Pretty hottie receives drilled on a soft bed hardcore and blowjob

Pretty hottie receives drilled on a soft bed hardcore and blowjob
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Steph announced that she was tired and was gonna head to bed. I thought about trying to convice her to stay with us, but I decided to just let her do her own thing. She'd have stayed if she wanted. I turned and stared at Amys naked body next to mine. Her dark hair hung in her face. Her eyes were closed and her puckered lips curled into a smile.

I moved to my side and ran my hand over her head. Amy opened her eyes ever so slightly. "Hey, you." I said. Amy inhaled deeply. "Hey." She said.

"How you feelin'?" I asked. "Really good right about now." Amy said with a smile. I ran my hand down and locked it into hers. Our hands fought in a playful manner. "You still look beautiful." I whispered. "Aren't you sweet?" Amy said.

I leaned my head down and kissed Amys shoulder. The feel of her smooth body sent waves through my own. My cock began to twitch. "Again?" Amy asked as if she couldn't believe it. I had to laugh. "Well, I just can't get enough of you, Amy." I said. "Hmm. I suppose." she said. Amy and I laid on our sides, facing each other. I moved myself closer and she started to tug on my cock. I cupped her breasts and kissed her neck, gently.

Her hand wrapped tight around my cock, pumping, Amy moaned as I squeezed her nipples. I lashed my tongue down her neck. This was one sweet girl. I placed my left hand on her right ass cheek.

I slid my hand down and pulled her thigh up. I moved my hips in inch by inch until I was once again inside of my new toy. Amy draped her right leg over my waist. From here, I could pump all ravishing model is displaying her gaped narrow vagina in close up long.

Amy was much more comfortable with me than she had been at fair. That made all the difference. She was still hott and the lubrication was pre-applied. Amy and I continued kissing as I started bucking into her.

I had to brush the dark hair from her face. Our eyes met. It was so small girl big peenas hairy las vegas. We stared deep into each other, breathing hard, as I continued pumping into her sweet hole, faint grunts being whispered in my ear. I grabbed her ass tightly and shoved my face into her neck. Amy pushed herself up with her shoulder and sat on me. Even without her boots on, she was still my little cowgirl.

I vintage hot blonde sucking and riding a cock over my chest to Amys bald pussy.being attacked by my average cock. Her face contorted as she bounced up and down on my waist. Her breasts had a nice sway to them. I grabbed Amy by the hips and laid her on her side once more. I got on my knees and lifted her left leg.

I was gonna take this pussy sideways. I had to support Amys leg as I pounded her. After a few minutes of this, I knew it wouldn't be long.

I exited Amy and stayed on my knees. Amy got on her knees and came to me. Facing me, she slid on my cock. She looked like she was sitting on my lap. I grabbed each leg and held her up, her feet still somewhat supported by the mattress.

It was perfect. She was able to bob herself up and down bf assists with hymen physical and screwing of virgin teen her legs, and I was able to lift with my arms. Amy wrapped her arms around my neck tightly and moaned. I felt the familiar feel of her pussy constricting my cock. Her legs stopped assisting me. I had to do the lifting from here.

"Oh God." I said. After just a few lifts, I felt my cock erupt inside of Amy. My body tensed and squeezed Amy hard. "Shit!" I moaned. Covered with sweat and God knows what else, I laid Amy down on her back. I laid close to her. We fell asleep. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The next morning, after a blowjob and a quickie, Amy left. As a keepsake to remember her by, she gave me her panties. What a gal. I tossed the panties on Steves bed and walked out into the party room, totally nude.

Looked like I was alone. I walked over to Stephs door and turned the knob slowly. I opened to door and there she was. Steph was laying in bed on her stomach, asleep. Her blue sheet was pulled up so it rested just beneath her shoulder blades. From what I could tell, there were no signs of a bra. I crept over to her bedside, lifted her sheet, and crawled in next to her. Just as I thought. Not only was she without a bra, she wasn't wearing a thing. My favorite. I brushed her hair and kissed her cheek.

She opened her eyes the way you do when you someone wakes you up before you're actually done sleeping. "Hey, tiger." I said, softly. "Hey, you." She said. "Sleep well?" I asked. "Mhmm." She answered. "You?" "The sleep I got." I said, smiling. "Oh. Right. Amy. She's cute." she said. "What'd you guys do?" "Everything you can think of." I said. "Well, aren't you Mr. Lucky?" She said, teasing. "I'm feeling like it." I said, kissing her cheek again. "Is Stevie home?" she asked.

"No. Not yet." I answered. "Too bad. I need some lovin'." She said with a smirk. "Oh. I've got your lovin'." I said. Steph turned to her side, giving me the greatest view of her naked body. I leaned in and we kissed hard. I cupped her perky breast in my hand and pinched her nipple. Steph worked her tongue all around my mouth. I broke the kiss and watched my hand run down her stomach and disappear into the lips of her pussy. She was hot. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around my throbbing shaft.

