Evan stone and lily carter

Evan stone and lily carter
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Chapter Three The Establishment A slim young girl greeted us. She and Rita greeted each other with a kiss. I was introduced and the girl's name was Tia. She looked me up and down openly. "Wow! Your friend here is a real looker on top of what looks like a great body." Thanking her, I was given a quick synopsis then paid a very modest sum. "Okay baby, you just follow Tia here and do as she says." Giving me a heart thumping kiss, Rita left.

The girl named Tia stepped up close and as she caressed my arms, she asked if I was ready. Nodding, she guided me to a small room. Telling me to not worry, she helped me undress. Again she openly ogled me before helping me into a short robe. Then I was lead from there to a very modern medical examination room. Stud pounds sexual gorgeous cutie girlfriend hardcore scant moments, a distinguished looking man who introduced himself as a doctor and a nurse came in.

His nurse helped me on a table and adjusted my body.

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The doctor said that to be able to participate in the activities, an examination was necessary. Admittedly, I was happy, as Rita had already explained that this was done to everyone.

The doctor was gentle and professional in his actions. When it was over, the nurse escorted me back to where I had undressed. In about twenty minutes, the doctor came in with a handful of lab slips.

"Your lab results are back. " He went over each one and proclaimed me free of any diseases or problems. "Okay, madam, you are now cleared to participate.

When I get back to the office, I will telephone and tell them that you are ready." Thanking him, he stood up to leave. "I have some stimulants that you can take if you are interested?" He asked. "Oh! I don't know, I…I'm scared." "These drugs are non-habit forming and completely safe.

I can't tell you sane lune xxx download big they are used for, because you would never believe it. But they definitely do work." Agreeing, he then lead me back into the examination room.

The nurse was gone and we were alone. Laying back on the table, he rolled me on my side, Undoing the flaps of the robe, he pulled them apart. Filling a small needle, he wiped my hip with antiseptic and a quick sting was felt. Continuing to rub the area, he had me lie still for a few moments. Looking at the spot, he then rolled me over on my back. "Please lay still. The "medicine" takes a few minutes to work" Looking me up and down, he continued, "You have a very nice body. It is full and the skin is very firm." "Thank you." Noticing that my breath had become shorter, he then looked into my eyes with a scope.

My pulse was taken next, and then he listened to my heartbeat. Looking down my blemish free body, his eyes danced when they saw my inner thighs rubbing against each other. "Good! Now just relax. Sometimes you get a rush, but then you will settle down" "Oh God!

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I…my…please, I…need!" My blood felt like it was boiling. " Okay, take it easy. This is the rush that some experience. Now, I am going to touch you. It…will help." "Yes! Whatever! Do …something! I need…" With that, his hand went to my heaving chest and cupped my left tit. Gently pulling the nipple caused me to gasp as he then rolled the berry in his fingers.

"YES! Oh…! Please, more!" I gasped as my thighs opened on their own violation. He gave me a smile as his other hand then fluttered down to my thighs. Rubbing the top of my burning slit, I whimpered slightly as he cupped my slit.

"And this?

How does that feel?" He asked as his hand was now rubbing my slit. My hips went off the table when he worked his middle finger past my puffy labia lips. Nodding my head, I held his hand tight with my thighs as he softly but firmly rubbed my inner vagina walls.

Finally the rush finally subsided to a level that left me in an excitable state, but I could control it. My thighs, which were still open to his moving hand, opened even more as I was enjoying his touch. My cunnie felt like it was on a steady boil. The doctor smiled down at me as his finger continued to work inside of my warm moist meat. Giving me a final short jab, he left. Putting my hand down between my thighs, I could feel the wetness there.

I could hardly wait to find a fireman with enough hose to put out my fire! I had just managed to sit up and slip on the short robe as a voice was heard. I was still tying the flaps when a man about my age entered the room. He had jet-black hair; a disarming smile that was coupled with white even teeth. The muscles in his stomach were prominent and very sexy looking.

I also noticed that he sported a nice bulge beneath the towel mom son share a bed mandy flora around his trim waist. "Good day. My name is Carlo. Welcome to our…" establishment". To satisfy your needs, would you please tell me what you desire? This way, I can assign hopefully the correct person." He said with a nice smile as his gaze stayed on my bare legs.

Following his obvious interest, I could see that the short hem was letting some of my pubic curls peek out. Looking at him evenly, I remarked, "I want someone who can control and give me good hard sex, and a …lot of it. My partner can be either a male or a female. Or both! What? Pain? Oh, yes, a little pain is always good. That is what I want! Can you help me?" Smiling at me with even white teeth, and then down to my slightly parted thighs, Carlo said," Ms.

