Fingered public and blonde russian goddess lesbians pawn their asses

Fingered public and blonde russian goddess lesbians pawn their asses
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Danny's New Flat By Docker5000 Diane price watched with sad eyes as her only son started to pack his belongings into his old beat up Ford fiesta car. He was off to university. He had just won a full engineering scholarship. Diane was very sad on seeing him go he was her baby. However tensions in the house had been slowly rising over the last couple of weeks.

Her son Danny and his father did not get on and on a few occasions she had to separate them before there was fighting between both of them. Danny and his father were never really close but the trouble started. When her husband was tracked down by a daughter he did not know he had. She was half English and half Asian. Tony had fathered her when he was serving in the army in Singapore.

She had finally tracked him down and come to see him. At first it was a big shock to everyone. But Diane had accepted her into her house and family.

Yoshie was 23 and very beautiful. Danny had been instantly attractive to Yoshie and Diane knew that Yoshie liked him too. However Danny had acted nothing but considerate and respectful around her. But his father was always on his back. About him showing her a little more respect. He embarrassed Yoshie and Diane all the time without him realizing it. Diane now watched out of the window as Yoshie brought Danny a box. They stood looking at each other for a few moments. She could see that Yoshie was touching his hand and they were both smiling at each other.

Just then Diane so Yoshie turn her head and look down the road. Diane followed where she was looking. Her husband's HGV lorry was just coming down the street. Yoshie quickly disappeared back into the house. Danny was just about to get into his car and drive off. When his father pulled up in his lorry. Diane watched as her husband climbed out of his lorry and walked towards his son.

Diane watched as father and son exchanged a few words. She could not hear what was said. But by the way her son sped off down the street they must have been fighting again.

Diane now tried her best to control her anger. She didn't even get the chance to say goodbye to her son before he left. Yoshie now came into her bedroom. She looked very sad. Diane just gave her a big hug and told her. "Nothing was her fault. It was his fault for just being so over protective of her." Later on after her husband had left for sensual latina hottie has her muff plugged two day trip.

He had a container to take to Scotland and to pick one up at Liverpool and take that down to Exeter. He would be gone just over two days. Diane decided to take Yoshie shopping to cheer them both up.

After they had got their shopping they went to a bar to have a drink before going home. No sooner had they both sat down before two men asked them. "If they could join them." As both women were feeling quite low they allowed the men to join them. After several drinks Diane was a little shocked and a little surprised.

To feel a hand on her knee. But she did not say anything. She now looked at the man who was sat next to her. He was just smiling at her and he continued to rub her leg his hand moving higher up her leg until he slipped it under her skirt. He also moved a little closer to her. Diane turned to look at Yoshie the man she was talking to had also moved closer to her and she thought she could see the man rubbing Yoshie's left breast.

Diane now nearly jumped out of her skin with surprise when she felt a finger slip under her panties and start to rub her outer pussy lips. Diane was even further surprised when my playful gf has a sexy pair of tits ampamp i love to show them off found herself opening her legs wider for him.

Yoshie was also having her pussy rubbed by the man next to her. But she was not enjoying it. Diane now glanced over at Yoshie and she saw the look of distress on her face. This brought her back to reality very quickly. She made up some excuse about both of them needed to use the lady's.

Diane now pulled Yoshie into the Lady's. Diane and Yoshie waited until the men were deep in conversation. Then they'd both quickly left the wine bar without the men seeing them. As Diane drove them home with the shopping in the boot. Luckily they put their shopping in the boot before they went for a drink.

Both women now discussed what had happened in the wine bar. Both came to the conclusion it was down to them drinking too much. In fact Diane was lucky she was not pulled over as she would be well over the limit. Both of them made a pact not to discuss what had happened in the wine bar with anybody else. Yoshie promised she would never tell her father about it. Over the next two weeks Diane and Yoshie were both left alone a lot. Yoshie and Diane now started to get a lot closer. Diane now thought of Yoshie as the wicked live gracie glam ampampamp katie kox next show pm est she never had and Yoshie considered Diane the mother she never really had.

She was brought up by her grandparents. Her mother had deserted her when she was a baby and only reluctantly had her grandparents told her the name of her real father.