She tugged and tugged as pre-cum oozed out of my cock. I ran my finger all around her pussy. I loved the way it felt. I pushed Steph onto her back and she started to giggle as she spread her legs wide. I placed a hand on the bed on each side of her head. I brought my hips down slowly so I could line up. I hit my target.

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I started out with my usual snail pace and worked my way up to a good speed. "Oh, Steph." I moaned. "Ugh. I'm so happy to have you all to myself again." she said.

I kept my hard shaft pumping in and out of her wet pussy. Finally, I brought my hands back and laid directly on top of her. She wrapped her legs around me and I started kissing and sucking her neck. "Well, what the fuck am I missing?" Steve said. He was home. Steve walked from the party room into Stephs and just stood there. "Hey.Steve." I said between breaths. "Jesus Christ.

Most people have the common fucking of moist pussy and gazoo hole to stop long enough to talk. But, no. Not you two fucks." he said, kidding. "Little.Busy.Stevie." Steph called out. We didn't even stop for a second. Just because Steve was there didn't mean we had to. He just kinda stared at me as I rammed his sister.

"Alright. Well, I'm going to bed." he announced as he walked out the door. It was morning, but him going to bed was understandable.

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He had been out all night doing God knows what with God knows who. I kept pumping Steph until I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. "OH BRET!" She yelled. I pumped a few more times for good measure and brought myself out. I got on my knees and sat by her side.

She reached up and grabbed my cock. I placed my hands on the back of my waist as she pumped. In no time at all, stream after stream of my load was pouring on her chest. She released my cock and ran a finger to one of the pools of my cum.

She got a little on her finger, brought it to her mouth and sucked it off. I laid down next to her and we kissed. We laid there for a long time talking about life, Amy, us, Steve, etc. Steph told me I'd woke her up too soon and she wanted to go back to sleep.

I was fine with that. I kissed her again and walked out of her room. I made the trip across the party room back to Steves. I opened the door and he was in bed. He wasn't sleeping. He was just laying there with his sheet pulled up to just below his pecs, hands behind his head, looking at tease sexy blonde birthday girl leaves party to strip and rub he ceiling. "Hey." I said, walking in rubbing my cock. "What's up?" He asked.

"Not a thing." I said, laying down on his bed.

"How was your night?" "Eh." He answered. "Yours?" "It was pretty good." I said, smiling. "Yeah. Your morning didn't look too bad, either." He said.

"What can I say?" I said, cockily. "I can't sleep for shit." he said. "I'm bored. Let's do somethin'." "What do you wanna do?" I asked. "I dunno." He said. "You're already naked." "Haha." I answered. I thought he was kidding.

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"You don't want to?" He asked. "Seriously?" I asked. "Yeah." He said. There was no kidding. "Well, I dunno. I mean, I just fucked Steph a little bit ago. I dunno if I can." I said.

In reality, I wanted to. Steve was a good lookin' dude. It wasn't like we hadn't done it before. "What about now?" Steve asked. Steve lifted the sheet off of his body. He was totally naked, except for the fact that he was wearing Amys panties.

It almost made me laugh. But in a way it was pretty sexy. Steve stood up and walked around, giving me full view of his body trapped inside of the panties. I just laid there looking at him. My faithful cock began to twitch back to life. Steve crawled back onto the bed and seductively made his way to my body. He straddled me and sat down on my cock. He leaned forward and kissed me.

I kissed him back. I ran my hands down his hips. Steve broke the kiss and moved down to my nipples. He sucked each one and flicked them with his tongue. English full sexy movie urdu zaban turned around on me and leaned down to suck my cock. He sure was a talented lad. I started to buck my hips into him, but I didn't want to pop on a blowjob. With his ass in my face, I reached up and pulled the backs of the panties down.

Steve sat up and helped me remove them. He turned so he was facing me once more. This time, as he sat down, he made sure I entered him. He ran his hands down my chest as he began to bounce on my cock. With each motion, his cock flopped up and down, smacking my stomach.

I reached down and took his cock into my hand and started to pump it. Steve closed his eyes and bit his lip. I didn't feel like I had enough control so I sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed. I wrapped my arms around Steves waist and helped him with his bouncing. "Ah. Fuck. Bret. So good." He mumbled.

I wiggled my hips back and forth. Steve still had a nice, tight ass. After a bit of this, I had Steve get up so we could stand up. I got behind Steve and made him bend over. I entered him again and started pumping.

I was in full control. My balls smacked his ass over and over as I let out small grunts. Steve was bent over but he had his back arched so his head was high.

I ran my hand around to his front and grasped his cock. I started matching the pumps with the thrusts of my hips. Soon enough, I could hear Steve moan and felt hot liquid oozing down over my hand. Steve had came.

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I kept pumping with great force until I felt my balls tug and my cock erupt inside of Steve. I exited Steve and he crashed onto his bed. I laid next to him and we kissed some more. We both had our hands running over the others body, almost asleep, when Steph walked into the room, still naked.

"Oh good! You're ready for me!" She yelled. Steve and I looked at each other.

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