Allen, would you consider me being your…"partner? I can promise that I will control and full fill all of your desires. " "I…guess…so. Why not?" I replied with a smile. "Thank you. I promise you an enjoyable time." With an easy pull on his towel, it dropped to the floor.

My breath caught… Carlo was well endowed. Very much so!. "Yes! I do think you will be fine. You're…Uh… you… are very well.!" He thanked me as helped me down and we went into a shower room.

Adjusting the temperature, he stepped close enough that his cock brushed against me as he helped me remove my robe. Looking at my nudity, he muttered under his breath. Leading me under the stinging spray, he began to wash my trembling body. Wetting me down, he took a sponge and soaped it. First he did my arms and hands.

Turning me, he scrubbed my back and even between my ass cheeks. The sponge dipped between my thighs and I gasped as it rubbed my throbbing vagina. Turning me to face him, his hand kinky blonde slag has her pussy drilled my waist and pulled me against his hard body.

With his hardness pushed against my stomach, the sponge went to my tits and Carlo gently scrubbed every inch of them. When he finished I expected him to step back, but he kept our lower bodies tight as he began weighing, massaging and then pulling the nipples.

His ministrations felt so good plus his cock had now slipped between my thighs. Dropping to his knees, he gently opened my trembling legs apart.

His sponge-laden hand began soaping my cunt firmly. Crying out, I began begging him to stop. Jordi el nino polla fucks a shaved spread pussy looked up at me and then began to wash my long legs. Gently moving the sponge up and down my calves, he whispered; "Do you really want me to stop?" Sobbing slowly, I answered no.

His hand started an upward trip over my body and the water ran over his fingers as it came closer to my moistening sex. A meowing sound erupted from my trembling lips, as his thumb became rigid just as it went in my cunt to the first knuckle. Moving it up and round brought grunts and moans from me. A smile broke out as he saw that I enjoyed his rough ministrations. He started at my forehead and by the time his lips had reached my swollen cunt lips, I was a trembling mess.

Twice my slit sprinkled his lips with effusions as his tongue stayed maddeningly at me. When I had reached the point of near exhaustion, Carlo stopped and sat up between my spread thighs. His cock was rigid and bobbing from his muscular frame. My eyes widened at its sight.

"Yes! Carlo…please! Fuck me!" I said with a gasp. "Oh! Don't worry! I intend to fuck you. That you can count on. But first, I want you to suck me. So get down here and work on this before I take a belt to your leaking cunt!" Whimpering slightly, I sat up and worked my body until I had his throbbing hardness in my hand and the spongy head past my full and sensuous lips.

His hands massaged my face as he fed his meat deeper and deeper into my mouth. I had to sunny leone with nigrblak man just to keep from gagging as my mouth was stuffed. Pushing me back finally, he spoke out, "Okay cunt, open your legs. I need some of your pussy. And let me tell you, it had better be a good fuck or I'm going to have you participate in a gang bang!" Yes!

I wanted to yell out. This is the way I liked to be made love to. Give me a man who takes no coyness or hesitation when he is wanting to fuck! My cunnie twitched when he pushed my legs apart. For a few brief moments, his eyes bored in on my pink tinged meat that was wide open. Slowly his eyes went up my heaving body and rested when we made eye contact.

My body slightly shivered as his hand slowly went the length of my smooth inner thigh. Stopping only when it cupped my pulsing twat. The two fingers that eased up my wet crotch seemed to fill me. Again our eyes met and babe in her wedding dress gets banged it began!

The fingers shot up me causing my breath to come out suddenly again and his hand returned to push, gouge, twist and rub my cunt. My hips turned and twisted under the maddening feeling as sounds emitted from my tear-streaked face. When it was obvious that my time was near, Carlo jerked his thumb out and quickly got between my thighs. Pushing up my wet channel until I was stuffed with his length, he began stroking me.

His and Jays cocks were almost the same lovely teen babe nailed by her masseur hardcore massage size and their styles similar. Closing my eyes, made me think that Jay was taking me instead of a stranger. But the idea of a complete stranger filled me with excitement. Here I was, miles from home, and letting a perfect stranger do what ever he wanted with my body. It was to bad that my husband was not here to see me being taken by someone else.

He would have thoroughly enjoyed it. Lifting my buttocks to get more feeling, the tension balloon burst as I hunched against my lover. His cock sensed my timing and the big vein that runs the length of the male penis began throbbing. Within seconds, my channel was awash with his semen. Later as we rested and he was stroking the velvet flesh of my buttocks, he said he would like to spank me here until I came. Kissing his lips, I told him that he could whip me any time he wanted.

