Busty russian step sis allison grady gets banged

Busty russian step sis allison grady gets banged
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Neighborhood Slut Mom Chapter 1 By Janexxx My name is Jane and I am the mother of a 13 year old son. I had my son Randy when I was 15.

A boy several years older than me took me out to a private area at a nearby lake and got me drunk. When I drink I get very horny and he knew that. Before long he had me naked and sucking his cock. He was very hard and thick. I sort of remember him pushing his thick cock into my tight pussy. I almost came as soon as he entered me. My pussy was soaking wet. His cock glided back and forth. I started to think I could get pregnant if I didn't make him pull out soon, but I didn't get the chance as he shot volley after volley of his hot sticky cum into my unprotected cunt.

Then nine months later my son Randy was born. So by now you can see I am 28 and I am a single mom raising her son. I am about five foot five maybe weigh about 120 pounds with 36c breast 25-34, black hair to just above my shoulders and a bare shaved cunt. When I was young I could not find any work so I took the job of a stripper, nude dancer, in a strip club in a nearby city. I worked there ninety nine latina slut with tattooed asshole fucked in the gym butthole and ugly the age of 16 until I was 24.

I thought I needed to be a real mother and find a job where I could spend more time with my son. I work for a small company from my home making sales calls.

This was great during the day, I could work naked if I wanted to, and had my evenings for my son and I. I get very horny being alone and working from home naked makes it worse. I play with myself when on the phone with my fingers and toys, I love getting off without the caller knowing what I am doing. Randy was growing and was now almost as tall as me. I thought he was a handsome boy, athletic build, dusty brown hair, deep brown eyes.

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It would not have surprised me if every girl in junior high was after him. Sex you porn kom al am very proud of him, I would do anything for my son, and I guess I never thought I would do the things for him that I have done.

One morning right before Randy's thirteenth birthday I had driven him and three of his buddies to school that morning and had just got home. I drive them every day as the other moms don't seem to want to take that responsibility to get their sons to school and that's OK with me.

Before I started my work I went into Randy's room to pick up a few things. I noticed a box partly beneath his bed. I picked it up and shivers went up and down my spine. The box Randy had was one I put back into my closet some time ago. Inside of the box it had pictures, a video and some g-strings of mine that I had worn when I was stripping.

I keep it even though it was from my past it was something I had enjoyed doing. I never thought my son would see this. I know he had seen the pictures as some lay on the floor near the bed. I didn't know if he had seen the video or not.

The g-strings had been moved, and one had some sticking cum in them, so I know Randy had jerked off in my g-string. At first I was angry, and then it started to make me hot to know my son thought I was so sexy that he would masturbate to my pictures and g-strings.

The rest of the day I could not keep my fingers out of my wet, hot cunt. I didn't want to say anything to him yet, I wanted to see what he would do if he knew that I knew. I left the box where it laid and let him do what he wanted to do. I have always liked being seen naked and now knowing he has made me even more horny than usual.

I decided to make him happy. I have not had a man in my life since I left the strip club and I desired to be seen naked and in sexual ways again. Randy got home at his usual time and stopped at my office door to say hi (yes I was dressed, I didn't want him to know that I knew he was using my pictures for his pleasure), and we chatted about his day for a few minutes until he went to his room to go on his computer.

I waited a few minutes then quietly went to his door to listen in. His door was cracked just a little, but enough for me to see in. I saw Randy was standing next to the bed naked, with the pictures on the bed, and one of my thongs in his hand jacking a very large cock for a boy of thirteen.

I could hear him talking to himself, saying he wanted me naked and fucking his cock. Randy said he wanted me on my knees, sucking him, saying he wanted pound my pussy and cum in me. Right then he let loose of a huge load into my thong. I knew I should have been upset with him, but I was so wet and hot then. I was hot, turned on, my knees were weak. I had to quietly go back to my office and finish for the day.

That evening Randy acted like nothing happened and I didn't let on. That night I after he was sleeping Anime girls sexy fantasy ecchi pictures hentai tube porn rubbed my cunt until a came several times.

That next morning I got Randy off to school and came home wondering what I should do, and should I let into my desires? His birthday was in several days and I wasn't sure how to let him know what he did was OK.

I was so hot knowing that he desired to have sex with me. I was flattered that he wanted to have sex with me, but didn't know if I should. I didn't know what to think of having a young boy like that fucking my pussy.

I came up with an idea that on his birthday when I got home that I would be his present. I thought "Oh god what am I doing" I was going to let him have his way with me and do with me what he wanted to do with me. I needed the attention that bad. I missed being seen naked and used by other men, I think Randy would do a fine job of taking care of this need. I decided that when Randy got home that day that I would be dressed in only my stripper shoes, and three red bows, two small ones on my tits and a bigger one covering my pussy.

I would be Randy's present, and I know he would never want to return this one. The day came, a Friday, Randy's birthday, it started great as I took him to school I asked what he might want for his birthday?