That was when she decided to track him down. However both of them were getting very worried about Danny. He had not called them or been in any contact with them since that day when he drove off in anger. One Saturday about five weeks after nobody had heard from Danny and her husband was once again away for the weekend. Diane announced that she was going to go and see Danny. Yoshie was very pleased when Diane asked her to go with her. It was a good 6 hour drive to his university and it was just before 8pm when they got there.

Diane and Yoshie made enquiries for Danny at the university's main reception which was just closing at 8pm. They were informed that Danny was not staying on the campus but he had a small flat just down the road.

However the girl on reception told them with a big smile on her face. That they should try the three crowns pub just after 9pm if they wanted to see Danny.

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She would not tell them anymore. Diane and Yoshie thanked her for her kindness. They both decided to go to a McDonnell's which they passed to get something to eat then they would find this pub and see Danny. He must be doing some bar work there. It was 8:50 when they left the McDonnell's they found the pub with some difficulty just after 9pm. They were surprised to see a large group of women entering the pub.

Once at the door the bouncers inform them it was a Lady's night. And they would have to pay the entrance fee if they wanted to go in. Reluctantly they paid to go in. When they asked about Danny to the bouncers. The bouncers just smiled and said yes he is working tonight. They did not see the huge smiles the bouncers exchange between one and another. When they got in the pub it was crowded with cheering women.

Diane now realise that male strippers were performing tonight. She had never been to a male strip show neither had Yoshie. Diane now looked up and down the bar. But there were only barmaids serving there was no barmen on at all. She now looked puzzled. Diane and Yoshie now got a drink and positioned themselves on the far right away from the stage.

Both of them were wondering where Danny could be. Just then a woman walked onto the stage with a Mike in her hand. She held up her hands and the women in the pub instantly fell silent. A spotlight now shined on her.

The woman now said to the crowd that she was pleased that all of them could make it for the final of the dance off. Yoshie was just about to say something to Diane. When the woman on the stage now said. Now give me a big hand for the two kinky lezzies have some strapon fun masturbation and brunette dancer of the night dazzling Danny. When Diane and Yoshie both heard the word Danny they both turned to look at the stage.

A young man had just come onto the stage he was wearing a silver suit that dazzled in the spot lights. He danced around the stage and the light shined off his suit dazzling the women in the pub. The red and blonde lesbos have a massage in the crowd now started to chant to him get them off and get them off.

Diane and Yoshie both watched the handsome young man as he peeled off his jacket. He was naked under his jacket and his skin was a tanned brown in colour. The light now shined off his oiled up chest. He must have oiled himself up before coming on stage. Both Yoshie and Diane were quite attractive to the man on the stage and felt themselves getting wet in their panties as they watched him perform on the stage the women in the crowd were cheering and going wild as well. When the man pulled off his quick release trousers to reveal a very well filled out posing pouch all the women in the crowd now screamed out loud.

Yoshie and Diane among them. The man's posing pouch was also bright silver and the stage lights were now shining off it blinding the audience. The man now tossed his hat into the crowd and removed his large sun glasses. Two things now happened both Diane and Yoshie came in their panties and both nearly fainted in shock when they saw it was Danny performing on stage. His final act was to turn his back on the audience pulled down his posing pouch and show off his tanned firm ass to the audience as he then disappeared quickly off the stage to large shouts and a lot of obscene comments from the very excited audience.

Yoshie and Diane both needed a large strong drink. Which they drank with shaking hands. Neither of them had expected Danny to be one of the performers. Diane and Yoshie stayed for the rest of the competition there were four more dancers after Danny.

When all the dancers were done. They were brought back onto the stage to see who would win the £500 prize money. However Yoshie and Diane only had eyes for Danny as the five men stood on the stage and the women went crazy over them.

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Danny still was wearing his small pants and his muscular tanned body was still glistening with the oil he had put on all over himself. Yoshie and Diane had never felt this way before and their panties were getting even wetter. However Danny did not win in fact he only came third. He only won £50. Danny looked very disappointed. He shook the hand of the winner a big muscular black man who had a large bulge in his posing pouch. Diane and Yoshie waited on a corner near the pub waiting for Danny to come out.

They both watched the women come out of the pub laughing and giggling to each other and in graphic detail discussing what they would do if they got their hands on one of the dancers.

Two older women were telling each other in graphic detail as they passed Diane and Yoshie exactly what they would like to do with Danny. Diane had to control herself as she listened to these two old slappers as they discussed what they would like to do to her son. She found herself getting jealous all of a sudden. Yoshie to was annoyed by the women's conversation.

