Italian housewife fukced by two bad boys

Italian housewife fukced by two bad boys
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Cor was a 24 year old man living in a town home just on the outskirts of Chicago. He had lived there for few years and had seen many people come and go.

Cor was a good looking man, although he was scruffy and dressed very casually, rips in his jeans, big baggy tee-shirts, most of the time with oil stains from working in an Auto-Body shop. He seemed to be a gentle man, always kind to his neighbours, no one ever had any complaints about him. One day the town home beside him, which had been empty for over 6 months, was finally bought. Peeping out of his window he noticed it was a family, a mother, a father, and a son. Seemed typical, just as he was losing interest he noticed their daughter stepping out of the van, Cor couldn't help but instantly get excited, his cock starting to rise in his pants as he watched her walking up to the front of the home, her hips swaying in her incredibly short shorts, her ass just barely peeking out from under them, her cleavage out for the world to see.

As she went inside Cor jumped up and ran to his kitchen, he sat there and thought "How do I get over there, I need to introduce myself, but when and how?" His mind racing, he needed to meet her, and he couldn't wait.

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Finally Cor decided to run to the grocery store and buy them the typical "welcome to the neighbourhood" apple pie. He got home and noticed their van was gone, he hoped the daughter was home, so he tried knocking on the door anyways.

The door was answered, but not by the daughter, but by the father, Cor, disappointed, introduced himself anyways, not wanting to give away his real motives for bringing over the pie, he welcomed them to the neighbourhood and just as he was about to leave the father said, "Hey, Cor, why don't you come in for a slice, my wife and son won't be home for awhile, they'll be at his hockey tournament, it'll be nice to have some company." Cor gladly accepted, hoping to even just get one more chance to gaze at his beautiful daughter.

They sat down on a couch in the living room, boxes piled up high, "Sorry it's a mess," the father said, " we're still unpacking." Just as Cor was about to reply, the beautiful daughter came running down the stairs, she took one glance at Cor and smiled.

"Paige! Come say hello to Cor, he's our neighbour." She walked up to Cor, the most beautifulest blue eyes he's ever seen, she looked at him and introduced herself, "Hey, I'm Paige." Cor went to shake her hand, hoping to just feel her soft skin, but Paige, being the outgoing bubbly girl bbw fucking her black bull on webcam is, she dove in for a hug. Cor was in heaven, he could feel her tits against his chest, holding her body for a few brief moments, he wanted her, bad.

She giggled and took off back upstairs. "So, umm, how old is your daughter?" Cor asked, shyly. The father smirked and gave a chuckle, "She's 17." The father eyeing down Cor, he asked, "Did you like what you saw?" Cor was stunned by the question, he didn't know how to respond, the father quickly said, "Can I be honest with you Cor, man to man?" Cor shook his head yes.

"I like younger women, girls my daughters age, in fact I have fucked almost all her friends. Now Cor, my daughter has a boyfriend, but I know for a fact that little wanna-be whore is still a virgin, wanna know how I know Cor?" "How?" Cor, excitingly waiting for the answer.

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"My daughter and I, ever since she was 14 years old, have had an agreement, only I can say who takes her virginity and when, and to make sure she is still a virgin, every night I lay her down in bed and I pull down her panties, I stick one finger in her pussy and I feel for her hymen.

I just checked last night Cor. She's still a virgin." Cor was getting very excited, just hearing about his daughter was making his cock jump up in his pants. The father noticed and called Paige downstairs. "Paige, I have found the man who will be deflowering you." Paige smiled shyly, "But dad, you know I have a boyfriend now, and things are getting like really serious, I was hoping that he would-" Her father cuts her off, "I don't care Paige! You will NOT back talk me and you will do as I say!" She looked down shook her head yes, seemingly sad, but her father didn't care, to him, he owned her, and he had every right to do and say whatever he please.

He looked up at Cor, just sitting there ogling Paige, "Cor, I'm going to sit here, and I want you to do anything and everything to Paige, as I watch, I will not tell you how to do anything, I just want to watch and take pictures." Cor smiled really big and looked over these girls get more than just a regular massage Paige, he patted the empty spotted next to him on the couch and motioned for her to come over, she reluctantly walked over and sat down.

"Paige you are so beautiful." He ran his fingers through her beautiful blonde hair and put it behind her ears.

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She smiled and looked at him, "Thank you. Please don't hurt me ok?" Cor giggled a bit, "Hun, I won't hurt you." He grabbed her neck and pulled her closing and started to kiss her sweetly, gently pushing his tongue through her lips as they started to make out.

His hands wondering all over her body, as he reached for her tits and started to massage them over her shirt, "How big are your tits baby?" "They're 38Cs." She shyly said. Cor smile and slowly took off her shirt, he undid her bra and let her glorious tits bounce right out of them, they were so perky and round, the cold air hitting her chest making her nipples nice and hard, he couldn't help himself, he dove in sucking on her nipples and caressing her tits, she moaned so sweetly, you could tell she had never felt such an amazing sensation.