Randy didn't know but I knew he would enjoy the present I was going to give him. I tried to work that morning but I was too excited. I had to keep my fingers away from my hot pussy and I wanted to save myself for my son. I took a long hot bubble bath with some fine scented soap. I dried off and put some very sexy perfume on. Just a few minutes before he would get home, I placed my bows where I wanted them and put on my stripper shoes. I walked into the living room and made sure the front door was opened and waited.

Too late to turn back now, I found my breathing to be hard and my cunt was getting so wet. I was excited and nerves were jumping. I was finding it hard to breathe. I hoped Randy would enjoy seeing me naked for him. I didn't want to have him jacking off to my pictures and into my g-strings.

I wanted him to fuck me. I didn't have wait long as Randy walked into the house. He turned and saw me standing there in only my heels and bows. Randy's eyes popped and his jaw dropped as he eyed me standing there for all purposes naked. Only three red bows came between my body and his eyes.

Suddenly Randy asked in a loud voice" Mom!!!!

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What are you doing?" I smiled and told him that I had found the box under the bed that had my pictures and other things from my stripper days and that I was not upset with him, but was turned on by the fact you find me so hot. "I think pregnant black amateur gets pussy stretched after sucking really fat cock very pretty mom", Randy said as he walked over to me.

"You are the best looking mom around" "Thank you Randy. Just the thought of you looking at my pictures and masturbating to them makes me feel very wanted. I saw you cumming to my pictures the other day and Brunette czech milf deep fuck from eastern europe knew then I wanted to please you.

I am your birthday present to do with whatever you want. I enjoy being naked and used. I thought I would get over this while being alone with you but my needs to be naked and used is even more now. Just knowing how much you want me Randy, makes me so hot and wet. I know you want me so here I am." "Anything?" Randy wanted to know" anything at all?" "Yes, anything" I said With that Randy sat down on the couch and asked me walk back and forth across the room.

As I did I could feel his hot eyes burning through me. I could feel his want and desire for me. I could feel my excitement and my fear all at the same time. I felt my pussy getting wetter as I felt my cunt's juice starting to drip down my legs. As I turned I knew Randy could see my bare ass.

He watched as my tits and ass jiggled as I walked across the room. I stopped in front of him and asked him what else he wanted me to do. Randy smiled and told me to take the bow off of my pussy and walk over to him. I removed the bow in front of my son. I knew he could smell the sex my pussy was giving off, the same smell that my pussy had when I was a young stripper excited to be seen naked. Randy reached out and touched my wet cunt. I told him to feel my wet pussy lips.

Randy ran his finger across my clit and I felt the excitement within me. He continued to rub me there and then put two between my sugar walls. Between that and my clit being toyed with I started to cum, and cum hard on my son's fingers. "Oh wow mom that is so cool! Can you do that again?" Randy said "Yes dear for you anything" I moaned "Do with me what you want, play with me. I can be your sex toy" With that I could feel his fingers in my cunt and now in my ass. I looked and saw his hard cock outlining his jeans.

I never felt this good before. I asked him to take his cock out for me and he stood and undressed, standing naked and hard in front of me.

He kept on rubbing my cunt and ass until I came again. Oh My God I thought this feels so good, there is no way it could be wrong. Randy pulled the bows off my tits and pinched and squeezed my nipples until they stood like erasers. I reached down and felt his cock in my hand. Randy's cock was as hard as steel and he tried to fuck my hand. "Randy put your cock inside my pussy please. I need you in me so much" I panted.

He pushed me onto the floor and was on top of me. I reached for his hard cock and pushed in inside me. Randy shoved it all the way in and started to go sinking his cock as deep as it would go. He pounded my cunt hard and fast, I knew he wouldn't last long but it wouldn't be the last time. His breathing was deeper and his plunges harder.

Without warning his cock unloaded it's sweet cum deep inside my bare pussy. Randy let out a groan and I could feel his hot semen seed pour into my starving cunt. When he came in me he made me cum again. "Oh god Randy I am cumming again!"I shouted "Oh yes keep fucking me" "I just came in you, and I am still fucking you.

My cock is so hard", Randy panted He kept on fucking me and lasted about another twenty minutes. He pounded my cunt so hard I could feel ever stroke. He told me he was going to cum again and I told him to keep on fucking me, cum in me. He came with more force this time then the last time. I now had two loads of my son's hot semen in me.

Randy stopped for a moment I hugged him and told him how much I enjoyed it. I told him I was his slut and he could do with me what he wanted. The first thing I was told was I had to stay bigtitted babe pov screwed in closeup action big tits and amateur at home.

Then he told me I had to dress the way he wanted me too when we were outside. I thought that will be interesting but I would be his slut.

I was also told he would have sex with me when he wanted too. I held Randy in my arms and hugged him tight. We got up and headed for the shower where we washed each others naked bodies.

Randy scrubbed my tits, and pulled on my hard nipples. I took some and rub his now hard cock. I then put his clean cock in my mouth and sucked him as he held my head. I went faster and faster up and down his hard seeping cock until he could no longer hold it.