How dare they talk about her brother that way? She thought to herself. Both women watched as Danny came out of the bar with a couple of the barmaids. They were talking to each other. Danny then walked off with one of the barmaids.

Both Diane and Yoshie were a little jealous that he was with somebody and they discreetly followed behind him. They were both very relieved when Danny only walked her to a taxi rank then he continued off to his flat by himself. Danny now got to his front door of his flat. He was just about to put his key in the lock when he heard female voices behind him. He she came in like a wrecking ball turned around to find both his mother and sister stood looking at him with big smiles on their faces.

Just then it started to rain very heavily. Diane asked him. "If they could talk inside." As they were not wearing any coats and they were getting wet. Danny quickly unlocked the door and showed his mother and sister into his hovel of a flat. Once inside his flat Danny quickly turned on the heating to full. He never had the heating on when he was in the flat himself he couldn't afford large heating bills.

But he could see his gay watched me jerk off through window and sister were cold from the rain. They were also wet from the rain. Danny could now see their bra's through their wet blouses. And this was making him feel very odd. Diane now asked him.

"If he had some clothes hangers so they could hang up their wet clothes?" Danny went to a cupboard and got two hangers for them. Diane now looked around the one room. She could see a small kitchen in the far corner. She now asked him. "Where the bathroom and bedroom where?" Danny just shrugged his shoulders and told her. "The bathroom was down the hall. It was a shared bathroom. The house was converted into four flats with a shared bathroom there was also a shared kitchen. But each flat had a little cooker in case you didn't want to use the shared kitchen.

Diane glanced once more at her son and asked him. "Where the bed was?" Danny pointed to the sofa and told her. "It was a sofa bed." Diane then said to her son. "Well there's no way I'm going to the bathroom by myself. You will have to go with us when we need to go. For now we'd better take off hower wet clothes. "Yoshie you better take your dress off to dry." She said to her. Danny now watched as his mother and sister stripped off sunny leone latest xxx storys ok their underwear.

Diane removed her red silk blouse and black skirt. Yoshie was wearing a small tight blue cocktail dress. Diane now put the clothes on some hangars and hung them close to the fire without letting them burn.

They were now in their underwear. Yoshie was wearing a black bra and black thong panties. Diane was wearing a white bra which was low cut and showed porn casting video with a cutie fucking her big breasts and small white panties. She was also wearing a suspender belts and black stockings.

Danny was just looking at them open mouthed. Diane smiled to Yoshie and asked him. "If he could undo her high heel shoes for her?" Diane now lifted one foot off the floor to him.

Danny took her foot and quickly took off her shoe. He then repeated this with her other shoe. Yoshie walked over to him and he helped her remove her shoes too. Diane now asked him. "If he had a couple of spare dressing gowns?" Danny indicated to the cupboard where he had got the hangers from.

Diane now walked towards the cupboard as she walked she removed her bra and let it fall to the floor. Danny could only see the sides of his mother's full breasts as she walked to the cupboard but it was enough to give him a full blown hardon.

Diane now took a dressing gown from the cupboard and put it on. She also picked one up for Yoshie. Diane now turned around to walk back to Yoshie. She had not bothered to fasten her dressing gown and Danny saw her beautiful breasts the dressing gown just covered her nipples.

But he could see her full breasts nearly falling out of the dressing gown. She still had her panties and stockings on and she looked very sexy. Diane now handed the dressing gown to Yoshie and told her. "To get out of her wet underwear." She was now stood directly in front of her son.

Diane now smiled at her son and said to him. "Her fingers were still a little cold and could he help her by removing her stockings and suspender belt." With trembling hands Danny unclipped her stockings from the suspender belt and rolled them down her legs.

She lifted her legs one at a time so he could remove her stockings. She then turned around lifted up the back of her dressing gown so he could unclip her suspender belt too. While Danny was doing this Yoshie had quickly removed her underwear and was now wrapped up tightly in her dressing gown just smiling at Danny as he helped undress his mother. Diane now turned around her wet panties where now directly level with his face.

But her panties were wet with lust not because of the rain. As he was still on his knees. She put both her hands on his head and started to run her fingers through his hair.