Returning the kiss, he cupped my cunt. "Ah, your body is on fire. Never have I seen someone with the desires and passion like you. " Going between my legs, Carlo quickly entered and hammered away at me until my body responded not once but twice. When his time neared, he began spanking my full buttocks hard enough to feel the power of his thrusts up me. I locked my legs around his athletic body as his hose sprayed away some of the sexual tension in me. Holding me in his arms, Carlo gently kissed me.

Moving his lips to my ear, he whispered if we could meet again before I left. Smiling and returning the kiss, I gave him my hotel name, room number, plus a time we could meet. Stroking my buttocks and damp sex, he smiled and asked if he could bring his little belt.

Spreading my damp thighs for his grouping hand, I replied that he could bring his big belt. I was given my robe and Carlo wrapped the towel back around his body. Entering a room more brightly lit than the others; a table of food was sat out to enjoy. There were other people their in-groups of one to three. Carlo and I pigged out. The screwing had made me hungry. Twice I filled my plate and had just about finished when a somewhat younger looking copy of Carlo approached us and took the open chair next to me.

"Lori, this is my brother, Juan." Extending my hand, Juan ignored it as he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. His hand slipped in between my thighs and cupped my still warm sex. Breaking apart, he smiled and showed an even set of white teeth. "Excuse me senorita, but your beauty is breathtaking." He replied as his hand stayed on me.


Wow! What a welcome! Thank you, will you join us?" "Yes, thank you." Juan responded. "Lori! Look at that table with the woman and two men!" Juan pointed to a trio of two men and a woman at the next table. They had pulled her thighs apart and both were massaging her hairy slit. She was gasping as they worked on her.

The men waved and acknowledged Carlo and Juan. "I had that woman earlier today." Juan said. "She enjoys sex very much. She came here with a young boy and girl." "Si. I saw them in the lobby. Just a couple of kids." Carlo added.

Later, I was taken down a hallway that housed several small dimly lit rooms on each side. I thought it was strange that there were no doors. Carlo laughed softly at my question and said that in this house, everything was out in the open. Guiding me into one that looked like it was vacant, he said not to leave until he returned. Giving me another kiss, he left.

Just as I stacie starr and rachel steele twmoms twsons to lie down on the big bed, someone said something from the shadows.

I had not noticed anyone and jumped. It was Rita. She was also in a robe like mine. Giving me a smile, she asked, "Have you been enjoying yourself?" "Yes, so far. Did you leave and come back, or what?" "No.

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I have been with the Doctor and his nurse. They have been taking turns with me for the last hour or so." "Oh, I wouldn't have minded that myself! " I replied with a sly grin.

Lying down next to me, we turned on our sides facing each other. Our lips met and hungrily fed on each other. We took turns kissing and fondling each other's breasts. Whimpering slightly when the berry shaped nipple on my left tit was twisted, Rita hissed out a command, "Open your legs." Reaching down and inserting her finger up me, she said, "Remember when I said I hope to get to taste this again?" I nodded my head rapidly and took her face in my hands, and kissed her sweet tasting lips.

This set us off and soon we were alternating our conversation with kisses and caresses. All at once, Rita sat up and pulled my thighs open even more.I whimpered slightly as she lowered her head between my outstretched thighs. Gasping, her mouth felt like a vacuum cleaner on my vagina as it began sucking my sensitive flesh. The sensations were nerve racking and sounds of passion poured from my throat. Finally able to speak, I told her to spin around and straddle my head. Sending my tongue past the curly hair surrounding her cunt, she shuddered as I used it like a miniature penis.

For the next twenty minutes we brought each other to multiple comes. Breaking apart, she asked if my cunt had been satisfied yet, I smiled and replied, "almost." Yes, it was "almost" but still not at the level I wanted to achieve. No…I still had to search. Perhaps, someday. Showering, we returned and ate more snacks. Finishing, we lay in each other's arms and talked about the men and experiences we had enjoyed.

Her hands went to my globes and I mewed with delight. I enjoyed her hands on me as she cupped and jiggled my resilient tit flesh. Taking the berry shaped nipples between her finger and thumb, she looked at me as she began mashing them. The pain was good and when Rita saw that I enjoyed it, she kneaded and twisted the tips to even more state of hardness. "You enjoy pain don't you?" Her thumb and finger were mashing the nipples almost hard enough to make tears come to my eyes.

Nodding at her question, she eased up a little. "Lori, you bitch, roll over and spread your legs." I jumped when she gave me a sharp slap on my buttock.

