she was willing and I was hard! "And what do I do?" asked Michael not wanting to be left out.

"Well you can watch, he's only here for a week" she told him "Wow" I thought to myself, only here for a week, does that means she intends to fuck my brains out everyday??? Bev seemed to be organising our little orgy. "Not up my bum again please" I responded "Try Bev's" I almost pleaded with Michael. "Nope" replied Bev "I want you to be the first in my pussy and then you can cum up my bum so I don't get pregnant".

Wasn't she the practical one. Bev climbed into my bed put her head down towards my groin and straddled my face planting her pussy on my mouth, my nose almost went up her anus. I started to slowly but firmly lick her pussy, taking long slow licks.

Her pussy lips soon parted with my saliva having a lubricating effect on this virgin pussy. She "Cood" and "Aahh'd" as I went about the pleasurable business of giving her a good old tongueing. Before too long she had, as I had hoped she would took hold of my cock and started to stroke it slowly up and down, she then started to lick my shaft, in time with me licking her pussy. I craned my neck so that I could play with her anus with the tip of my tongue, I could tell she liked this as she ploughed her pussy against me each time I stuck my tongue into her brown hole.

I was getting ready to fuck her and she must have been a mind reader as she turned her head and said "You ready to try yet." Was I?, too bloody right I was! "I think it would be best if I lay on my back and you lowered yourself onto me" I instructed her whilst reaching over to the bedside cabinet for some lube.

I smeared a good dollop onto my cock as she positioned herself. I held my shaft upright at her pussy hole, she lowered herself, the first inch went in, she gritted her teeth and made a sucking noise as she inhaled.

She lowered a little further, my cock wouldn't go any further then just as I heard her yelp her body suddenly began to slide down my boner. "It stings" she hissed as my shaft disappeared into her.

The stinging couldn't have put her off or lasted long as she was soon riding up and down on me, slowly at first then faster and faster as she started to take more and more of me inside her. It didn't feel as tight as I thought it might do at first, it must have been the lube helping but her little love tunnel soon started to grip my shaft as she "Huhhed and "Huuhed" to orgasm. I didn't, nor do I think she think she would cum as quick but cum she did. I thought she was going to pull my cock off as her pussy tightened it's grip on me.

I felt my balls begin to ache and told her onkel hilft nichte bei hausaufgaben und fickt er sie off . get off quick".

She slid herself up and off my cock, her eyes closed and with the biggest grin on her face. "Mmmmmmm" she said. I slid out from underneath cock gets deep inside the wet pussy hardcore blowjob so that she was flat on her front, I looked over at Michael, I'd almost forgotten about him.

He was pulling his cock, tugging hard, so hard it looked painful. I reverted my gaze to Bev's bum. Such a sweet little bum, so round and firm, not fatty like older girls as she hadn't started to spread yet. I grabbed another dollop of lube and slid a finger into her anus, then two. Bev. grunted "Careful" she whispered to me.

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I slid my finger in and out of her, if my cock was going to fit up this tight little passage she was going to have to be better lubricated than her pussy. Man o man was her ass tight. I finger fucked her arse for a good ten minutes, she seemed to like it more and more, just as I was about to stop and mount her she started to buck her hips, pushing her arse onto my finger, her sphincter now gripping my fingers. She came again, I didn't know that girls could have an orgasm by having their arse fingered, so I was learning something new.

"Are you going to cum up my bum now?" Bev asked. "K" I replied as I climbed on top of her. I held myself off her with my left arm, not wanting to put my weight on this little girl, I lubricated my cock and held it at her arsehole. I pushed, it slid in, I pushed some more, it slid in some more.

Bev was starting to pant and grunt as I continued my efforts "Ow" she shouted. I stopped. "Sorry" I said "Shall I stop?". "Not until you've cum" she replied "It hurt in my pussy for a bit but then got better".

I Looked over at Michael again, his eyes were transfixed on my cock invading his little sisters' arse. His hand beat faster and faster on his cock as I continued to bury my cock up this sweet virgin arse. A Couple of thrusts and withdrawals and I was fucking her arse good n proper.

Bev continued to pant and grunt, she couldn't have been enjoying it much I thought to myself but I certainly was and I was not about to stop. A couple more thrusts my balls tightened and I came, filling her arse with cum. "OOOO" she cooed as she felt the warm sticky fluid going into her. "OOOo" to you to I said as I slowly pulled myself out of her arse, just having one last push in as I withdrew. "AAAArgh" came a noise from not far away. Michael had shot his wad.

Poor Michael, left to please himself, I almost felt guilty. I lay beside Bev. She was still on her front but turned her head to me. I couldn't resist it, I kissed her on the lips, a peck really, and said "Thank you, thank you very very much".

"Mmm" she said "Thank you!" As we lay there resuming our kissing and forming an embrace Michael climbed onto my bed, his head at our crutch level, he proceeded to lick klara new wife fucks while cuck watches cum from Bev's arse and my cock systematically. "Great fun eh sis?" he asked Bev.

Whilst still kissing me she replied "Mmmmmm". T.B.C.