She then moved so his face was touching her panties. Diane now said to him. "Could he please help her remove her panties?" Yoshie and Diane were now looking at each other and just smiling. This was the moment that would change their lives forever. If Danny did what Diane was hoping he would do. She was leaving it for him to make the decision. Both women wanted him. Both of them had seen him perform and this made them want him even more. Danny was still unaware that they had seen him dance.

Danny's hands trembled like they had never trembled before. Diane smiled to herself when she felt his hands on the sides of her panties and his fingers slip under the waistband of them. Danny now slowly started to pull his mother's panties down her body very slowly. He smiled when he saw her beautiful neatly trimmed pussy with her big outer pussy lips. Diane lifted one leg after the other so he could completely take her panties off. She still had her hands on his head.

He finally lost all control and he pushed his face into her pussy. She wrapped her arms tightly around his head and held his face to her pussy and smiled to herself. Diane was soon moaning with pleasure as he licked up and down her outer pussy lips. Yoshie quickly pulled the sofa bed out and quickly got the bed ready for the two lovers. Diane now removed her dressing gown as the flat was warm from the heating being on full and the body heat of the three excited people.

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She now lay on the sofa bed smiling at her son her legs wide open and a finger running up and down her pussy lips teasingly as she looked at him as she played with one breast after the other. Diane never once took her eyes off her son she wanted him so much inside her sweet pussy. Danny now stood up and started to remove his shirt. Yoshie came up behind him and helped him remove the shirt which was tossed onto the floor. She also started to rub his chest with her hands. Yoshie now started to giggle because he still had the oil on his body.

With shaking hands Danny now undid his belt and let his jeans drop to the floor. Yoshie now knelt down behind him and quickly removed his small silver posing pouch which he was still wearing. Danny now let out a soft little moan when he felt Yoshie using her tongue on his ass cheeks. Her hands were also cupping his balls and her other hand was slowly jacking him off. Diane watched this and fingered herself even faster as Yoshie gave his son an ass licking and hand job all at the same time.

Danny allowed Yoshie to jack him off for a couple of minutes all the time he watched his mother playing with her own pussy. Reluctantly Danny broke out of Yoshie's embrace and he climbed onto the bed. Diane held her arms open for her son and her legs wide apart for him as well. Diane now wrapped her arms around her son's neck and brought his face to hers.

Soon they were kissing each other passionately their tongues playing with each other's. Danny made a few thrusts forward trying to get his cock into his mother's pussy. But he kept missing. Yoshie came up behind him and she took hold of his cock and guided it into his mother's pussy.

Diane moaned with pleasure as she felt her sons cock slip into her very wet pussy. Danny now had his mother moaning loudly as he fucked her with long powerful deep strokes. He was a virgin when he came to university but he had fucked a lot of girls over the last couple of weeks and he learned that he was good at it and the girls loved his big cock.

Yoshie now stripped off her own underwear and was knelt behind Danny she was using her tongue to lick up and down his ass and cock every time he thrust back. Danny loved the sensation of her tongue on his cock and asshole.

And he loved the feel of his cock as it slid in and out of his mother's wet pussy. Diane had not had sex with her husband for at least a couple of months they were not that close anymore and she could feel herself on the verge of a hot babe briana banks has sneaky sex with her hung lover overdue orgasm. She was now digging her nails deep into his back and begging him to make her cum. Danny kissed her once more passionately on her lips.

Then he really started to pound into her. Diane now was literally screaming his flat down. She was telling him how good he was and how much she loved him and how much she needed him to fuck her hard. Yoshie continued to use her tongue and gave him pleasure when he thrust back out of his mother's cunt.  Diane couldn't stand it any longer she dug her nails deeper into his back drawing blood.

She also thrusted her body up, as she had a wonderful orgasm. As he thrust into her she thrust up and came. She had him completely inside of her and her juices were now squirting out the sides of her pussy because he had her pussy full of his cock. She now collapsed back wankz teen twat fucks buff jock cock pornstars and big dick onto the bed pulling her son down with him she now wrapped her arms and legs around her son and held him tightly kissing his cheeks and telling him how much she loved him and how wonderful he was.

Danny was now moaning and making small thrusts with his cock into her cunt. He had cum the instant she did and he was now filling his mother's pussy up with his spunk. Diane held him close.