Paige couldn't stop feeling her fathers eyes tori black gets nailed in hardcore fashion all over her body, as she looked over she noticed him rubbing his hard cock through his pants, taking pictures of her getting her nipples sucked.

Her face turned red in embarrassment, but soon she forgot all about her father, when Cor started to unbutton her shorts. He slid them off and noticed she wasn't wearing any panties, "You really are a wanna-be whore aren't you?" She looked down, feeling shameful. Cor just kept moving on, he honestly didn't care how she felt, he wanted her and that's what was going to happen.

Cor took his finger and put it in her mouth, he got it all wet and them started to rub the lips of her pussy, gently getting between them and playing with her clit, she started to moan louder, as he got his face closer to her pussy and started to lick her clit, flicking it with his tongue, he moved his finger down to her nice virgin hole and started to gently finger it, careful enough not pretty amateur teen babe megan sage banged in the car break her hymen.

She was going wild, sitting on the couch, moaning, she had completely forgotten about her father, who was now full on jacking off to the scene of his daughter getting eaten out. Cor had, had enough, his cock was so hard he had to take off his pants. He grabbed Paige by the hair and she let out a little yelp, he put her on the floor on her knees and she started to slap her face with his very large cock.

His cock was about 10 inches long, and 3 inches thick. "Open your mouth whore!" Cor shouted at Paige.

She was now scared but compliant, she opened her mouth like a good girl and he stuck his cock at the entrance. She started to lick the tip of his cock and slowly move it in her mouth, she could only fit about 3 inches before gagging, and after awhile Cor got frustrated. He grabbed the back of her head and slammed his cock all the way down her throat, she started to gag and cry and he face fucked her, but he couldn't care less, his cock was about to explode on this whore and no amount of crying would save her.

Just as he was about to cum he stopped and pulled out. he grabbed her by the hair and threw her on the couch.

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He positioned her on her hands and knees with her ass in the air and he got behind her, she started to beg, "Please don't, it's going to hurt, please don't do this." Cor positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy and grabbed her hair, "Are you ready slut?" He laughed and with one swift move his cock was engulfed in her pussy, she let out the loudest scream he had ever heard, her hymen had broken and she was in pain.

Cor didn't pay any attention to her cries of pain, he just kept pounding her pussy like never before. He pulled out and repositioned himself under her, he looked at her face, full of running make-up from her tears and let out a chuckle, he stuck his cock back in her pussy and made her ride his cock.

After about another ten minutes, her crying stopped and the moaning begun, she was enjoying herself now. Cor started playing with her tits as she moved her pussy up and down on her cock.

He noticed her father had gotten up and was behind her, he was fully naked now with a ragging boner. Paige had no idea her father was behind her, she was focusing so much on Cor when she felt two hands on her sides. She turned her head around, "Dad?! What are you doing?!" Her father didn't even reply, he got down on his knees and positioned his cock at her asshole, she started to beg and plead, "Daddy, please no, please don't do this!" He spit on her asshole and slowly started inserting his cock.

Paige started to cry again, and had stopped riding Cor, she couldn't move and within a few seconds, her father's cock was in her asshole, he let out a sigh of relief and started to slowly fuck her. Cor started getting angry with Paige since she wasn't riding his cock anymore and grabbed her hair, he started to moved his cock in and out of her underneath her, he gave her a few slaps on the face for being a bad whore and continued to fuck her sore pussy.

He father pounding her asshole and spanking her. The men both looked at each other and nodded, they decided to switch, the father got under his daughter and Cor got behind her. The father inserted his cock and so did Cor, both started to fuck her again, all of them moaning now, Paige was still in pain, but the pleasure was so overwhelming she couldn't help it.

Her father was about to cum, shameless gal wildly fondles her pussy with toy he pulled out, got up and shoved his cock in her mouth, he started to face fuck her and just when he was about to explode he shoved his cock deep into her throat, he stopped and let his cum pour down her throat moaning and grunting.

He pulled out and continued to take more pictures. Cor was on the verge of cumming and as he was fucking her asshole he thought how great it would be to knock this whore up. He could feel himself getting ready to cum and with one swift move he switched from her asshole to her pussy and instantly came deep inside her pussy, pulling her hair and moaning he had never felt so much better.

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He pulled out his cock and cum came pouring out, he smiled and her father laughed, "Well I guess you'll be coming around pretty often now eh?" Cor gave a laugh, "Absolutely, your daughter belongs to me now." They both laughed and left Paige to clean herself up, as Cor was leaving he took one last look at Paige's body, she had cum running down her legs she had a red spot on her ass from her father fucking her, and her hair was a mess, "I'll be back later babe." She smiled at him as he walked out the door.

To be continued.?