When I was told to rise so she could put a pillow under my stomach. "Whore, I am going to leave for a few minutes. So, you stay just as you are right now. Keep your legs open. This way anyone who comes by, can see your cunt." I nodded. This was it! What an afternoon! I had been fucked and fucked well. Plus some good girl love, a little pain, and domination! Umm! How great life was! Right now though, I silently prayed for someone, anyone, to come by and do, as they wanted to with me.

A few strokes, a kiss, a slap, just anything! "Be still! Bitch" The words startled me from my daydreaming. It was Rita. She was at my head and the bed sagged as she crawled toward me.

My vision became blocked as her sweet smelling thighs covered my face. "Lori, lick me and lick me good, or I'm going to spank you between your legs!" She emphasized her statement by gently pulling my pubic hair.

Looking up at her two holes, I moaned with lust as my tongue amazing pussy and her sticky panties enjoy sex from one to the other. Hurrying to obey, I spread her gash and pushed up my tongue. My probe made her moan as she rubbed herself up and down on my face.

The first time I stopped to let my tongue rest, Rita warned me not to. The second time that I did, she slapped me across my stomach. "Damn you! I said, do not stop!" My body jerked when she mashed my vagina lips roughly.

Returning my tongue with out haste, I proceeded to give her the best cunnilingus she ever had. Her hips began jerking and her slit pushed hard against my pouty lips as she drenched my face with her spending. Scooting back until she was straddling my waist, "Lori, I have a lot planned for you.

I am going to ask you once and once only, will you do as I say and what I say? If not, I am going to get up and the next time you see me will be when I ask if you want tea or coffee?" "Oh! Rita! Please! I love you too much to even think such a thing. I am yours completely!" "Good. For from this minute on, you belong to me!" "Yes!" I tried to raise my body to kiss her. Taking a cushion, she put it under my hips.

This put my ass up and vulnerable. Kneeling next to my head, I saw her legs go vary vary young girls sexs each side of me. Lifting my head, she moved until her cunt was against my mouth. My tongue came up and began licking her sweet pussy.

"Damn! What a…I should have, okay, go ahead. Just don't bring this hot-ass bitch off elas gostam e de pau grande kc quick." This was her speaking to someone else as I felt strange hands on my hips and then a body between my open thighs.

Before I could pull away from Rita's hairy cunt, a hard cock was pushed into my slit. The cock filled me perfectly. It never moved for a moment or two, it just lay inside my channel. Then it backed up to almost my entrance and then shot forward.

Burying it deep within me, I moaned, as my cock walls seemed to wrap themselves around this cunt-pleasing meat. I tried to give my mysterious lover the same feeling he was giving me by matching his strokes and tightening my vagina muscles around his rod. His strokes and the soft sex of Rita against my lips were turning me to mush. Within minutes I was coming and wanting more of this excellent fucking as tears poured down my cheeks and mixed with the juice from Rita's pussy.

Then I felt the big vein of the penis up me start to beat. Crying out from around the come drenched labia of Rita, I called out to my lover to fill me. He did! The amount was copious and felt wonderful as it filled my channel.

Giving me a few slow strokes, the deflating penis went as deep as it could before it oozed out. Hunching tightly against my working mouth, Rita moved away/. Laying there gasping and looking around for the person whom had just given me a beautiful fuck, Rita said he was gone.

Standing, she stood and pulled me to my feet. Gathering me in her arms, her hand went between my still warm sticky thighs. "I have to return on tonight's flight. I should be back in no more than three days." Her hand was rubbing my well-tended cunt as her tongue licked at my wet face that shined from her spending.

"When I return, we shall continue" She said as her middle finger made me squirm when she pushed it up my slightly sore channel. Another kiss and she was gone. Showering, I was toweling myself dry when the nurse appeared "Are you enjoying yourself?" She asked as she had a tray with a small pill and a glass of water on it. "Yes, yes I am.

Just a little tired right now." "Will you be continuing?" Her eyes traversed my body as she had taken my towel away.

"I don't know. But for now, I want to rest." "Excellent. I can help you. I have something here that will help you sleep and relax if you would blonde and brunette share a dick pornstars and hardcore it.

Her dark eyes seem to dance as I took the pill. Helping me put on a short robe; she led me to a nearby dimly lit room. The floor was littered with pillows of all sizes.

I could just make out the forms of a man and two women asleep. In one corner, there was one couple in a sixty nine position and the nurse smiled as we could hear their soft sounds. "Come over here. You will not be disturbed." She said as she pulled me to the floor.

Getting on her knees next to me, she made sure I was comfortable. My eyes were suddenly getting heavy. The girl smiled as my eyelids closed, and then opened slowly. Opening the robe fully, she parted my legs. She smiled as her dark eyes stared at my well-oiled slit. "Rest now, I will tend to you." Just as sleep began to close in on me, I felt her lips on my sex.