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She was enjoying the feel of him coming inside of her. Every time he shot a load into her she had a smaller orgasm the sensation was truly wonderful and one she had never experienced before. It was very rare for her husband to give her an orgasm. In fact the last orgasm she had was when she had a one night stand when she was out with some friends filthy schoolgirl amber rayne gangbang a young lad had picked her up and fucked her at the back of a nightclub while she was leant on some dustbins and he pounded her from behind.

It was crude sordid and not very romantic and she had loved every minute of it. Diane now released her son and he rolled off her his cock coming out of her pussy with a loud popping sound that made Yoshie giggle. Danny was now laid on his back catching his breath his cock and balls were covered with a mixture of his own spunk and his mother's juices.

Diane still had her legs open and her sons spunk was leaking out of her pussy combined with her own love cute whore gets hard dong in hands. Yoshie looked at this site and licked her lips.

She now made Diane moan with pleasure as she disappeared in between her legs and eagerly started to lick at the spunk that was leaking out of her pussy with her tongue. Yoshie drove her tongue deep into Diane's pussy catching every bit of her half-brother's spunk as she licked out her step mother's pussy.

Danny just lay back and watched a big smile on his face. He had always wanted to watch two women pleasuring each other. He could feel his cock getting harder once more. Diane was making little whimpering sounds as Yoshie continued to eat her pussy out. Diane also had a hand on Yoshie's head and she was running her fingers through Yoshie's black silk hair. Danny was now fully hard once more. He got off the bed and positioned himself directly behind Yoshie.

Yoshie was so busy licking out her step mother's pussy that she didn't see him. Danny took hold of Yoshie's ass cheeks and pulled them open so he could get a good look at her cute pussy slit.

Yoshie felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart. Before she could wonder what this meant she felt a cock enter her pussy. She moaned softly into Diane's pussy then went back to eating her out with a big smile on her face as her brother started to pounder cunt from behind. Diane now looked up from the pleasure Yoshie petite slut kiley jay gives shawns cock a blowjob giving her with her tongue and saw her son pounding away into Yoshie's pussy.

Diane just smiled to herself and lay back down on the bed and opened her legs even wider and just let herself enjoy the sensation of Yoshie's tongue. Yoshie continued to lick her pussy she was also using her fingers to finger fuck Diane's pussy as she greedily licked away and nibbled at her clit. Danny now increased the speed of his pounding into his sister's pussy. Yoshie now cum as she cum she bit Diane's clit causing Diane to cum and cover Yoshie's cute little face with cunt juice.

Danny also came filling his sister's pussy up with his love cream. All three of them were now exhausted Danny now laid in the middle of the bed with one of them on each side of him they were clinging to him and using their tongues to lick his nipples. When Danny finally got his breath back he ask them.

"Why they had come to see him?" Both girls just grinned at him and told him. "That they were worried because he had not been in touch with them." Diane asked him.

"Why was he not staying at the flat he had booked on campus?" Danny was silent for a couple of minutes and she had to repeat her question twice before he finally answered her.

Danny told them both. "That his scholarship did not pay the full rent and the rent on the flat on the campus was very expensive. He thought his father was paying the extra. But the university told him that he had not completed the forms that they had sent him to sort out the rent on the flat. So the flat was allocated to somebody else. Danny was lucky to find this little flat. He had to work as a barman to help pay the rent as it was." Yoshie couldn't help laughing now.

Diane told Danny that they had seen him performing at the pub. Diane now made him flush by telling him. "If he had dropped his posing pouch the ladies in the audience would xxx sex kanata sex stories storys made him the winner." And to emphasize her point she started to stroke his cock and tease his balls with her long fingernails. Diane's stroking of his cock now had him fully hard. She smiled to him as she positioned herself over his cock.

As she lowered herself down on her sons hard cock and it slid into her wet pussy. She smiled at him and said to him. Don't worry she would sort his father out when she got home. But for now she was just enjoying his company." She now slowly started to bounce up and down on his hard cock. She placed his hands on her large breasts and he started to play with them.

Yoshie now started to passionately kiss him as Diane rode him. Diane and Yoshie continued to visit him all the time he was at university and his father never once suspected what was going on between them. Danny graduated with honours four years later and to celebrate this he got both of them pregnant.

Which resulted in his father leaving his mother and all three of them living together and being very happy with his two young daughters?

The End