He held my head tight as he unloaded in my mouth and down my throat. Randy told me" You are the best mom ever! I am going to enjoy using you as my slut" I didn't quite know what I had started and it scared me some, but I knew I would enjoy it, being seen naked and used again …… even if it was by my own son. I let him sleep with me that night, and he would feel my ass, my cunt and tits as I lay beside him.

Randy made me glow; I was so happy and excited to have this new relationship with him. The next morning I was up early to make breakfast. I remembered that Randy wanted me naked at home, so I was. I only put on my fuzzy slippers and did my work naked in the kitchen. Randy came downstairs and gave me a hug and a quick feel. It felt so good to be wanted again.

Randy sat and adele cherry controlling two men pornstars and cumshots breakfast as he watched me parading around the kitchen without a stitch on; his eyes followed my every wanton move. I bent over on purpose so he could see my naked asshole and pussy.

I made sure when I brought over something for him that my tits were in his face.

He loved every moment. After breakfast I was standing with my bare back to Randy as I started to run hot water for the breakfast dishes, when he came up behind me and grabbed my naked tits from behind. As I was pushed forward I could feel the tip of his very hard cock against my wide open pussy. I felt his cock plunge inside my sugar walls as he pushed me against the kitchen sink.

I let him have his way with me as he pounded my very wet, hot cunt. Stroke after very hard stroke, Randy's hard cock filled my pussy that needed to be fucked so badly. I being naked in front of my son made my knees weak from the excitement. Randy was filling me good as I started to feel the need to pee and I know he was getting close to Cumming in me.

"Randy, please stop! I have gorgeous harlot rides on a long cock pee and pee now" I yelled. Randy ignored my pleas and keep on pounding my hot, wet pussy. "Oh please stop! Please!" I pleaded with him. "I'm not stopping. If you got to piss then just piss here.

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I want to see you piss all over the floor mom. Just do it!" Randy said to me with clenched teeth. "I'm not letting go of you until you do." Randy left one hand on my tits and started to rub my clit with his other hand as I stood there trying to hold my piss back as he pounded my cunt.

I couldn't hold on anymore as Randy's fingers on my cunt were making me cum. As I started to cum, the piss started to run down my legs. I couldn't hold on as I started to let loose right as he started to cum in my pussy. "That's it mom, you slut, you piss whore, you cum dumpster!! That's it cum for me, piss for me. Oh god mom, you dirty slut, I'm coming in you again!"Randy shouted as he unloaded another hot load of cum deep inside my bare pussy.

"You like being my slut mom don't you slut mom!?" "Yes, Yes I do. I am your slut mom. I'll be your slut mom for as long as you want. Please don't stop fucking me, you make me so horny, so wet, so fucking hot! I'll be your slut, your slut mom, your cum dumpster, your bitch, your fucking whore, anythinganything for you Randy just keep on fucking your mom, please fuck me, FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I need you and I have needed to be used and seen naked for a long time.

I want to be your slut, I was so happy I turned on, made you so hot son. I need to be used by you. OH GOD, JUST Yr old britnee did her first and only shoot ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" I screamed. Randy kept on fucking me even after he had just come in me. He kept rubbing my wet clit making me cum again.

I stood in a pool of my own piss, while Randy fucked me again. I was so hot now; I fucked him back as he was getting ready to fire another load of his sweet cum deep inside my cunt. "OH YESSSSSSSSSSSS!" Randy screamed,"I'm going to cum in you again! Get ready cum dumpster! Here it comes bitch! Take another load mom, OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!" at that moment Randy started to cum again in me.

Volley after volley of his hot cum filled me up. I had piss and cum running down my legs. Finally he finished and stepped back, looking at me, wet and naked. "OK slut mom, get down on your hands and knees and lick your mess up.

I want you to lick it all up now bitch!" Randy told me. I got down on all fours and started to lick my mess up. I licked my piss and Randy's cum off the floor. I made sure I licked and swallowed ever drop. Randy enjoyed watching me as I felt humiliated, embarrassed and excited at the same time at being used this way by my own son. I knew Randy was in control now and I was truly his slut, and whore, and I was going to love every moment of it.

I finished licking the floor and looked up at him and smiled. Randy smiled back at my cum and pissed covered face. "That is what I call a hot mess." Randy said as he was looking at me. "I'm going to my room and go online for a while and then I am going to see my friends and play some ball.

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See you later slut, and remember to stay naked." Randy went upstairs to his room; I stood by the sink catching my breath, looking to clean up my mess. I would do as my son said and stay the naked slut that I am. I just wasn't sure what he would say to his friends, and I hoped he would not say anything, but if he did then I would still obey him. I didn't want to chance not being fucked by my son again. I hope he doesn't bring them home, I don't know how I would explain my nakedness, but I am my son's slut, whore, cum dumpster mom and I am enjoying it.